True or False Game We’re Made to Play; Monkey Pox, Marburg and More | Dr. Katarina Lindley

August 30, 2022

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True or False Game We’re Made to Play; Monkey Pox, Marburg and More | Dr. Katarina Lindley
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Dr. Katarina Lindley; member of World Council for Health steering committee, American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. As a young adult, who fled a war-torn country (former Yugoslavia) she lived in many different countries working as a nanny and taking care of others. Eventually, her travels led her to United States and medical school in Florida. As a mom of 5, she understands the importance of being involved in her children’s lives, and that prompted her to run for the local School Board where she has served for the past 4 years.

  • What are health agencies and government not telling us about monkeypox?
  • How could Marburg virus affect us?
  • How are we being primed and desensitized to accept a “shorter leash”?
  • Where can desperation lead us?
  • How much more can people take?
  • What is Dr. Kat’s message of hope?


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