The Coming Wave of Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuits

October 1, 2021

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Employers across Canada are working as henchmen for a corrupt government, illegally forcing employees to accept being injected with a bioweapon that is being falsely presented as a ‘vaccine’, or face being fired.

Many of these employees will not be able to find other employment, as many employers are also making ‘fully vaccinated status’ a hiring requirement.

Julius Ruechel is a Canadian blogger who recently wrote a very clear-minded essay title ‘Under the Shadow of Damocles’ Sword: Forcing Employers to Put Their Fingerprints on Tyranny’. Long after the Covid fear and tyranny end, the wrongful dismissal suits will still be there, meting out justice to those who chose to cooperate with tyrants and traitors by violating the rights of their employees.


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