Stop Making Our Children Canaries in the Coalmine | Dr. Kat Lindley

September 20, 2022

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  • How reckless is the FDA’s approval for shots against a virus that most children are naturally immune to?
  • What are some warning signs that children who are non-verbal might be having an adverse reaction?
  • How do we fight this false narrative that myocarditis in children is normal?
  • What alarming side effects are doctors in UK seeing in children?
  • How does communist Yugoslavia where Dr. Lindley was raised compare to now?
  • Where is this social experiment on the next generation heading?


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Dr. Kat Lindley, Will Dove


Will Dove  00:15

I have with me today Dr. Katarina Lindley. Dr. Lindley is a member of the steering committee of the World Council for Health, as well as being involved in many other health organizations, including the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. She owns a direct primary care clinic and is currently actively treating patients. Dr. Lindley grew up in Yugoslavia, and so has firsthand prior experience of totalitarian tyranny. She’s extremely active in the global fight for our rights and freedoms, and has a wide range of knowledge on all things related to COVID, the vaccines and the globalist agenda. She’s here today to discuss natural immunity, the risks to our children and the FDA, Dr. Lindley, thanks so much for joining us.


Dr. Kat Lindley  01:01

Thank you for having me today.


Will Dove  01:03

I want to start with that issue of our children and natural immunity, most of our viewers are well aware that kids are at almost zero risk from COVID. But of course, the problem is now that they’re injecting children as young as six months, they’re destroying that natural immunity, what are your concerns in that regard?


Dr. Kat Lindley  01:21

So we all know, you know, even according to CDC data, by February of this year, which is six months ago, their kids had 74.2%, natural immunity, they had a disease. So by now those numbers are probably 80, to 90%, even more. So trying to give someone who already has a robust immune system, a vaccine, it’s gonna create this hyper immune response, that’s actually gonna be detrimental to children’s health. And that’s what we see with some with the side effects that we’re seeing in children. Whether it’s myocarditis, or some kids had seizures, there are several incidences of that that were reported in. Vanessa Amorosi’s son had passed away, he was a 16 year old boy, and he passed away after the vaccine here in Texas.  So there are so many concerns and to give children a vaccine, according to VAERS data – I am terrible with numbers, but somehow remember these three and a half million adverse events according to VAERS and we’re already over 29,000. That’s, and that’s under reported. So to give children who already have a great immune system, something with side effects, they have no long term safety data is really reckless. And it’s not supported by science. So it was 21 to zero for this FDA vaccine that was very disheartening to see these the FDA panel, disregard science, not look at their own data, actually. And then later on, we found out that they did not even look at the VAERS data to even consider. These signals are ignored. It has to concern every parent.


Will Dove  03:00

Yes, and of course, the same thing is happening in Canada, the FDA here is going ahead and rubber stamping these injections. And I think we have to draw the conclusion that these are obviously controlled organizations just as the WHO is and there’s just no other rational explanation for why they would go ahead and approve these injections, which can be easily proven to be very dangerous. And yet they’re approving them for use on children. Now, I hate going into these kinds of dark etrritories but we’re also concerned with our kids. But as you’re well aware, Dr. Malone has predicted 700 million deaths globally, over the next six years as a result of these injections. Dr. Paul Alexander predicted quite some time ago that if we started injecting children, the deaths that we had so far seen in adults we would see in children, and I have to ask for the benefit of our viewers, and especially for those who are parents and sadly, maybe parents of kids who have been injected. How bad do you think this could get?


Dr. Kat Lindley  03:56

The honest answer? We have no clue. But I was actually in one of the calls with Paul Alexander, where he said the only way people are going to wake up is if children start dying. And for family physician like myself, I’m a mom of five. That’s just something I cannot accept. We’re going to start seeing children dying and it’s going to be one of those things. I don’t know why. I don’t know what happened. And it’s ridiculous. You know, things that we do know about this vaccine and children according to their own data are these higher incidences of myocarditis in our teenagers. We know that the lipid nanoparticle accumulates in the ovaries of the girls, which means fertility. Look at the data that’s coming from Hungary from Taiwan where the live births are declining. Even in their own child trial. I believe there was a child that was 18 months the child had a seizure after the first high fever and seizure after the first vaccine.  They still give the child a second vaccine It’s unconscionable to actually just ignore things, completely ignore these things and go ahead. My hope my only hope is that parents are hearing these stories, or seeing it in their own communities and realizing that our children are not at risk of the illness itself. But our children are at risk of side effects from these vaccines, and ultimately, that, so I agree with all we’re going to start seeing children dying, and that might be our only wake up call. It hurts my heart to think that we’re going to lose children, because the scientists, the officials have been compromised, and they’re not really following the actual data. They’re not following the truth. I actually don’t even know what they’re following, because it almost feels like it’s some kind of religion, because they’re all in a lockstep all over the world.


Will Dove  05:51

And sadly, we now have very reliable information that they’re not just not following science, they’re actively hiding the side effects. I recently interviewed Dr. Jane Ruby, who revealed information that’s pretty much rock solid, that the CDC is removing deaths from the database, I don’t know, some 50,000 of them that were removed. And so this becomes another challenge that we have to face is that, sadly, yes, we’re going to have to see children dying before people are going to start to wake up. But those deaths are very likely going to be hidden in the official numbers. And so it gets to a point where you almost have to know someone who’d lost a child, or have lost one yourself before you’re going to be aware of it. And so the question I have we know, of course, and all of us have known for a very long time that myocarditis is extremely prevalent as one of the adverse reactions in teenager and especially in teenage boys. But now we’ve got the FDA approval in the US for babies six months old and older. Do we have enough data yet to know what sort of common adverse reactions we’re going to see in these younger children? And would it be any different than what we’re seeing in the teenagers,


Dr. Kat Lindley  06:59

I would expect, and this is just based on knowledge, the prior side effects in the vaccine is general, usually young children get lots of vaccines, you know, the 0-6 months to 12 years old. And the most common side effect is fever. And I would suspect that we will see fevers, and these fevers might be very high and cause seizures. So I would suspect that in younger children, seizures are going to be one of those things that we’ll see the most. But again, there is no data to really know, Mary Bowden is a friend and recently, she started posting something saying, how will you know that your young child is having chest pain? They can’t speak.  So you know, it’s gonna be one of those things, I think what you might see that child is not really developing well, I wouldn’t say under nourished, but like, the colour is not good, they’re a little bit more cyanotic, or having hard time breathing or things like that. Those would be the warning signs that maybe something’s going on with the heart. And it’s very important for him to follow up with a physician, you know, a pediatrician, regular checkups, I would just say to parents, are the ones who for some reason decided to do the vaccine to watch their child very carefully. And if they have concerns, as well, they got, but ultimately, the parents is truly not give it to them.  What you have to realize, Corona viruses are something that our children have been exposed from very young age, different types. So they’ve developed some kind of immunity to that, you know, and now some of them already had COVID. So now they have actually specific immunity, and their bodies know exactly what to do. I believe in God. God created this body to do his job. And for those who don’t believe, I still say this is extremely competent human bodies that know what to do, especially in children, their immune systems are so good in handling this, and most of them had it, you know, all my kids had it. Two of them had kinda like cough and fever for day or two, I give him vitamins, elderberries, Tylenol, Motrin, they recovered while one of them had sniffles. The other one said his I heard for two hours. And then my teenager actually had it after all of us. And he had a little bit more of a cough and fever that lasted three days, but recovered really well. So most of my kids actually had this. Some of them, you barely even know that they had anything because you thought maybe they have allergies. So to put them at risk of something that we have no idea what’s going to do to them. It’s really not something that we as parents should do. As parents, our job is to advocate for our kids to really help them navigate through this crazy world. And as far as I’m concerned, these vaccines are not safe or effective in children.


Will Dove  09:43

As you were describing your five children, all of them going through COVID. And really what you’re describing is nothing but a bad cold or a minor flu as a physician, and I know that you and I have both been very active in this this freedom movement and fighting this tyranny and trying to bring people truth for so long now that we’ve, I don’t know if your experience is like mine, but we get a little bit numb in a way because we just get so used to dealing with this narrative. But if you stop for a second and ask yourself having watched your own children be infected with this virus and shake it off, but it has nothing serious. Doesn’t it strike you is just insane that the entire world is running around in tight little circles over what is really nothing but a bad cold and especially in children.


Dr. Kat Lindley  10:25

I agree. All children cases I had in my community were very mild illnesses. But one thing that they’re trying to make sure we accept as normal is this myocarditis, right? So you’ll hear these stories. Oh, it’s really, despite evidence is not a big deal they just recover from it, it’s, you know, don’t worry about it. That was kind of the messages that they were trying to push on Twitter and different media’s but what you don’t realize as a parent, obviously, I know what I’m doing. But if my kid came to me, my 17 year old son came to me and said, I have chest pain and shortness of breath, I would freak out as a mom. It’s just nothing normal with a child coming to you telling you they have chest pain and shortness of breath. So we need to stop accepting these propaganda these words that they’re saying it’s okay, it’s not okay for childhood chest pain and shortness of breath. It’s not okay for a child to be on anticoagulation medicine for DVT. To give you an idea, I cannot corroborate the story but I read where there was an account, she’s a nurse in the ER and she said, You know, I was in my shift. And there was a seven year old child who had blood clots in her legs and her lungs. That’s not normal. To stop accepting. That’s really my message.


Will Dove  11:45

And of course, we know they’re trying to normalize this here in Canada. It was I don’t know, six, eight months ago now, we started seeing signs on buses, saying children have strokes too. Well, I was a paramedic 35 years ago, I never had a child have a stroke. Now, of course, yeah. Okay. In an odd circumstances where the child might have an underlying condition, I suppose it’s possible, but they’re trying to make it sound like that’s normal. And then the other day, just the other day, I saw a commercial that’s come out, I think it’s in the US. And it’s shows this girl who’s probably junior high age collapsing on a soccer field. And the message is children have heart attacks too. I’m sorry, what? And so the question that we have, and this is patently ludicrous to you, and I and 95% of our viewers who understand all of this.  My question for you is as because you are on the steering committee for the World Council for Health, you’re very actively involved in that organization. How do we fight this, this narrative? How do we correct that kind of thinking? Because, of course, you’re dealing with people who have no medical knowledge, and they see these very well constructed ads that tell them that their children can have these — priming them to think its normal when their kid collapses with what amounts to a heart attack.


Dr. Kat Lindley  13:02

So when they start doing this narrative, it myocarditis, trying to say that this is normal, what they’re trying to do in other instances to do is confuse that with this hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, that’s very rare. And they’re trying to normalize this idea that children just drop dead. Children don’t drop, that doesn’t happen. It’s extremely rare. And like I said, in few instances, maybe the child had that hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but it’s totally different than this narrative with myocarditis that’s happening right now. And I don’t know if you remember that video of a swimmer diving into the water al of a sudden and she was unresponsive and one of her trainers had to jump in to lift her up from the water. That’s not normal again, strokes. They’re not normal. Children, exactly like you said, Unless child was born with some kind of genetic underlying disorder. First of all, I’ve never even seen it even in those but the Yeah, sure I agree with you. There could be some rarest instances in the world where child have a stroke all of a sudden. Approving a drug for stroke in children for anticoagulation and children all of a sudden, why are we asking this question? Children don’t have heart disease, unless they are born with some kind of genetic condition, or some kind of extreme family history. None of these things are normal. I think most parents realize that.  Well, to give you an idea, you know, I moved to Texas about five years ago, and, you know, talk about heatwave. After just a real heatwave. And kids here in Texas, football is religion. So in middle of August, when we have the highest temperature, these kids are outside playing football. My concern at the time was there is a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that some teenagers can have. But it’s not really known. Because you have a there’s no like screening specific report. Unless like there is some family history, you don’t just usually do it. So I started looking into it. And we adopted I’m going to school board here. So we adopted a program where we screened these athletes, you can do echo and EKG to make sure they don’t have idiopathic cardiomyopathy, because in those events, yes, you could have an event where a kid is running in the heat or something and they collapse.  What I’ve noticed is that the uptake in all of the vaccines has gone down. And you have to say, I get it, I get that, because now you come to this era where you really can’t trust anything, and you don’t want to harm your children and these vaccines that they’re trying to, you know, how many boosters they want kids to have. And I would say that what I’ve seen so far is the parents are being smart about it. Most parents are not doing it. My only fear is at least United States, we’re starting the new school year in next few weeks. And my fear is that States are going to start mandating them. New York has, California has tried, and I’ve read the DC mayor is going to So my concern is these blue states where they might try to do it. But I still believe that most parents are going to choose not to and maybe even consider homeschooling their children.


Will Dove  16:12

Yes. And I think that’s we’re going to see a lot of that because I do believe that that’s going to happen across Canada, that sometime in mid to late August that governments across Canada are going to announce that children will have to be jabbed to go to school.


Dr. Kat Lindley  16:25

Sorry, just want to mention one thing about homeschooling watch the government there are a lot of governments are now putting out legislature that you should not be homeschooling your children. So I find it very interesting to talk about like this global communication that they’re having their lot of governments where they’re trying to put legislation where actually bans homeschool, because honestly, when this vaccine mandates start coming into school, some parents will decide to say, You know what, I’m not doing it, they can’t get an exemption, they’re just going to take the kids out, but their own governments are trying to put blocks in the in their way. And that’s very concerning. That’s very concerning, you have to start asking yourself, what are they trying to do to our future generation,


Will Dove  17:05

Dr. Lindley, you run an active practice. And so I’ve wanted to ask, since the beginning of the vaccine rollouts a year and a half ago, what have you seen in your own practice, in terms of injuries and side effects, and especially among children,


Dr. Kat Lindley  17:20

I live in a free state of Texas, as I like to call it, the uptake in vaccine in this area is actually not very high, I only have a few patients who have had vaccine. And some of them had mild events that we were able to correct through natural ways and things like that. But I do get a lot of correspondence from the United Kingdom. And I’ve helped a lot of people there. And I will say, you know, they are on a lot more boosters than we are on and the side effects are quite alarming. Some of them cannot even get out of bed, because they have developed heart syndrome, which causes you know, interference in their blood pressure heart rate. So they cannot stand on their feet. Lots of them truly do have heart damage by a carditis. Several had seizure disorders and generalized this fatigue, that is not non tired, I can go to work, it’s fatigue, I can function, I cannot have a normal life. So I would say overall, the incidence of side effects seems to be more in people who have had more boosters. The important thing is to find physicians or consultants or someone who can help kind of try to get back on track what people have to realize there’s no cure for this.  I’m a firm believer that there’s no cure. I am disgusted, the visceral physician who didn’t include Dr. Paul Merrick, we had an interesting exchange in one of the GA’s because him and I agree, definitely ways that people can be helped, and symptoms can be mitigated, and they can probably get back to as normal life as they can, they might have some flare ups here and there. But there’s no like something that will completely, you know, take away this spike protein production or whatever is causing the different symptoms.  We haven’t invented a way of removing this, but there are definitely ways to help. And there is definitely hope. And I would tell two people who have taken the vaccines there, and they’re having side effects to look for someone who can help them, but also read a lot about how to do it naturally in their own way with different content, diets or anti mast cell activation dyes. There’s so many things out there, there is hope. And we see that in discussions that we have at the UK Council, and FLCCC, and different organizations – Canada has some great organizations as well. I think the hardest thing is the persecution of people who are trying to figure out how to help. And you know, you mentioned I come from Yugoslavia. I grew up in communism, and I’ve lived the free life for a long time. And not to go back to this era where we’re not free where we can’t talk. We’re gonna go suspended, where you’re gonna get censored, it’s very hard. It’s really disheartening. I think that’s one of the biggest tragedies of this whole thing.


Will Dove  20:09

Now, if I remember my history correctly, by the time you were born, Yugoslavia was already a communist country. So I don’t think you lived through the period where that came into play. Certainly you did live with it. And what are the parallels that you’re seeing between growing up in Yugoslavia, and what’s happening now, even in the US,


Dr. Kat Lindley  20:27

As soon as these things started happening, I was having a little bit like, I was working in urgent care at the time, I was really seeing patients that were sick before we kind of got the directive, tell them to stay home and not come. So we were seeing patients and one of my first patients actually end up dying a few days later, so and then at that time, the propaganda was really high coming from China, New York. So there was this, like, huge level of fear. And I remember, you know, coming home at night, it was 11 o’clock, and I was taking a shower, and I started crying. The thing that kept on going in my head is like, Oh, my God, what am I bringing home to my family to my kids. And then in, I was talking to a friend of mine in Pennsylvania, who knows me really well. And she said to me, something that kind of hit me hard. She said, you’re having flashbacks. And I thought about that. And I was like, you’re right, I am. Because what happens in these totalitarian regimes, they make you fear something, whether that’s government, whether that’s a new pathogen, whether you know, whatever that is, but they make you really fear it, and they escalate that fear. And then once they escalate that fear, they kind of bombard you with this information, they separate you. And for us, it was don’t go to school don’t go to work.  You know, I think the only thing the same is the fact that I actually did go to work today. But they separate you, then they keep on putting more and more propaganda more and more fear, and you keep on wanting to watch TV, because you want to know, you want to know how I’m gonna save myself. And then they slowly start saying, Well, if you do this little thing, you know if you stay six feet apart, maybe you can go to the store, or to start wearing this mask, maybe you can go to the store. Or if you start getting this vaccine, maybe you can have your job back. And that’s kind of, you know, for me, it was easy to recognize, because that’s what happens. That’s what happens in these totalitarian regimes.  And when the mandate started falling, I kept on telling everyone, I still firmly believe that they’re not gone, they’re gonna come back, whatever they are. Because what happens in these situations is they have you on a leash and the leash is really tight for a while. And then, when they know that you’re really obedient, it kind of let at least just a little bit to make you feel a little hope because if you don’t have hope you just gonna give up and die. But if you have hope, you’re still gonna fight so they let that leash out just a little bit to feel like you have hope. And you have like one more meter in your little circle to walk, and then all of a sudden, they yank it back. And now instead of being five feet leash that was before, it’s about four, three, and you’re going to stay in that state for a while, and they might like to lose a little bit just because they know that you don’t want to die.  They know how to control it, in a sense, I don’t want to know but they know how to control our mind. Hope is very important to people. And they give you false hope, with certain things. And you think you can believe them? And it’s like, you know, you sometimes you ask people, why did you stay in this abusive relationships, because I don’t know anything better. And I feel secure in what I know. And that’s where we are. And I’m a firm believer that things are gonna get worse, they’re not gonna get better. The only way they’re gonna get better is if we take our power back, right? We haven’t done it. We have not done it. We have tried through Canadian truckers, Dutch farmers to Italian farmers. We’ve tried, but they haven’t done it


Will Dove  23:46

Because the only thing that’s really going to work is when a sufficient amount of the population simply refuses to comply. Dr. Lindley, I want to once again access your knowledge, personal knowledge of totalitarian government because I have a theory that Australia Shanghai, for example, these have been experiments, social experiment, they went after Australia because the populations on arm to many people don’t know that in response to school shootings about 20 years ago, Australians largely voluntarily gave up their guns, so they have no means of protecting themselves and against a tyrannical government. And of course, Shanghai is in China, which is a populous it’s already used to complying with just about anything they’re told to do. And so I think that these have been social experiments to see how far they can push people. For example, I don’t think it’s any accident that every province in Canada has had different mandates at different times. They’re experimenting. What do you think of that?


Dr. Kat Lindley  24:39

I gave an interview about six nine months ago with a friend from UK, A.J. Roberts. And that’s exactly what I said Australia is an experiment because it’s a small island, they don’t have guns and in general Australian people are good people that will try to do the best for their own community and comply because for the greater good. The problem armies once you give up your freedom day by day by day by day, you will never get it back. Australia also has those camps that it tried using in New Zealand, right? Where they tried to put you in quarantine and things like that. Those are all experiments to see how much are we going to do it. For example, takes masks and masking children. Masking doesn’t work. We all know it. Science shows it. Science has shown it in this debate is done.  The reason they mask children specifically and in those pictures, the children are masked. And the alternative is to create a generation that will be obedient. Our children are that age, they don’t ask questions. They just do it because the adult told them to do it. And you start creating an obedient generation that will follow your orders. So I would watch our children. And because our children have been a social experiment as well, it’s interesting what you said that Australia gave up their guns in response to shootings at school. What has happened in nine states recently, how many shootings have we had? And how many conflicting stories are coming out of those shootings? Right, even this year about the most recent incidents here in Texas, they’re questioning the response from the police. How did the person get in how didn’t have time I watched the video, and I forget the timing of that video. But there were several, not two minutes, I believe was 20. Some minutes, maybe even more, so don’t quote me maybe look up the video, where the police stood in the hallway is a freaking train police. If one of those people was in front of me, they could call me down in a second. These are trained people standing in the hallway listening to this gunman. And no one has gone in the person that went in was a border patrol agent, not even the police. So you have to ask questions. Why are these things happening? Is this trying to take away Second Amendment from the Americans. And this has nothing to do with whether I’m in favor or not of guns. But the second amendment was put there by founding fathers for a reason. And I think the only reason the world is still in place is because the Second Amendment in the United States is still alive. So it’s a scary time for all of us. We need to take our freedoms and our rights very seriously. And we need to stop willingly giving them away because that’s what we’ve done. They haven’t taken anything from us. We haven’t given it to them.


Will Dove  27:22

Indeed. And of course, in reference to the Second Amendment that you’re talking about, and you said, it’s there for a reason. Well, the reason is, as it stated, the right to bear arms is there so that the people can protect themselves against tyrannical government. And many people in America realize that people here in Canada actually have just as many guns as you do, per capita, we just don’t have the right to carry them around in public. So that’s a major warning sign when the government starts working to take your guns away. Because what happens then now you’ve got a defenseless populace, and they can do anything to you. So I want to finish up documentary with this question. And I was leading up to this when I asked you, first of all about your experiences growing up in communist Yugoslavia, and then seeing how all of this is evolving, because you and I are both have the very strong opinion that we’re going to see much worse before it gets better. And it’s going to start this fall. What are your predictions for what the globalist agenda is going to follow in the coming years, months, whatever.


Dr. Kat Lindley  28:21

Think there’s every indication that they haven’t given up whatever their agenda is. And people always asked me Do you know, like, what do you think it is? And I always tell them until I meet Klaus Schwab, I have an idea and I hope not meeting some hopefully not even know I have a very weird sense of humor. For those who don’t know me well. But the thing is, you know, every indication is exactly that. They don’t want us to be free. They’re going to try to do everything in their power. Take away even more freedom away. I’m really sorry, but I have no intention of eating another human being. So no matter how many ads I read about cannibalism, it’s not going to happen. Same thing, like the insect actually went to Beijing, China, when I was teaching at a medical school for a week, and we went to this market where they had fried cockroaches and different things. And smell was horrendous. I’m not eating insects, either. I have concerns that governments are paying their own farmers not to produce things that are sabotaging people who actually are trying to feed us these prices, you know, we shut down our pipeline, and now we’re selling our reserve oil because and I’m not even sure why we’re selling it, you know, it’s like so much noise out there. I’m just trying to like digest a little bit at the time, but even I can see the players are moving these check pieces around the globe to create mass panic, fear, confusion, and despair. And my answer to all this would be take your power back and then help your community take their power back. Start working within your own community in your own church fellowship. At whatever it is schools and make sure that you take care of people around you because no one is coming to save us.


Will Dove  30:07

Just to add to your comments, I’ve done interviews recently with people here in Canada who have set up micro schools. These are, of course, an alternative to homeschooling. But when they call it a micro school, what they mean is that they typically have less than 20 students. And so you have perhaps two or three teachers who got the resources, they’re getting an excellent education. And the reason why these micro schools are cropping up is because parents are refusing to have their kids injected, they’re refusing to have them subjected to the narrative that gets hammered into them when they go to the public schools. And so I think that’s one of the things that people really need to start doing is get active, get a group of people together, find 20 parents who are willing to spend $1,000 a month for their child’s private education so that you can get a building and you can pay the teacher or teachers and get your kids out of that system.


Dr. Kat Lindley  30:55

I agree. Because you know, this thing I started years ago, didn’t start 50 6070. It didn’t start. Two years ago, we started our school system, our education, it kind of became this cancer where the government in schools are not only educating that does the job, but they are raising our children, and teaching our children things that we as parents do not agree with. You know, I’m lucky honestly, the school district that my kids go to is a wonderful school district, we are very well aware of what the kids are getting in school and trying to best the thing we can do, as a school board members and as parents, but not the model places, you know, some of the things they learn in California, is trying to normalize pedophiles, gender transitions, that young age, and there’s nothing wrong with these things when you become older and can make your own decisions when your hormonal axis is fully developed. And you decided this is what you want to do with your life, I’ll say more power to you, you’re in charge of your life, do whatever you want. But a child that’s five years old, three years old, maybe a boy who’s going to pay because he has a sister and they play with Barbies. That doesn’t mean that that boy wants to be a girl. just mean that boy is playing with whatever he has at the house, and he’s bored. So we need to start really accepting that some of this is our own fault, we have given up our power. And as I keep going back to the thing, take back the power, because we’ve given it away as parents, you know, we work really hard. And it’s hard to take care of your kids when you’re working. So they go to school from eight to three to five, and then they come home, you’re exhausted, it’s really easy to get them french fries and chicken nuggets, because you really don’t want to hear that they don’t want spaghetti at night. These are the little things that we’ve done for a long time. And now we’re dealing with the consequences. So I love the idea of the micro school. I wish I could be someone who can actually do homeschooling I can I will probably go insane. But I like the idea of micro school because you can employ a couple families can come together and find a great teacher to actually teach children what they need to know about life about the world and not propaganda. It’s not a secret. I’m a conservative. And I think that has to do with my upbringing. But if one of my children had totally different political ideation, I would be fine with that as long as the child had sources from both sides, and they made a decision. It’s all about empowering children to become what they want to be but not telling them what they want, where they need to be and where they want to be. Power back for parents is very important. And I’m a firm believer that parents will do the right thing with these vaccines, and most of them will say no to them. I genuinely hope


Will Dove  33:45

you are right. Dr. Lindley, thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge with our audience. We’ll just of course have to wait and see what develops in the coming months. But as you say, people need to take back their power they need to refuse to comply and above all they need to protect their children. So thank you again for your time.


Dr. Kat Lindley  34:03

Thank you for having me.


Will Dove  34:05

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