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September 22, 2022

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Spread the Truth – Wake the Lions – Refuse to Comply

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This was presented at the recent World Council for Health – Better Way Conference in Vienna – Sept. 15 to 19, 2022 (Panel 2)


WCH Better Way Vienna

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My name is Will Dove. I am not a scientist, doctor, author or data analyst but in the past 14 months I’ve had the privilege to interview over 200 such experts and I believe I can predict much of what is going to happen in the coming years as a result of the globalist attack upon our rights, our freedoms and our lives. Much of what I have to say is very dark stuff, and I take no pleasure in delivering this message, however it is necessary. Most of you have experienced the same frustrations that I have in being forced to react to the globalist agenda, as we were, most of us, completely unprepared for it. By knowing what is coming we can prepare and even be proactive in resisting their plans. In addition, as dark as the future appears, I promise to end with a message of hope. I’ve been in this fight for over two years and I don’t pick fights I can’t win.

First, the death count. Dr. David Martin, who filed a federal lawsuit in the US against President Biden and others for the use of the Covid 19 shots, has predicted that by 2028 700 million people will die from the toxic injections being falsely marketed as Covid vaccines. Some basic math can give us an idea of whether or not Dr. Martin’s prediction is realistic. While there are of course many vaccine adverse event reporting systems around the world, VAERS is the best known so I’ll use those figures. As of this presentation, the VAERS system reports 30,796 deaths from the covid injections. Most of you are aware that a Harvard study estimated that the VAERS system represents between 1 and 10 percent of the actual number of events, as the system is voluntary and reporting a single event is a time commitment of approximately 30 minutes. As doctors are being actively discouraged from reporting adverse reactions to the Covid injections, I believe we can safely use 1% as a basis for further calculations. Simple math then shows that in fact there have now been over 3 million deaths in the U.S. alone from these shots, and yet more simple math shows approximately 70 million deaths globally. As evidence of this American insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in deaths in the 18 to 64 year old age group since the vaccine rollout, while stating that a 10% increase would be catastrophic. The globalists are working hard to hide these numbers. Dr. Jessica Rose, an expert in analysing the adverse events reporting systems estimates that there may be millions of unprocessed VAERS reports. Whether this is due to the system being overwhelmed or intentional short staffing we cannot know, but we do know that what we see is only a fraction of what is actually happening. Dr. Jane Ruby recently presented undeniable evidence that the CDC is actively hiding deaths, some 50,000 of them to date, which were simply removed from the system. Some were later put back in reclassified as other causes of death. Some 30,000 simply disappeared. This will continue as the globalists must hide the deaths or even the most gullible will be forced to see the truth.

Projecting the current 70 million deaths forward to 2028 yields 280 million deaths but keep in mind that many of these deaths have been set in motion but have not yet happened. 1 in 5 affected with myocarditis will die within 5 years. There are also neurological disorders which will lead to earlier and more severe cases of Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia, autoimmune disorders which will be written off by the globalist propaganda machine as being caused by global warming or environmental degradation, and most of all cancers. It will not be long before cancer will once again be a death sentence, not because we do not know how to treat it but because there will simply not be the resources necessary to treat the overwhelming number of cases. Expect to see lotteries for cancer treatment, with the best treatments reserved for the very wealthy.

Add to this manufactured supply chain shortages in food, water and energy which will lead to many deaths from starvation, thirst and exposure. Sadly, as is always the case, it is the poor and the elderly who will be most affected. Also, civil unrest, rioting, looting and acts of desperation will result in many more deaths from violence. Finally, “Dr.” Bill Gates has predicted there will be more viruses. Pay close attention to whatever Bill says. He is a megalomaniac who wants the world to see him as a prophet and a saviour and so he will reveal their plans. He has said on more than one occasion that there will be more viruses. We can, therefore, be assured that this is the case. Many of you are aware of this and hope, as I do, that Marburg is not one of them. In a recent interview with Dr. Rob Verkerk, he estimated that a weaponized version of Marburg could have a 100% Infection Fatality Rate among the injected, and also be devastating to the uninjected. It is possible that only the healthiest and most resilient individuals would survive. These new viruses will of course lead to more vaccines, which will lead to more variants, ad infinitum, unless the globalists are stopped.

And we need not be concerned just with the deaths. Dr. Richard Fleming, one of the most credentialed individuals I’ve had the pleasure to interview, and the author of Is Covid 19 a Bioweapon, believes that the major goal of the globalist attack upon our health is not death, but disability. He states in his book, “The best weapon doesn’t kill people. It devastates and demoralizes them. It reduces their will and capacity to wage war or to fight back…The best weapon to devastate a country is one that removes the will of the people to fight. It effectively diminishes the lifestyles of the enemy, reducing the security of life as the enemy knows it and replaces that security and freedom with fear and uncertainty.” Here are the VAERS injuries as of the time of this presentation in September of 2022. As you can see the total is shocking, but again we must use some simple math to see the true devastation, that almost 1 in every 4 U.S. citizens have now suffered a severe adverse reaction to the Covid shots.

Further to the globalist agenda of massive depopulation, we must also consider the miscarriages and infertility resulting from the injections. Christof Plothe has studied the declines in birth rates around the world since the vaccine rollout. The numbers are truly alarming. While Christof, as a responsible researcher, admits there could be other factors at play besides the ‘vaccines’, he also found in Hungary that the highest rates of infertility were in the counties with the highest ‘vaccination’ rates, and furthermore that around the world the drop in birth rates began nine months after the ‘vaccine’ rollouts. In addition, rat studies showed that the puppies of some of the injected rat mothers which did carry to term were born sterile, with malformed reproductive organs.

And so, will the globalists succeed in reducing the global population to 500 million? We can’t be sure why they have this goal, but it has been publicly stated by at least some of them. The WHO predicted that global population would rise to 11 billion by the year 2100. This was based entirely upon forecasting from past growth. There are two problems with this projection. First, it assumes the earth cannot support that many people. Educated studies I have read estimate the planet can easily support 17 billion. This is evidenced by the fact that in recent years as the population has approached 8 billion, obesity has become a much greater health issue worldwide than hunger. Clearly there is plenty of food to go around. The second problem with the WHO projection is that it is, quite simply, wrong. In 2019 two Canadian researchers, Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson published the book Empty Planet. Rather than basing their predictions on past growth they actually looked at birth rates around the world. To simply maintain population any country needs to have 2.1 babies born per woman. .1 because of course some people do not reproduce, either due to early death or medical issues. They found that virtually nowhere in the world does such a birth rate still exist. There is no mystery to this. A highly advanced culture with access to education and technology obviates the need for agrarian based societies and with that the need for large numbers of children. In short, given access to relative wealth and education, women stop being baby factories. The author’s conclusion is that global population would have peaked at 9 billion around mid-century, then begun to decline. However, that prediction has now been rendered obsolete by the globalist agenda and I believe it is entirely possible that 50 years from now, as a result of deaths, disabilities, food scarcity, and infertility the global population may indeed be reduced to no more than 500 million people.

But there is more we must consider. The greatest threat to the globalist agenda is not governments who choose to resist their plans but us, the middle class around the world. We are educated and we have sufficient wealth that we can hold out for a year or three without an income. This makes us very hard to control. The poor, on the other hand, are easy to control. They are typically poorly educated without the basis to understand what is really happening and they live paycheque to paycheque, such that the loss of even a single paycheque can spell disaster. Take away their jobs and they would have little choice but to accept universal basic income, and many would even welcome it. Money for nothing. Nothing that is, except complete and total compliance with government mandates designed to kill those the globalists see as unnecessary and turn the rest into slaves, their only purpose to be to increase the wealth and power of the global tyrannical rulers. So, to remove the threat of the middle class they must make us poor. When I said we had the ability to hold out for an extended time without an income, most of you thought about how much you can borrow against the equity in your home. Destroying the wealth of the middle class is as simple as destroying the value of real estate. Simple supply and demand, combined with coming astronomical interest rates, will accomplish this. As more and more people die or are disabled, the demand for real estate will drop. Many people will find themselves owing more than their home is worth and will walk away rather than renew the mortgage at usurious rates. This will further increase the supply while reducing demand. There will be a downward spiral and I predict that globally, by 2028 home values will be half or less than half of what they are today.

And so, the fallout of all this. What will happen as a result? Governments will continue to hide the actual death count while deceiving the public with ridiculous notions such as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Many countries may be subjected to the same extreme lockdowns as happened recently in Shanghai. This was an experiment to see how long people would comply, even in the face of starvation. Militaries and police forces may collapse in the face of rioting and civil unrest, leaving countries open to foreign ‘peace-keepers’. There are 1.2 million Chinese military personnel, almost certainly not jabbed. The ‘peace-keepers’ won’t be leaving. Emergency and medical services may be crippled due to the loss of doctors, nurses and support staff. Medical care may be available only to the wealthy. Ambulances may not run due to a lack of fuel and staff, resulting in yet more deaths. Cancer will once again become a death sentence due to a lack of sufficient resources to treat the overwhelming number of cases. Some countries will adopt the practice of burning bodies in mass graves to ‘prevent the spread of infection’. The real reason will be to hide the obscene numbers of deaths and to further demoralize the grieving.

Long term care facilities will be overwhelmed by those suffering early neurological disorders and other crippling disabilities resulting from the injections. Many disabled and elderly will be cared for by their families, resulting in a further erosion of household income. Suicides will continue to increase as people discover they cannot have children, or that the children they have were crippled in the womb by the injections. Manufactured supply chain shortages may become real ones due to a lack of personnel, leading to yet more deaths from starvation. Fuel prices will rise to unaffordable levels for many people. I project gasoline at 4 dollars per liter within 3 years. Cash will be outlawed in many countries with governments claiming that it ‘could spread the virus’. Cash will be replaced by Central Bank Digital Currencies, leading to Digital IDs and Social Credit Scores which will be used by algorithms to control what you can buy, where you can go, and where you can live. Many schools will close and classes will grow to unmanageable sizes due to the disproportionate levels of death and disability between teachers and students, resulting in a further degradation of our public educational system.

Governments around the world will no longer be able to service their debts as their tax base will collapse. In many cases the IMF will take over, giving the globalists direct control of affected countries. The U.S. dollar will become worthless. The U.S. can no longer even service the debt on their loans from income taxes. When the U.S. dollar is no longer the international currency of trade, due either to being replaced by CBDCs or the BRICS system, the dollar will collapse, removing the United States as a global power. The globalists, through their control of the private central banks, will cut off loans to any countries which cannot service their debt, meaning that those who went on UBI will simply starve as government funding is cut off. Severe food shortages will lead to widespread riots and possible coups in unstable countries, although the new governments will also be helpless to change the situation or, in some cases, be put in place by the globalists. Farming collectives will fail to feed their members, as militaries will seize the food when shortages occur. The only safe food supply will be non-perishable goods hidden in your home. Be sure your neighbors don’t know you have it. The nice folks next door will become very dangerous when their own children are starving.

But for all of this, the globalists are going to lose this war. Sadly, we cannot prevent the many deaths and disabilities that are going to happen, although we can reduce them. By continuing to spread the truth we can save many lives. Every person who refuses to be injected is another person who can live to fight, and to produce the next generation.

Ultimately the tyrants will defeat themselves. A study of history guarantees this. Tyrants gain power through fear. Fear of loss. Loss of life, loss of health, loss of income, loss of liberty, loss of social acceptance. But to make the fear real they must actually take things from people. And once they have taken something from someone, that person no longer fears losing it. You cannot fear losing what you do not have. And so, they must take something else, and something else, and something else until there is nothing left to take.

And when a person reaches a point where they perceive they have nothing left to lose, they stop being afraid, they get angry and they fight back. When enough people reach this point, then they will be joined by the enforcers. The military, the police, the public health officials, the corporations. They are people too, often with families, and many of them have acted as enforcers also out of fear of what would happen to them if they didn’t. But when they see that they have the support of the people they will refuse to enforce, they will turn on their masters and arrest them, and on that day, the globalists will lose and we will begin the process of holding the tyrants and the traitors responsible for their actions, and of building a better, freer world.

Ultimately winning back our rights and freedoms and rebuilding democracy is as simple as this.

Spread the truth. Wake the Lions. Refuse to Comply.

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