These shots are designed to sterilize and miscarry pregnancies | Interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis

December 8, 2021

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Dr. Bryan Ardis has been speaking out bluntly and directly on the mistreatment of Covid patients. He has shared the stage with Dr. Peter McCullough and many other experts. Dr. Ardis can be found online at, where there are many resources to provide proof of the lies being told by the vaccine manufacturers, as well as resources for those who are concerned about protecting themselves against Covid infection.

On hospitals being bribed to falsely report Covid cases…

“They were then going to lie and diagnose them all as COVID 19 patients, which they were not. Not all. Not by a long shot. The hospitals were bribed to give COVID-19 diagnosis, even if it was just the flu that they tested positive for. They were given a 20% bonus payout. Then they’re going to give them remdesivir [which is going to] cause acute kidney failure. And within three to five days, every single one of these patients, 30% of all of them, 65 years and older, develop acute kidney failure. Within three to five days, their lungs fill with fluid. They can’t breathe. They get worse, they call it ‘COVID pneumonia’. And then they’re going to vent them to death.”

On Anthony Fauci as ‘the greatest serial killer on American soil’…

“[Fauci] sold the entire HIV positive community that they needed to take a drug called AZT to protect them from ever developing AIDS. When in fact that drug has every known side effect of the signs and symptoms of aids.

Do you know how many people died from AZT poisoning? 11 million worldwide died from being poisoned with AZT, but they were calling it HIV positive, converted to aids syndrome. They weren’t dying from aids and they definitely weren’t dying from this virus. They were dying from being poisoned to death. How does a mass murderer get away with it? They keep doing it. He did it again. He called this virus that he helped create SARS-CoV-2. He pays for gain of function to create this virus. Then they released it on the world.”

On Pfizer knowing in advance that the ‘vaccines’ were extremely dangerous to pregnant women…

“No pregnant women were in the Pfizer trial, zero, nada. We have zero data on the effect on pregnant women. However, further in the [Pfizer trial] document, like you mentioned, I’ve quoted this before, when people ask me, what about pregnant women getting the shots? In the Pfizer document it actually says, ‘If a trial participant getting the shots is in the same room with a pregnant woman and that pregnant woman breathes the same air or touches the skin of the vaccinated person, that is to be reported back to Pfizer’. And it is to be listed as a serious adverse event to the pregnant woman and her pregnancy! Really, this is supposed to be labelled a life-threatening side effect to the pregnant woman – If she’s just breathing the same air as the vaccinated person or touching the skin of them!”

On how the ‘vaccines’ are causing miscarriages…

“These shots insert themselves inside your cells, get into your DNA and it makes the DNA inside your cells fold into a configuration that looks like a spike protein.

And then what happens? Your body’s immune system is going to recognize that there’s either a damaged DNA or nucleus of a cell. Cause it doesn’t look normal. It doesn’t look like you and it will destroy and attack it. So your body starts to make antibodies to attack these spike protein-looking materials in your cell.

Do you know what else looks just like a spike protein in your body? It’s called syncitin-1. And it’s the gene that actually attaches the placenta to the uterine wall. So the body will miscarry the baby. These shots are designed to sterilize and miscarry pregnancies. They’re designed to do that.”


The Dr. Ardis Show

Dr. Ardis’ Disease Prevention and Other Resources

Pfizer Covid Trial Documents (see bottom of page 67)

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