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May 26, 2022

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Ontario Party week continues with Tom Marazzo, candidate for Peterborough-Kawartha. Tom became well-known as the spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy. He is a military veteran, well educated, and speaks eloquently on the issues facing Ontario voters, from the fiscal irresponsibility of Doug Ford’s PC party to the wokism infecting our schools.

On Doug Ford’s first mistake in Ottawa…

…my own understanding of Emergency Management Ontario (EMO), because in 2008, I was posted to the four div headquarters in Toronto. And what happens is the division commander transitions to being the joint task force central area commander, which means he now commands the Air Force, the Navy and the Army inside of Ontario for whatever domestic response…in case there turned out to be a mass casualty or any other thing they became a coordination center. They had a big role to play if anything unfortunate should happen, EMO would have become fully involved in that…they were always involved in the planning phases of that entire thing. So, this organization exists across this province and in every province to handle domestic emergencies, snow storms, floods, ice storms or tornadoes, things where there is more than one jurisdiction that are involved.

If there’s a state of emergency declared, EMO gets involved. And the very fact that when a pandemic came about, EMO was not the lead agency coordinating all of this is mind-boggling to me. It’s absolutely fundamentally wrong. This organization exists to do these things. And what the public needs to know is that they have contingency plans on the shelf for things like pandemics.

On Doug’s second mistake in Ottawa…

I guarantee you Doug Ford has zero interest in knowing the real science…Doug Ford was offered the opportunity to meet in-person with Dr. Paul Alexander…one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists, a former associate professor at McMaster university, former advisor to President Trump on COVID policy under Dr. Scott Atlas, Doug Ford last fall was offered the opportunity to meet with him in person to learn the real science of what was going on.

How do I know that? Because I’m the person who put the two parties in touch with each other and the meeting never happened. So don’t think for a second, that Doug Ford cares about the real science he does not…[grant] themselves the right to continue their COVID authoritarianism for as long as they want to indefinitely, regardless of what’s happening.

On how to correct Doug’s many mistakes…

The government should lend a helping hand when appropriate and not abuse it. When you’re looking at fuel prices, that’s getting rid of the PST. Why hasn’t Ford already done that? He’s not taking the pressure off the inflation at all.

Another thing, we control the skies over Ontario. Aviation is a federal jurisdiction, but there are 6 million Canadians in this country that cannot get on an airplane because they haven’t taken the poison. They can’t get onboard an aircraft, but Pearson International Airport is in Ontario. So, there’s no reason why the premier of Ontario can’t take the federal government to court right now and say are on like Ontario citizens are going to board those aircraft and they are going to fly. There’s lots of stuff that at a provincial level we can do to push back against Justin Trudeau. And that’s what Doug Ford should have been doing.


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