How We Fix Healthcare in Canada |
Dr. William Makis & Dr. Mark Trozzi

July 3, 2024

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Special Report

Our existing healthcare system is broken. Not just broken, but corrupted to the core.

Dr. Mark Trozzi and Dr. William Makis have both been victims of this corruption. Last year, Dr. Trozzi’s license to practice was suspended only hours after coming out of an extended leave. In 2015, Trudeau’s government stole Dr. Makis’ groundbreaking cancer research. No reason given. His program was simply shut down. Today, the government is selling that same treatment to foreign dignitaries.

Bill C-47 placed Natural Health Products under the umbrella of Vanessa’s Law, the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act, and it is likely that by late this year or early next NHPs will begin to disappear from store shelves.

The Colleges of Physicians and the Nurses Colleges suspend the licenses of those who practice ethical medicine and who dare to oppose the narrative.

The various provincial health services impose illegal mandates on the public, and in many provinces the governments continue to seek or pass legislation to give themselves greater power to dictate to the public.

And over all of this, the WHO continues their campaign to gain the authority to declare a pandemic at any time, for seemingly any reason, and then to use the power of corrupt cooperating governments to further violate the rights of the people and further damage their health.

So how do we fix it? Can the current system be fixed, or does it need to be scrapped and replaced. And since the healthcare system is authorized by the government, where do we find the power to replace it, if that must be done?

In this interview, Drs. Trozzi and Makis discuss realistic solutions, without shying away from the fact that there are no simple, easy solutions. But there are solutions. If only the people will take action we can fix our healthcare system.


Dr. Mark Trozzi:

Dr. William Makis:

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