IWR Weekly: The Truth About ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’

June 2, 2023

465 IWR Week of Feb 23rd
IWR News for February 23rd:
MAiD in Canada: MP Claims ‘It’s Not Suicide’
459 Profiting in the Coming Collapse Part 2
Profiting in the Coming Economic Collapse, Part 2: Canada Under Attack
Adrian Spitters, Bryce Wade, Warren Keane
458 Profiting in the Coming Collapse Part 1
Profiting in the Coming Economic Collapse, Part 1: The Great Taking
Adrian Spitters, Bryce Wade, Warren Keane
462 IWR Week of Feb 16th
IWR News for February 16th: Exclusive! Exhaustive Report on ArriveScam
455 John Carpay In Defense of Freedom
In Defense of Freedom, The JCCF Interview 4 of 4: John Carpay
457 Nathaniel Mead Proof that Pfizer Lied
The Proof that Pfizer Lied: Nathaniel Mead, M.Sc.
IWR News for February 9th: Trudeau to be sued, while his MPs abandon ship
453 Chris Fleury JCCF 3 of 4
The Scales of Injustice, JCCF 3 of 4: Chris Fleury

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • David Johnston: The corruption goes to the bone
  • The truth about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
  • Government to make 1 billion + per year on travel tax
  • CTV reporter admits NDP media support on live TV
  • Our new searchable news database at IronWillReport.com
  • Parks Canada to rewrite 200 historic plaques to erase ‘colonialism’
  • Real science proves ventilators killed most Covid patients
  • Europe culls cows and cars
  • Target and Bud Light lose 31 billion
  • The continued misuse of the word ‘genocide’ by our government
  • Smart device surveillance and how to protect yourself
  • U.S. DoD is sued for man’s death from Covid shot
  • Clever move by U.S. Rep might block CBDCs
  • John Cleese refuses to drop classic humor to pacify the woke
  • Project Veritas set to spiral into the ground

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