Government Can Now Seize Your Property and Remove You From Your Home | Interview with Patricia Monna, Nurse and Owner of Wellness Center

December 20, 2021

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Patricia is the owner of a holistic wellness center in Calgary, Alberta, although she was once a registered nurse. As the government began responding to COVID19, Patricia questioned the laws our governments were proposing then decided she could no longer observe from afar. Patricia joins me to discuss the alarming steps our leaders are taking to keep us “safe”. During this interview we discuss what she has found in her quest for more information and what is being proclaimed about Covid19.

On Saskatchewan’s latest revisions to emergency health care orders…

[This] …document, it actually says you can take our livestock, not just the cows. That means anything and everything. That is an animal on a farm. He [Premier Moe] can blow it off all he wants and laugh it off and call us all conspiracy theorists, but the fact of the matter is this document has his signature on it.

 On what this means for Saskatchewanians…

It’s basically giving the government the right to come in and do whatever they want with everyone’s personal property. It’s just mind blowing that this…document even exists in a free and democratic society. I don’t believe any of this is necessary. This gives our government sweeping measures to control us in ways that we have never seen before and experienced in our lifetime.

On where else this type of legislation is being enacted… 

There were a bunch of states down in the U.S., I believe New Brunswick also signed one almost identical to this on September 13th. Our numbers are vastly different. Even when you compare New Brunswick to Saskatchewan or to Alberta. They didn’t have the outbreaks that the rest of Canada did.

We had all these different jurisdictions do this on the same day. That’s too much for coincidence, somebody is pulling their strings. Two weeks to flatten the curve? And [here we are] … two years later.

 On the invasiveness of the legislation…

The document goes on to state: “…Cause information to be collected, used or disclosed that the Minister is satisfied is necessary to prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of the emergency and for no other purpose…”. The QR code that people are being given right now, that’s a digital identity and that’s hooked up to their healthcare, their history. It isn’t just their vaccine status. That QR code is a digital identity. What other information is the government privy to?

 On the future of Canada as we know it…

There is absolutely a plan here and it’s unfolding according to their plan. I think it’s more of a movement even to change the world. This isn’t just about a virus. People need to understand that this is way more than that. This is a global shift that we have never seen before and the world that we know, or back in 2019, we’re not living in that reality anymore.


Patricia’s Response to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe

Patricia’s Original Interview with Jason Shurka (this is the one that Scott Moe was commenting on)

The Saskatchewan Revised Emergency Measures Act

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