True or False Game We’re Made to Play; Monkey Pox, Marburg and More | Dr. Katarina Lindley

August 30, 2022

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Special Report

Dr. Katarina Lindley; member of World Council for Health steering committee, American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. As a young adult, who fled a war-torn country (former Yugoslavia) she lived in many different countries working as a nanny and taking care of others. Eventually, her travels led her to United States and medical school in Florida. As a mom of 5, she understands the importance of being involved in her children’s lives, and that prompted her to run for the local School Board where she has served for the past 4 years.

  • What are health agencies and government not telling us about monkeypox?
  • How could Marburg virus affect us?
  • How are we being primed and desensitized to accept a “shorter leash”?
  • Where can desperation lead us?
  • How much more can people take?
  • What is Dr. Kat’s message of hope?


Protecting the Children – WCH

Dr. Kat’s website

Will: I have with me once more. Dr. Katrina Lindley, Dr. Lindley is a member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health, as well as being involved in many other health organizations, including the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons and the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. She owns a direct primary care clinic and is currently actively treating patients.

Dr. Lindley grew up in Yugoslavia and so has firsthand prior experience of totalitarian tyranny. She is extremely active in the global fight for our rights and freedoms and has a wide range of knowledge on all things related to COVID, the vaccines and the globalist agenda. In this interview, she’s here to discuss new emerging threats, including monkeypox and Marburg virus.

Dr. Lindley, thank you for joining us.

Kat: Thank you for having me again.

Will: My own particular interest is very much in Marburg, but I wanna get to that later because of course right now monkeypox is something a lot of people are talking about. They keep talking about finding new cases of it. It’s another fear mongering tactic, and there’s conflicting opinions on this.

Whether or not monkeypox virus is really just a set of side effects, adverse reactions to the injections or if it really is an actual virus that may perhaps is being exacerbated by the injections. What is your opinion on that?

Kat: The problem is you have to go by what they’re telling you, and they’re not telling you much.

What we do know is that it’s, there is no indication to declare this pandemic of global proportions. They are under 17,000 cases. There was a really good article from New Internal Medicine that said so 98% gay and bisexual 41 had HIV 95% transmitted by sexual activity. 13% had dermatologic E generative lesions and were hospitalized.

And in this study, there were no deaths – overall there are five deaths in Africa, I believe, but the problem is their own publications are showing. They’re reusing pictures of shingles and calling it monkeypox, or they’re using pictures of things that in the past, they call something else and they’re calling it monkeypox.

So it’s very hard to trust what they’re trying to say. And we do not really know the status of people who were diagnosed with monkeypox, we don’t know their vaccine status. So I would say that if they shared their data and what they’re considering that we could figure out exactly what’s happening based on the fact, they’re not, it’s very difficult.

Another significant thing is even WHO even their own panel, nine to six against calling this global concern and Tedros went and did it anyway. He’s not the position. He’s not elected by government and he’s making these decisions on his own. If you wanna look at what’s happened in the past, Bill Gates at one point said that this will become a concern because that someone can create this on their own computer and then create smallpox type of a pandemic.

And then recently in one of the interviews, and again, I’m trying to find it. He said that the governments need to invest money into having response to all this. Who funds WHO? We do know that they get some money from Bill Gates and GAVI Foundation, significant amount of money. And all of a sudden, we have two vaccines.

A very vaccine has been approved in United States and Canada, and recently in EU. And all of a sudden, their shares are going up. It kind of reminds you of what we’ve been going through with COVID all the case numbers a lot less significant than we had with COVID.

Will: You mentioned five deaths and I have to confess I myself have not had time to look this up.

Do you happen to know what is the total number of deaths globally that have been reported from monkeypox so far?

Kat: Five.

Will: That’s it. So that five, that’s it?

Kat: Yeah, that’s it.

Will: More people, many more people die globally every day from the common cold than that. Once again, I’m having one of these moments and they keep happening in my interviews with you where you’re talking about something.

And it just strikes me that if we had just thrown this out there three years ago, before the whole world went insane, people would’ve looked at that and gone you’re kidding. That’s, this is a joke. You want us to take a vaccine for something that’s killed five people?

Kat: I know, it’s very concerning and it’s very concerning that the way instead of looking and seeing where it’s happening in which population, and actually empowering people who are at risk by saying, have, use precaution measures, take care of your immune system, eat right, sleep so that your body can handle any issues. Still like targeting the response appropriately. Their answer is let’s vaccinate our way through it. And then I just did the interview before you with someone else. And they mentioned that in UK, they shut down the school for two weeks early because they had concerns. And now we have to start vaccinating the children.

And I’m like, why? We do have two cases of children in U.S. who got the monkeypox. One it doesn’t exactly say how, but the other one says it was through close contact with a family member. Ways of transmission according to, if you follow CDC is viral fluids, open sores, bedding with, maybe infected fluid and stuff like that, so it’s close contact. So if something is spread to some through ways like that, there’s ways to make sure that you don’t get it. So this should be our way through it. And also people have to recognize that monkeypox itself is a milder version of smallpox, is nothing like smallpox. It’s mostly self-limiting disease and things like that.

So this is another way of creating this fear in the community to try to get people to get vaccinated. And for someone who possibly already had COVID 19 vaccine, several booster thier immune system is down and now you give them a live opinionated virus type vaccines. There’s huge concern.

And World Council issued a statement saying that everyone needs to be responsible and truly not consider getting vaccine made for something like this. Another interesting statement. I don’t know if you read it, but one of the WHO officials, who’s in charge of this monkeypox response.

Last name is N G U Y N. I believe when, how that’s pronounced. Yeah, I’m terrible. So I didn’t wanna mispronounce it, but he said since we don’t have long term safety data, anyone who gets this vaccine is considered to be in a trial. I’m sorry. I don’t like being in a trial of anything that we don’t have any data. I think their track record has proven not to be reliable.

Will: And you made reference to Bill Gates’s prediction about a monkeypox pandemic coming. Do you think that he was priming the pump for what’s happening right now and getting people to yeah line up for a vaccine for something that’s killed five people? Or do you think that they’re planning to release a weaponized version of monkeypox? At this point in time, it’s very clear that the COVID 19 original strain was made in a laboratory adapted from a bat virus. Do you think they’re planning to do the same thing with monkeypox and turn it into something that’s actually dangerous?

Kat: So, I’m looking at the quote that he did. And he actually says, would be like a smallpox type of a terror attack. He said that in I have in 2017 at the Munich Security Conference, the next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus or a contagious and deadly strain of now, again for your viewers, I haven’t met Bill Gates and I have no idea what he’s thinking.

But based on observing, I find it very interesting that he would say something like this. And then couple years later, we do have this monkey incident. What is the world population in 2020? It was 7.7 billion. We have 17,000 cases. Tedros called this. “I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern”. 17,000 cases, 7.7 billion people on earth. I would just say your viewers are intelligent, they can make their own observations and conclusions.

Will: I’m no psychiatrist, but I spent some time out of my own personal interest, studying abnormal psychology a few years ago. I’m going to show a little bit of hubris here and I’m gonna attempt to give people my idea of what is going through Bill Gates’ head.

First of all, you’re dealing with a psychopath and by psychopath, I mean someone who has, he has no empathy whatsoever, none. And you can even see it if you, there was I think a fairly well circulated video where he was handed a baby and he has absolutely no idea of how to handle this thing.

Cause you know, even though he’s got kids, he’s clearly never held a baby. And it’s because he doesn’t care, he has no con he has no emotional connection to it whatsoever. And the other thing that’s going on with Bill Gates’ head is that he’s got mommy issues. See his parents moan people know there were, they were Eugenicists.

They got him his seed capital to start his company. He didn’t build it from nothing. He was handed a bunch of money to make this happen. His parents had connections, they helped make it all happen. And I think what we’re dealing with here is a psychopath who’s still trying to impress mommy. And why is that important?

I’ve been saying since the beginning, pay very close attention to anything Bill Gates says, because what he wants is to be recognized as some sort of global genius who saw everything before it happened. And it’s easy to do when you’re making it happen. And so if Bill Gates says that there’s going to be a weaponized, smallpox, or weaponized flu, that’s gonna kill a lot of people. I would guess they’re working on one. If they don’t already have it and it’s coming, but that’s just my viewpoint. So I just wanted to throw that in for our viewers. Please take it for what it’s worth. Like I said, I am not a psychiatrist. I could be completely off base, but that’s my take on him. I wanna move on to Marburg and because of course Marburg, even in its natural state, is a very nasty virus with potentially as high as an 88% infection fatality rate.

I recently interviewed Dr. Rob Verkerk and asked him his opinion on this, of what would happen if Marburg hit the vaccinated population. And his answer was truly frightening. He said we could potentially be looking at an infection fatality rate of a hundred. What do you think of that?

Kat: So Rob is one of my favorite people in the world.

I agree because less a population already has a decreased immune system. So their system would not be able to handle it. I would say generally for people who are healthy, our systems would have a fair fight against the Marburg virus, but someone with already decreased immune system, like people who are boosted and things like that, I don’t disagree with Robert. I think that he’s correct. The fatality rate would be very high.

Will: Now, once again, here, Katarina, I want to access your personal knowledge of having grown up in a totalitarian system because I see something very dark possibly on the horizon. Let’s say that they do release one of these weaponized viruses.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s H1N1 or Marburg or whatever, it’s nasty enough, especially among the vaccinated population that we start seeing large numbers of deaths, people literally dropping dead in the streets. What sort of actions do you see being taken by governments around the world? And people are just gonna take it. They’re gonna have their rights and freedoms taken away completely. And they’re not even going to resist. How do you see that playing out?

Kat: That’s exactly right. Because fear is a strong motivator, fear is going to, well actually, fear has done that already. We have given up many rights along the way, and now we’re struggling at getting them back. We won some, but we haven’t won majority of them. We still can’t really, truly freely travel wherever we wanna go. And I received a call from a friend in UK. Her daughter got a scholarship for ballet school in Paris, which is like biggest, the most known ballet school in the world.

And she’s not vaccinated. So you have this young girl who dream is just crushed right now. Cause she’s not vaccinated. She has this choice of getting a vaccine, not knowing what’s gonna happen. She could be playing Russian Roulette because there are some people who, with vaccines and schools, they have no issues.

And there are some who had one and they have a lot of issues. Something like Marburg, which is very graphic, there is hemorrhagic fever, can you imagine, seeing blood coming out of someone’s eyes will freak me out and I know what to expect. So something at that level and they say, “If you do this, you’re not gonna get it. If you do this, your children are gonna be safe. If you do this, your parents are gonna be safe.” I can see everyone trying to do the right thing and do whatever they ask us to do. What I said before, they have us on a leash. Our leash is a little bit loosened right now because we’re having summer where before elections they’re trying to prime us and they’re priming us with this Marburg monkeypox polio and the sewage of London.

They’re priming us for something coming up. What is that something coming up? I dunno, but they’re priming us to shorten the leash and start rationing our food. Because if you follow the food shortage around the world, again, I would like to make it known that I hate the insect. I have no intentions of eating tofu that tastes like human meat. Question is how they even know they taste like human meat?

No idea, but that’s what they’re doing. They’re starting to- New York Times where an article about cannibalism. Come on. It’s who even thinks that’s a normal thing, but that’s how they do it. And then you watch a movie that has a theme like that and different things. Like I also said before, there are agencies in the world who do certain news stories in the paper to see how we’re gonna respond to.

They have studied our psyche over long period of time and they can actually predict how we’re gonna respond. So if something is released, people are gonna do exactly what they expect them to do and that’s give up their freedom. The only hope I have is that if you look at the history and no matter how many years human race is oppressed by someone, the human spirit always survives because I know this is like totally not scientific or maybe even philosophical, whatever, but love wins. Love always wins.

Will: Indeed. I do want to pursue this a little bit farther because another thought has occurred to me as we’ve been talking. Yes, they could release a weaponized virus, but as you mentioned, Marburg is hemorrhagic fever. So you’ve got people bleeding from every orifice and they’ve been priming the fear pump for the last two and a half years. And it strikes me that they don’t even need – all they need is to manufacture a couple of videos of people bleeding from every orifice dying horribly, possibly in the streets, possibly in an emergency room. And now the next thing you get, and we discussed this in a previous interview, that they’ve been experimenting, is government saying we’ve got this highly contagious, highly lethal hemorrhagic virus that will almost certainly kill a large percentage of the population.

So everyone is to stay home, keep their doors and windows closed – Shanghai, and it goes on. Not for three weeks, but for three months, because you are making reference to the cannibalism and how they seem to be trying to somehow normalize that. So what happens when people are locked up for months, can’t leave their homes and the neighbor, who’s weaker than they are, dies and they have no food.

And the reason why I’m pursuing that. Is because I know that psychological studies have been done that show that, of course, there’s always been people who have been forced into cannibalism. They didn’t wanna do it, but it was a survival situation. And that was the only food that was available.

And I think the most famous case was profiled in the book. I believe it was called “Alive” about the south American soccer players who were stranded in the mountains, in a plane crash back in the seventies. And they were forced to eat the bodies of the people who had died. But what they found, the psychologist is that as soon as somebody engages in that very taboo activity of eating human meat, it has a profound, psychological effect upon them.

And that in turn makes them even easier to manipulate because they’re trying to deal with that guilt. It’s a pretty nasty, dark picture, but I think and I’m not even necessarily suggesting, folks, that this is gonna happen, but what strikes me is that how once again crazy is it that in just two and a half years, our culture has gone to the point where we can sit here discussing that possibility and say, it could, maybe they are planning something like that.

So I wanted to, first of all, get your opinion on that because you’ve been, as we’ve already pointed out, you’ve grown up in a totalitarian society. You’ve seen that sort of extent of control over people. Do you think that would be realistic, that they could frighten people into staying in their homes and in their apartments until there’s widespread starvation and even cannibalism?

Kat: So I saw that movie. So I remember when you were saying those things and you’re right. Their own guilt made them even more amenable to different things. I remember not long ago, time is hard. It’s always hard for me to say how long, maybe six weeks something, there was a video. I wanna say it’s somewhere in China.

I don’t think it was Hong Kong, but it was, connected to China. Where people were locked down again in their homes. And there was one person, they were locked down in their homes, like actually locked down and one person was begging for food because there was no food. And I can see where there is that desperation and like exactly the scenario you gave, where someone older died and now someone wants to feed their family and things like that. I would hope that they would go out and eat some grass before they eat some person. But I can see where desperation can lead to something like this, because these are all the emotions we’re talking about; are anger, grief, guilt, inspiration.

Those are all very dark emotions. But when you come to that point that there is no other than something like that, I’ve seen a lot of evil in life. I’ve seen a lot of good. Someone like me can understand where that scenario can happen. And the way they desensitize us, is by this article that now we’re laughing at. Who even makes tofu to taste like human meat? Did you eat human meat person, and then you make tofu that tastes like human meat?


And then next thing there’s gonna be a restaurant that makes pizza with pepperoni that tastes like human meat. It’s they’re normalizing all of these things that today you and I think are observed, but they’re not anymore because they’re becoming a reality.

Will: Dr. Lindley, we’ve talked about Marburg, we’ve talked about monkeypox. Are there other potential threats that you can foresee?

Kat: That’s a loaded question because I consider everything a threat now. Now I would say like Marburg, Ebola type of things concern me a lot because even before something like this is where the fatality rate was always high and it’s very graphic. It’s very concerning. So just the shock concerns me, but everything concerns me now. The what’s happening with farmers in Netherlands and Italy and everything, and the cost of living, I read today that United States is in recession, but not really because our press secretary said that the definition of recession is not really what it was.

So we’re not really, we’re actually in a good place. We are, whatever, how much more can people take? The gas prices are up. The food is expensive. I’m a Pepsi person, not really a Coke. I’m not sure about you guys, but I was looking at 12 cans of Pepsi Zero $8.50 (USD). It used to be 2.99 like few months ago. Milk for your kids. United States run out baby formula. So it’s not even a virus anymore. It’s not like a virus or illness or disease. It can be anything. We might not have food. And then next thing you know, you are eating a person next to you. Just, I know its like watching a movie and it’s a horror story and you open one door and there is one monster and then you go to another room there is another monster and how many more monsters can we handle? I dunno.

Will: And we could of course discuss the potential monsters hiding under the bed for a long time, but I, once again, I don’t wanna feel like I’m beating this to death, but I very seldom do get to interview people who grew up under these communist regimes. And it’s important. It’s important because when we started our organization, many of our first supporters were people from Eastern Europe and they said, we’ve seen this before we know what’s happening. And they were the first ones to really understand what was going on. But I don’t want to go down a dark path with my last question. In fact, I wanna go in the opposite direction because you grew up in that environment. Now you’ve lived in The States for some time. You said you’ve seen good people. You’ve seen evil people, but I know you saw good people, even in Yugoslavia when you were growing up there. So if you had to give a message of hope. We’ve done three interviews now, we’ve talked about some pretty dark stuff, but you and I both believe that in the end, good is going to triumph. Things are going to be better. We’re gonna build a much better society out of all of this. What are your thoughts on that?

Kat: I heard Matias Desmet talk and he said something like, don’t worry, the authoritarian regimes always fail. For a moment, I agreed with him. But then actually I like to study history. In my opinion, that it never dies because the darkness, the evil lives. And it’s very easy to get caught in the darkness. These totalitarian regimes, they always come back.

It’s almost like a cancer. It keeps on coming back. It goes dormant, but it comes back here, there, and that, but no matter how long they have power over us, human spirit always, always, always defies. And the best example of that is the recent history, with the Nazi regime and Jewish people in Auschwitz, or even communist gulags and stuff like that, they could torture their bodies, but they never killed their spirit.


And even the ones that died, the spirit was carried in survivors and survivors told their stories. And as a human race, we live through stories. And at the end of the day, no matter how much they beat us, I know it’s stupid and romantic, but love does always win. Whether it is love for your parents or love for your children or love for your friend, or just generally love. Love will always win and they can’t take that away from us.

Will: Dr. Lindley, thank you so much for the time that you’ve given us for these interviews. Thank you for your thoughts, the benefit of your experience and for your own personal fight for our rights and freedoms. I genuinely believe, as I said before that in the long run, we are going to win. Sadly, we’re gonna lose a lot of people along the way, but those of us who remain will build a freer and better society out of all of this.

Kat: And you are part of that effort. So thank you. Thanks for having me.

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