Beginner Lesson

Mid November, I went into Canada Diagnostic Centre in Signal Hill to have an X ray done. I was wearing my mask exemption button and the receptionist asked if I would be willing to wear a mask for the exam and I indicated that I would rather not. She then had me wait for her operations manager and we talked in her office for a while. I pointed out the Calgary bylaw as she was not aware of the exemptions so she went to the site and printed them off and asked me which one of the exemptions I was claiming. I said it was not for her to ask me that. In the end, she told me that under no circumstances would I be able to get an x ray there unless my requisition was marked as “urgent”. She said she would have the head operations manager call me and he did later that day. He said they had every legal right to refuse me service as they had their own company masking policy in place. I did contact a lawyer but in the end, I did not pursue any action. I question how this company gets paid for their services as I have gone there in the “before time” and all was covered under my AHC. The Signal Hill operations manager said they are not paid through the government. Hmmm