Canadians Appeal for Justice; International Criminal Court, The Hague | Alan Nicholson

October 27, 2022

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Canadian Rights Watch spokesman Alan Nicholson, discusses the request on behalf of The People of Canada to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for an investigation into the crimes against humanity committed by our government. The Hague has responded that they are willing to look into this but have requested that Canada produce 100 witnesses who have suffered personally from the Covid mandates.

  • How many witnesses do they already have?
  • What is the list of possible adverse impacts that would qualify?
  • What steps do you need to take to volunteer as a witness?
  • They have over 150,000 signatures on their petition. How many more do they need?

Important Note for Potential Witnesses: If you are called upon to go to The Hague to testify all costs will be covered by the International Criminal Court.


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Will Dove 00:15
I have with me today Alan Nicholson, spokesperson for Canadian Rights Watch Quebec. They are a group of 40 people in Quebec, who in May of this year approached the Hague with a request to launch an inquiry into our government’s illegal actions under the COVID mandates. Alan is here today to give us an update on that and what we can do to help make this happen. Alan, thanks for giving us your time.

Alan Nicholson 00:39
Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Will Dove 00:43
Now, we were talking before the interview. And I said, I’ve been aware of your efforts for a while now. And I’m really glad that you were able to come on today to do this interview, because you originally approached your group approached the Hague as I said, back in May. You got back from them on a letter of acknowledgement. And folks, we’re gonna put this up on the screen for you so you can see it. And I’m just gonna briefly read what you got back a couple of paragraphs here. ‘The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents / letter. This communication has been duly entered in the communications register of the office. We will give consideration to this communication as appropriate in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’. So while they have not yet launched an investigation, they have certainly acknowledged your request. And so please fill us in on the process from this point forward. What do we need to do to make this happen?

Alan Nicholson 01:38
To make it happen, I don’t have an answer. But in July, they did send us another requirement where they were looking to have 100 witnesses included with the signatures that we’re looking for, because the inquiry was done on behalf of We The People, so ‘we the people’ have to request this inquiry. So it’s time for the Canadian people to stand up and again, get involved.

Will Dove 02:10
order on, you know. What would these witnesses need to be able to tell the court

Alan Nicholson 02:17
Anything about the negative type of life that they’ve been living over the last two years. Someone who’s lost a loved one in a nursing home? Anyone who’s lost a job because they were not injected? Anybody who’s living with mental health problems today, depression, name it, all of the above?

Will Dove 02:42
And when you do that, that’s great. All right. Would this include people who have been injured by the injections?

Alan Nicholson 02:50
Yes. Anybody with side effects as well. And so, this boy right here?

Will Dove 02:57
Ah, so that’s something we didn’t discuss before the interview. How many? How many of the shots have you had?

Alan Nicholson 03:02
I’ve had two because I had to keep my job. And part of my job was traveling. So to travel, the requirements is you needed to be injected.

Will Dove 03:14
Right. So what side effects have you suffered?

Alan Nicholson 03:19
I have – I get the shakes. There’s on occasion, I’ll be holding a coffee cup, and they’ll just take off and spill everywhere. And then I have massive headaches. I get these headaches where even Tylenol won’t help me. I have to actually lay down and take into the physical nap for 20 to 30 minutes.

Will Dove 03:48
I’m sorry. Yeah. Sorry to hear that. Allen and discussions with a number of doctors and scientists, I have been told that the most common injuries are neurological damage, and that would certainly explain your symptoms. Yes. So how many witnesses do you have so far?

Alan Nicholson 04:05
We have approximately 30. I have I do not have the final count. Well, since Monday of this week, since yesterday, for some reason, I thought we were Wednesday. So yes, as of yesterday, we’re at 30.

Will Dove 04:20
And these are primarily or almost entirely in Quebec?

Alan Nicholson 04:23
No, it’s all across Canada, all across Canada.

Will Dove 04:26
All right. So as we were discussing beforehand, I’m going to connect you with Cris Vlek and Justice for the Vaccinated, their campaign in the West, and I’m sure they can find you some more people. And folks, if you’re watching this interview, and you yourself have been a victim, or you know someone who has, please share this interview with them, because if we can collect those 100 people, we have greatly increased the chances that the Hague is going to hear this case. So if somebody has been injured, or they’ve lost someone or they lost their job or whatever, they’ve suffered some kind of negative impact from our government’s actions, they can contact you and what will be the process from that point?

Alan Nicholson 05:01
What they can do is go to the Canadian Rights Watch website and go to the Fellowship for Freedom Hague Inquiry, as my wife gave it a beautiful name. And it’s now called the Fellowship for Freedom Hague Inquiry. And on the website, you have all the documents, the living witnesses, the living witness document, you also have the signature document. And those two, you could sign them digitally. So they’ll be you know, they’re on the website in a digital format. And there’s also a PDF format where you could print it out. And if you want to go get signatures at a Safeway or whatnot, either delivering witness or the signature PDF document, you could do that as well.

Will Dove 06:01
Okay. And you were pointing out to me beforehand, that there’s two requirements for the witnesses. First, they have to fill in the Affidavit that you have for them on the site. But then they must also be prepared to go to the Hague to testify, however, you pointed out something very interesting. If they had calls on them to testify, they cover the costs. So folks that you’re not just going to be able to be a witness for the Canadian people, you could get a free trip to the Netherlands out of it.

Alan Nicholson 06:27

Will Dove 06:29
All right. So there’s a real bonus for that. Now, there’s also an extra I’m just – I was just about to move on to the petition, but I think we missed something important, along with this request for an inquiry you submitted or rather, the group did, to the Hague 13,000 pages of evidence.

Alan Nicholson 06:47
Yes, exactly.

Will Dove 06:48
And what is in those 13,000 pages?

Alan Nicholson 06:52
If – I’m not sure if you have the document in front of you, I do not have it here, but the PDF format, the the on the PDF format, the heading that explains exactly what is in the inquiry, everything from being a bio weapon, it’s all there in the heading.

Will Dove 07:22
Okay, I don’t have that PDF, but if you’ll send it to me after this interview, we will post a link to it beneath this interview along with a link to the documents they would need to fill in too, along with links to your website. Basically, everything we’re discussing here, folks, as always, you know, when I do interviews, we always put the links beneath them on our website at Strong and Free You just go there directly beneath the interview, you’ll find these links, you can go straight there and fill in these forms or get this information. Now there’s one other thing we have to cover, you’re also doing a petition. And I believe at last count, this petition had over 150,000 signatures?

Alan Nicholson 07:56
It’s all the same document. Right?

Will Dove 07:59
So what does the what does the petition add to the process?

Alan Nicholson 08:04
Well, because the inquiry was done on behalf of We The People of Canada, it can’t just be myself and the 40 others requesting this. And we need to give it a punch and show the courts that Canadian people are actually requesting this. And that’s why we need those signatures.

Will Dove 08:28
So is there a magic number? Is it just the more the better?

Alan Nicholson 08:32
No, the more the better is we’re looking for a million, we’re 42 million I think, in Canada, and we’d have those million if the mainstream media wouldn’t be on the wrong side of what’s the expression, I can use? The wrong side of law.

Will Dove 08:52
Wrong side of the law, is exactly what they are. They’re working for the criminals against the Canadian people. Well, hopefully our organization can help we have 25,000 people on our mailing list and potentially a couple 100,000 more we can reach through social media. We will be putting this out as an absolutely free interview. You don’t even have to visit our website to watch it. The whole thing will be out there on social media for people to watch. Once again, though, folks, you would have to visit our website to access those links that I talked about. So if you go to this interview on our website, you’ll find all the links directly beneath it. Alan, is there anything else that you want people to know about?

Alan Nicholson 09:25
Yes, I can tell you that besides a lot of the elite, I can’t give you specific names but while the elite I don’t like to call them the elite because that’s actually putting them on a pedestal.

Will Dove 09:41
Let’s say they think they are

Alan Nicholson 09:43
Exactly I’d like to I like to call them garbageman but that’s even insulting a, your typical garbage man. So —

Will Dove 09:51
— how about how about traitors, that’s the term I use?

Alan Nicholson 09:55
Which ones that?

Will Dove 09:56

Alan Nicholson 09:58
Yes, traitors.

Will Dove 09:59
These people are knowingly hurting their own countrymen. That’s treason.

Alan Nicholson 10:03
Yes. The injection is meant to kill you.

Will Dove 10:08
Yes, it is to kill you or sterilize you one of the two. Well, yeah, whichever comes first.

Alan Nicholson 10:13
Whichever comes first. Yes. Exactly. All right. So that a lot of the traitors and the main, every mainstream media in Canada is mentioned in that inquiry. So they’re going to be brought up on charges as well.

Will Dove 10:32
Oh, oh, I love that. I wasn’t aware of that part. I would pay money to sit and listen to that inquiry to see the only one in this country nailed to the wall for their lies. Oh, my that would be wonderful. All right. Alan, thank you so much for your efforts, and for the efforts of Canadian Rights Watch Quebec, and everything you guys are doing. Obviously, there’s been a lot of petitions, there’s been a lot of requests for inquiries, most of them have gone nowhere. But I think this one might actually have the potential to see some real justice in this country.

Alan Nicholson 11:06
I think so too. That’s why just this typical country boy is become a spokesman for the Quebec Canadian Rights Watch. Just to get the message out there and support the 40 people behind the scenes working extremely hard. And God bless them and everyone who is willing to fight the good fight for the right reasons.

Will Dove 11:36
Well, I am convinced that while we sadly cannot prevent the many deaths that are coming, we are going to win back our rights and freedoms in this country. And we are going to see the tyrants and the traitors held accountable for what they’ve done.

Alan Nicholson 11:49
That we will, that we will.

Will Dove 11:52
Thank you so much, Alan.

Alan Nicholson 11:53
Thank you.

Will Dove 11:56
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