The Creepy Code of Silence in Health Care | Scarlett Martyn

September 8, 2022

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  • What questions did Scarlett the paramedic ask that got her fired?
  • How is the United Health Care Workers of Ontario fighting to recover their rights?
  • What jaw-dropping proof do they have about how covid deaths were misreported?
  • What evidence reveals that adverse events are being suppressed?
  • What about health care workers who complied concerned about more shots?
  • Do the health authorities know what they are doing is wrong?

UHCWO website

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Will Dove, Scarlet Martyn

Will Dove 00:16
As you’re all aware, millions of Canadians lost their livelihoods as a result of the COVID mandates, and many are still out of work. I am joined today by Scarlett Martin, a 23 year paramedic veteran in Ontario, who is now President of the United Healthcare Workers of Ontario. They have launched two initiatives to defend their rights and recover their jobs and to hold the government accountable for what they’ve done. Scarlet is here today to discuss that. Scarlet. Thanks for joining us.

Scarlet Martyn 00:45
Thanks for having me.

Will Dove 00:47
I’d like to start off with your own personal story. You lost your own job in January of this year as a result of refusing the vaccines. Could you please give our viewers a short description of what happened?

Scarlet Martyn 00:58
Yeah, absolutely. I actually, it sounds a little crazy. But I lost my job just for asking questions. So I was a 23 year veteran Advanced Care Paramedic in Toronto. So my base job was working in the field. And because we’re advanced care, we did more high acuity calls, they tried to sort them into queue when they came in. During the pandemic, we were asked to volunteer to step up and work in a surge capacity with the critical care transport team. So these would were paramedics dedicated to transferring patients from ICU to ICU; a little bit different than we do in the field. So if you call 911, you would get me if you were an ICU patient, you would get a critical care level. So we stepped in an assisting role and moved lots of these critical ill COVID patients across the province. And shortly after that, the vaccine mandate for Toronto came in. And it sort of shattered a lot of us, there wasn’t a lot of leniency to it, it was just, you know, you take the vaccine, or be terminated. So I thought, well, you know, I’m gonna pitch my case, I’ve been a good employee, I’ve had COVID and recovered, I have antibodies, I’m protected. And this was all at a time that we already understood that the vaccine didn’t block transmission. So it sort of already didn’t make a lot of sense to force this upon people. So I wrote a four page heartfelt letter to the city manager, the mayor, my commander, and I asked for accommodation. I told them that I had seen some adverse events in the field, I wasn’t high risk. I’ve caught COVID and recovered, it made little sense for me to take the vaccine and it had no long term safety data. I proposed that I would do antigen testing, and they offered to pay for it myself and continue to wear PPE. And I found myself terminated shortly after that. So —

Will Dove 02:55
— you approach them with all of the accommodations that you were willing to make with evidence that you were naturally immune and therefore no risk to anyone and they fired you anyway.

Scarlet Martyn 03:05
Yeah, a little worse. Fired. So the entire process was a humiliating experience. We I was called in I thought I was having maybe a meeting to discuss accommodations. They called it an investigational meeting. And they had a letter saying that I was insubordinate and had displayed willful misconduct, and I was to be suspended without pay. They took my ambulance ID, my ministry ID, the drug keys and the keys to the ambulance I was in that day, and I was escorted back to the station by a supervisor and for asking the question – for putting it in writing. And their own vaccination policy said if you have questions, contact your supervisor. So I followed the policy and did that. But yeah, and I ended up terminated. So at no point did I say I’m never taking this vaccine. I just voiced my heartfelt concerns about it being new technology and I had seen adverse events in the field that concern me enough. But I thought maybe this isn’t the right treatment for me.

Will Dove 04:11
Right now, as President of the United Healthcare Workers of Ontario, which has, I believe, over 3,000 members at this point, you are taking steps to work towards defending your rights, recovering your positions. You mentioned that there were two initiatives. Could you please give us a brief overview of those?

Scarlet Martyn 04:29
Yes, I’d love to see United Health Care Workers was born during this pandemic, when employees were being discriminated against. Many in our group, were forced to take the vaccine and many in our group have been terminated. We were approached by a very motivated lawyer. And he had an idea that all these measures that we’ve had to endure are based on the public health data, and they sort of hold the monopoly of this data, and, you know, they release it to the public Like, but it’s not really open for question or scrutiny. However, it was on the front lines that this data was collected. So he had approached us with a call to action to get affidavits from health care workers. So we’ve all seen the social media blasting out, you know, things that are happening but a sworn affidavit is a little different from all walks of health care – physicians, lab techs, hospital, coders patient records. So we’ve been collecting affidavits that are pointing to biases in the way that the COVID case counts were counted in the way that they were recorded. And also any adverse events or vaccine injuries the way that they weren’t recorded. So we’d like to take this data, and first do a report. And eventually we would like it to lead to possibly a judicial declaration. And just talking about how no citizen in Ontario, it goes beyond healthcare workers was given informed consent, because right out the starting gates, if you weren’t told the truthful information about case counts, and you weren’t told the infection and mortality rate, and you weren’t told the you know, these important things, how could you make an informed decision? If you if you thought COVID, was more dangerous than what it was and the vaccine was possibly more safe than it is, then you weren’t in a position to give an informed decision on it? So we’re working hard on that.

Will Dove 06:27
Okay, so you’re collecting these affidavits largely from healthcare workers on how the cases were counted on deaths were reported. Now, of course, we don’t have to go into great detail on some of the cases, most of our viewers are well aware of the misuse of the PCR tests the 97% false positive rate that they basically that we did not have a pandemic, we had a manufactured case-demic. But of course, we’re still gathering data on how they were misreporting deaths. And we know that they are exaggerating this – the flu, cancer, all sorts of things basically disappeared during this supposedly COVID pandemic, which makes no medical sense whatsoever. And so we know that they’re recording deaths as being from COVID when they are not, what sort of data do you have at this point in time in that regard?

Scarlet Martyn 07:12
We have lots of witness statements that cover that as well. Lots of personal experience, you know, paramedics, unfortunately, we do a lot of trauma patients, right. So if a trauma patient — if a patient is to jump out a 10 storey window, we don’t need to investigate a cause of death. It’s all painfully obvious and sad. So it’s very shocking when public health calls you later, that shift to inform you that the patient was COVID positive, then you know, something’s terribly wrong, right?

Will Dove 07:44
No, hang on. I gotta stop you there. Did this actually happened to you?

Scarlet Martyn 07:49
This happened? Yeah, it happened at our station, it was a collective is kind of a split crew thing. So it was kind of my partner. And if one person arrives early for shift, and one comes in later, we just split and go, the day crew goes out with the night crew. But yes, my partner and I were involved.

Will Dove 08:07
So you have a personal knowledge of a case where someone committed suicide by jumping from a building. And to your knowledge, it was recorded as a COVID death?

Scarlet Martyn 08:16
Yeah, because public when public health called because we had split crew, we were the paramedics that they spoke to. And I said that was the address of the jumper this morning like that would — how could we possibly what did you swap like not to be graphic, but how did you accomplish this task of swabbing this patient? Like, with a spatula? Like we just Yeah, it was mind blowing. So Oh, yeah. And that was my personal account. But there’s, there’s tons and tons and tons and infection control in nursing homes. We were screaming about protecting the elderly and locking them down. Well, there was lots of nursing homes that have workers come forward that said, if they tested COVID, positive, it didn’t, we didn’t do anything different. They just went about the unit and ate off other people’s trays and went in and out of rooms. And I mean, I can speak from my personal experience as a paramedic things that made no sense. But the witness testimony is it’s jaw dropping.

Will Dove 09:17
Yes. And something that was mentioned in and thank you for providing me with this document. This is the Citizens Group Query and Notice on Informed Consent, which is one of the initiatives that you’re working on. And it’s a very well written document. It’s a very, very direct document for something that was drafted by lawyers not beating around the bush. And there was a statement made in here that I should have known, really, if I thought about it, but I admit that I didn’t until I read it. And that was the marked drop in reports to the Canadian adverse events reporting system on adverse reactions to the vaccines, after the Colleges of Physicians started disciplining physicians for doing this, and so it seems to me like they’ve been caught red handed of hiding these reports of seeing that they don’t come to light.

Scarlet Martyn 10:14
And I mean, we are hoping that this query gains some attraction. And I think with enough people and enough citizen groups behind it, that they will be forced to answer these questions. And, you know, we’ve we’ve tried hard just to keep it out of the realm that would make people uncomfortable, right? There’s a lot of different opinions out there, but we just we have some very straightforward questions that we would like answers to. And we would like a safety risk statement attached to the vaccine, right? If people trust their public health officials, and you know, if they work in the field of trades, of course, they don’t want to sit down and read scientific studies and try to understand it themselves. Right, those of us in the medical community are comfortable with it. But it’s not fair to them to not give them all the information they need to make a decision.

Will Dove 11:05
Yes, I want to get back just a little bit to the membership of the United Health Care Workers. Because you’re not just representing people such as yourself, who’ve lost your jobs, you’re also representing people who are still working, who have given into the coercion taken these injections, are very, very concerned about their health as a result, and understand that if they keep — or stay there, they’re just going to be forced to do more of it, to take more of these injections, which we know that the odds of an adverse reaction go up with each additional shot. So I’m sure you’re hearing from those people as well. What’s their sort of level of frustration with all of this?

Scarlet Martyn 11:41
They’re like changed people on being I love hearing from the members personally, right? And why I love advocating and trying to be the best voice I can for all of them. But I mean, stress and hurt and betrayal. Like, I mean, they get emotional and cry and say I never wanted to take the two shots. But you know, single mothers or, sadly, you know, I talked to many that had suffered pregnancy loss, and then more than had had IVF. And were terrified to take the vaccine, but there was no way around it. One of my own colleagues suffered myocarditis, his exemption was denied. From, you know, he had an exemption from a specialist and then the City of Toronto’s doctor that had never met him or public health person denied his exemption, like what they’ve done to people is so egregious. And I think that when you’re forced to do something that you’re not comfortable with. And, I mean, these are great health care workers full of integrity there for their patients, nobody should back them into a corner and make them choose that there was safe accommodations, right? We all could have done antigen testing. We all worked before this vaccine was available and most of us have antibodies to COVID. Right? Like, it’s, it was never I just find it so hard to believe it was ever about safety of patients, because now emerges are closing down hospital wait times no ambulances to send this is not keeping people safe. I mean, as you know, the CDC has just announced that we shouldn’t treat vaccinated on vaccinated cases different, right, like, but still, you know, in Ontario, we just move forward and double down on these policies that they’re nothing but discriminatory at this point.

Will Dove 13:35
With all the people that you’ve spoken to all these members, people like yourself, who’ve lost your positions, people were still working and are being forced to take these injections, which they didn’t want to do. And knowing the harms, and you’ve seen them yourself when you were still working, as you said you saw people who were having adverse reactions had been injured by the shots in your mind, especially reading over this group query. Is there any possible way that these health authorities can’t know what they’re doing?

Scarlet Martyn 14:05
That’s hard. I thought very differently as a younger paramedic in my career. It’s almost Will, like you see it, or you don’t I mean, I’m not sure I mean, I have many speak quietly and in confidence that I know this is wrong, but I don’t want to stand up. I’m not comfortable standing up but I think there’s so so many right? Oh, I don’t know. I mean, through my lens. No, I don’t know how people cannot see it. But I do believe some just plug along and they’re so compartmentalized and so busy, that they never get to see the broader picture. Right? You do your little piece of the puzzle, but you don’t look inside of it, right? So maybe it’s harder to see at that point.

Will Dove 14:50
Where I’m going with that is this group query is addressed to the Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos, to Theresa Tam and to Mary Simon, the Governor General of Canada. So really my question was more do you think that these people at the high level who are making these decisions, but they don’t understand what’s going on, but they don’t understand the effects of what they’re doing? Is there any possible way they could not know how many lives they are destroying, by putting people out of work? Or by putting people at risk?

Scarlet Martyn 15:21
No, I think they must know. And if they don’t, I hope this opens their eyes.

Will Dove 15:28
And the reason why I asked that question is because there are many statements in this document that begin with, ‘as you know, or ought to know’. and I think that that’s a very well defined statement, because what you’re saying to these people is, look, it’s your job to make these decisions for public health. And so if you don’t know, well you damn well should know. And so this document lays out all of the things that are happening as a result of these mandates, as a result of these coerced injections. And I very much hope that you’re going to get some sort of response, but I have to say, I think it’s probably going to have to go to court for that to happen.

Scarlet Martyn 16:10
Yeah. And we’ll happy we’re not gonna stop. I mean, this, this battle isn’t just for health care workers, right? The this is for everybody. This is for our children, like, we want to live in a society not treated different for making a different medical choice. It’s clear now, I mean, on the front lines, we’re the people that see things first, right? So long before the data, the official data was released, that the double vaccinated could still transmit. We already saw it firsthand, right? So it’s one thing to hear things on the news. But when you’re seeing it with your own eyes, you know, very quickly what’s going to work and what doesn’t. And it’s it takes a while, like lag time to catch up, right? But yeah, I think the public has been horribly misinformed. And I do think that this will end up in court and I, I hope that it does. So there’s public record, right.

Will Dove 17:07
Now, you are looking to gather as many signatories as possible for this group query. How can people contact you to add their signatures to this?

Scarlet Martyn 17:16
We would love as many and groups, like, groups, maybe I think it’s going to be easy to get people within our own groups to sign as signatories that, you know, we were like minded. Even outside of that we’re really pushing to different maybe religious groups and different groups that aren’t typically within this realm. But if they can contact us through our website or email is on there, that goes to a general email for and yeah, it’s completely confidential. And if there’s anything they want to talk about any concerns they’ve seen, not just for healthcare workers, the affidavits, right, I mean, people were harmed by the policies, right. As a paramedic, I was devastated to see, you know, alcoholics that had struggled for years, and were functioning in their families and doing well fall off the wagon again, because AA was cancelled, right? You can’t really do a Oberer zoom. And, you know, all the I don’t like to say, addicts, but people that struggled with addiction that you pull their support systems out, and they go back to that as a crutch, right? And these are really good people that lost their lives. And I thought, why don’t we care about any of these deaths, like we’re just so laser focused on COVID. and terrible things are happening all around because of the collateral damage. And like, we can’t ever do this to the public again.

Will Dove 18:42
Right. Folks, as always, links that Scarlett has discussed will be directly beneath this interview on our website, the link to their website and the email address that you can use if you want to add your signature. I assume that in this case, these people, there could be national organizations such as ours, that would be signatories. But if you’re looking for health care workers, they would have to be in Ontario, I assume, or is that not the case?

Scarlet Martyn 19:06
No, we will take anybody. We were actually looking for groups to get more traction. I think that the officials have more of a responsibility to answer questions from mass like one person, maybe not a few 100. But we’re hoping to get massive groups and massive numbers and hold them accountable to answer these questions.

Will Dove 19:29
Right, Scarlett, I want to finish with this because you were until January working as a paramedic, you were there through most of these supposedly “pandemic”. You saw many of these cases of adverse reactions. If you had some final thoughts for our viewers, what would they be?

Scarlet Martyn 19:46
Oh, I think just Truth I mean, we have this very creepy code of silence in healthcare and never be afraid to speak up and ask questions because you’ll find in the room people are feeling the same way as you. They just don’t have the confidence and the courage to say it out loud. But I think that just keep asking questions and be critical. Be critical of these policies. These are going to have terrible effects. I know we served a letter to a lot of the hospital administrators warning them that there was going to be massive shortages, right? And here we are. So I just, I feel terrible for these patients that are suffering now. But I think we don’t ever want to go down this road again. So speaking out, seems to be what we can do.

Will Dove 20:35
Yes. And I agree with you completely, Scarlet. Folks as you know, I’ve said this before, they want us to believe that those of us who object to the violations of our rights are somehow the minority. We are not, I can guarantee you we are not. And what Scarlett says is true. If you speak out, you’re suddenly going to discover there’s a number of other people who agree with you who simply didn’t have the courage to do so. take that first step you’ll find others will join and follow you, Scarlett, thank you so much for the efforts that you’re undergoing. And for the United Healthcare Workers Association of Ontario and their efforts, I wish you the very best of luck, and I hope that at some point in time, I’m going to have you back with a update on the success of these initiatives.

Scarlet Martyn 21:13
Oh, I hope so to you. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much for hearing the story.

Will Dove 21:19
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