Saving Lives and Exposing Lies

Fear is the pandemic. Truth is the cure.

Our government and the mainstream media are lying to Canadians. These lies are feeding the fear that is allowing governments across Canada to get away with gross violations of our rights and freedoms, and putting the health and lives of millions at risk from untested, toxic injections. By bringing people the truth we remove the fear, and fear is the only real weapon tyrants have.

How We Fight for Your Rights and Freedoms

  • Interviews with experts and whistle-blowers
  • Informative videos
  • That Friday Show (our satirical comedy show at
  • Unique viral content such as our Schizer ads, which went international
  • Professionally designed brochures
  • Notices of Liability
  • Easy to understand facts and data
  • Access to our online communities at Canada RISE and Discord
  • Strategic partnerships with other freedom organizations

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Save a Life • Recover Our Rights • Fight for Justice

With 5 million Canadians already projected to die by 2028 from the Covid 'vaccines', we are working desperately to spread the truth to prevent further deaths. We are also fighting to recover our rights and freedoms.

Your donation will save lives.


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