If this continues I am not going to see my father before he dies….

My father will be 100 on Jan 20, 2021. Currently he is in good health and has a sound mind. Currently he resides in Martha's House in Lethbridge, Alberta.

This facility contains 118 suites. The facility keeps a list of "caretakers" for the residents, who are relatives who are designated to visit and provide comfort for them. Each resident is only allowed 2 caretakers to be entered on the list. Each month only 20 people on this list are permitted access to this facility. From talking with my father I know that he is sometimes allowed out of his room but I am unsure of the particulars as I write this.

When I was on the phone with the administrator I didn't ask more questions because after hearing the above I was already losing my temper. My only question for that administrator at this point is "What type of damn monster are you? Can't you see that what you are doing to these people is called 'solitary confinement'".

Why I signed the petition, why I boldly go about my business without a mask, why when offered a mask I say "I don't need one" is because I refuse to be complicit in this charade!!! I am embarrassed that the society, of which I am a part, has been brow-beaten into being obsequious, timid cowards.