Silencing Freedom | The Persecution of Chris Barber

May 31, 2023

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Special Report

Chris Barber, a trucker from Saskatchewan, is one of the primary organizers of the Freedom Convoy. For helping others to exercise their right to freedom of speech, Chris was arrested and imprisoned, his bank accounts were frozen for three and half months, he has been slandered by mainstream media and the government, and most recently, he has had additional charges laid against him.

His court date comes up this fall.

In this first of five in-person interviews I did in Victoria during the Reclaiming Canada Conference, Chris speaks about his experiences organizing the convoy, the help he’s received from lawyers at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Democracy Fund, and his hopes, and fears, for our country.

Will Dove  00:07

Recently a video surfaced on YouTube, an animated 3D story of a man living in a COVID internment camp, titled “Beyond the Reset”. The video, just under half an hour in length, has garnered almost 1.5 million views in just one month. And surprisingly, YouTube has not taken it down.

Although they have added an excerpt from Wikipedia below the video to be sure that those 1.5 million viewers are exposed to the official narrative.  I’m joined today by the creator of “Beyond the Reset”, Oleg Kuznetsov, who grew up in Russia, but is now a Canadian citizen living in Calgary to talk about his creation, the inspiration for it, and what it means that even now, almost a year after most Canadian provinces dropped restrictive COVID mandates, his story is still attracting millions of views. Oleg, it is a pleasure to have you on the show.

So for those who haven’t seen your fantastic animated story. Folks, in a few seconds, we’re gonna play a little clip from it. But before we get into that, I wanted you to have an understanding of just how much work went into this now, Oleg, you are a 3D animator you do this professionally, but you built this story in your spare time and it took you how long to do that?


Oleg Kusnetsov  01:05

Thank you.


Will Dove  01:28

Three years.  Three years, wow. Okay, folks, we’re gonna play a little clip and seriously it’s just a little clip from it. You will find a link directly beneath this interview to the full animation on YouTube.


Video Clip Delivery Drone  03:23

Bruce Kowolski your weekly food ration has arrived.


Will Dove  04:36

So the thing that interests me most Oleg, because it didn’t take you so long and we were chatting before the interview and you said you know it’s something you didn’t have spare time and you know obviously your interest waxed and waned so you weren’t always working on it. But still it was about three – of course during those three years, a lot of things have happened. And so I have to ask, did the script evolve as you were doing this?


Oleg Kusnetsov  04:59

Yes. Absolutely. I initially intended to create five to seven minutes animation about the lockdowns, about a person being locked down for months, or two or three and being depressed, maybe even committing suicide. I, when it all started back in spring 2020 I was very angry and pissed, because I didn’t understand why those measures were so severe. Why did we have to go through the lockdowns?

Why did you have to shut down the businesses and everything. Because for what I saw the virus COVID it was not as bad and it was not as dangerous as it was presented in, in the mainstream media. So it didn’t make any sense. And also, there was a news coverage about some Russian Jewish family in Toronto or in Ontario somewhere. And they lost the granddad to the COVID. And he was 96 years old. While while the death, death is always sad, right, but people tend to die at that age, at that age, any flu can develop into pneumonia and can be lethal. So I did not really connect the dots till I think I heard Trudeau mentioning some kind of reset,  I haven’t heard anything about A Great Reset or Klaus Schwab till probably the summer of 2020. Then I figured out there is a whole book about this Great Reset, written by Klaus Schwab.

And I bought this book, I read it and actually it started to make sense like everything what was going on, especially when they were openly mentioning to us this time of pandemic, to implement all those changes, all those agendas. They mentioned in that Great Reset plan and eventually this creation for this animation develop into something longer and bigger implementing all those new things they learn from 2030 agenda and great reset intentions. And yeah, over all those three years, it was kind of I was adding and adding and adding till it became almost half an hour video.


Will Dove  07:48

Yes, the part of the story that I liked the most, because it’s not just a really good animation, really quality and well done. But you’re a good storyteller. And as I was watching it for the first time, and I’ve watched it a couple of times now. But as I’m watching it the first time, and I’m I’m seeing the flashbacks to when he’s with his wife. And you’re starting to ask, Well, where is she? Because he’s he’s in this little apartment alone.

And then you reveal that and I’m sorry, I’m giving things away. For those of you who didn’t watch the whole thing, go watch the whole thing. He revealed that, yes, he figured it out. He read the great reset. And he put the pieces together and realized they were being lied to when he tried to convince her of that. And she left. Now we know that that situation actually happened to a lot of people. And the question I wanted to ask is, was this somebody who actually knew was a model for that?


Oleg Kusnetsov  08:40

Not personally, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about it. I’ve heard about stories about the lockdowns actually destroying families. There were lots of divorces, when people get locked for a long amount of time, and they’re not quite a match probably like this. You know, when when you see a person, maybe like, when you come back from work, maybe during the weekend, right?

It’s one thing but when you are like an astronaut, you know locked in a confined space with a person and there is no escape, there is no privacy, then people who are not perfectly matched. Right. They started to see some tensions drawing to them. Right. So that that’s what I wanted to show, mainly what what happened. I don’t know anybody personally, but yeah, I know that this happens for sure.


Will Dove  09:54

I’m gonna seem to be going off a little tangent here, but I’m not and folks. If you watch my interviews, you know I do this I seem to take Your left turn, but I promise I’m coming back. Oleg, from your accent, obviously, your Eastern European of some kind, your Russian. Okay. So I’m assuming that and the reason why I bring this up is because when we launched our Freedom Organization Strong and Free Canada, initially, many of our initial supporters were people from Russia or Eastern Europe or Ukraine.

They’d seen this before, they knew where this was going. Was that part of how you understood what was happening and that you came from our country that wild had been communist up until 1989? I believe it was. Or is this just, you just happened to be one of those people who was alert enough to see the writing on wall and understand we were all being lied to?


Oleg Kusnetsov  10:49

I would say so. Because even back in Soviet Union, we did not have anything even close to that, what was happening during COVID. So that’s a whole new experience.


Will Dove  11:04

And I’m glad you brought that up. Because one of the people I’ve interviewed in the past is Pastor Art Poplawski, who’s from Poland, and he grew up under communism in Poland. And he said to me, during one of his interviews, he said, If I had a choice between living in Canada under these lockdowns, and going back to Communist Poland, I’d go back to Communist Poland because we had more freedom there.


Oleg Kusnetsov  11:25

There was censorship, of course, there was censorship. But late Soviet Union was not as strict about that as let’s say, Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, right. So, yeah, I’d say we had more personal freedoms there. Okay. Under under lockdowns,


Will Dove  11:48

I went off on that little tangent because I wanted to ask you this question, because we were talking about the character in the story and his wife and how they ended up divorced because she’s buying all the BS from the media and the government, and he understands what’s going on. And she doesn’t want to accept it. I couldn’t have built the organizations that I did without my wife’s support. In fact, at the beginning, I think she was angrier than I was. So what about your own wife when – I know you’re married. Was she on board with that?


Oleg Kusnetsov  12:14

Totally same page.


Will Dove  12:16

Okay. That’s good to hear. So I want to get a little bit farther into the story. Because I have to say, I really found myself relating to this character, because he’s lost everything. But he just refuses to comply, he’s not going to do it. He’s never going to stop fighting. And there’s this neighbor over there, who he waves at every morning. And sure enough, he takes the shots three days later, the guy’s dead. And at the end of the story, we see he escapes. And I have to ask as the creator, because you ended the story there, which I thought was brilliant, very well done. Leave it to the viewer to decide what happens to him. But I wanted to know, in your mind, what happened after that, where did he go? What happened? Actually, this ending leaves the room for the sequel. Oh! A sequel?


Oleg Kusnetsov  13:12

There will be. I’m not sure when but I should develop on this on this story. And —


Will Dove  13:21

— well, in that case, I’m not going to ask you to give it away. I think we’ll all just the way yet. So you haven’t decided what’s gonna happen to know. All right. Well, that’s that’s interesting, because —


Oleg Kusnetsov  13:33

Sure, he escapes. Yeah, like I would say, maybe in a year, I’ll start working on the sequel, maybe less. But


Will Dove  13:45

I think it’s going to be very relevant when you do produce that sequel. Because I’m sure that you’re aware because you’ve been doing your homework. We’ve got the WHO’s International Health Treaty coming into effect next year of which Canada is a signatory. And it’s no accident that Bill Gates through his epidemic preparedness exercise a few months ago, has already told us that the next virus is coming in 2025. So they get this Treaty in place next year. The year after that they hit us with the next and viral scare. Moderna alone is already working on 30 new mRNA “vaccines”. So we know there’s more of this stuff coming.


Oleg Kusnetsov  14:24

Yes. Yep.


Will Dove  14:26

So it’ll be very interesting.


Oleg Kusnetsov  14:28

W.H.O. is grabbing all the power, right, and it’s in power now to make all the decisions, we are going to lock downs or we get vaccinated or while it’s all in their power right now. Although what I heard is that the US is refusing to buy more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because of the side effects of this. They start recognizing those side effects. Finally, even Trudeau recently said in his interview, well, I didn’t make anybody vaccinate. Right. And I realized some people got seriously sick after those vaccines. Have you seen that interview?


Will Dove  15:16

I have not. But I would say that it’s for the cameras. We know that Trudeau is completely owned by the WEF as is Biden.  So if they’re saying that they’re not going to buy any more of these vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer well, you can be certain they’ll get them from somewhere else. Yes, that’s that problem isn’t going to go away. So I wanted to ask you Oleg, as somebody who’s – you put so much time and energy into this story. And you know, it’s three years later, and we’ve got a lot of people out there thinking, Oh, it’s over.

It’s, you know, it’s in the past. And of course, you and I, as we were just discussing, it’s not in the past, this whole globalist agenda is still very much in play. What would you hope that the almost 1.5 million views you’ve had on that now? So that’s reached a lot of people? What would you hope that people are going to take away from watching that story?


Oleg Kusnetsov  16:14

That’s a tough question, actually, I knew what it was going to convey, this. with the story as I said, I was angry at first. And well, I just wanted to reveal how I see this situation. That doesn’t mean I’m 100% correct. It doesn’t mean, I’m prophetic or something, right? It is just my personal view of what’s unfolding upon us, right. And I cannot tell people what to take from it, that anybody can take whatever he or she is pleased to.

I, I just express my thoughts, you know, and just left, my thoughts out there. Either take a lot, you know, just I don’t have a certain clear message there. All right. But just a story, right. Of course, it’s clear that I’m pissed off with those lock downs. Of course, I’d like more people to resist. Those are the key things. But, yeah, it’s just just my thoughts, just the expression of my views.


Will Dove  17:43

But clearly, those thoughts are reflected by many people with in one month, almost a million and a half views, I think, sorry, I really think that you’ve, you’ve done something very important. Because a lot of people, you know, as a creator, you obviously have a very good imagination, you’re able to picture all of this in your head as you’re creating it. A lot of people don’t have much of an imagination. And so what you’ve done is you’ve made this threat real for them. And I think that’s an extremely important contribution.


Oleg Kusnetsov  18:12

Actually, I didn’t, I thought that I was a little bit too late with this animation. It should have come out maybe at least a year ago, or a year and a half ago, which I couldn’t accomplish physically. Because I’m just one person production. But apparently, it’s still vital.


Will Dove  18:38

Yes, because there’s a lot of people out there who understand that this isn’t over. That’s where they want to go. That was too late with it. And I don’t think you’re worried at all. In fact, it may turn out that your timing was actually early. Because if I’m right, and the timing of the treaty, and the next viral scare that’s going to come along is no accident. You’re going to have that thing sitting out there.

When the next one comes along, and I think 1.5 million views, that’s going to be nothing. So Oleg, thank you very much for what you’ve produced. I genuinely hope that someday I’m going to go be able to go and take a look at that video and see 20, 30, 40 million views on it. Because it’s going to help to change the minds of a lot of people and make it real for them just exactly what kind of a threat we’re under.

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