Healing Starts with the Terrible Truth; We Can’t Hide from the Damage | Dr. Charles Hoffe

September 6, 2022

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  • What is a d-dimer test and what does it tell you?
  • What neurological damage was Dr. Hoffe seeing in his patients?
  • Why would this damage indicate micro-clots?
  • Why is there such a wide range of responses to the c-19 shots?
  • What can you do to recover if you have been injured by the shot?

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Will Dove, Dr. Hoffe

Will Dove 00:16
Dr. Charles Hoffe practiced medicine in South Africa, United Kingdom and Canada. He moved to Canada in 1990, where he has worked as a rural family doctor and ER physician for 32 years. After seeing serious harm in his own patients from the experimental COVID vaccines, Dr. Hoffe has been an outspoken advocate for patient safety, medical ethics and the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. As a result, he has been threatened and persecuted by the medical authorities for both revealing evidence of harm and for advocating for early treatment of COVID 19 as an alternative to the so called vaccines. Dr. Hoffe was fired from his job as an emergency physician for speaking about the effectiveness of natural immunity. He is, quote, under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC for the crime of causing vaccine hesitancy and for advocating for early treatment with ivermectin. After getting no answers from the medical authorities regarding the treatment of his own vaccine injured patients, Dr. Hoffe set out to discover the real cause of their injuries, using a D dimer blood test, thus incurring even more persecution from the medical authorities. He’s here today to share his findings with us, Dr. Hoffe, thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Hoffe 01:33
Thank you. Will, thank you.

Will Dove 01:35
Now, before we get into anything else, would you please briefly explain what the D dimer test is, and what it tells you?

Dr. Hoffe 01:42
Yeah, the D dimer test is a blood test that is normally done in emergency departments. And it’s a test that looks for blood clotting somewhere in the body, it’s sometimes called a fibrillin D dimer. Because actually, what it is measuring is a breakdown of February is like little strands in your blood that the platelets stick to when a blood clot is formed. And so once a blood clot is formed, and as you know, the purpose of blood clots in our body is to stop bleeding when you have an injury. So once you’ve stopped the bleeding, the body needs to get into a healing mode to repair that. And so the clot is then removed, progressively removed, not completely so that you’ll start bleeding again. But it’s what’s called in medical terms being reorganized. So part of that is breaking down the fibrillin from the clot. And so the D dimer test detects the amount of fibrillin and so that’s why it’s called a fibrillin D dimer. So, it will only detect a recent clot it because it’s detecting breakdown of February. So I’m a family doctor, I have a small rural practice in the interior of British Columbia. And I was seeing terrible neurological problems in patients after their Moderna shot. And I was deeply mistrustful of the shots right from the beginning, because I was aware that animal trials had not been done. We were told by the public health authorities that all of the normal routine research and safety screening had been done. And that is profoundly untrue. It is normally an absolute requirement to do animal trials before they even test something like this on people. But there were no animal trials done. It had never been tried on humans before in any significant way. This was a brand new thing that was tested for a couple of months by the manufacturers and then just rolled out on the public. So I was suspicious of this because previous attempt to make RNA or DNA based vaccines from the first SARS pandemic, or epidemic I should say never did go well and the research was literally abandoned because it created this problem of antigenic enhancement, ADE, antibody dependent enhancement, and literally made the test subjects the laboratory animals even more vulnerable to the virus than if they weren’t vaccinated. So it made things worse. And so I was very concerned about the fact that this hadn’t been tested. And when I started seeing neurological problems in my own patients, I wrote a letter to our provincial health officer in BC Dr. Bonnie Henry and to the medical health officer for our region to see what is happening, what’s going wrong with these patients. I told them but you know, effectively what the problems were and said how do I treat this? And the only answers that I got were these are not from the vaccine. These are just all coincidences, which infuriated me because I had been family doctor to these patients for 29 years, I knew them very, very well. I live in a small community and I know my patients well, and all of their adverse events, I think, I think I worked it out that about 85% of them happened within the first 72 hours after their shot. And so this was very early on in the rollout, I had three people disabled already. And they’d been disabled for three months. By the time I had even discovered them, because I’d been away overseas. And I was furious that that I was really upset that people were told this was going to take them safe if this was going to keep them safe. But it was clearly harming people. And the authorities who were supposed to be monitoring the safety of this, were denying that it could be from this experimental shot, and they couldn’t give me any answers. So I discovered that Dr. Byram Bridle had uncovered some research that had been only in Japanese on mice that had shown that this vaccine does not just stay in your arm that it goes around your entire body in your circulatory system. And not just a small amount, it was literally about 75%. And it literally goes to every part of your body. So I was concerned because I knew that the way this vaccine works is its little packages or little hydrogel packages, little lipid highly lipid soluble packages of messenger RNA that are going to be absorbed into the cells around your blood vessels. Because of this is going intravenous, which it clearly was and Pfizer knew about it, but they just kept it under wraps because it was only in Japanese. This was an RNA sequence that was designed to make your body into a spike protein factory, and where the spike proteins were going to be made. Were in the cells around your blood vessels, because that’s where they were going to be absorbed. This wasn’t in muscle cells in your arm. This was in vascular endothelial that this the cells around blood vessels. And because most absorption occurs in your capillaries, I realized that most of the spike proteins are going to be made in the Vascular Endothelial around our capillary networks. So things like lungs, and brain and liver and spleen and other highly vascular parts of our body are going to be getting the most, because those are the most vascular parts. So the other thing, the spike proteins are part of the viral capsule. That’s what gives a Coronavirus its characteristic appearance and shape are these little spikes that stick out of it. It’s a bit like a nautical mine, you know, or a sea urchin that has these little spiky bits that stick out all over. That’s what gives a Coronavirus its name. So the problem is when these spike proteins are made in your cells, those spikes are then going to form part of the cell wall. And that was part of the design of how this vaccine was supposed to work, the spikes, were literally going to stick out of the cell wall of your cells, your lymphocytes were going to come along, recognize this as an abnormal protein, create an antibody reaction against it and create antibodies against the spike protein. And that’s how this vaccine was supposed to work by getting your body to generate antibodies against the spike proteins that were part of the cell membrane of your own cells. The problem is the cells are not in a muscle in your arm there in your blood vessels. So it seemed to me completely predictable that clotting would occur. And most of it would be in capillary networks because that’s where most of the spikes would be formed. So clots in capillaries are microscopic, they are just too small to show on any scan. So you can’t scan people to see if they’ve got clots, the only way you can find out is by doing this blood test called a D dimer. So I started doing this on my own patients in my own practice at these people were being vaccinated day by day, and when somebody would come in, because what I was really trying to do is to find people that hadn’t had their shot yet and get them to do a D dimer before their shot. And one week later, so that we had a baseline for each person’s like a control group so that I could literally show with certainty what percentage of people had evidence of this micro clotting? Because I couldn’t understand at that point I had three people in my practice, who after they’re shot had muscle weakness — bilateral — both hands of three people who said they could no longer open a jaw for example. One of them said they couldn’t open a door handle if it had a round doorknob because they just didn’t have enough strength even with both hands to turn a doorknob. So for a person to get symmetrical weakness in both hands, the problem has to be in their spinal cord. If it was in their brain, it would be one side or the other, depending on which side of the brain was affected. So I started doing this D dimer test. And I discovered initially, I mean, initially, when I spoke up about it, I think I only had nine patients and I think it was five out of the nine had evidence of clotting. In other words, they had an abnormal D dimer. And I was absolutely horrified. I thought it might be 5% or 1%, or you know, which even that would be too much. Because vaccines that are given to people are supposed to keep them safe. And so there’s no amount of injury that should be tolerated with medical treatments are not supposed to injure people or make them sick. So initially, it was 62%. Eventually, by the time my medical practice got burnt, about a week, or 10 days later, in a terrible fire. I had 15 people that had been tested. And so the end, the number in the end was 53%. It had an elevated D dimer, one week after their shot. And so the relevance of this is that firstly, clotted vessels never go back to normal, they are permanently damaged. It’s not like your body brings in a pipe cleaner cleans out that pipe in a way, you know, and it’s fine. No, a clot in a vessel is permanently obstructed. Where clots occur in big vessels, it can partly open up again, and blood flow can be restored. But in tiny vessels, that’s it, that vessel is permanently damaged. And so the tissues that were supplied with oxygen and nutrients from that vessel will therefore also be starved of oxygen and nutrients. And if it is a part of your body that doesn’t regenerate like your brain, or your spinal cord, or your lungs or your heart, you’re going to have permanent damage.

Will Dove 12:09
Dr. Hoffe, you had mentioned that you’re seeing patients coming in that had neurological issues following getting the shots. You talked about some of the weakness in their hands, you ran the D dimer tests, you found 53% of them had elevated levels indicating micro clots were very likely. First of all, what other sorts of neurological issues were you seeing? And secondly, what would be causing that in the in terms of you’ve got these micro clots and in the tiny little blood vessels? Why would that be causing neurological damage?

Dr. Hoffe 12:37
Well, nerves are extremely sensitive to lack of oxygen. You know, many people that have noticed, if you crouch down and you stand up too quickly, you can get dizzy. And the reason why you get dizzy is because your blood pressure temporarily drops because you know when you’re sitting down or lying down your feet, and your brain are not that far different in altitude. But when you suddenly stand up, the blood goes to your feet. And your vascular system has to compensate by constricting the vessels in your lower parts and opening them up in your brain to make sure that the brain still gets enough blood. And so sometimes there’s a little bit of a time lag for a few seconds in your blood, your vessels compensating for the changes in pressure, and your brain doesn’t get enough blood for a few seconds and you get dizzy. So nervous tissue is extremely sensitive to reduction of blood flow. And so the neurological things that I was seeing in my patients were firstly, severe headache, light sensitivity, photophobia Bell’s Palsy. the pain, terrible pain and other parts of their body that you know, not just the vaccinated limb, pain in their spine and their shoulders, in joints, in muscles, pain in other parts of the body. So those were the neurological things that I’d seen within the first few days.

Will Dove 14:08
Right. This was a theory I believe you had proposed back in April of last year after seeing patients displaying the symptoms. And of course, yes, now this has been proven. In fact, we’re not just seeing micro clots. We’re seeing morticians pulling massive clots out of cadavers, people who have died shortly after the shots. And so Dr. Hoffe, do you have any theories on why one person might get no effects, another might get micro clots that would cause, yes, some minor neurological problems, and another person drops dead hours later from a massive heart attack or stroke. And then the mortician does the autopsy and pulls out these massive clots.

Dr. Hoffe 14:49
Yeah, that is a difficult question. Why are people’s experiences different and I think there’s probably a variety of answers. The first is that we have huge genetic variation In the population, and some people are just more resilient than others. It’s, you know, it’s just like when people are exposed to a disease, or even exposed to various traumas, some people will survive it and cope with it much better than others. But also it is, it is now well known that these shots are not all equal. And there are many people who have now done analyses of the various data where they can literally look up patients one at a time and look at their lot number and their batch number, and have found that some vaccine lots were far more lethal than others. And so whether or not that is intentional, we don’t know. But it is now being shown that 95% of all the vaccine deaths came from 5% of the lots. So that is perhaps why we’re now seeing that the people who are on their third and fourth shot are at very high risk for extremely high risk for getting COVID and extremely high risk for dying of COVID, the damage is cumulative. And people really need to wake up. If you have had a couple of shots and you’ve survived and refine just don’t have any more because the damage is permanent, and it’s cumulative. And you just never know when you’re going to get a bad batch. That’s the other thing.

Will Dove 16:22
And so I think what you’re saying is that when we all know this, all my viewers know this, at this point in time that if you’ve been injected, your odds of contracting COVID, dying from COVID have actually gone way up. What you’re saying is, it’s not just say, for example, the antibody dependent enhancement that’s causing this, it’s also the weakening of the body from the damage that’s been done to it by the injections themselves. And so you’ve not only made that person more susceptible to the infection, but you’ve reduced their body’s ability to fight it off.

Dr. Hoffe 16:51
And you’ve reduced it on many levels. These cause gene editing, they literally are literally turning off and probably one of the most terrifying ones is the P53. Gene, which is called the guardian of the genome. This is the gene that your body has that God gave you in your body to enable your body to detect mutations. In other words, to detect damaged DNA, and eliminate it before it becomes a cancer and when that gene is turned off, you already are at enormous risk for cancer, and it might take years to show up. It’s like a blindfold has been put on that part of your immune system that protects you from cancer. And so there have been other doctors around the world and Dr. Ryan Cole, who is probably the most famous of them, who has really highlighted, you know, he is a pathologist, sees those tissue specimens from the operating rooms that are sent to him to be analyzed, you know, to, for him to make a diagnosis of what type is this a cancer? And if so, what grade and you know, what kind, and this is very concerning the damage that these are doing. We don’t know what percentage of people this happens to, but it is certainly happening to many. And the concern is that this is a long term damage that for many people may take years to show up, but it will almost certainly shorten their life.

Will Dove 18:18
Charles, before I get to my last question, I have one preparatory question as a small thing. You mentioned, of course, that the clotting of the micro capillaries that this is this is permanent, it can’t be undone. And may I assume that is because the epithelial cells of those capillaries they need oxygen too so if you clot that vessel, well, those cells are going to die. You can’t bring it back. It died. So that’s it?

Dr. Hoffe 18:45
That’s correct.

Will Dove 18:46
Yes, that that so basically that that damage is permanent, because you just like the damage to the heart. cells within the heart have died. epithelial cells within the capillaries have died. You can’t regenerate and it’s not coming back doesn’t matter what you do.

Dr. Hoffe 19:01
Exactly. You can’t and you know, Will, I’ve got six people in my medical practice that now get shortness of breath that they’ve now had for more than a year. So I don’t know whether this was their heart or their lungs. But six people are telling me they cannot walk as far as they used to be able to do. I have one, dear lady who says she can’t even make a bed anymore because she gets so out of breath. And I’ve sent her for CT scans, and it looks ends up looking like pulmonary fibrosis, which is basically a diffuse scarring of the lungs. The lungs are just scarred up. And of course, you know, the lung specialist doesn’t know what you treat, symptomatically you give them some puffers? What do you do? You can’t fix it. This is permanent damage. But the worst part is it’s cumulative. You know, each shot is going to do more and maybe it’ll hit some other part of your body. So this is going to cause disabilities and deaths on a terrifying scale that I mean, we hope won’t happen. But it’s not looking good. It really it just not looking good.

Will Dove 20:07
And so I asked that question to finish with this one, because I do try to complete my interviews with a message of hope. Unfortunately, some of the damage simply can’t be undone. Do you think that there might be treatments that could at least undo some of the damage?

Dr. Hoffe 20:24
Yes, I do. And I absolutely do. You know, the FLCCC, which has been an absolute beacon of light for early treatments now has a treatment protocol for vaccine injuries, and people can find it on their website. I have noticed amongst many people that have contacted me to try and find out what to do about their vaccine injuries, many people in despair, because not only when they go to an emergency room or to their doctor, they shrug their shoulders, they don’t know what to do for these people. All they told me was this can’t be from the shot, but we don’t know what it is and we don’t know what you should do so just go home. And so there are these who people feel abandoned by the health care system. They are angry because they were told this was going to keep them safe. And now they have got serious ongoing problems, many of them can’t work anymore. So one of the things that many people have told me really helps is ivermectin and the fact that there are many brilliant treatments for COVID. But the one that seems to have been targeted more than anything else, that the the globalists and the medical health authorities, and the vaccine manufacturers seem the most determined that people shouldn’t get their hands on is ivermectin. And I think that speaks volumes. Because one of the ways, ivermectin has 20 mechanisms of action against the corona virus. And that’s why it’s so effective for treating a COVID infection. But the way it helps vaccine injuries is that it binds the spike protein, it binds the spike protein and has anti inflammatory action through five different anti inflammatory pathways. So that spike protein is the bio weapon. The fact that your body becomes a spike protein factory is a huge problem. Because we know these are causing gene editing. This is being reverse transcribed into your own DNA, and your body is now producing this toxin that is injuring you. And so the only way to disable that toxin, well, one of the ways is ivermectin the other way seems to be NAC that’s in acetylcholine, you can buy it at a health food store. It is a brilliant antioxidant. It’s a glutathione precursor, it is also very good for cleansing your body and eradicating these things. There are other things people are using such as pine needle tea, which contains an active ingredient called serum that also appears to have action against the spike proteins. It’s also natural, anti parasitic, but these peculiar and you call them blood clots that these morticians are pulling out and pathologists are pulling out don’t seem to be clots because you can literally wash the blood off them. And then they’re a pale color. So there’s something else that is in this that is literally being constructed in these people’s vessels. And so the fact that ivermectin which is also apart from being antiviral and anti inflammatory and binding spike proteins, it’s also an anti parasitic, so maybe there’s some kind of weird, parasitic kind of thing that you know, bioweapon? We don’t know, we don’t know what, we are guessing. But the fact that it helps people so much, literally about a 70 to 80% reduction in hospitalization, and more, or maybe I should say, between 60 and 80% reduction in hospitalization and mortality if you have COVID. But the fact that it helps the VAX injuries, I think is really important. But there are a multitude of other things. If people have evidence of clotting, then there are things like serrapeptase and nattokinase that also help that literally are natural substances that break down clots in your body. The nattokinase is made from fermented soybeans. It’s a traditional Japanese food you know, these aren’t actually medicines these are natural things but that are very beneficial to our bodies and seem to be effective in dealing with those micro clots.

Will Dove 24:32
All of these treatments you just mentioned these are on the FLCCC website

Dr. Hoffe 24:36
I don’t know if they have that. I know there are various doctors that say there’s no one size fits all treatment it depends what your symptoms are uh you know, do you does it look like yours was a clotting problem or does it look like yours was a you know damage to your immune system or have you now got some autoimmune problem. Have you got, yeah, whatever. I mean, there’s such a variety of things I haven’t looked at lately, they keep updating their website, as new research comes out, they, they keep adding in new and they’ve done this throughout the pandemic. It’s been brilliant. I’ve relied on them so much, because they are so evidence based. And they’re always looking for new evidence and new hope. So, so, you know, I agree, I think we need to end on a note of hope. Your body has a brilliant and wonderful ability to heal itself. But the main thing is, it’s a bit like if you’ve been a smoker for 30 years, and you’re realizing that you just can’t walk up those hills anymore, you can’t do what you used to be able to do. The first thing to do is to stop smoking. And with these shots, the first thing to do is don’t get another jab, it won’t keep you safe, it won’t keep anyone else safe. at all. The only way you can keep yourself safe is to try and fix the damage and don’t damage yourself anymore. If you can’t travel without it just don’t travel. You know you it’s just not worth the risk.

Will Dove 26:13
Right. Dr. Hoffe, thank you very much for sharing this information with our viewers. Folks, as always, you will find a link to that FLCCC website directly beneath this interview on our website. If you have been vaccine injured, that could be a good starting point for treatment that could help you on the road to recovery. Once again, Charles, thank you so much.

Dr. Hoffe 26:33
Thank you, Will.

Will Dove 26:35
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