IWR News for July 5th |
Will You Need a Prescription to Not Eat Bugs?

July 5, 2024

519 IWR Week of July 12
IWR News for July 12th |
No Graves at Kamloops School
515 Palmer and Taylor Your Right to the Truth
Your Right to the Truth |
Rodney Palmer & Randy Taylor
517 IWR Week of July 5th
IWR News for July 5th |
Will You Need a Prescription to Not Eat Bugs?
513 Trozzi and Makis Fixing Health Care
How We Fix Healthcare in Canada |
Dr. William Makis & Dr. Mark Trozzi
512 Chris Shoemaker Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart: 100% Have Signs of Heart Damage |
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
516 IWR Week of June 28
IWR News for June 28th |
Canada’s Coming Digital ID
510 The Criminal Persecution of Detective Helen Grus
The Criminal Persecution of Detective Helen Grus
Donald Best
Countdown to WW3 NATO vs BRICS June 25
BRICS (the anti-NATO alliance) and WW3
Special Report

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • Will You Need a Prescription to Not Eat Bugs?
  • A New Class Action Suit Against Trudeau and 34 Other Liberals
  • A Major Win for Parents in Ontario
  • Trudeau’s Net Zero Costing Us at Least $360 Billion
  • Latest Poll: 70% Believe ‘Canada is Broken’
  • A New Tool for Building In-Person Freedom Communities
  • WW3 Countdown: Putin and Xi Jinping
  • WW3 Countdown: Israel and Hamas
  • Canadian Hospital Drug Injury Reports Increase 600%
  • Another Study Proves Link Between Covid Shots and Deaths
  • Covid: The New Flu
  • Hope for the Vaxxed: An mRNA ‘Off Switch’
  • WEF Wants to Limit Your Access to Air
  • A New Highly Toxic Artificial Sweetener
  • Jordan Peterson is Disney’s Latest Villain


The Freedom Communities and Communications Network: https://freedomcoms.org

Class Action Application: https://app.docurium.ca/d/70524eba455545f99921/files/?p=%2FApplication%20for%20authorization%20Class%20Action%20AMENDED.pdf

Fundraiser for Ms. Blaise: https://www.givesendgo.com/gloriane
You can follow Gloriane on X @blais_gloriane

Children’s Health Defense on Neotame: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/neotame-artificial-sweetener-damaging-human-health-aspartame-cola/

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