The Iron Will Weekly News Report | November 11, 2022

November 11, 2022

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In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • More lies revealed at the POEC inquiry
  • Pandemic Amnesty?
  • Sedated patients being vaxxed without consent
  • U.S. vaccine requirements extended
  • Government imprisoning counter narrative podcasters
  • Blacklock’s threatened with expulsion from media gallery
  • Covid plan predates Event 201 by years

And in the member’s only version at, all of the above PLUS:

  • Canadian Armed Forces foreign takeover
  • Kids pain medication shortage – the real reason
  • An important legal victory
  • Trudeau predicts more viruses
  • Implanted bank chips in humans already happening
  • Cash may become worthless
  • Microsoft’s new pride flag
  • Woke heritage?

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The lies continue to unravel at the Public Order Emergency Commission, the investigation into Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Measures Act to end the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. You’ll recall that both Trudeau and Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino claimed the EMA was requested by police forces to deal with the truckers in Ottawa.
Among the police chiefs who have since denied that they requested the EMA, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, then Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly, Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell, and OPP Superintendent Patrick Morris.
During his two day testimony at the commission, former Ottawa chief Peter Sloly stated that he was quote never consulted explicitly on the Emergencies Act.
Furthermore evidence presented to the commission makes it clear that even Turd didn’t consider the truckers to be a threat to public safety, but rather a political opportunity. Blacklock’s Reporter obtained confidential minutes from an Incident Response Group cabinet meeting which took place on the 10th of February. The minutes show that Trudeau was told that as many as 95% of the demonstrators were tired of the by-then 3 week long protest and wanted to go home, that 80% of the demonstrators had only quote weak connections to the convoy, and that an OPP negotiator claimed that the organizers of the convoy could be persuaded to end it if a commitment was made to register their concerns with the government.
Despite all of this Turd enacted the EMA just four days later, on February 14th.
Among the 45 people present at the cabinet meeting was Attorney General and Minister of Justice David Lametti and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

The internet has recently been flooded with opinion pieces, polls and petitions calling for pandemic amnesty. Not for the politicians who violated our rights but for those whose rights were violated. Not surprisingly this movement seems to be gaining the most ground in Danielle Smith’s no-covid-discrimination Alberta.
Of 1,000 Albertans polled, 73% of conservatives want prosecutions against pastors and small businesses dropped, with support for the move strongest among rural Albertans and young people. It’s possible even the Alberta courts are on board. Remember Pastor Timothy Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary? He was arrested twice and spent a total of 21 days in jail for refusing to enforce the Covid mandates. He was recently acquitted by an Alberta court. We will shortly be releasing my interview with lawyer Leighton Grey, who represented Pastor Stephens as part of the JCCF’s legal team.
Not surprisingly on the other side of the amnesty fence, 86% of NDP supporters want the prosecutions to continue.
It makes you wonder? Are liberals just more likely to drink the government sponsored and mainstream media distributed kool-aid or are they just vindictive people who want to see punished those who had the temerity to not only disagree with them, but to be right.

I have a policy of not reporting anything I can’t prove. For the first time, I’m going to break that rule because, if what I’m about to tell you is true, it might save your life.
We are now aware of two reports on social media from what purport to be credible sources that doctors in at least some hospitals are injecting patients with the Covid vaccines while they are under sedation for surgery.
One message which the post states was passed on to them by a member of Police On Guard says that nurses who have tried to intervene are being told to stand aside, and that doctors who administer the injections are claiming it’s ethical as it’s for the patients good. A second post claims that there is a roving vaccine cart at the University of Alberta Hospital and that they vaccinate every sedated patient if their records show they are not already injected.
Once again, we have no reliable independent proof of these claims. Make your own judgement, but for myself, I’ve been expecting this for some time. Under no circumstances would I allow myself to put under sedation in a Canadian hospital.

Despite Canada dropping the ArriveCan app and vaccine requirements for those entering the country, Biden’s U.S. administration continues to restrict travel. The vaccine requirement for non U.S. citizens entering the country, which was to have expired this past Tuesday, has been extended until at least January 8th of next year.
These restrictions apply to all forms of entry, whether by land, sea or air.
All travelers must show proof of vaccination at least 14 days prior to entry.
It does remain to be seen how many border guards will actually enforce this though. My family and I were briefly in the U.S. in September. We entered through the Coutts crossing into Montana. While we were asked if we were vaccinated, to which I lied very convincingly, we were not asked for proof. I have since heard from a number of other travelers who were also either not asked for proof, or in some cases, not asked at all.

As most of you are aware it won’t be long before Bill C-11, the censorship bill that will seek to not only limit what you can access online but silence those of us who are striving to bring you the truth, will enter it’s third and final reading before the Senate.
But this bill is hardly the only method our government is using to protect their stranglehold on the media propaganda machine. I’ve been quietly predicting for some time that they will soon resort to arresting and imprisoning independent journalists and podcasters who speak out against the narrative. And it’s starting to happen.
Jeremy MacKenzie, known online as the Raging Dissident and the founder of the joke rebel organization Diagalon, was arrested on October 2nd and is currently in a Saskatoon prison. MacKenzie has been charged with careless use of a firearm, unauthorized possession of firearms, harassment and intimidation, and the now ubiquitous mischief. None of these charges are the sort of thing for which people are typically imprisoned. They are usually released on bail awaiting trial. Mackenzie’s bail hearing lasted five minutes and was clearly a foregone conclusion. They want to shut him up, and will go to any lengths, and distances, to do so. Remember how Tamara Lich was arrested in her Alberta home by two high level RCMP investigators who had been dispatched all the way across the country to bring her back to Ottawa for trial? The RCMP arrested Jeremy MacKenzie in Halifax before flying him back to Saskatchewan and locking him up.
The RCMP obtained a search warrant for Mr. MacKenzie’s home, where they found a number of unregistered guns. Jeremy is a Canadian forces veteran who served under live fire. I suspect a large number of our retired soldiers have unregistered guns. The usual government response to finding such weapons is a fine and confiscation of the guns. Not imprisonment.
But Jeremy had been very vocal in his criticism of Trudeau’s government. Thus the trumped up charges, and his incarceration. You can’t do a podcast from prison. Jeremy commented on the conditions of his imprisonment saying quote We treated Taliban POWs better than this.

From buying off mainstream media to quote licensing journalists, fining Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel News, and imprisoning inconveniently vocal podcasters the government is adding restricted access to the press gallery. Blacklock’s Reporter, one of the best independent conservative news sources in Canada, has been threatened with having their membership in the Parliamentary press gallery suspended or revoked. Their crime. They’ve been critical of the government and mainstream media.
On April 7th of last year Blacklock’s tabled a motion for full disclosure of all subsidies paid by the government to Canadian media outlets. Not only was the motion defeated by an 18 to 1 vote (seems that mainstream media doesn’t want you to know how much the government is paying them to lie to us), the motion triggered a chain of events that even a child could see through.
On June 7th and 8th observers from the gallery monitored Blacklock’s managing editor Tom Korski at his office. On the 11th, just 3 days later the gallery drafted a brand new code of conduct for its members. In one day. Among other ridiculous restrictions the new code of conduct requires members to avoid loud conversations in the newsroom.
Subsequently Mr. Korski became the target of a number of complaints from gallery director Emilie Bergeron and two other reporters. The complaints included using a speaker phone, leaving the House of Commons feed running all day when the house was in session (I thought the purpose of the gallery was to monitor such things), calling a freelance reporter an idiot, speaking to a competitor in a quote vaguely threatening tone, tearing a piece of paper, propping open a door and of course worst of all posting a tweet critical of Canadian Press committee coverage.

Most of you are aware of Event 201, the supposed pandemic preparedness exercise sponsored by Bill Gates in fall of 2019, just before the Covid scamdemic. But it turns out they’ve been working on the narrative for much longer than that. And I’m not referring to the fact that the WEF and other globalist organizations have been planning their new world order for decades. I mean specifically the covid scenario.
A video surfaced online recently of a 2014 interview with an American investigative journalist who uncovered a document from the Rockefeller Foundation that reads like a playbook for the past two and half years. The document purports to reveal possible scenarios for the future, but in fact lays out the globalist agenda.

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In this week’s members report at Iron Will the rest of the Rockefeller Foundation globalist playbook story, our military is being taken over by non Canadians, the real reason there’s a shortage of pain medication for children, a very important legal victory in our courts, Trudeau tells us there will be more viruses, implanted bank chips in humans are now a reality, how to inflation proof yourself, Microsoft’s new painful to look at pride flag, and the woke movement is taking over Canada’s heritage minutes.
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