The Truth Shall Set Us Free | Leighton Grey

May 31, 2022

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Leighton Grey, a practicing constitutional lawyer in Alberta, returns to the set to share the progress made thus far with the court case challenging Alberta’s Public Health Office. Leighton offers some insights gained from his cross examinations and possibly hope for where this country is headed if we the people can stay the course. 

On the significance of ‘Ex Post Facto’…

Ex Post Facto means after the fact. So, what you’re doing is you’re saying that, oh yes, I did the right thing because it all turned out, but that doesn’t properly answer the question of whether or not what they were doing was justified in real time. I just don’t think that it has any objective weight in science or fact. And here’s why when you go back and you look very closely at the timing of the restrictions and the timing of their easing and you overlay that with the fact that what we know is that the COVID-19 virus and its variations…what the government of Alberta did and I put this to Dr. Hinshaw under cross-examination is I said that it is objectively true, based upon what we know that the virus moved that way.

On ‘Executive Privilege’ and the Long Famous ‘Oakes’ Test…

Oakes’ is the case from the Supreme Court of Canada that talks about the Section One Charter analysis that governments use to uphold laws, which violate Charter freedoms, and [Madame Justice Romaine] said something that was very poignant to me…it shows that she’s approaching the question of whether or not these restrictions are justified in law in the right way… I would not expect a decision to come from the court before the Fall. However, there was a one encouraging sign from what I heard from Justice Romaine in her decision when she said that these answers would have to be revealed in the question and answer with Dr. Hinshaw. She said that this hearing, although it’s a private hearing brought by private people against the government of Alberta, that it is a case of broad public importance.

On the Power of Distraction…

Plato talks about a group of people who live in a cave…there’s a little shaft of light coming into the cave, and it’s just enough light that it’ll cause shadows to dance on the walls of cave…Of course the people spend their whole day watching the shadows, dancing on the wall of the cave and making their own. And they think that those shadows, those reflections that’s real life, but there’s one person in the group who can’t stop wondering what that light is coming through and they keep staring at it. And then at a certain point, they decide, they’re going to go investigate what that light is about, but when they start to go, the rest of the community starts to vilify them. He ends up running from these people and they only stop when they get too afraid of what’s outside the cave. That experience, it changes them as their eyes adjust. There’s a feeling of tremendous warmth. Apply this to what the legacy media has been doing with our television news and other programs.

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