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Our Children Deserve Education, Not Indoctrination | Karen Klassen & Norma Jean Maxwell

Karen and Norma Jean join us to discuss Canada’s failing public education system; that it’s necessary to evolve the school system going forward. Karen is a life coach and Norma…

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Canadians Needs to Wake the Woke Up! | Brad Salzberg

Brad Salzberg is a self-described social conservative blogger who consistently works toward exposing the dangers of the ‘woke globalist’ agenda in Canada. Brad diligently publishes his own written work on…

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Building Strong Communities, The Cure to Division and Government Bullying | Shirley Guertin

Shirley joins us from Ontario where she has operated a family-owned equestrian riding farm for 49 years. Shirley is displeased with enforcing unlawful provincial mandates in order to stay in…

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Vaxx-Injured Survivor Fights Back with Self Blood Analysis | Nancy Este

Nancy is a certified nutritional practitioner with over 21 years of experience in her field and as such she is a seasoned expert in blood analysis. Like many Canadians, Nancy…

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Travel Will Be Restricted to the Compliant | Greg Hill and Matt Sattler, Free to Fly Canada Pilots

Matt Sattler returns with cofounder, Greg Hill, representing Free to Fly Canada (f2f) a non-profit which allows aviation professionals and passengers to speak out against vaccine mandates. Greg and Matt…

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An Important Update for April 11, 2022

New Brochures! “Meet” Our Team! Your Support of SAFC has International Impact!

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