Hope for the Vaccine Injured | Dr. Ellapen Rapiti

January 3, 2023

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Special Report

Dr. Ellapen Rapiti, who developed a treatment protocol for Covid which saved 99.73% of his patients (2,992 out of 3,000) has also treated the vaccine injured. He explains some of the severe adverse reactions and lays out a home treatment protocol which can help you recover from these toxic injections.

  • How do the spike proteins damage your body?
  • What drugs should you take and how do you get them?
  • What natural supplements should you take?
  • What other steps can you take to recover?

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Will Dove, Dr. Rapiti

Will Dove 00:16
If you’ve been watching my reports, then you’ll be aware that I have predicted there will be more viruses. First of all, Bill Gates says so. And Bill Gates is one of the people making it happen. Also, you might be aware of the recent discovery by Dr. Robert Malone at the PRI paper released by scientists at the University of Boston, where they basically laid out their formula for creating a new chimeric virus that would have the infection rate of Omicron was a fatality of Delta. I have with me today, Dr. Ellapen Rapiti who is joining me from his home in Cape Town, South Africa. He has an early treatment protocol for COVID that resulted in a 99.5% survival rate. Now, this is important, folks, because I know what many of you are thinking ‘Well, COVID is over, it’s gone’. But it’s not. They’re going to come out with more Corona viruses. And these treatment protocols that are put out by such excellent doctors, as Dr. Rapiti can be used to treat those new variants as well. Dr. Rapiti, thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Rapiti 01:17
Thank you, Will. Thank you for inviting me and to all your listeners, it’s a pleasure, I hope to share my knowledge to the world and to your listeners, that there is treatment for COVID. I have the proof for it, I’m not a virologist, I’m not an expert. I’m not an arrogant person. But I consider myself a doctor for over 45 years, I’m now 74. I’ve no reason other than to care, practice my medicine to the best of my ability according to my own. And that is what I’ve done. And what I’m sharing with people, it’s not rocket science. It is easy peasy. People benefit throughout the world through my videos of how to treat themselves when the medical profession turned their backs on them and failed them. People were able to follow my protocols. And I made myself available to the international community, wherever they were when they were in distress. I made myself available. I made myself available on social media, I’ve had over, I’ve got over 4,000 numbers on my phone, I said one way I am going to help my patients is contact. One thing that COVID did was it made doctors aloof from their patients. And it was at a time when patients were desperate. They were dying, they needed the comfort of somebody that they can trust. And that person they could trust came to them with a screen in front of him with a blank expression, turned away from them and carried on like somebody with a spacesuit and hardly made any communication. Whereas I had the approach of touching my patients speaking to my patients, they came foremost, I was not afraid of COVID. They – I learned very quickly in my practice, if you got an infection and signs to your viewers, if you got the infection, then your body would kick in with its own natural antibodies, which is by far superior, more robust, more long lasting than your … artificial immunity. And I’m living proof of that. Talking of social distancing, I’ve had 45 patients that I’ve seen in a day, coming to my rooms. And with them came, they were accompanied by four or five escorts, we probably had about 100 people. Do I look dead to you after two and a half years with a damn mask without a spacesuit? Because I knew what my patients wanted. And I was probably daring. I said I’m 74 I live my life like old Sinatra. So I’m going to go die. I call myself a soldier that dies on the battlefield, not a soldier the hides in the bunkers. And I went up there. And by God, my own natural immunity protected me. I needed nothing else. Yes, I will mention the things that I use as boosters. But my theory was this, if you have an infection, you cannot be reinfected by that. So when patients say ‘Oh Doctor, I’m scared of coughing’. I said, What are you afraid of? You’re gonna kill me. You’re just going to give me another boost of your virus. So go ahead. I’m not worried. And I was right. So this thing about saying that, Oh, you’re going to get it? How can you get re infected with the same virus? It’s absolute rubbish. It’s not science. And so we created a lot of fear. So I’d be very happy to tell your viewers about my protocols that will help them into preparing themselves. You’re absolutely right. You know the Coronavirus is not going to go away. It seems to mutate all the time. But every time it made its presence in my practice, I hit the nail on the head using my same protocols. And I dealt with it and they knocked him dead. So they must not live in fear.

Will Dove 05:04
Thank you. Dr. Rapiti. Yes, I would very much like to have you share your presentation. Folks, too, just to give you a little background, I encountered Dr. Rapiti at a meeting of the World Council for Health, a while back where he gave a very similar presentation. And I was very intrigued by it. And very grateful, he’s able to give us his time today to share his message with our Canadian audience. But I wanted to confirm one fact that I think people should know before you get into this doctor. During the various COVID waves, you treated approximately 3,000 patients. And as you said, you didn’t do this remotely, you went into the rooms with them, you weren’t wearing a mask, you weren’t gonna participate in any of that crap, because you knew how unscientific it was and you treated these people. And not all of these were early patients, some of these were late stage COVID, some of them were on the verge of dying from it. Yeah. And of those 3,000 people, approximately 15 of them died. Yeah, 99.5% of them survived, recovered. So I would like you to please now, share your presentation, show us your treatment protocol, so that people can understand that when the next virus hits. They don’t need to be taking these stupid boosters, these COVID shots that are toxic, all they need is to, as you say, to be in good health, to have a good mental attitude. And to use this kind of treatment protocol. If you’d please begin.

Dr. Rapiti 06:24
Right here, I’m going to share my screen now. And my plan was this. The minute you were wheeled in, I looked at you and I said this guy is very sick, we don’t waste time. And that’s how we were and we did a peak. So as you can see from this little gadget chair, it is such a vital instrument. Because when you blow into that peak flow, you should normally blow about 400 or 500, I would see them blowing 25 to 50%. Now that is to 50% in a predicted that told me there’s something going on in our lungs. So what could that be? You had symptoms of a flu and suddenly going on your lungs? That’s pneumonia. It’s it’s going so fast that it’s 25%. And believe me when he said 25%, you don’t see the classical signs of pneumonia, like what we talked about? Crap potations. So this was a very superior test, very cheap, cost nothing, not even half a minute to do it. My staff were doing it I take a quick history, because I didn’t waste time I wanted yes or no answers. Did you get short of breath? And no, did you get tired doing slight things, on slight exertion. It’s not the shortness of breath where you gasping if you came in with flu symptoms two or three days ago, and you came to me and said, I just think I got a flu? Straight into my thing to say, are we dealing with pneumonia? By the time they came to you, you will last a week. And within two to five minutes, I made the diagnosis. And when I made the diagnosis, I didn’t scratch my head, they were out with about 14 and 15 different types of medications, treating the viremia, treating the pneumonia, treating the clotting factors and putting them on boosters. It looked like a lot of medication, but everything had a purpose in it. And we’ll talk about the kind of medications. My question is, do you feel tired, and I call and I will run through those symptoms and clinical signs later in another slide. But if they did not have what we call crepitations, that is where you get the crackling sound on fire that’s in the lungs, that’s a clear case of pneumonia. If I didn’t hear that, it did not matter. If I had an inkling that you are now heading for pneumonia, I would nip it in the bud that the hallmark of good treatment in medicine is to pick it up early. Treat fast and you prevent the complication. What are doctors are doing waiting for symptoms, what you’re doing is you’re prolonging the pathology making it worse. And I did not when people asked me about a protocol, I did not use a protocol, I had a smorgasbord of treatment. And I tailor made the treatment according to the individual’s condition. And if I had comorbidities. I had to be careful how I treated – diabetic are treated, a heart failure patient. So this thing about saying a protocol. It’s not a one size fits all, you get a size that fits a particular person. The only one was the D dimer and the C reactive protein. Those were the only two tests. And there was a reason. I did not do PCRs in a PCR and chest x-rays. That was rare. I mean in your country they waste money with cat scans. We know there’s an pneumonia go and treat, don’t waste your time. In my practice, then hold treatment in that time it costs between 650 to 1000 rands in your country that will be about $50. We spray cheap with medicines. But in our state hospital private hospitals are less of my treatment seen by about two or three doctors. The – it was about 500,000 rands, which is something like 500x more than my practice and you know what, Will? These people came off worse coming on these hospitals. I’ve had no less than five patients who came out of hospital sick as hell, came to me after spending that 500,000 Rand, and I got the better with matrix. What are we treating? You got to know what you’re treating before you start commencing with treating the lungs, yeah, as you can see that that’s pneumonia and we’re treating the clotting. If you don’t treat the clotting, and this is a serious factor. If you don’t treat it, you can end up with a severe stroke. So you everybody got a routine aspirin, my place would fit in, like I said, viremia, inflammation, clotting and pneumonia. And the pneumonia was a killer. It was making people get really sick. My treatment was basically unlike the doctors in the world. I treated with compassion because I could pulse I could fit palpate the fear in people’s face, I could see a mile away. And I would have to smile. Because I was confident because I knew I had the key to treatment. When you exude that confidence no matter how sick people are, they feel comfortable. I’m in good hands. I gave them reassurance. I was a kind of good artists that that you know, Will I will put my arms around so don’t worry, granny, doc’s gonna get you better. We did so many people, because I believe you give people positive energy, they will fight this thing, they want to live. And I use ivermectin and I was. I was an interfaith of, I call them SEPTA. That’s the South African promise shooting and they help regulatory authority, they actually the DIS regulatory authority, because they, like your FDA, didn’t like ivermectin. Bollocks to them, because Ivermectin is very good. I use doxycycline. It was very good. It was antiviral for five days. It was zinc I know for what that means is that doxycycline with a nice zinc to enter into your cells and stop that enzyme, which the virus needed to multiply. So zinc was a very important component in the treatment modality. The only important thing was I was treating inflammation with prednisone. And I was using very high doses. We’re going to talk about why I use – normally doctors would use 40 milligrams I was using between 100 – 150 Yeah, it was five days. It’s got side effects, but so does COVID pneumonia. Prednisone higher dose makes you stay awake. So what hell. But pneumonia will kill you, Will, so you hit it hard. And with the ivermectin I didn’t use small doses, you’ll see the big green. And I’ll tell you why. The Big Green was it might take you to the toilet, because you take a big dose. But my three, the patients actually did never one of them didn’t have any diarrhea. But if you use smaller doses, like the FLCC said, you’re not using a high enough dose. Remember ivermectin is an antiviral, it kills the virus. So when they came in, Day 1, I use high doses to reduce the viral load. So we don’t get a bad pneumonia, if you use low doses, because you were afraid of what the side effects – they’ve done a study to show using high doses to see what was the side effect, they use up to 1.2 milligrams higher than what I was using, I was using one milligram per kg when FLCC was saying 0.4 milligrams, and none of them died with the high doses. My treatment was also use aspirin as a start off, everybody got an Aspirin, I took no chances. I didn’t wait for blood test. And then I also use a range, I use a thing called clopidogrel. And the nooks were the newer anticoagulants and Heparin, I use the beautiful and pump which is very good, because it was a locally acting steroid. And it was less side effects that I use, I use the vitamin D 50,000 0 weekly. The reason I use the weekly dose, because people were taking too many medications, and they were getting petrified of it. I use Vitamin C 1000 milligrams daily, some could use it twice a day. The vitamin D act very well, in terms of limiting your antibodies were probably quite out of kilter and your vitamin D was very good to boost your immune system and had a lot of other functions. And the vitamin C was a very good antioxidant, your zinc was particularly good to immune, boost your immune system. If you can visualize a cell in my fingernail, and inside that cell, you got the little lines of enzymes, the virus would get into the cell and want that enzyme to multiply what your zinc would do it would block that enzyme being accessible to the virus and stop it. The other great thing is the black seeds. It’s a, nigella sativa. It’s a thymoquinone. That ingredient, this has been around for 3,000 years. Nefertiti used during the 1000 years in Egypt, and they did a study in Pakistan to show have black seeds worked very well, better than Ivermectin in and remdesivir in two cohorts. Two groups of people, it cleared the viral load, is very good for lung infections. And I would say to them take two teaspoons three times a day with a bit of honey. And the best way to take black seed is to put it in a cup of water if you can get the pounded version and take that is better because the seeds are not easily digestible. But if you have just a seeds, which are cheap, you can then put it in boiling water, I would recommend keep it overnight and let it soak. And the next morning you drink that water, which is sprinkle that spouted those seeds into your food and eat it with a bit of honey. The thymoquinone is very good. It acts as an antiviral, very good for lung and chest infection. And I also use a thing called NAC, N-acetyl cysteine. There’s about 10 benefits, one of them being that it boosts your immune system because it’s a precursor to glutathione, which is a very good antioxidant. When we got a lot of free radicals going crazy, you had a major anti inflammatory response going on, inflammatory response going on with COVID. And so NAC was a very good drug. It was you had to use 600 milligrams if you could, twice a day and I use it. What am I non pharmacological intervention? These are brilliant. People don’t use them. You got the flu right now, you start washing that nose with the nasal saline – saline water. You just take a bit of salt in a cup of water, swirl it around warm water, throw it in the nose, you won’t drown. People,, you’re not going to die with a bit of water in your nose. That’s bollocks. Nobody died with water because 90% of your virus sits in the nose and in the throat. If you wash that out, there’s little chance it’ll go down your lungs and cause an infection. They found studies in Lucknow with medical students and doctors. One half that took nasal washing and the other half they didn’t. They found those 100% with no infection with those that took the nasal saline, but nobody vouching or one tell you this third gargled with hydrogen peroxide, very good, antiviral, very good antibacterial, very good for your teeth, it cleans it and kills the virus in your in your throat. Soda Bicarb very good or nasal washes with it, it sends the mucus cleans it out. I’m not going to go into too much details, why I’m so fastidious about nasal washes, but we can talk about Iodine, people who use it have never had an incidence of any complications with COVID. These are accessible available and use them. Colloidial silver, brilliant. Use that in your nebulizer. They found that if you use colloidal silver in a nebulizer, you can get it 20 to 30 times higher level than if you had to drink. you could drink Colloidal Silver it’s got antiviral antibacterial properties, you do it three times a day, and you can kill the virus in your lungs. And then you can even gargle it in your mouth. The other thing was sitting in the sun for about 30 minutes every day if you could sit, if you have good sunshine, because that seemed the infrared rays work on the pneumonia, the lungs and enhanced healing.

Will Dove 18:09
Thank you very much Dr. Rapiti for that presentation. And for this early treatment protocol you’ve got that is so effective. I do have a few questions that I think will probably be occurring to people. Early on in the presentation. You showed this little what looks like a little plastic device for measuring breath. Is that something that anybody can order one of so that they could be able to test themselves at home? If they’re starting to have symptoms?

Dr. Rapiti 18:30

Will Dove 18:32
What is that little device called?

Dr. Rapiti 18:34
It’s a Wrights peak flow meter.

Will Dove
A Wrights peak flow meter. And Wrights is spelled right? “W, wr”

Dr. Rapiti
Yeah, it was discovered by a guy called Dr. Wright. It’s a WRIGHTS. Yeah, yeah,

Will Dove 18:51
W-R-I-G-H-T. I see, okay, so Wrights peak flow meter, anybody can order one of these things. And at the first time of feeling a little under, you can test your peak flow. And you don’t need to be getting a stethoscope you don’t need to know how to listen. Or we used to call them rollaways. When I was a paramedic, you’re calling them reputations. Now it’s the name of change. But you don’t need to know how to listen for that. You just need to take that peak flow meter. And that’s going to tell you whether or not you might be developing pneumonia. And if you might be, then you should start that early treatment protocol.

Dr. Rapiti 19:23
Yeah. Will, I mean, you’ve been a paramedic so I can explain this to you. You got these bunches of grapes, I mean, your air sacks — The alveoli, inflammation, right? You got inflammation. So it’s going to cause inflammation so the airways are not going to work. But after that, you’re going to get a breaking of this airways to give you the crepitation to become liquid. Yes, I’m saying when you get to that point where you don’t hear the crepitations but the people you are in the early stages where it’s now collapsing. So Oh, if we wait three days, we’re waiting too late. You preempted. You say, Well, you peak flow drop because your airways collapse. That’s pneumonia. Right?

Will Dove 20:12
One of the things that you do with your treatment is you do hit people with a lot of anti inflammatories. And we hear about inflammatories all the time. But I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to ask a doctor just what exactly is inflammation? And why is it so important to avoid it when you’re treating something like pneumonia?

Dr. Rapiti 20:29
Will, look, inflammation to put it simply, one must not mistake it with infection. Inflammation, is when the antibodies interact with the tissues. And it causes an inflammation that, like if you get snapped and gets red, that’s an inflammatory process. That’s what is only an infection is inflammation. So your antibodies, now in this particular case, what’s happening is your antibodies attacks the virus and the the air sacs. And what results, the pathology there is that you get an in inflammation. That’s what we call an inflammation, an anti inflammatory, inflammatory, what is if you can understand this, the antibodies coming to attack and cause inflammation, the anti inflammatory would come in that way, or it was inflammation is there, it will repair the inflammation. It’s an anti inflammatory.

Will Dove 21:36
Let me see if I can put this into a very, very simple terms. Inflammation, then really is nothing more than fluid buildup, possibly localized or possibly generalized. And so the purpose of hitting people with anti inflammatories because pneumonia is fluid building up in the alveoli. You’re fighting fluid buildup with the anti inflammatories.

Dr. Rapiti 21:56
Yeah, okay. Yeah. Basically, the process of inflammation is interrupted, and it acts as an as because you steroids, acts, it repairs, inflammation, repairs, and the

Will Dove 22:09
steroid treatments, the high doses of prednisone, for example, do the same thing. They help to fight that buildup of fluids.

Dr. Rapiti 22:16
Yeah, well, that’s right, you prevent you see, when you before the fluid comes on, if you start with early treatment, you stopping the inflammation, we stopping it, and we improve it. And we try to regain the functionality of the air sacs. So in a,

Will Dove 22:36
I do have a couple more questions about the treatment. But I think I’m seeing a picture here, so let me – please correct me if I’m getting this wrong, what you’re the reason why your treatment protocol is so effective is because A) in most cases, you’re able to hit them early. Now you have successfully treated some late stages as well. But you hit them early, and you hit them hard with these medications that are going to reduce the inflammation that are going to bolster their own immune system. And basically what you’re doing is you’re stopping the progress of that pneumonia, and give the body a chance to kill the virus, which kills the underlying problem. And —

Dr. Rapiti 23:09
— incidentally, incidentally, just to correct you, that by the time the inflammation is there the virus is killed.

Will Dove 23:17
Okay, so the virus is already gone.

Dr. Rapiti 23:19
Yeah. So what you do, it’s like an auto, it’s an autoimmune disease, to put it plainly, the body’s own antibodies, it’s killing its own cells and causing that. And that’s why it’s called not an infective pneumonia, but in an organizational pneumonia.

Will Dove 23:38
So this storm that we’re talking about here, that’s correct. Okay, correct. So it’s the body’s own immune system that’s causing the problem at this point. But what you’re doing with this treatment protocol is you’re reducing those symptoms, you’re preventing the buildup of the fluid that’s going to damage the lungs, and giving their body a chance to restore itself to its natural state, just past that cytokine storm, the virus is dead and gone. And this treatment protocol works so well, simply because you’re preventing that pneumonia from progressing to an advanced stage could kill them.

Dr. Rapiti 24:12
These besides preventing it from progressing, you are healing that tissue, because these dumbasses are this giving them oxygen, you need to heal those lungs. And that is why I got away with supplemental masked oxygen. And there were there were other things I also did is that it’s very important. When the elderly in particular, if they had a little lower drop in the oxygen levels, or they’re not to walk excessively, there was a doctor in India was saying they get his patients to walk and how dumb is this because the more you walk with compromised lung, you’re going to drop your oxygen what’s going to happen? You’re gonna get hypoxia and instead of dying because of the lungs, they’re going to hit the bottom, tap or knock the head and end up with a cerebral hemorrhage. I found that so stupid, because often doctors they watch this would know, we learn this. Patients would say Doctor I don’t know why feel light headed but it is quite simple. When you walk too much in the early stages of pneumonia, your oxygen is dropping, your demand for oxygen is great, but he cannot fulfill it. You become hypoxic, your brain becomes hypoxic. And when it does, you get lightheaded —

Will Dove 25:24
— So, Dr. Rapiti, I have to ask you this question because you made some comments. And I love your very direct comments. And I know my audience does as well. We like calling a spade a spade around here. Yeah. And you’re talking about these doctors that are that are doing these stupid treatment protocols that are killing people as having the brains of an insect. And now I think I understand why. Because it seems to me like your treatment protocol is essentially medical kindergarten. This is obvious stuff. If you treat it hard and you treat it fast, and you prevent that pneumonia from ever developing into something serious. The patient is going to recover.

Dr. Rapiti 26:03
Absolutely. It’s —

Will Dove 26:05
— Sorry, just I’m just one last comment. Because as you said, when people die from COVID they die from one thing. Pneumonia. Yeah, that’s it. They don’t die from a high fever. They’re dying from pneumonia, right. And so if you stop the pneumonia from killing them, you’ll save that patient. It’s that simple.

Dr. Rapiti 26:24
Yeah, and I love to share those cases and I that I’ve treated, I mean, 35% Oxygen 35% woman could barely walk. And within six weeks, she was up and about what happened, I put any kind of treatment on them. And so they can read wrong. They didn’t want to listen to me. And it’s so it’s the benchmark of all good medicine, you treat early prevention is better than cure. You don’t wait for disaster to strike. And then you’re looking for all the resources to try salvaging the dead. That’s what they were doing. Know what they were doing.

Will Dove 27:05
I want to ask you one more thing about the pneumonia because as a former paramedic, this is something that has annoyed me through this entire thing. The media, especially they like to talk about pneumonia, like it’s a disease. It’s not a disease. It’s a condition.

Dr. Rapiti 27:18
Yeah, absolutely.

Will Dove 27:20
So the point is, it doesn’t matter what gave you pneumonia, it doesn’t matter whether it’s COVID, or the flu, or some other condition or aspiration doesn’t make any difference. pneumonias, pneumonia, it’s a condition. And if you treat that condition, the way you’re treating it, you’ll prevent it from killing the patient.

Dr. Rapiti 27:38
Absolutely, you don’t treat symptoms, like I always say, good medicine treats the cause, like TB, oh asthma, you don’t treat a cough, you treat the TB and the cough gets away. So I never use cough medicines in my practice for over 30 years, I stopped using it I had no basis.

Will Dove 27:57
I’d like to finish this interview by giving a summary of the information that you provided for people so that they can treat themselves at home. Because, sadly, exactly the same thing is happening. South Africa is happening Canada’s happening around the world. Doctors are being silenced. Doctors are participating in medical malpractice. And so if you are infected with a virus, it doesn’t even have to be Coronavirus. And these treatments, as you pointed out will work for any viral infection. Yeah, the odds that you’re going to get a doctor who’s going to give you proper treatment is just about nil. And so what I’m wanting to get out of this for people is that they can do a lot at home to prevent themselves from ever getting that sick in the first place. And so I would like to give a quick rundown based upon everything you’ve just taught us and I want you tell me if I’ve missed anything, because I’ve already made the comment that this seems to be medical kindergarten to me. So I think it’s pretty simple. So, here it is, folks. At the first sign of symptoms, you’re going to do a few things. Number one, you’re gonna get that Wrights peak flow meter, you’re gonna check to see if your air flow is down. Second thing you’re going to do is a nasal wash. And there’s plenty of recipes for how you’re gonna do this nasal wash right. The third thing you’re going to do is you’re gonna start taking the early treatment protocol drugs now that’s a bit of a challenge because obviously some of these drugs you can only get from a doctor but there’s others you can get yourself for example, you can get ivermectin if you ask around on the the freedom social media channels, you’ll probably find someone who can sell you ivermectin. Hydroxychloroquine you’re not going to be able to get the Canadian government has made importing it illegal. Good luck getting hydroxychloroquine but ivermectin is the more valuable of the two drugs anyway. You can get zinc, you can get aspirin, you can get vitamin D, you can get all of these things. So you’re going to have all of these drugs available. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Get all this stuff now. So you have it when the next virus hits because we don’t know when these globalists are going to produce one that really is deadly. And especially if you’ve been vaxxed because your immune system is now damaged. So it’s that simple: Peak flow meter, nasal wash Take the early treatment protocol, drugs and rest. Dr. Rapiti thank you so much for sharing your treatment protocol with us. I really hope that there’s a lot of people out there who are going to watch this and going to get those supplies and be prepared the next time they get hit with a virus. Dr. Rapiti will be back he has agreed to do a series of interviews with me. He has far more information to share. Ellapen, thank you so much for your time.

Dr. Rapiti 30:24
Thank you. Will, it’s a pleasure being with you and with your audience. Thank you very much.

Will Dove 30:27
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