The New Iron Will Weekly News Report | Oct. 14, 2022

October 14, 2022

493 IWR Week of May 3rd
IWR News for May 3rd:
Canada’s First Prison City
489 Vanessa Dylan Covid Collateral
Covid Collateral: The Machinery of Mass Manipulation
Vanessa Dylan
487 Natasha Gonek Plandemic Tyranny
Plandemic Tyranny: When the Police Are the Victims
Natasha Gonek
492 IWR Week of April 26
IWR News for April 26th:
Hints That Trudeau May Call an Election This Year
486 Judith Brown The Ministry of Truth
The Ministry of Truth: Globalist Thought Control
Judith Brown
488 IWR Week of April 19
IWR News for April 19th:
The Globalist Metaverse: Their Plan for a Worldwide Digital Prison
484 Shawn Buckley NHPs Gone in 18 Months
Natural Health Products: Gone in 18 Months
Shawn Buckley
485 IWR Week of April 12
IWR News for April 12th:
Trudeau is Collecting Your Private Info: Canada’s PIB

In this week’s report…

  • The CDC is censoring itself
  • Danielle Smith promises no discrimination against the unvaxxed
  • WEF is funding Canada’s Known Traveller Digital ID
  • Musk’s Twitter purchase is back on
  • Canada’s own Yuval Harari
  • GMO mosquitoes delivering ‘vaccines’. Be afraid.
  • ArriveCan had travellers literally s**ting themselves

And in the full members’ version at

  • How quickly the woke movement took over
  • Biological male has more right to girl’s changeroom than females
  • Peaceful demonstrators shut down vaccine clinic
  • Ivermectin available without prescription in Tennessee
  • Who got paid to promote the vaccines?
  • Dr. McCullough suspended from Twitter, starts Substack
  • Forced vaccinations are coming – really

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CDC1 CDC Censoring Itself
Page recommending Ivermectin for early treatment disappears
The CDC continues to up the ante in their quest to hide the truth. They are now censoring themselves. Recently the CDC updated their article on treatment of Covid outpatients. Meaning those that are not so sick they can justify putting them on ventilators and killing them with remdesivir. The updated article includes Ivermectin in its treatment guidelines, or rather, it did as recently as October 3rd.
A visit to the page, which says it was updated on September 28 provides a link to another page on early antiviral treatment. A page which lists all of the CDC’s recommended antiviral drugs. However, as of Wednesday of this week when I tried the link it goes to a dead page. When I checked the most recent capture on Wayback machine from October 3rd, I found this page, which clearly shows Ivermectin as a drug that is quote being evaluated to treat Covid 19. How much you want to bet that when this page mysteriously reappears Ivermectin won’t be on it?
Better keep up that self censorship there CDC. You’re in danger of giving people actual medical advice.

Albertans celebrate the ‘retirement’ of traitor Jason Kenney
Albertans are celebrating. The corrupt premier Jason Kenney is gone, replaced by true conservative Danielle Smith. Danielle is not new to politics. She ran for premier a number of years ago and has been outspoken about the violations of Albertans rights by our federal government. One of her first actions was to announce the firing of Alberta Public Health Officer Deena Hinshaw. Smith has also said that unvaccinated people are quote “the most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.” essentially promising that there will be no coerced vaccinations in Alberta and that Albertans will not be discriminated against based upon their vaccine status.
The only concern I myself as an Albertan have with Ms. Smith taking over as our premier is that she has stated she will comply with any Supreme Court decisions. Since our courts have hardly been diligent in protecting Canadians rights it remains to be seen if Ms. Smith will comply if and when the Supreme Court upholds illegal government mandates, however that said, there can be no doubt that Danielle is a very different sort of political animal than Jason Kenney and there is cause for hope that Alberta will now lead the way for provinces across Canada to refuse to comply with Turdeau’s illegal mandates.

3 WEF Funding Known Traveller Digital ID (KTDI)
Leslyn Lewis Uncovers Financial Contributions to Trudeau’s government from the WEF
Conservative MP and former leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis obtained an admission by Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra that the federal government is receiving funding directly from the WEF for the Known Traveller Digital ID, or KTDI. While our government is spewing their usual bullshit about the KTDI making travel safer, we all know its real purpose is yet another step in limiting our freedoms and tracking our every move. While I’m sure you’re no more surprised by Ms. Lewis revelation than I am, we now have proof that the WEF is directly affecting policy decisions in Canada.
Ms. Lewis released an Order Paper, an official government document which records her questions to Mr. Alghabra and his answers. The document shows clearly that the government’s proposed budget for the KTDI violation of our rights is 105.3 million dollars over 5 years, and that one of the financial contributors is the WEF. Of course the Government of Canada is also listed as a partner, which means at least some of the funding is coming out of our pockets.

4 Musk’s Twitter Purchase is Back On
Renewed offer could go through as early as today
Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase is back on. Musk has a grand plan to develop a quote everything app called X. He says that while he could build it from scratch the purchase of Twitter could accelerate his plans by 3 to 5 years. Twitter stock rose 22 percent on the news that the purchase will likely go through as early as today. How long it will take for Elon’s ownership to be reflected in a renewed commitment to free speech on the platform is unknown but we can hope that when it happens, Twitter’s extensive staff of censors will be practicing for their new jobs. “Do you want fries with that”?

5 Canada’s Yuval Harari
Policy Horizons Canada pushing biodigital convergence
Remember Yuval Harari. I mentioned him last week. He’s the number one adviser to Klaus Schwab. This is him. [run clip – what do we need humans for]. But where Dr. Evil just has his Igor, the Canadian government has formed an entire agency to advise them on turning humans into components in their totalitarian matrix.
The website for Policy Horizons Canada states “In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural.”
Human or natural. If that phrase doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, you’re not thinking about what it really means.
Fortunately you don’t have to think about it, because the website goes on to state outright exactly what it does mean. A cheery little graphic farther down the page states that biodigital convergence means quote Full physical integration of biological and digital entities. Some people think that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. What about a web browser implanted in your brain? You could look up facts anywhere. No more need to memorize information. Or maybe a GPS navigation system? You’d never get lost. But here’s the problem with that kind of technology. Did you create it? Do you even understand how it works? Who’s controlling the tech they want to implant in our bodies? Certainly not us. Do we even have the ability to understand it? Most of us don’t. It’s pretty obvious that the GPS navigation system they would want to implant in your head can feed information back to them to tell them where you are at all times, but they already do that to any of us who are in the habit of carrying a smart phone around.
But your smart phone won’t trigger a chemical chain reaction in your body that will have you doubled over puking if you try to go somewhere they don’t want you to go. It can’t receive a police signal that will paralyze you if they want to arrest and imprison you without a fuss. It can’t be used to decide who gets to reproduce, and who lives their entire lives a lonely drone. It can’t be used to shut your body off like a switch once they think you’ve outlived your usefulness.
And this is where the globalists want to take the human race. Not advanced cyborgs that are stronger, faster and more resilient. No. A flock of sheeple that they can easily surveil and control.

6 GMO Mosquitos now delivering ‘vaccines’
Why stop there? Why not any ‘vaccine’?
In a recent story by LifeSite News, they revealed further information on the trials to have genetically modified mosquitos deliver a malaria vaccine. On the surface, and in the absence of the massive crime that has been perpetrated against the human race with the so-called Covid vaccines, this might seem like a good idea, but there are several problems.
First, the trials are being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
Second, the genetic modifications of the mosquitoes themselves didn’t work. They were not supposed to be able to infect humans with malaria but of the 14 trial participants 7 of them contracted the disease. For the other seven the protection provided by the vaccine only lasted a few months, after which they were once again susceptible.
Then we have to ask why mosquitoes? Why not a syringe like any other vaccine? Could it be because while a person can refuse a syringe, it’s virtually impossible not to get bitten by mosquitoes. A perfect stealth delivery system for whatever the globalists want to inject into all of us.
Combine this with the news revealed by former Pfizer employee turned whistle-blower Karen Kingston about GMO lettuce containing a full dose of the Covid vaccines and it’s obvious that Bill is working on methods to secretly inject all of us with his bioweapons.
Fortunately there’s still time to stop this. Both of these technologies are still in their infancy and it will likely be years before they could reliably deliver doses via a mosquito or hidden in your salad. Sharing the truth is the best option we have of stopping these madmen before they succeed in their plans. Please share this news report to social media channels.

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