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The Long-Haul Legal Flight Takes Off | Matt Sattler and Umar Sheikh

Why is FreetoFly’s lawsuit a legal campaign? What are the major obstacles in this fight? What the creative strategies are being used? What are the most glaring safety threats in…

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The Most Disturbing Data Yet on “Vaccine” Infertility | Christof Plothe, D.O.

Christof Plothe has done an in-depth study on the effects of the Covid ‘vaccines’ on pregnant women. His findings are truly disturbing. In just one example, the University of Chicago…

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The Burden of Proof | Dr. Jessica Rose

What is the new and disturbing data we are seeing in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System? Is VAERS an accurate data source? How is this data being validated internationally?…

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How We’re Going to Defeat the Globalists | Will on NotTV

Will is interviewed by Travis Cross at NotTV. He shares his projections for the globalist agenda and a minimum of 700 million deaths globally by 2028 from the ‘vaccines’, but…

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Uninformed Consent: An Interview with the Creators | Todd Harris, Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Malthouse

This documentary has the power to change minds about the true nature of the Covid narrative. Get ‘Behind the Scenes’ commentary from Producer Todd Harris of Matador Films (Todd is…

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Exposed: The CDC is Hiding Death Numbers | Dr. Jane Ruby

Dr. Jane Ruby is a well-known U.S. TV personality and medical professional. In this interview, she shows incontrovertible proof that the CDC is hiding tens of thousands of deaths from…

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Behind the Scenes of Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda | Dr. Andrew Wakefield

When did you become aware of the issues explored in your documentary? How is the government corruption revealed in the documentary related to c-19 injections? Why is it “You do…

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Resilience to the Threat of Immune Disturbance | Dr. Rob Verkerk

Join us to discover: How do we face the immune disturbance? How do we reverse engineer the narrative? How are c-19 variant evolution and resilience related? What about more serious…

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“First, Do No Harm” OR “Adverse Events are Collateral Damage” | Dr. Rob Verkerk

Join us as we answer: What are the invisible signals not yet seen? How is the healthcare business killing itself (with lack of PV)? How is Africa the control group…

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Science Summary: Herd Immunity | Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr. Mark Trozzi answers: What is Herd Immunity? How are we “feeding the fire” with C-19 injections? How does immunity work to stop the fire? How many injected must die…

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Stripped, Frozen and Locked in a Steel Box | The Brutal Imprisonment of Art Pawlowski

In this in-depth and in-person interview with Iron Will, Pastor Art Pawlowski, who grew up in communist Poland, relates his wrongful arrest, weeks of imprisonment, solitary confinement, and the physical…

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Much Ado About Corona, A Dystopian Love Story | John Manley

Will interviews author John Manley on his recent novel. Will and John discuss: Love amongst the lockdowns The brainwashing of the sheeple The challenge of writing sympathetic characters who are…

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The Courage to Face Covid; Against the Onslaught of Negligence and Harm | Dr. Peter McCullough

In Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Peter McCullough he discusses the upcoming US Senate Committee hearing on the highly politicized pandemic and the alarming, yet verified data coming…

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The Outcome of James’ Arrival in Ottawa | James Topp

Warrant Officer James Topp, a 28-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who set out in February of this year to march from BC to Ottawa in protest of the…

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Canada Day is Not Communist Day…Yet… | Brian Peckford

On the eve of Canada Day, Brian and Will discuss the ongoing battles with censorship, discrimination and the breakdown of justice Canadians are facing. The fight is ours to lose…

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“Medical” Board of Corporate Bias Targets Doctors Who Question Them | Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology.  He cares for patients with heart and kidney disease and has become an expert on treating…

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How to Reach People on the Other Side | Vincent Gircys

PDF Guide: Downloadable and Shareable Vincent Gircys is an OPP veteran with 32 years of service in emergency response, a member of Police4Freedom, and the recent Ontario Party candidate for…

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Free Litigation for Alberta Losses Due to Covid Mandates

With the recent victory in Alberta courts by lawyers Leighton Grey and Jeffrey Rath wherein Deena Hinshaw (Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer) took full responsibility for the illegal Covid mandates it…

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