A Letter of Gratitude to Our Elected Government Leaders and Health Officials

Thank you. Thank you for mishandling the pandemic response since the beginning, and giving me an opportunity to reach out to my elected leaders and health officials for the first time in my life. Thank you for not responding to my numerous letters and showing me that you truly do not represent me or care about my thoughts and concerns.

Thank you for helping me question vaccine safety—up until now, I had been proud to say that I trust health authorities’ advice, and happily arranged for my children to be fully vaccinated. When you continually ask us to keep grandkids away from grandparents, avoid our places of worship, be terrified of everyone and even the air we breathe, ignore data and all common sense, you have now shown me that I will never trust what you advise again. Thank you for solidifying my decision never to put another vaccine in my child.

Thank you for destroying all of society. Thank you for taking away my church community, all the people who I previously shared weekly prayer time, lunches and conversation with. Thank you for taking away my social outlet. Thank you for relegating our interactions to Facebook or sterile “online meeting” software that the vast majority of elderly people have no clue how to use. Thank you for filling everyone’s heads with nonsense, like “if you don’t like wearing a mask or question its effectiveness, you are a murderer.” Or, “if you dare meet in person with your family or friends, and God forbid have some dialogue about the insanity going on, we will fine you, arrest you, turn your neighbours against you.” Thank you for ruining friendships and turning people against each other with this messaging.

Thank you for, instead, creating cold, faceless communities for my children to grow up in. Thank you for taking away smiles and meaningful social interactions with others from them. Thank you for reducing oxygen flow to their growing brains. Thank you for impeding communication between children and others. Thank you for altering their learning environments, teaching them to fear each other, stay away from each other, and don’t dare show any affection to others or form meaningful relationships with others.

Thank you for making it a crime—or an offence worthy of social prosecution—for my children to visit their grandparents. Thank you for depriving people in nursing homes of meaningful contact with others. Thank you for completely ignoring the mind-body connection, and destroying people’s bodies with fear and isolation.

Thank you. You really have created a great place for my family and I to live. I hope you are happy with the world you created—one in which I no longer wish to live, but now must endure until someone, somewhere, stands up and does something.

Thank you.