Get a Fake Mask

Are You Required to Wear a Mask At Work?

Follow the link on this page to purchase a fake mask here in Canada. All of these masks are made with one, two or three layers of black gauze depending upon how obvious or surreptitious you want to be (the 3 layer mask is indistinguishable from regular masks but still allows for much freer breathing.)


Note: We do not condone or advise the use of these masks outside of wearing one to keep your job. You should still refuse to wear one when entering stores or other businesses. You can claim an exemption if you wish and you are not required under the Privacy Act to disclose your reason. The point here is that you should stand up for your rights. We are providing this resource for those who will lose their jobs if they don't wear one.

Purchase Fake Masks

Note that we receive no percentage from the sales of these masks. We are simply providing a resource.

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