Rheumatoid Arthritis and water therapy

I am increasingly concerned with the lack of critical thinking around the decisions regarding the lockdown. Restaurants, gyms and pools, have asked for the actual ‘data’ that link any Covid cases, back to these venues and facilities; and yet, ‘crickets’. We have proven to the government, that we were able to follow protocols, and yet, we remain punished/controlled.

The message to Albertans, for the ‘Step 1’ restriction lift is; the government still has no clue as to where the Covid cases can be tracked to, exactly, so they will ‘control us all’….oh, except for the ones that have a ‘one on one personal trainer’? WTFRIG?! And I am sure that once golfing starts again, the government will let them play! $$ and 'influential' voices, is what wins in this province! As a descendant of Premier Brownlee; I am not a proud Albertan today, and my father would be rolling in his grave.

The mental health, and suicide issues, in our province, are rising each and every day! I know for me, I am unable to get up the stairs, without my regular swimming. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years, and when they diagnosed me, they suggested drugs. Unfortunately, I am allergic to the drugs that they prescribed. My Rheumatologist suggested swimming; and that changed my life. Now, with swimming being taken away from me, for several months, I am right back in the same position. This has caused a physical health breakdown, that has affected my mental health too.

Gyms and pools, are for all of our physical and mental health! We have all been extremely respectful of the rules, and our new environment, and we want this freedom back!!

How many suicides will it take, before the government finally pays attention?! They thought that Covid was going to be the pandemic; THEY ARE WRONG!!