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October 21, 2022

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  • Pfizer admits to not testing their vaccine before release
  • Expert analysis shows number of dead and injured from the shots
  • Revelations from the Public Hearings on the Emergency Measures Act
  • Many politicians who are pushing the shots are not vaxxed themselves
  • Casket sales dramatically increase, especially for child-sized caskets
  • New chimeric virus could kill up to 80% of infected
  • Government trying to kill the Peckford case on violations to our freedom of movement

And in the Members’ version at, all of the above plus:

  • Fuel shortages in France
  • Specialist predicts freezing, starvation and disease in northern climates
  • Quebec College of Physicians recommending MAiD for babies
  • Yukon joins gun grab pushback
  • Schools promoting non-binary ideology
  • Irish teacher jailed for refusing to call a boy ‘she’
  • J.K. Rowling protests transgender threat to women
  • Students adopting ‘fursonas’
  • New Zealand to tax…wait for it…


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In news that will surprise none of you, at the recent October 11th special Covid committee meeting of the European parliament, Pfizer representative Janine Small admitted that Pfizer never tested whether or not their mRNA injections could actually stop transmission of the virus. [run clip]
You heard that right. A major pharmaceutical company, tasked with creating a vaccine for coronavirus, never tested whether or not their product could stop transmission. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the second most important function of a vaccine? It comes right after the most important function, stopping a person from getting sick, which it also doesn’t do.
I guess this is because they were working at ‘the speed of science’. What is the ‘speed of science’, exactly. Presumably there would be a formula for that.
She went on to say…“We had to do everything at risk”. Certainly not their risk since they’re indemnified. Well, they’re indemnified if they can prove in court that they didn’t know their product was harmful. She went on to talk about Pfizer’s risk. This just shows how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry has become. Ms. Small is President of Pfizer’s International Developed Markets and she’s talking about her company having to spend money on research and development as though this were some kind of sacrifice.
Finally she says this: “In the first year of the rollout of the vaccines we saved 4 million people”. Note that Ms. Small’s figure of 4 million people comes from a paper by the Imperial College. This would be the same imperial college where Neil Ferguson works. You know, the Neil Ferguson who predicted that Covid 19 would kill 40 million people, lighting the fuse of the globalist fearmongering bomb that was used to justify the violations of our rights. The same Neil Ferguson who has a long history of completely inaccurate fearmongering predictions. That Imperial College. The same Imperial College that is heavily funded by big pharma. But let’s give Ms. Small the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say the vaccines did save 4 million people. Keep that number in mind as we move on to our next story.
Data analysis expert Peter Halligan recently wrote an article in which he shows his calculations for the deaths and injuries caused by the clot shots. By looking at all available data from vaccine adverse events reporting systems around the world, and allowing for under reporting, Mr. Halligan arrived at a figure of 20 million dead and 2.2 billion injured. Our own Dr. Roger Hodgkinson has pointed out that the 20 million figure does not include stillbirths, those killed by a healthcare system that neglected anyone not quote infected with Covid, cancers that were caused by the shots or suicides caused by the lockdowns. How high is the actual figure? We don’t know but we do know that it’s only just beginning.
Consider that Mr. Halligan’s research also showed over 2 billion injured. How many of those will die early. We know that one in five people who get myocarditis will die within six years.
So, getting back to Ms. Small’s statement that their vaccines saved 4 million people, even if we accepted that they’ve still killed 5 times as many people as they saved, with many more deaths to come. And do any of us really believe these shots saved anyone? We know they make people more likely to get infected and more likely to die. It’s far more likely that the shots have only increased deaths from the disease they were supposed to protect people from, while at the same time killing tens of millions more.
Public hearings on the use of the Emergency Measures Act by Prime Dictator Turdeau began on October 13. Turd claimed at the time that police forces were requesting he invoke the act so they could deal with the violent white supremacist nazi demonstrators. You know, the ones who cleaned up garbage and set up bouncy castles for kids.
Turns out the hearings can’t find a single instance of a police force in Canada, not even the RCMP under Brenda Lucki, asking for Turd to invoke the act. Interim Ottawa police chief Steve Bell also went on record as saying that they did not request the invocation of the act either. What a surprise. Turd was lying. Again.
In fact in this February memo from CSIS, revealed by Blacklock’s Reporter, CSIS states they had no concerns about the convoy. The memo went on to affirm that the majority of the events had been peaceful.
I spoke yesterday with Freedom Convoy organizer Brigette Belton, who I’ve interviewed in the past. While the cross border restrictions on truckers were dropped at the same time the ArriveCan app was made optional, the restrictions have only been suspended, not canceled. Brigette also told me that cross border trucking is down 10% due to truckers choosing to stick to domestic routes, rather than risk being caught in the U.S. when mandates come back. The government is already talking about mandatory masking for truckers, again. Brigette believes, as I do, that the mandates will be back before the end of this year. And likely not just for truckers.
We all know the real reason for the EMA. To silence dissent. And it was masterfully played. Whoever was pulling Turdeau’s strings was very clever. They may have hoped the EMA would become permanent, as our vice dictator Chrystia Freeland publicly stated she wanted, but they planned for the EMA to be struck down. People went away celebrating. But did the truckers have their rights back? No. it was politics played to influence public perception. Remember that. The traitors in our government are still there, and our government is still being controlled by the WEF. This is not over but it will be when enough of us simply refuse to comply.
In news that shocks no one, a former French presidential candidate and member of the French parliament has revealed that the president of France, Emmanuel Macron and most MPs are not vaccinated. Now lest you think it’s because they were standing up for people’s rights, Macron is as owned and controlled by Schwab as Trudeau is. He’s another of the WEF Young Global Leaders and it appears he only pressured mps to get the shots who he considered to be threats to his position.
Macron has said publicly, in regards to the unvaccinated that he wanted to quote piss them off, and as much as possible limit their access to social life activities. France had even worse restrictions on the unvaxxed than Canada, with many malls requiring proof of vaccination to allow access. Many grocery stores in France are in malls, which means the unvaxxed had trouble buying food and other basics.
The fact that Macron himself and many of his MPs are themselves unvaxxed was revealed by Jean Lasalle, a French mp who ran for president. He says he almost died from the vaccine, requiring four heart surgeries to save his life. Lasalle says he was unaware at the time he took the shot that most MPs had not, as he himself was being pressured by Macron to do so.
The important take away from this is that the politicians who are turning traitor on the people who elected them, whether they be in Canada, in France or elsewhere know exactly what they are doing. If they really believed in their Covid agenda, they would take the shots themselves. And to think that Turdeau is vaccinated because there’s video of him getting the shot would be naïve in the extreme. There’s no proof there was anything but saline in that needle.
Many of you are aware of the revelations last year by John O’Looney, the director of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in Great Britain, wherein Mr. O’Looney revealed that while business did not increase in 2020, it jumped sharply in 2021 after the vaccine rollout. This has now been confirmed by a Canadian casket manufacturer.
Mick Haddock, the owner and operator of a Toronto area family business whose primary product is caskets has revealed some very alarming figures. Since mid 2021, when the vaccines were approved for children, orders for child sized coffins have doubled. According to Mr. Haddock, prior to 2021 they would sell one child sized coffin for every five adult ones. Now, it’s two for every five with the greatest increase being in caskets sized to fit children from age six to 12.
Furthermore, Mick states that in 2020, orders dropped by 60% overall but are now 40 percent higher than they were in 2019. Once again, the increase has happened since the vaccine rollout.
Remember Janine Small from my top story this week? She said something else in the hearing that struck me. [run clip 1:18:50 pandemic is not over, winter is coming and 11:30 new virus]. They’ve been advertising their intentions, if you pay attention. Especially Bill Gates but I’ve talked about that in the past. Ms. Small’s comments set off alarms for me.
Many of us believe that the original SARS 2 virus escaped early. That in fact the globalists had originally intended for it to come out this year. Why? Because in 2019 they still had not created a long incubation virus that was also deadly. Their plans to depopulate the planet via a virus require this. There is an inverse law of naturally occurring viruses. That is, the longer the incubation period, the less virulent the virus will be. How communicable the virus is is also a factor. Ebola can kill 90% of its victims, but while it’s incubation period is only a few days it’s hard to catch. This makes it relatively easy to quarantine. What they needed was a virus that had a long enough incubation period to spread around the world before the first victims came down sick, but that also would kill large numbers of people.
And that’s exactly what they’re developing now.
In a substack article from earlier this week, Dr. Byram Bridle revealed that they are now developing a new super strain of SARS CoV 2 at Boston University in Massachussetts. A chimeric virus is an artificially made virus which combines elements from other viruses. Researchers at the university, or perhaps it would be more correct to refer to them as mad scientists, released a paper just last week with the formula for creating a strain of Covid which combines the high infection rate of Omicron with the lethality of the original strain resulting in a highly infectious virus with an infection fatality rate of 80%.
And who is funding this research? Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
In my final story for this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report, the government is trying to bury the case against them for violating our rights to freedom of movement. The Honorable Brian Peckford, who I interviewed on this very recently, filed an affidavit against the federal government early this year for the travel restrictions placed upon the unvaccinated. These restrictions were a clear violation to our Charter right to freedom of movement.
Government lawyers are seeking to have the case declared moot, as the restrictions are no longer in place. The government recently suspended them. Note that suspended is not cancelled. They can bring them back at any time.
In response to their actions, we launched a petition at on Tuesday of this week. The petition calls upon Justice Minister David Lametti to urge Justice Jocelyne Gagné, who heard the mootness case on September 21st, to rule against that motion and to allow the trial to continue. Justice Gagné has not yet rendered a decision, despite the fact that the trial is due to resume on October 31st. Time is short. If you have not yet signed the petition, you will find the link to it below this video on our website at Strong And Free So far we garnered over 2500 signatures in less than 48 hours but many more are needed. Also please share this petition to your social media channels.
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