Spike Proteins in the Blood of the Unvaxxed | Dr. Lana Nicoll

February 2, 2023

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Many have been injected with the toxic shots being falsely marketed as vaccines. Coerced, deceived, and now may be experiencing health problems as a result. But it’s not just the vaxxed who are at risk. Pfizer admitted in their trial documents that the injected can pass the spike proteins to others, just by breathing the same air.

Dr. Lana Nicoll is a certified blood microscopist. She has found not only the clumping of cells, parasites and graphene oxide in the blood of her vaccinated patients, but she has also found signs of spike protein toxicity in the blood of the unvaxxed. And she has even seen some of the same parasites commonly found in vaxxed blood in the blood of the unvaccinated.

Dr. Nicoll is also a chiropractor, and has been practicing for almost 20 years. In addition, she is a nutrition and wellness coach, an author, and a certified personal trainer whose dedication to fitness is revealed in the fact that she is also both an Albertan and Canadian Hall of Fame Athlete.

Finally, Dr. Nicoll is a dedicated freedom fighter. She is the national director of one of our partner organizations, Taking Back Our Freedoms.

In this interview, Dr. Nicoll shows us slides of the blood of the vaccinated, revealing not only the coinlike stacking that most of you have already seen but parasites, lipid nanoparticles, and graphene oxide. In addition, Dr. Nicoll provides advice on how to improve and protect your health, for the injected and uninjected alike.



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Will Dove 00:00
Many of you have been injected with the toxic shots being falsely marketed as vaccines. You were coerced and deceived. And now you may be experiencing health problems as a result. But it’s not just the vaxxed who are at risk. Pfizer admitted in their trial documents that the injected can pass the spike proteins to others just by breathing the same air. Dr. Lana Nicoll is a certified blood microscopist. She has found not only the clumping of cells, parasites and graphene oxide in the blood of her vaccinated patients. But she has also found signs of spike protein toxicity in the blood of the unvaxxed. And she has even seen some of the same parasites commonly found in black and she has even seen some of the parasites commonly found in vaxxed blood in the blood of the unvaccinated. Dr. Nicoll is also a chiropractor, and has been practicing for almost 20 years. In addition, she is a nutrition and wellness coach and author and a certified personal trainer whose dedication to fitness is revealed in the fact that she is also both an Albertan and Canadian Hall of Fame athlete. Finally, Dr. Nicoll is a dedicated freedom fighter. She is the national director of one of our partner organizations Taking Back our Freedoms. In this interview, Dr. Nicholl shows a slides of the blood of the vaccinated revealing not only the coin like stacking that most of you have already seen, but parasites, lipid nanoparticles and graphene oxide. In addition, Dr. Nicoll provides advice on how to improve and protect your health for the injected and uninjected alike. Dr. Nicholl, welcome to the show.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 02:04
Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here.

Will Dove 02:07
Now, as I was telling my audience in my introduction, I was privileged to be at a meeting for Vaccine Choice Canada not long ago, where you gave a presentation showing some very important slides of what you’ve been finding in the blood. Would you please share that presentation with my audience?

Dr. Lana Nicoll 02:20
I sure will, just give me a second. I’ll bring that up. Okay, so um, you know, I’ve been in natural health and wellness for quite some time, actually over 25 years. And before that I was a really high level athlete. So I’ve always been very interested in, you know, nourishing my body properly, how do I, you know, boost my immune system? How do I take care of myself. And during the last few years, obviously, people’s health has been really under fire. And so I was looking for a way that I could help people to a whole other level. And so I was introduced to blood microscopy, and by a dear friend who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, and she’s into homeopathy, and she’s been doing blood analysis for almost 17 years. And so I decided to just fully jump in and take all the schooling and, you know, I’ve worked with microscopes before when I was in medical school and Doctor chiropractic degree, and it has been really eye opening, to say the least, you know, and learning from her what she was seeing in the blood before versus now. And you know, you don’t even need a lot of information to know that something’s not right in people’s blood. And blood is obviously the most critical thing like it keeps you alive, right? It’s carrying oxygen, carbon dioxide, it’s bringing nutrients to every single cell in your body, you know, it’s a transport mechanism for our hormones like it – blood is critical. So this has been a really amazing journey. And I’m going to share with you a few slides about what we’re seeing. And this is just my website, which is under construction, but it should be up in the next few days. We have two websites. I’m here in Edmonton, Alberta, and we have cellfood.ca and then www.EtownBloodDoctor.ca. So to jump right into the actual blood analysis, when we look at healthy red blood cells, I think it’s good to start with a foundation of what healthy blood looks like, so that you know what you’re looking for. And then you know what is not healthy, okay?. So red blood cells are typically and ideally more round, they’re all about the same size and shape. They don’t stick together. They’re meant to work independently. They have a water barrier around the cell which actually causes repulsion of other cells. And this is so that these red blood cells can actually take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide but like really carrying oxygen is their most one of their most important things. So we don’t want them overlapping or clumping or getting like sludge like that. It’s dangerous when that happens. So these red blood cells we want them to be like I said pretty uniform and looking healthy. kind of bouncing off of each other like to envision them almost like waterslides, those inner tubes that people ride on down a waterslide. Like they’re bouncing off each other, they just flow. And that’s what healthy red blood cells look like. Now in you’ll see that really bright cell there, that’s actually a white blood cell, those are very critical. White blood cells can be considered your homeland security, they’re your immune function. And we want those to be very healthy as well and doing their job. They don’t live as long as red blood cells, because they’re constantly turned over as our red blood cells. But we usually have a one white blood cell for every 700 red blood cells. And if we see a whole bunch of white blood cells, you know, under our microscope, it lets us know that there’s some sort of maybe acute infection, there’s some, you know, the body’s under assault, they’re coming to save the day, they’re your infantry. So you know, when we have an active immune system, we will see white blood cells, we don’t want to see enormous ones, or like an enormous amount, or a complete lack of white blood cells, which is frightening. So I’m gonna get to that in a little bit. But that’s kind of the foundation so that you can, you know, know what is normal and what’s not. And then in the black here, this is like your plasma. So this is the actual flowing part of the blood. And we don’t want to see a lot in there either. We don’t want to see like micro clots, we don’t want to see parasitic organisms, we don’t want to see fungus and mold, we don’t want to see things that are or can be congestive in nature in the blood. So when red blood cells do start to overlap, their functioning is limited. So now they’re covering each other’s hemoglobin, which is the protein that lies inside of a red blood cell. And once they start to clump and cover each other and start to stack on each other, you’re no longer able to carry oxygen efficiently. So for people, what that’ll look like is they’ll be very fatigued, they’ll be incredibly tired, they may get very winded, going up the stairs, or doing laundry, like I’ve heard these things over and over again. And when we hear those things, then we look under the microscope and see all the red blood cells all clumping together, and, you know, interfering with their normal process, it makes sense, they just can’t carry the amount of oxygen.

Will Dove 07:12
I think what we could suggest here is a way to think of the cells function as though they breathe through their skin. And so if you take two blood cells, and you stick them together, you just shut off 30 to 40% of their surface area, thus shutting off about that percentage of their ability to breathe and absorb the oxygen. Not just that, but also to expel waste. So that’s a second problem that you’re going to encounter.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 07:37
Exactly. So now we’re going to have a hard time with toxicity levels and acidity levels, which I’m gonna talk about here in a second as well. But that’s a great, great analogy. So and plus, you know, that hemoglobin that lies in the red blood cell, a lot of people remember those little thumbprint cookies that like grandma’s made and stuff with you know, and there’s jelly in the center, well, that’s your hemoglobin in the center of a red blood cell. That is what carries the oxygen. And unfortunately, things like parasitic organisms and viruses, they like to get into our red blood cells and eat that protein, so again, demolishing that the cells function as well. So we don’t want that we really don’t. So this is now showing definitely a little bit more stalking cells coming together, you’ll also see some different sizes and shapes, that the cells were supposed to be nice and round. And then they start, you know, when people have acidity in their blood, that the cell wall and the integrity of the cell wall is compromised. So we might see like bumpy little shards and spurs, you might see bigger cells and then very small cells, those are all signs that we’re looking for, because it kind of helps us get a idea I think of it as like sleuthing, like I’m looking for evidence as to what’s going on in this person’s blood, we look for how your body’s digesting fat, maybe how it’s using or not using or not absorbing vitamins we can look at that. Food can go by and you don’t even take in what you need to have the building blocks to make more of you. And so you can feel good and fight off infections and you know, have energy and play and do all the things you want. So people are compromised, we call this Rouleaux. And this is when the cells are stacking together like coins. These red blood cells are not doing their job. Our blood is meant to be in a very specific range, and it’s in more of a neutral range. So with our pH rate, it’s like zero to 14. The closer you get to zero, it’s a very acidic seven would be considered neutral 14 is called alkaline. Blood lies in the middle there. And it literally is like a root cause of many issues, whether it’s, you know, diabetes type two, whether it’s autoimmune disorders, you know, parasitic organisms going unchecked. They even cancer for people these Oh, in this picture, it’s showing some crystals even so as we get more acidic, we will see crystallization happening and these things are not ideal. We don’t want these things running through our blood. It leads to arthritic major pain, and you don’t even have to have go, you can have joint pain, these things can lodge in joints and cause discomfort. And a lot of people have that. The other thing that I’m sure you can just see too is when the red blood cells clump like that, it’s going to make it very congestive. So now the blood trying to travel through all your arteries and veins and capillaries, it’s not going well, that can elevate our blood pressure, it makes our heart work harder. And now we’re in the state where our body is just having such a hard time keeping up,

Will Dove 10:32
— In addition to what you’ve just said, Dr. Nicholl, many of the microscopic blood vessels in our body, and there are miles and miles and miles of these, are only wide enough to allow a single cell through at a time to clump up like that you’re not getting blood into those vessels.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 10:48
Exactly. And those red blood cells are very flexible and can squeeze through these tight spots. But that’s when they’re healthy. This is showing when red blood cells have come together in such a way the cells are so clumped together, they’re absolutely not able to function. And the amount of congestion in someone’s body, like you just said, would be enormous. Maybe having trouble with that oxygen exchange. Symptoms take a while to get there, things are building to a point where finally your body expresses the symptom on the radar. So I know it’s been a big passion of mine is trying to encourage people to reclaim their health and do things to nourish your body. We can’t just say pay attention to our health when we’ve had a heart attack. Or when we are totally worn out and stressed out to the max that we’re now you know, getting chronic colds and flus. This is still red blood cells but it certainly doesn’t look like it right? They’re just mashed together. And unfortunately, when we add things like pharmaceutical drugs, injections, on top of not good nutrition, acidity in the blood, we’re not breathing the best air, our water supply has a lot of chemicals in it like we are challenged. So we have to do everything possible that we can to keep our blood as clean as possible. And that means nourishing our body with good food, you know, trying to choose good water sources, you know, trying to stay away from the pharmaceutical, you know, drugs, the injections, these things all acidify your blood. And they’re not ideal. Well, unfortunately, we’re just dumping things directly into the bloodstream. And it’s affecting people big time. We’ve had experimental injections put into people’s body. We don’t even know the true full blown effects of this yet, we’re definitely seeing some of the symptoms now, right. And unfortunately, there’s many people who are suffering who have been injured, damaged, there’s people that have lost their lives. Thrombocytes. So when we have a cut, we want our blood to clot, right? We want to stop the bleeding. So this is a natural thing that occurs. It’s very important, it’s preventing unnecessary blood loss. But what we’re seeing is that so many more micro clots and actual clots are showing up in the plasma. And these act like a sticky Gumball if you will. So the platelets and that’s what they’re designed to do when they coagulate. But when there isn’t a reason, like blood loss, okay for that to happen. We don’t want to see this in the blood, because again, it’s causing that massive congestion. And it’s gonna, you know, it’s it is dangerous. These micro clots stick together, they find each other and they create bigger clots. This is where things someone can you know, people call it like blow a clot where it moves from maybe a part in your leg or somewhere lower down, and it gets into lungs or bigger organs. It can be life threatening. This is not what we want. We want our blood to be as clean as possible, flowing well, not causing your heart to have to work extra hard not being thick and sludge like so this is another factor that is continuing to thicken that blood. So it’s no wonder to me that some of the biggest effects that we’ve seen in the last three years to two years, especially right is cardiovascular in nature, and it’s showing up in the blood. So we don’t want these sticky gumballs in here, especially when we aren’t actively bleeding and having a reason.

Will Dove 14:15
The aggregation of these because you and I were talking before the interview that you were inspired to do this presentation, in part by the documentary “Died Suddenly”, two of the Undertakers who were in that documentary. And of course, they were one of the first ones to blow the whistle of finding these long, you know, three, four foot long, there’s strange white material in there. The most recent theory I’ve heard comes from Dr. Jessica Rose, who believes that the auto immune response is causing the body to actually build long strands of connective tissue, in essence, those long white strands, that’s a ligament just like that you would have in your joints. And when then what happens, of course, is all this clotting that you’re describing, is clumping around those blocking up a whole vein, possibly for three, four feet.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 14:57
At some point there’s going to be a massive incident, our bodies are so powerful, and they’re constantly working for our best interest. But there’s a limit to that. Right? Like we can’t have these things clogging up and completely blocking our vessels. We don’t know exactly the extent of what we’re dealing with this is uncharted, unprecedented things. You know, spike proteins themselves. The virus causes the cells to create spike protein, the mRNA injections then cause major spike protein production. And these sharp spikes on the cells are actually damaging and scraping and causing, like micro cut, like micro cuts of the endothelial layers of all our vessels. So that’s like the inner most lumen of the whole. So it’s going through and causing these micro cuts, well, then your body has to come in, right, the thrombocytes are gonna come in thinking that there’s no blood loss, because there is at a microscopic level, and they’re going to be coming in to try to repair. Well, now we’ve got major clots on our hands. So it’s that endothelial layer that’s being damaged. There’s even suggestion about amyloidosis, which is improper protein on folding, which is causing protein to collect and cause those thick plaque like things, right that in places that shouldn’t be like the brain, like blood vessels. So that’s another factor that we’re looking at, like, we gotta investigate this more.

Will Dove 16:30
And Dr. Seneff goes into that in detail in my recent interview with her folks go look that went up. And she describes what the shots are doing to damage the brain. And that Amyloidosis that Dr. Nicholl just mentioned, that’s part of it.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 16:43
Yeah, it’s scary. And it’s also causing us to ask more questions. True science, it’s a process. And they don’t look at the cells like this. This is showing, it’s called Aspergillus, it’s a kind of fungus. We again, this isn’t ideal, we don’t want people to have molds and fungus and yeast in their blood, again, that’s going to be congestive and they tend to grow, they want to strive to. So they just continue their growth process if we don’t work towards shifting the environment. Now, this is where things have really shifted in the last two years is that, you know, there’s been these incredible, very bright and colorful crystals, these wild organisms, parasitic organisms that are coming together and creating bigger structures that can actually spew their contents and create more of themselves. I know it sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but that’s literally what we’re seeing. You know, we’re seeing some heavy metals, we don’t want that in our blood as well. They look beautiful, they kind of look like a universe here. But these are things that are again going to make the blood more congestive and we don’t want to see these they’re signs of major toxic damage. Right here, this is something that’s actually called a thallus. This is an opportunistic organism right here. So which is frightening, but these are small parasitic organisms that have come together to nationalize, and they’re a big organism. These are showing up enmasse. And these shouldn’t be seen things are going way wrong here. And unfortunately, we’re seeing this, we’re even seeing in people that are you know, have not been injected, because we are around other people. So these are microscopic, like nanoparticle things like in the breast, touching people exchange of body fluids, like, unfortunately, we are getting exposed to things. We also look at dried blood. And it can tell us a lot about how people are absorbing protein vitamins, you know, where they’re showing stress in their body, even if they’ve had had a neck injuries or tension, the dried blood analysis is so fascinating. And again, it shows us toxicity of where your body is breaking down your own protein structure. We can even see things these are actually right here called Heart stressors, you see these really dark center with some very red, inflamed kind of angry tissue around it. This is showing that someone either has emotional or physical stress on their heart. So this gives us further evidence of where they might be struggling. And unfortunately too, people are heartbroken the last few years of what has happened in our country. And there’s a lot of trauma and emotional pain that people are going through. And this literally shows up in your blood. It tells a story. This is another sample of a just a drop, and we allow it to dry. So this is the full layer of that drop in a dried form.

Will Dove 19:38
As it’s drying, what’s causing those clumps there?

Dr. Lana Nicoll 19:43
So protein is mostly what you’re seeing here. And it’s letting us know that it’s a heart stressor sign, it’s an indicator, if you ever cleaned up a cut and you put hydrogen peroxide on it, and it bubbles and sizzles. Well, our body does that very similarly we create hydrogen peroxide to clean up toxicity and junk and garbage. But what happens is we actually break down our own protein, and it leaves a hole in our protein structure, and you have this puddle of white that has ruined the protein. So we look at the live and the dried and it gives us the whole picture of what’s happening for this person because everybody’s different. So if someone has had like one or two of the injections versus boosters, you know, we don’t even again truly know what’s in the vials, there seems to be a lack of consistency, really horrible batches, we would expect that it should have been the same and all the vials if this was a true, you know, vaccine to help people. But unfortunately, these injections are also new, right mRNA. They’ve been studying this very long for a long time. But putting it into an injectable form these lipid nanoparticles allowing to cross through a cell membrane and enter cells. This is uncharted territory. So just to share with you here you can see these bright glowing objects that are quite yellow on the outside. And then on the inside, there’s reddish particles, blue, red, and kind of purpley color. That’s vaccine particles and debris. Those are actually the lipid nanoparticle nanoparticles. And that’s the fat surrounding them. On the right, you can see there’s a big circle with a bunch of them inside. Well, this is your body. This is called a simp glass, your body’s trying to collect them like a garbage can, and is trying to manage them, wall them off. They’re dangerous, like your body’s like, what the heck, this is an assault on my system, they’re trying to collect them, and get them in a container so that they can hopefully get rid of them. This is the power of our immune systems when our bodies are healthy, and our immune systems are intact. So I want to just show you that. This here, oops, scooted ahead again, left there. Again, these bright lipid nanoparticles that’s vaccine particles, just you could see it a little bit up close, bright colors, they look beautiful, but they’re very toxic and very dangerous. On the right, you’ll see a really intense structure there. This we’re unfortunately seeing some things like graphene oxide I mentioned before those thalluses which are where the cells, parasitic organisms come together to form these bigger structures. So we don’t want to see this in the blood. But what you’ll see around it is it looks like it has bubbles and puffs around it, that’s your white blood cells trying to attack this and manage it and try to break it down and handle it. So your body is brilliant, it is trying to work for you. But we have to also work for us. Again, more particles, some very strange structures that almost look like fish bones, and like things that are collecting in the blood. That is not something that we want to see, nor were they there before there is some almost self replicating. So it appears that there’s like a fungal growth or like they’re the cells are creating more of itself. And this is very concerning. And again, it’s opening up this like, well, what is happening, what is going on here, we have to study more, why is this happening. But these bubbles of constant growth and fungal activity is very frightening. And we’re seeing this and people especially who have gone into like the third, fourth, fifth, some people are on their sixth dose, it’s just mind blowing

Will Dove 23:20
A funhis typically requires a very particular environment and a very particular food source to grow. Any theory on what’s happening in the body is just what this fungus is and what it’s feeding on.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 23:30
So they’re trying to enter in your cells eat that hemoglobin so that they have nourishment to self replicate and continue their growth. So that would be the first thing. The other thing is just this pure acidity in our blood and the sugar that’s running through people’s blood, like sugar is like party time for all of these things. So the more we take that kind of stuff in, we’re just providing this perfect nourishment for them to thrive instead of our own cells. So they’re just going to continue to grow and you know, proliferate. If you put toxicity in that petri dish and you know, chemicals and heavy metals and all the things that we know are not good for life, those cells are going to struggle and organisms are going to thrive. So it’s the same thing. You know, same thing with molds, fungus. Now, unfortunately, everybody’s heard about graphene. And graphene is a very small nanoparticle, you know, meant multiple carbon atoms coming together that have magnetic properties so they can actually assemble. It’s being you know, kind of touted as this is going to change science. They’re going to be using it in different things. And there’s been evidence of graphene in some of the vials and like these looks super intense. You know, anyone you don’t need to know much that we don’t want these in our body. So now we have spike proteins. We have graphene oxide. There seems to be other particles, other things that are in these it, we don’t even know. So this is an issue for sure. And you can see like the they look like wild glass like, some of them look like, you know shattered almost and sharp, and our poor bodies are trying to manage these. And it’s not ideal. We have seen a little bit of this and unvaccinated blood, like I mentioned as well. But the good thing about being if you’re unvaccinated, your immune system is still very much intact. So your body’s going to try to work through this. And then I can share with you some of the things that you can do as well. I know. So Dr. Paul Alexander has been someone that I’ve been following for many years now. And he, you know, has a really informative Substack as well. And, you know, he even put out a Substack about that there’s report of this luciferase that is in the has been found in the injections and in these vials. And that is the same kind of science that is involved in bioluminescence. So when you have the little small, you know, algae that can light up, if there’s light exposed to them, they’ll actually like glow in beautiful, beautiful colors. Well, that’s being seen in people’s blood, you know, I’ve seen people sharing that, you know, they if you scan them with under a blacklight, that there’s things glowing, well, if that is even remotely happening and this kind of stuff under like a light of a microscope, and it lights up in this like unbelievable bioluminescence form. What is that there for? Why is that in there? Okay, so after your first and second injections, if someone gets those, the white blood cells are going to come in on mass. So it would appear like someone is under an infection that are under assault, their body is coming to try to manage what is happening in the blood, because there are things that are not supposed to be there. And so the white blood cells just come in trying to clean up everything they’re trying to eat this stuff they’re trying to wall it off, like I showed you and the white blood cells are is are their inaction. After the second – so when people go into third and fourth, what we’re seeing as the white blood cells are minimal, like they’re not even there. So it appears that the immune system is absent. And this has been seen now in research that people that have been injected, are seeming to get chronic colds and flus they get every little thing. And this is showing that and it makes perfect sense to me, because you can see it under the microscope, these cells don’t lie. And that’s a frightening thing to me, is the immune systems being annihilated and highly damaged.

Will Dove 27:37
Could you give us even a rough guesstimate, on average of what you’re seeing after first, second, third, fourth shot in terms of the change to that 700 to one ratio? Well,

Dr. Lana Nicoll 27:46
I think the ratio would probably go down to about like one in 50, or 40, or 50. Like you said, I’m just kind of guessing it numbers. But like, if you look at this picture, on the bottom left, there’s a whole bunch of white blood cells here now. And in a single screen, we would literally want to see one or two Macs. So with the first and second injections, there’s this onslaught of these white blood cells, we now have evidence that there’s something going on in the body that your body’s like, wow, we’re under attack, we need help. Here comes the infantry, right. So now after the injections going into third, fourth, fifth, we could go through multiple screens and see one, so like one white blood cell to maybe like, you know,2,000 or 3,000 red blood cells. So now it’s way out of balance.

Will Dove 28:36
So if I’m understanding correctly, what you’re saying I said, first and second injection, you’re seeing signs that the body is responding as though it’s been hit with some sort of infection. And of course, this isn’t the vaccine working folks, because we know it doesn’t work because we know that the people who’ve been injected are far more likely to end up hospitalized or to die from the very diseases, they’re telling us these shots protect them from. So that’s not what it is what’s but it is definitely responding as though it’s got some sort of infection going on. Then what you’re seeing after third, fourth, fifth is essentially the body’s immune system dying, shutting down.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 29:08
They are so outnumbered, there’s so much happening, they can’t possibly keep up, they can’t replenish fast enough. And that’s what we’re seeing, especially in those third, fourth, fifth sixth boosters, and they’re like an open, they’re exposed. They’re really exposed to every little thing. And we walk around in a slew of bacteria and viruses all the time. We need to have a healthy functioning immune system. We certainly don’t want to do things that intentionally damage that system, or else we’re gonna have issues. These injections are an assault on the body. Your body’s like, what is this? This is not me, this is not part of my body. This is toxic, like we’re coming in to try to sort this out. That’s the increase in white blood cells in those first two shots. By the time we’re into the third and fourth, it’s the complete opposite. They’re done.

Will Dove 30:00
My thinking is that the first second injection, we’re seeing this increase in white blood cells due to the auto immune response, and the body going nuts, basically attacking itself. But now by the time we get to the third injection, the immune system is, as you said, it’s exhausted, it’s depleted, it just doesn’t have the ability to do it anymore. Plus, we’ve also got the problem, that some of the effects, it’s no longer recognizing these things as being invaders. And so not only have you exhausted the immune system, but you’ve shut down its alarm system. So you’re being infected, but your body doesn’t see it as an infection.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 30:36
And then unfortunately, to like, you know, we’re now finding out we don’t truly know how long the spike protein production continues.

Will Dove 30:43
Do you have any theories? Because a lot of us now have seen this Rouleaux, this stacking of the cells? Do you have any theories on what mechanism is causing them to do that? Because as you say, a healthy cell, it’s got this water envelope around it, they actually repel other cells, something’s gone seriously wrong.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 30:59
Yeah, so when we see the cells initially, where they’re just overlapping a little for most people, that’s actually hydration, believe it or not. Most people are chronically dehydrated, they don’t drink enough water, you’re supposed to have ideally half your body weight in ounces every day. So if I was, you know, if I was to under pounds, to make it easy, I would need 100 ounces of water every day, to keep that nice barrier around my red blood cells. So they repel say each other, and they can function optimally. Not to mention, like you’re made up of so much water, and you know, things like headaches and sore joints. Like it’s amazing what water can do. It sounds like such a silly thing. But you know, in our fast paced lives and the stress, people are drinking a ton of coffee, they’re drinking alcohol, you know, pop, these are all things that dehydrate you and acidify your blood. Right? So when we get to a point where the cells are really stacking though, and like stuck together, that is beyond water. That is toxicity and your poor body can’t keep up, your poor liver like just can’t detoxify to that extreme.

Will Dove 32:09
And unfortunately, we’re living in a world where the globalists are working actively to make our entire environment toxic.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 32:17
Everything that they’re trying to do, we got to do the opposite. They want a sick and dumb, and they want us to compliant and they want us to, you know, just submit? Well, we have to be strong, powerful, healthy.

Will Dove 32:31
Dr. Richard Fleming who is the author of “Is COVID-19 a Bio Weapon?” I think he’s absolutely right about this. Are the shots killing people? Absolutely. And Dr. Fleming’s opinion, the primary objective is, is if you’re in a war, you don’t want to kill the other soldier, you want to cripple them, so that the other side has to dedicate resources to looking after them. So when you start crippling people, by the hundreds and hundreds of millions, well, now what happens to the people who have to look after them? Well, now they can’t go to work, they have to stay home, look after this person. If you really do have a burdened health care system and well, now it gets even worse, because you’ve got all these chronically ill people. And so that’s going to be one of the major side effects from this unfortunately, these extremely fit people might actually be at greater risk. Because as you’ve got these athletes running around, they got very high heart rates, some of them are functioning 170 180 beats a minute, and they’re shoving all that blood through their vessels full of the spike proteins, and the graphene oxide, which act as tiny little razor blades. And then as you said, Now the body responds, and now you get a heart attack.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 33:34
And unfortunately, with the athletes, they could be, you know, having this enlarged heart, it’s inflamed. And then what happens is in a burst of adrenaline, it seems to be connected with the catecholamines, the hormones that were released with epinephrine and adrenaline in sport, that causes a sudden burst that causes the heart to work very quickly. And it’s already inflamed and irritated and it causes an arrhythmia, meaning it gets out of beat. And then now if it can’t, you know, rebalance itself, that can be life threatening. And on top of all the things that are happening in their blood, like you just mentioned, there’s probably thickening of the blood that an athlete wouldn’t normally have. It’s also the reason why we’re seeing people dying just before dawn. So a lot of people dying in their sleep, right? We’ve heard a lot of that. Well, there’s an interesting physiological thing that happens just before you wake up with your normal sleep wake patterns. Just before you wake up in the morning, your heart releases adrenaline, to cause your heart to beat faster, and that’s actually what wakes you up. Well guess what? That sudden burst of adrenaline again, on an already compromised heart now throws it into arrhythmia and boom, you can have a heart attack. So those seem to be the two most common times that we’re seeing these very, like blunt catastrophic, like whoa, events is with our strong athletes and that ‘just before dawn’ mechanism in your heart.

Will Dove 35:02
That’s very interesting. I didn’t know about that. Because in your presentation, you’re talking about finding spike proteins in the blood of the unvaccinated, this gets back to the poisoning of the environment and the shedding that most people know about now, but if I understood correctly, you’re also saying these parasites, you’re finding those and unvaccinated people?

Dr. Lana Nicoll 35:19
They’re tiny, little, you know, microscopic things, right. And the cells are very tiny. That’s like the whole you basic unit of life as a cell. Well, if we’re exchanging fluids, breathing, the same air touching each other, you know, like, it’s happening, it is happening. And there are some things we can do. And we also don’t know the entirety of what we’re dealing with yet, thank goodness, though, if you haven’t had the injections, you have an intact immune system. And then for people who have had the injection, you just have to support your body in every possible way. So that your immune system can go to work, I believe that we are powerfully made. And we’ve been told we aren’t.

Will Dove 36:03
We have to talk a little bit about the method of transmission because if I understand correctly, we’re talking about two different things, the spike proteins, you can breathe them in. But with the parasites, I’m going to assume those are being spread in the same way that we might spread a bacterial infection; cough or sneeze on your hands and you shake hands or somebody if you touch something that they touch a few minutes later, that’s how you might pick up that parasite.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 36:23
Well, and parasitic organisms can also be passed in our water supply.

Will Dove 36:27
The unvaccinated people are watching and thinking, Okay, how do I protect myself? One, stay away from vaccinated people, if at all possible, at least try not to touch them or touch anything they have touched. So let’s get into what the practical stuff that we can do to protect our health.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 36:45
Yeah. So you know, I so I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic. I’m also a certified personal trainer, I’ve been studying nutrition for forever. It’s so important, right? And then adding in the blood and analysis has been really incredible and looking at different you know, naturopathic approaches, herbal approaches, supplements, anything to improve how our body functions, because that is what we can control. So like you said, so one of the first things and I already mentioned this is clean water, we have to make sure we’re hydrated. That is one of the first and foremost things that people can do. I would just urge everybody shoot for that goal, feel awesome about it every day, like nice, I drank half my body weight in ounces today, I nourished myself. Okay, so let’s get our water up, watch the acidic, you know, encouraging drinks, especially alcohol, pop, coffee, all those things. Now, the next thing would be your diet, some good protein, lean protein, and lots of vegetables. It’s so key. Most people are not even coming close to what they need. You also want to focus on the berries especially. So blueberries, blackberries, hackberry, raspberries like these are loaded with antioxidants, which help to decrease free radical damage and the chemical exposure that we have, like they’re going to support yourself.

Will Dove 38:07
Now remember, vegetables, while they’re very high in nutrients, they’re not high in calories. That’s right, you don’t need a whole lot of protein. If you say you’re an average person, maybe you need 1600 18 calories just to maintain your body weight. Go look up how many calories are sitting in that head of romaine lettuce? Yeah, work that we’re in a head of broccoli. And then figure out how much vegetables you would have to eat to get that amount of calories. And that will paint a picture for you of how far short of that vegetable intake most of us are. We’re not even close.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 38:38
No, not even close. In fact, like most people are very deficient in the building blocks that their body needs the right vitamins, minerals, right. So very key point. So thanks for pointing that out. Or reducing or eliminating sugar, if you can. All the healthy food tends to be on the outside of the grocery store at the back to make you walk through the terrible food that most of the kids and the people buy. So watch the preservatives, watch the color like red dye 40. Like all these things, those are toxic for your body. We don’t even know how to handle them.

Will Dove 39:09
And in terms of decreasing the inflammatory I think we also have to mention bread and processed grains. Yes, processed grains, folks, your body will turn that into sugar within minutes. That’s right. Don’t eat bread. Don’t eat processed grains. Yeah, very, very bad for you.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 39:24
And a lot of people think like, you know, gluten free is actually wheat free. But remember gluten is in all the things like rice and buckwheat and oats. They have gluten, which when we digest it is like a gummy, thick mass to deal with our diets in North America are loaded with this stuff. These are exactly why people are so ill in our society today.

Will Dove 39:46
One of my own pet theories, because we all know that there you can have two different people who have exactly the same disease, but they may have different symptoms. So I have long had a theory that all humans are lactose and gluten intolerant. It’s just that some of us don’t get the Symptoms to the degree that other people do.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 40:01
It’s true that if you just look at a physiology they are hard to digest and symptoms are, you know, they have to be there for a while before your body’s like, okay, come on, like, No, this isn’t working. So it can take someone a different amount of time to expose those symptoms.

Will Dove 40:12
In my interview with Dr. Trozzi, there’s a really simple rule, folks, if it has an ingredients list, don’t eat it. It’s an artificial manufactured food and it’s toxic.

Dr. Lana Nicoll 40:26
Yeah, it’s getting back to Whole Foods, right? Like this is the way we used to eat. You know, if you have co ops in your areas where you can support directly farmers and farmers markets, there’s incredible things happening in communities. It’s one of the beautiful things of all of this last few few years as traumatic as it has been for people. It also is pulling back the veil of all of the things that have not served us. So I see people making better choices, looking for farm fresh eggs, getting their chicken and their meat, like we just got a quarter of a cow from a farmer just outside of Red Deer, like these things people are doing now. And a plus? it supports our own economy and our own families and communities. Also taking personal responsibility for our health. Like we’ve become so reliant that health comes in a bottle or a vial and nothing could be further from the truth. We actually need to eliminate all the things that are harming us and putting this you know, setting us up for customers for life in a sick care system. Don’t play that game. It’s awful, it’s painful. It’s a terrible way to live. We’re not even truly living. So I love that people are getting back to our roots. The other thing I would suggest in regards to a few supplements. So some of my favorite things. Everyone’s been talking about NAC right now, N-acetyl cysteine. It’s a great supplement. The reason why we take that supplement is in order to give your body the building blocks to make glutathione. Glutathione is actually your master antioxidant in your body. Another one is vitamin C, every adult should be taking 2000 milligrams of vitamin C a day minimum. You can do things like vitamin D3 to boost your immune system as well as zinc, you can be taking as well about 60 milligrams a day of that. These are all things that are going to support your immune function. You know, people have obviously, there’s been a lot of discussion about ivermectin, it’s a Nobel Prize winning medicine, it is anti parasitic. Now unfortunately, in Canada and other countries around the world, it’s very hard to get. So that is very difficult. There are alternatives though a really high dose of Oil of Oregano. And it is good to have it in a supplement form so that it’s like in a medicinal grade and then you do need to know to replenish your probiotics. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk with someone who does blood analysis or naturopathic doctor homeopathy, like people that know this stuff to show you how to cycle through. Digestive enzymes like helping people digest their food so that they can get the good stuff that’s very important. Papaya fruit has incredible digestive enzyme and pineapple and especially the core of the pineapple. So if I ever get a fresh pineapple, like we keep the core and we blend that into our morning protein smoothies with lots of dark leafy greens, and that core will grow Lean is being shown to help detox spike proteins. There’s research coming out on this right now. So those are some even just dietary things that you can do. And each individual is a little bit different. So we have different protocols. I think it’s an important thing for people to explore, talk with, you know, people that you know, you can love and trust, but like, let’s try to work through some of this. Because if we don’t unite, if you don’t feel your feelings, then release them, your body will feel it for you. And they do show up in our physical health. So that’s the last little piece that I would just add in there because it’s enormous, what can shift when you start letting love in and you start forgiving and you start working through the anger.

Will Dove 44:01
I believe myself very strongly that our emotional environment has a huge impact on our health.

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