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Are You in Need of an Exit Strategy? | Margaret Keays

Margaret Keays joins us today from Mexico. Margaret was born in Poland, immigrated to Canada some years ago but then relocated to Mexico where she operates an online business helping…

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Our Online Identity is Under Attack, How to Protect it | Oliver Ross

Oliver Ross joins us today to share how best to keep our privacy secure and safe from prying eyes. Oliver is the founder of Liberty Lives, a consultancy, which helps…

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Equal Rights for Everyone – Except Christians | The Attack on Christianity with Rob Anders

Rob Anders is one of the longest serving MPs serving Calgary-West and as one of the founding members of both the Reform Party and the Alliance Party he is in…

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New! YYC Rocks: Grassroots Inclusive Healthcare Services | Kenisha Mei

Kenisha Mei was a registered nurse in the traditional healthcare system and is now a health and wellness professional. She joins us in studio to discuss a new venture she…

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The New Abnormal: Genetically Modified Humans | Dr. Robert Verkerk

Dr. Robert Verkerk is the author of numerous papers and an accomplished speaker involved in many initiatives the world over. As a scientist he has long been at the forefront…

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That Friday Show | April 22nd, 2022

In this week’s episode of That Friday Show… • An Interview with Corona, the virus itself • New sponsors • The Covid Zone • Iron Will’s Garage Gym Rant •…

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