IWR News for March 1st:
Special Report on AI: How Afraid Should We Be?

March 1, 2024

488 IWR Week of April 19
IWR News for April 19th:
The Globalist Metaverse: Their Plan for a Worldwide Digital Prison
484 Shawn Buckley NHPs Gone in 18 Months
Natural Health Products: Gone in 18 Months
Shawn Buckley
485 IWR Week of April 12
IWR News for April 12th:
Trudeau is Collecting Your Private Info: Canada’s PIB
482 Meryl Nass Perfect Bioweapon
The Perfect Bioweapon: Can They Make It?
Dr. Meryl Nass
478 John Leake the Psychology of Malice
The Psychology of Malice and Mass Murder
John Leake
483 IWR Week of April 5
IWR News for April 5th:
The Bankrupting of Canada – Now Poorest of G7 Nations
480 Gord Magill The Coutts 4
The Crimes of Justin Trudeau: The Coutts 4
Gord Magill
477 John Leake Proof Fauci Knew
Proof Fauci Knew the Vaccines Wouldn’t Work
John Leake

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • Special Report on AI: How Afraid Should We Be?
  • Who Really Killed Alexei Navalny, and Why?
  • Collusion Between Utility Companies and Municipalities in Canada
  • Class Action ArriveCan Lawsuit
  • Zero Cost Organic Gardening for Food
  • Cureus Paper Revealing Pfizer Lied Retracted Despite Record Views
  • Several New Reports on Vaccine Harms: 500,000 Dead under 44 in U.S. Alone
  • Secret Documents Reveal Canada Helped Develop Covid Virus
  • RCMP Never Interviewed Trudeau Before Killing SNC Lavalin Investigation
  • Canada Short 90,000 Front Line Health Care Workers
  • Trudeau’s Pharmacare Will Put 21 Million Canadians at Risk
  • Two Thirds of Government Bureaucrats Earning Six Figures
  • Facial Recognition Vending Machines at Canadian University
  • Mary Poppins Offends the Woke
  • The Ghost of Dylan Mulvaney
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