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The Shot They Don’t Want You to Know About | Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky

What is COVAX-19? How does it compare to the experimental mRNA injections? Why did Nikolai’s company abandon the mRNA tech? How did MSM cancel information about COVAX-19? Why is COVAX-19…

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Change is in the Mirror | James Topp, Canada Marches

James speaks to us from 2 hours east of Quebec City on his current march from Signal Hill, Newfoundland to the Greater Toronto area: Does James feel he is being…

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The New Iron Will Weekly News Report | Sep 27, 2022

The amount of counter narrative information on the internet has become overwhelming. Will and his research team are now bringing you a weekly news report, combing the internet for news…

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Agenda and Fallout – The Next 50 Years | Iron Will

Spread the Truth – Wake the Lions – Refuse to Comply Share this video. This was presented at the recent World Council for Health – Better Way Conference in Vienna…

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Stop Making Our Children Canaries in the Coalmine | Dr. Kat Lindley

How reckless is the FDA’s approval for shots against a virus that most children are naturally immune to? What are some warning signs that children who are non-verbal might be…

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Unlikely Heroes of Justice; Why We Are Stepping Up | Kip Warner, CSASPP

How does a software engineer get involved in a legal case against govt of BC? Who are CSASPP suing for harms against people of BC? What damage compensations are they…

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Due Diligence Demolished; Is Repair Possible? | Dr. Kat Lindley

Why do we need pharmacovigilance (PV)? How badly have the PV thresholds been abused? How has people’s view of PV been twisted? How has this all contributed to vaccine injury…

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The Creepy Code of Silence in Health Care | Scarlett Martyn

What questions did Scarlett the paramedic ask that got her fired? How is the United Health Care Workers of Ontario fighting to recover their rights? What jaw-dropping proof do they…

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Healing Starts with the Terrible Truth; We Can’t Hide from the Damage | Dr. Charles Hoffe

What is a d-dimer test and what does it tell you? What neurological damage was Dr. Hoffe seeing in his patients? Why would this damage indicate micro-clots? Why is there…

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StatsCan Hoisted By Their Own Petard; Pandemic Does Not Exist | Ken Drysdale

What are the true facts? What can we learn from the data in 2020 before the shots? What is happening with Ken’s request for an investigation? What is the Truth…

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True or False Game We’re Made to Play; Monkey Pox, Marburg and More | Dr. Katarina Lindley

Dr. Katarina Lindley; member of World Council for Health steering committee, American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. As a young adult, who fled a war-torn country…

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Autopsies Find Mysterious Structures in Blood of Injected | Dr. Jane Ruby

What do these mysterious structures look like? Are other embalmers finding these bizarre things? What is being done to get this information out? LINK: Jane’s Interview with Richard Hirschman

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The Challenge of Alberta, “This Is Achievable!” | Katherine Kowalchuk

Katherine is a co-founder of Lawyers4Truth and is currently a candidate in the Leadership Contest 2022 for The Independence Party of Alberta. In this discussion she shares with us her…

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The Long-Haul Legal Flight Takes Off | Matt Sattler and Umar Sheikh

Why is FreetoFly’s lawsuit a legal campaign? What are the major obstacles in this fight? What the creative strategies are being used? What are the most glaring safety threats in…

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The Most Disturbing Data Yet on “Vaccine” Infertility | Christof Plothe, D.O.

Christof Plothe has done an in-depth study on the effects of the Covid ‘vaccines’ on pregnant women. His findings are truly disturbing. In just one example, the University of Chicago…

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The Burden of Proof | Dr. Jessica Rose

What is the new and disturbing data we are seeing in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System? Is VAERS an accurate data source? How is this data being validated internationally?…

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How We’re Going to Defeat the Globalists | Will on NotTV

Will is interviewed by Travis Cross at NotTV. He shares his projections for the globalist agenda and a minimum of 700 million deaths globally by 2028 from the ‘vaccines’, but…

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Uninformed Consent: An Interview with the Creators | Todd Harris, Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Malthouse

This documentary has the power to change minds about the true nature of the Covid narrative. Get ‘Behind the Scenes’ commentary from Producer Todd Harris of Matador Films (Todd is…

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