The Globalist Criminal Mind: WTF Are They Thinking?! | John Leake

October 20, 2022

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True crime writer, John Leake, co-authored the book, The Courage to Face Covid-19 with Dr. Peter McCullough. The book is an in-depth chronological account of the systematic censorship and vilification of anyone, especially qualified medical professionals such as Dr. McCullough, who speak out against the Covid narrative.

Will and John go beyond the book…

  • How do we reach the fence sitters and show them the truth that they have been lied to?
  • What is John’s opinion as a crime writer on the thought process of globalists committing heinous crimes against humanity?
  • How has the globalist agenda affected the thinking of regulatory officials, especially within the medical profession?
  • Will we ever return to ‘science’ being a term that refers to facts and solid data, rather than a dogmatic expression which requires no substantiation?
  • What does John believe their next steps will be, and how can we counter them?


The Courage to Face Covid 19

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John Leake, Will Dove

Will Dove 00:15
I have with me today John Leake who is co author of the book “The Courage to Face COVID-19; Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Biopharmaceutical Complex”. A book, which he co authored with Dr. Peter McCullough, who has been a guest on my show previously. Both men worked together on this very extensive book, a timeline of events of the censorship, and the attack upon them, the true medical community, the true science, and the advancement of the globalist agenda. John, thanks so much for joining me.

John Leake 00:48
Thanks for having me.

Will Dove 00:49
The book begins, and what seems to me, a very moderate tone. But by the end, there’s no doubt of your conclusion that everything we’ve seen in the past two and a half years, has been the result of an intentional attack upon our rights and freedoms, our very lives. Are you consciously trying to reach those who may be sitting on the fence and using the timeline of events to lead those fence sitters to the truth? In short, was the change in tone that at least I felt I detected as the story progressed intentional?

John Leake 01:16
It was certainly intentional. I have this belief. And I think it’s well supported by a lot of studies that humans actually understand things through stories. If you just start presenting people with lots of facts and figures and data points, they have a hard – most people have a hard time following it unless it’s some area of intense specialization that they’ve trained in. So I wanted to tell the story as it unfolded in real time. And that is a cognitive experiences. I remember in late February, early March of 2020, I just perceived that what we were being told about this novel respiratory virus was implausible. There are a number of implausibilities, but it is novel, it is frightening, you know, you have to give the benefit of the doubt. It might might take some time for people to get on top of it and understand precisely what we’re dealing with. The moderate tone that you perceive, I think, is reflective, that it’s okay, well, let’s try and figure this out. But very quickly, I would say by March the 15th, I began to strongly suspect that a lot of what we were being told by public health authorities was fraudulent, a deliberate fraudulent misrepresentation. But by the time we get into the suppression of early treatment, the evidence rises to the level of finding, a fact finding of negligent homicide, at the very least, yes, we can talk about that, you know, legally speaking. Right, so it would might perhaps be perhaps be more accurate to say that the tone of the book, as you progress through the story reflects more your own mindset, as you were living not as you were writing it, because obviously you wrote later but as you yourself are living this experience, and as we all did, of you know, firstly announced the virus, and there’s all this fear and uncertainty, and then gradually, loads of us at least are paying attention and start to realize, well, wait a minute, some things don’t add up here. Correct,. Precisely. And I would use that idiom. And you think this doesn’t really add up, the first thing that really jumped out at me was the Italian data from the greater Milan area, you have these horror show scenes and parking lots of hospitals and so forth in the greater Milan area. And what’s being represented, this virus is equally lethal to everybody from young athletes all the way to to nursing home residents. But then you start looking closely, I started doing research on the hospitals that are being referred to by international news crews. And you realize, well, there are only 52 beds, ICU beds in the whole hospital in there are millions of people in greater Milan. So something can be very, very overwhelming and frightening. But if you don’t have a sense of perspective and scale, then this can really generate immense fear that isn’t representative of what’s going on. The second thing was the Italian Superior Institute of Health, I think it was March the 16th 2020. They actually released a forensic study of, forensic pathological study based on autopsies, which was quite brave. The tie ins I believe, were the first to conduct autopsies on what was perceived to be COVID victims. And the conclusion and this was announced in a press conference was that the average age of death of those confirmed autopsy confirmed cases was 82 years old. So that’s actually exceeding Italian life expectancy. And you could say, well, that’s not the whole picture. I mean, we’re just now learning but based on that initial study, I didn’t understand how the inference was being made that this is an equal threat to everybody. It sounds like the elderly and the frail are those that we should primarily be concerned about. Some, it began to look like a viral respiratory illness, that posed a threat to only a relatively small percentage of the population was being represented to us as a grounds for total lockdown, total control of the population, and all of these other emergency measures that we go through in the book. The other thing is, I’ve long as someone who studied political history, I have a master’s degree in political philosophy. I’ve long been wary of emergency powers, something that all would be dictators in history, you know, going back to the Romans were very fond of invoking whenever they wanted to extend their power. So the citizenry needs to be very questioning of politicians that invoke emergency powers.

Will Dove 06:14
And, John, I’d like to just based upon that one comment about the emergency powers because I agree with you completely, that this has been a tool of tyrants throughout history. And I’ve been very outspoken here in Canada, that I believe that we need to scrap the emergency measures act entirely, that it should not be there for the simple reason that if it’s there, sooner or later, someone’s going to abuse it. Now, you know, you’re aware of some of the extreme things have been happening in Canada. But of course, in the US, you’ve had your own problems. So I want to ask not as an author, but as an American. What do you think of the emergency measures act? Should it be there? Should it be part of your constitution? Or should it be scrapped?

John Leake 06:49
I’m thinking if I remember all the legislative stuff on this, it was 1976, there was an Emergency Powers Act that was passed by Congress, and then all of this pretty much every state in the union and followed with with their own State Emergency Power Act of 1976, in Texas, which is the one that I really became intimately familiar with. It’s very vaguely written. And we can debate for a long time. I mean, there’s a long tradition and a jurisprudence of, you know, what exactly constitutes an emergency? Are all our Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. He famously coined the the phrase ‘clear and present danger’ as it pertained to the Espionage Act. The question is, how do we know that a purportedly foreign or domestic individual who’s engaging in some kind of act or speech that is inimical to national security? How can we ascertain that this person is a true threat that warrants suspension of due process and Oliver Wendell Holmes, he coined this phrase, ‘clear and present danger’, as distinct from a hypothetical danger, you know, under certain circumstances, this could be a mortal danger to citizens or to the Republic itself, this whole business of defining an emergency, it has to be something that is tangible. And it has to be something that is of a defined frame of time, it can’t just be this open ended thing. I mean, I think a lot of your viewers might be surprised the United States for the activation of this emergency act, we’re still in a state of emergency legally speaking, you know, to most people that would come as a grave surprise. I mean, well, I read that he’s going to restaurants and getting on aircraft. So…

Will Dove 08:58
but but probably not to my viewers, because of course, we all understand that all of these vaccinations, “vaccinations” are still being administered under an emergency use authorization, both in the US and in Canada.

John Leake 09:11
Correct. And I think that goes to the crux of it. I mean, if you invoke an emergency, and if you pursue the logic or assert the logic, that dangerous times call for extreme measure, extreme times call for extreme measures, then the standards of evaluating efficacy and safety for products that are purportedly for dealing with the emergency, you know, suddenly you’re off the hook on standards of evidence and liability. So it’s, oh, there’s an emergency. Our friends in the pharmaceutical industry have been working on a new vaccine technology. We governments are going to pre purchase billions and billions of dollars of it and indemnify them have any liability, per emergency use authorization. So just this is inherently a situation that I think can have very pernicious consequences.

Will Dove 10:15
I want to return to the specific instances in the book race, as I’ve already said, Folks, the book is extremely extensive. If John and I tried to cover the book itself, we’d be here for hours. What I will recommend to you is, especially if you have friends or family that are sitting on the fence, buy the book and give them a copy. Because if anything is going to convince them, that what’s going on here is going way beyond just stupidity and incompetence, but is in fact, a planned attack upon our rights or freedoms, our very lives, it will be this book, because you can’t go through the timeline that John has laid out along with with the help of Dr. Peter McCullough and come away with any other conclusion. But what I hadn’t mentioned so far is that John is also a true crime author. He has two previous books to his name, a third one coming out. And so because you yourself come to this very strong conclusion that this is a globalist attack, it’s very intentional. They know they’re killing people. As a crime author, I’m sure you’ve had to get inside the heads of criminals in at least one case, a mass murderer. This, in my opinion, is the greatest mass murder in all of history. And a piece of psychology. I do know, is that everybody thinks they’re the good guy. So we have to think about people like Fauci, Gates Schwab, if you had to get inside their heads, what do you think they’re thinking? I think that inferences based on their utterances and on their behavior and on their track records, I think it’s important to start with this perception that extremely successful and powerful men may begin to have of themselves that there’s something exceedingly exceptional about themselves. And Bill Gates is the second most wealthy man on earth. For many years, he was the most wealthy man on earth. I mean, you just run the numbers on Bill Gates, I mean, I think his fortune is estimated to be around $160 billion. If you were to earn median household income of the United States, which is about 70,000 bucks a year, you’d have to work for about 1.6 million years without paying taxes or spending a dime or losing anything to inflation in order to finally reach his fortune. So that kind of wealth, I can only infer might create a sort of Master of the Universe mentality. And that Master of the Universe mentality, I think can lead to all kinds of delusions of, you know, I really should be in charge, or I and my friends should all be in charge. And you know, we might make mistakes, we might not be infallible, but under our vision of the world, it’s a kind of megalomaniac vision of we know what’s best for humanity. And we’ve seen this in history, I mean, this empire building impulse, where a man or a group of men begins to think that they have the competence and the understanding to rule the world. I mean, you think of Alexander the Great, or the Roman Emperor Trajan, or Genghis Khan, or Napoleon or Hitler, it’s a kind of megalomaniac vision of consolidating power, not over a particular jurisdiction, but of all jurisdictions of all people.

John Leake 13:36
And I think that’s what’s happening with the globalists. The one thing that I would add, we often think of Davos man, the World Economic Forum, and I think for good reason they combine this conventional empire building impulse or our inclination, I’m always impressed by the fact that the World Economic Forum is ensconced in Switzerland, this neutral Alpine country, it has, you know, it’s up high in the in the Alps, kind of looking down from an Olympian height down onto humanity, the whole history of Switzerland, you know, having this neutrality but strange influence in the affairs of European history, and I think Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and these guys, it could well be that they just are convinced we know what’s best for humanity. And there will be price to pay, there will be cost but you can’t make an omelet without smashing some eggs. This thinking of humanity in terms of being a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. I think this is a general framework for interpreting their conduct

Will Dove 14:47
Further to that line of thought Dr. David Martin has predicted that by 2028, within six years, 700 million people globally are going to die from these injections. My personal opinion is that that estimate is low. I think it’s actually gonna be higher. than that, once we take into account all the cancers that are coming, all the people who are gonna die from myocarditis in next five years. Countries like Canada that are continuing to push these injections on people because I think Dr. Martin’s estimate is based upon the injections that have administered so far. And there’s going to be countries out there like Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, they’re just gonna keep pushing these things on the people. And so we’re gonna see much higher death rates in those countries. And so Gates, the other globalists, they have to know what they’re doing. In fact, it’s one of their stated goals to reduce the global population. How do you think they justify that? In their mind, there’s no other way to define this, but mass murder, they know they are killing hundreds of millions of people. And yet, this doesn’t bother them. As you’ve said, they think they should be the ones ruling the world. They think this is justifiable. How do you think they’re justifying that in their minds?

John Leake 15:45
Yeah, as a true crime author, I have a long standing habit and inclination to try and establish things one step at a time. And you mean, it’s what could you prove? And if this were challenged in a court of law, you know, what could you really establish, you know, as proof as incontrovertible evidence and a court of law? And what I’m seeing with the globalists is, I think the way I would characterize particularly this Davos crowd is they are prime suspects for everything that you’ve just described. Now, to actually prove what they know, what’s wishful thinking is a kind of willful blindness, delusions of grandeur, I’m not sure we can say with the kind of certainty that could get a conviction for murder. I feel like what the world needs to be doing is watching these people very, very closely with grave suspicion. The messenger RNA vaccines. This is highly experimental and conjures the old Mary Shelley’s story, you know, Frankenstein, I mean, he doesn’t really know what he’s getting himself into. But he’s charmed by the idea of kind of crossing over into this new cognitive frontier with these messenger RNA therapeutics. They don’t care about the recklessness. So there’s a kind of a gambling impulse that we’re seeing in this, like, maybe they’ll really be all they’re cracked up to be, maybe they won’t. But in the meantime, our friends that are part of this complex will have all made hundreds of billions of dollars who really gives a damn if it doesn’t work out. I oftentimes compare this mentality and I think that epitome of this was the way the leadership or so called Leadership comported themselves in the run up to the First World War, there was this perception throughout Europe, it’s gonna happen, we just have to prepare for it the whole financial structure, the railroads, that the armaments industries, I mean, all of these guys were ready to unleash hell on the battlefields of Belgium and Flanders and they had their timetables and their plans, I mean, even Alfred von Schlieffen the head of the German general staff that was credited with coming up with this invasion plan. He apparently said on his deathbed, I’m not sure if this will work. But, you know, we’ll give it a shot. And then, you know, four years later, they’re millions of young men dead on the battlefield. So there’s recklessness that we see amongst arrogant authorities. And of course, we’re seeing it again now.

Will Dove 18:35
So you think it’s possible then that certainly there’s this agenda of a very much a profit oriented one, certainly for many of them. I mean, Bill Gates came right out and said that his investment in these vaccines has been the most profitable investments he’s ever made. So you think it’s possible then that these globalists, the deaths are a side effect? They’re not really giving that a whole lot of thought? Yes. And I think that it’s useful to think of the fear of emerging infectious disease. I mean, what I thought was notable about Bill Gates, he started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and he almost straight out of it becomes very, very interested in becoming the foundation the mechanism for dealing with emerging infectious disease. And there’s always this kind of specter of the 1918, Spanish flu, this perception and even this assertion that something like that is coming again, which I think is kind of a whole fun thing to play around with. It’s not exactly clear why there was such conviction that something like the Spanish flu was coming again. But anyway, this has been the assertion for some time, and when it happens, it’s just a matter of time. We’ve our foundation and its public private partnerships, particularly through this institution that was founded in 2017 called CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations CEPI will literally possess the know how, the financing, the relationships with all governments on Earth to engineer the solution to the pandemic. So you think of this as a mechanism, all of the heads of state, all national jurisdictions will have to turn to CEPI in order to obtain the expertise and the know how in order to diffuse the crisis. So the fear of an infected emerging infectious disease is the mechanism for centralized global control. Yes, and I agree completely, that that’s exactly what they’re doing, getting back to the book, because in the book, and it’s unfortunate that Dr. Peter McCullough was not able to join us. He was supposed to be here for the interview folks. And John informed me very sadly that his father passed away this morning. One of the stories you should read in the book is how Dr. McCullough saved his own father from a very serious case of COVID when the hospitals wouldn’t cooperate with the treatment program. So unfortunately, Dr. McCullough is not able to be here. But there’s a great deal of detail in the book about how Dr. McCullough himself has been censored and attacked for speaking out speaking the truth for advancing what’s called the McCullough protocol. One of the most effective early treatments for COVID that hadn’t been adopted globally could undoubtedly have saved millions of lives. But John, your research for this book has made you very knowledgeable in regards the tools being used by the globalists to silence dissent and to promote their own agenda. And my viewers are of course aware of Event 201 as well as other warning signs that the globalist leaders had been working toward this goal for decades. And certainly, they have put forth very coordinated efforts to advance their agenda by silencing experts such as Dr. McCullough, lying out right to the public, hiding effective treatments, a laundry list of other heinous actions that include buying off key people. But of course, not every doctor and official out there can possibly be on their payroll. So here’s the question based upon that long, sort of rambling introduction, why and how do you think they have been so very successful in getting large numbers of people to buy into to advance their narrative?

John Leake 22:08
I think if we look at the example of the United States, so much of the practice of medicine is now happening within the context of so called Health Systems, the days of an individual doctor having a clinic and perhaps even I lived in Vienna for many years, I thought it was quite charming, you would go see the doctor, your internist, and he just had a beautiful, elegant apartment with nice furniture, and then you’d go back to the examining room, and he had some basic medical equipment, and he would examine you as an independent physician in his own independent office. There are very few of them. Most doctors work in a health system that is strongly affiliated with a hospital and our hospital system, its payment, the entire system of payments is very closely network with the US Federal Government, Medicare and Medicaid. The insurance industry is very aligned with the United States government. So a lot of the payment, the payout for medical care to hospital systems is regulated, and even directly paid out by US government institutions. So we have an emerging infectious disease. You’re a doctor, you’ve had all of the schooling and training in this health system. And you wake up one morning, and you there’s an email saying on the subject of ambulatory treatment of SARS, COVID 19. The hospital has concluded pursuant to FDA CDC, National Institutes of Health assertions, there is no ambulatory treatment, repurposed drugs, although they’re FDA approved, and other indications, they shall not be used. So you’re a doctor at that moment you received the directive. I mean, you have a choice to make, do you buck the health system and conclude? Well, my primary duty is not to my health system administrators and its liars. My primary duty is to my individual patients. The problem with doctors like that. And Dr. McCullough, I think is the exemplary doctor that said, Well, my duty is to my patients, it’s to adhering to my oath is that you get fired and sued if you do it. Yeah. So you know, you better be ready to be out on your ear with mounting legal bills, these institutions literally coming at you, or you keep your head down in order to retain your position. And it would seem that the majority of doctors found it expedient to keep their head down in order to keep their positions. Now that’s perhaps a little too harsh. I think of the old saying that it’s hard to get a man to see something when his paycheck depends on him not Seeing it, it may not be that you’ve acquainted yourself with what’s going on. Because you instinctively perceive, you know, there’s nothing to be gained from doing it, you know, so this turning a blind eye for just not to get involved in this all together, I think is a very plausible explanation for the conduct of many.

Will Dove 25:21
And I’d like to step that up if you answered the question talking about the individual doctors, which was the question I asked. So thank you for a very clear answer. But now we have to deal with, say the hospital administrators who yes, as you say, I mean, Dr. McCullough is a perfect example. They went after him full bore, ended up firing him, censoring him, the media going after him. Now in the US, of course, medicine is a big business. It has billions of dollars attached to it. Here in Canada, we have socialized medicine. Now people mistakenly think that means that the pharmaceutical companies have no influence – they do. But here in Canada, we do still have this situation where any doctor, for example, who just like in the US, you can’t prescribe hydroxychloroquine you can’t prescribe ivermectin. And if you do, you’ll lose your medical license.

John Leake 26:05
If I can put a finer point on that you can prescribe hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis, malaria prophylaxis, lupus, you just can’t prescribe it for COVID-19.

Will Dove 26:17
Yes. And thank you for clarifying that. You’re absolutely right. Here in Canada, people can, through certain channels get their hands on ivermectin, I actually have some myself, but try to get hydroxychloroquine here. You can’t, they won’t let it into the country. It’s that bad. So once again, I want to ask you for your perspective as a crime writer is getting into the heads of these people and having studied everything that’s been going on and all of this huge globalist agenda. And I realize I’m asking you a very difficult question, because you’re not a Canadian, you’re not familiar with the Canadian system. But I have been puzzling over this for a long time, the colleges of physicians and surgeons here which are at the provincial level, so every province in Canada, has a College of Physicians and Surgeons and they have authority over the individual doctors. Now, we haven’t been able to dig up any evidence that they’re being bought off. And so this is puzzling me as to why they are so rapidly going after any doctors who attempt to use proven effective early treatments for COVID. What do you think?

John Leake 27:15
There are a multiplicity of possible explanations, I’m sorry, that I can’t ever just, you know, wallop the nail down with one swing of the hammer. But, you know, part of the problem is that people in organizations are very, very vulnerable to groupthink. I mean, there’s a long tradition or tradition, there’s a long history of this in Madison, where there’s something new and a new disease, a new apparent discovery. And these distinguished academics, they don’t examine it themselves, they look to what the other eminent authorities around them are saying. And they form their very perception based on what other perceived authorities are saying. So it’s groupthink, and it is also the way in which the human mind is very much susceptible to arguments by authority. It’s actually a classical fallacy. It’s not an argument by dispassionately looking at evidence, well, so and so is the head of infectious diseases at the such and such clinic in Toronto. And this is what he says there’s this tendency to be very influenced by groupthink and authority, I would think that’s going on in Canada. Um, the other thing that you have to ask is, there is over time, there does tend to be a selection process that naturally happens in these institutions, there may be something about the atmosphere of these institutions that doesn’t really welcome strong, individualistic thinkers. Canada, as an outsider who knows very little about the country, there does seem to be a kind of conformity and Canadian thinking that perhaps derives from the fact that you have a long history of trusting your government authorities,

Will Dove 29:10
I think you’re remarkably perceptive. I recently visited the US. I’ve been there many times in my life. And while Canadians and Americans have many similarities, there’s two major differences. First of all, Americans are very much encouraged to know and exercise their personal rights, whereas most Canadians have absolutely no idea of what their rights are. And Americans I think, are also encouraged as a result of that to think more so for themselves rather than that conformist groupthink that you’re referring to. And the reason why I wanted to interject that because in the book, you gave multiple instances of bureaucrats governing bodies that were participating in this global agenda, participating in the censorship of, you know, responsible doctors like Dr. McCullough, but where the people who are sitting on those boards were not themselves doctors or scientists. And we’ve got the same problem here with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Most of these people are not doctors and scientists, they’re bureaucrats. So do you think that that’s part of contributing to it?

John Leake 30:04
I do. To mention my personal biography again, for many, many years, I lived in Vienna, Austria and one of the subjects that was very, very much in vogue when I was in Vienna, roughly between 1996 and 2010 was this younger generation of journalists, documentary filmmakers, you know, media people have come of age, and they were grappling with this question of Why did our parents and our grandparents conform to the dictates of the Nazi regime when Germany annexed Austria in 1938. If your viewers aren’t familiar with this history, Hitler just said we’re making a move on Austria. He amassed the German army on the frontier, he told the chancellor Schuschnigg, you know, suddenly, then Schuschnigg decided he’s not going to get everybody killed this so Austria was annexed. The German police units, the Gestapo, all of these units then come into Austria. And the question for subsequent generations is Why did our parents and grandparents, with few exceptions, conform? And I would always say, Well, you would have to. You just think that you would have been an exceptional, independent, brave thinker who stuck your head above the parapet, but in fact, you would have kept your head down. And you would have gotten along in order to out of your perception that this is the way things are now going. This is the way the hierarchical authorities, this is where we’re headed, and far be it for me to be a hero and either find myself fired or worse, sent to a concentration camp. So I think when you have this atmosphere of fear, and emergency, very extreme measures are being imposed on institutions in the public, most people play along.

Will Dove 32:01
And I think you’re probably very right about that. John, I have a question for you. And it has to do with the sort of ‘follow the science’ that we all keep hearing about is if we talked about science, we meant the scientific method. You postulate a theory, you do experiments to test that theory and if the results don’t support the theory, you form a new one. But today, governments and the media, including what should be reputable and responsible scientific journals, and you relate that story very well in the book about what happened with Peter McCullough’s journal and how he was the editor of this and then they wouldn’t publish his own story. His own paper on it seemed to be pushing upon the public the idea that “follow the science” translates to believe whatever propaganda we push on you, proof is not required, valid studies are not required. It’s not even required that those pushing this agenda tell us who their “experts” are. So having delved so deeply into this where do you see this leading? Can we turn this narrative around and get back to a world where the public hears the word science and says, show me the data? Canada has reached a point where science and you know, essentially, religion, are pretty much the same thing. No proof required.

John Leake 33:04
You know, a lot of what we see going on is this just it’s a general cultural, cultural war, I’m often reminded of the great religious wars in Europe of the 16th and 17th centuries. You know, the Roman Catholic Church says there are these heretical movements, reform movements coming out of Germany. And we have to counter this by doubling down on an office that will propagate the true religion, the true orthodoxy, and anyone that challenges our spiritual authority in these matters, we will deem a a heretic. And if you’re convicted of heresy, I mean, again, you can be arrested, exiled, placed under house arrest, or you can even be burned at the stake and a lot of people were burned at the stake in the United States. I would say it’s approximately 60% of the public just believes this. I mean, Anthony Fauci in effect, invoked something like Papal Infallibility. I mean, he actually said, I am science at one point, if I remember correctly, so you know, why would anybody believe that? He’s just he’s one individual man. His medical training, I believe, was in the 1960s. I mean, yeah, sure. He’s, he studied infectious disease, but he’s just one guy. I mean, science advances through a multiplicity of observations, debates, comparing notes. Yeah, I mean, through a free discussion and debate, and not from a one old guy, saying, I have the final authority on this thing is anyone that’s read the history of science, I mean, even popularizers of science like Carl Sagan, I mean, they’ve all said what I just said a lot of this seems to have arisen as well from a degradation of general educational standards. I mean, you’re 57 I’m 52. I think maybe our schooling was better in the day?

Will Dove 34:16
Well, I think it definitely was. And because I’ve got two teenagers, 18 and 21, and I’ve seen them go through the school system, my wife was a teacher for 27 years. And I can tell you over the course of her career, I watched the quality of the standards in our educational system just spiral into the ground to the point where it’s amazing, they’re coming out, able to read and do basic math.

John Leake 35:14
And then interpreted framework, a lack of critical thinking skills. Obviously, this makes people far more susceptible to naive belief of what the authorities are telling them.

Will Dove 35:31
And I like that you’ve finished with that statement, because it leads to I think, another very important question, I think you’re gonna have a good perspective on it’s a theory that I’ve been carrying around for a while that everything that we’re seeing happening right now, this whole globalist agenda, the attack on rights and freedoms, the use of technology to control people and to achieve those agendas, I think it was inevitable. And here’s why. We have reached a point in our world where the average person who is using a cell phone, driving a car, living in an air conditioned house, watching television, watching, you know, Elon Musk, launch rockets and set up satellites for internet and all that. They don’t understand the first thing about how any of that works, it might as well be witchcraft, as far as they’re concerned. Because they don’t have the first understanding of it. Now, I’m not necessarily criticizing people, because it’s gotten so complex that nobody could possibly have that level of knowledge about all of that. Some of us are sort of generalists. And you know, we have some knowledge or some understanding of how the internet works, how my computer works, how my phone works, but certainly I couldn’t take any of these devices apart and rebuild them. And so I think we’ve reached a point where it was inevitable, that those who are able to access and control those things, were going to use them against those people who do not understand them. What do you think of that idea?

John Leake 36:58
It is remarkable to think the guys at Facebook, have more information about all of that how many users are on Facebook, now people talk about the Stasi, the East German intelligence and secret police knowing everything about everybody through this just astonishing network of informers. I mean, everybody was informing on everybody, including their own spouse. The Stasi did a tiny fraction of what the social media companies are the data that they’re now gathering on every man, woman and child. So I do think you’re right, it was inevitable that there would be this perception of there’s so many humans on Earth, and they’ve all become dependent on these devices that would enable someone who understands and possesses the infrastructure to know what everyone is doing. And if need be to control what everyone is doing. I think you’re right. It the question is, how does that intersect with and come to terms with the preservation of and our example, in the United States of our Constitution, that’s the terrifying thing is, you know, I see increasing evidence that a lot of people just don’t hold the Constitution in esteem any longer. It’s almost just like, perceived to be a quaint, obsolete document and not the law of the land that keeps us all safe.

Will Dove 38:24
And many Americans don’t realize we have a constitution as well. We have a bill of rights, we have something called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And the sad fact is, the vast majority of Canadians haven’t got the first clue of what’s in it, or what rights it guarantees for or the fact that the government’s actions in the past two and a half years have violated every single major clause within that Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Their actions have been completely illegal. And I’m imagining that in the US, it’s exactly the same that if you read through the American Constitution, you will find that the actions of the governments have been illegal. My favorite founding father is James Madison, who authored our Constitution. It’s really fun to read Madison’s letters and his speeches. He was a fascinating guy. And although he himself was president, and he himself was a framer of the US Constitution, his whole perception of the world was men have to be governed, but they also have to be protected from those who are governing them. I mean, because those who are in a governing position are also human, are also fallible, are also tempted to abuse power. So he wanted to structure a legal framework that would not only enable humans to be governed, to live together harmoniously and observe rules, but to also be protected from the men who are governing them. And we now just kind of seem to have this idea that this monstrous little pretty boy that runs your country, people just seem to think that like, oh, yeah, he can just kind of do whatever he wants. No, he can’t. Well, he certainly thinks that he can. And and I’m one of the people who believe that he’s going to be very seriously corrected in that error, that he’s going to hopefully be found guilty of treason at some point.

John Leake 40:11
He almost seems sort of unreal, he almost seems like he’s on a film set, or it’s a very eerie individual.

Will Dove 40:20
Yes. And thank you for saying that, because I’m sure that our my viewers would completely agree with you. The best thing that you can say about Trudeau is he’s an actor, and not a very good one to see. He’s got this inflated view of himself. And I think, quite frankly, he’s oblivious, despite the fact that he has been shouted down so many times in public appearances, oblivious to the fact that the majority of Canadians viscerally hate him for what he’s done to our country. But John, want to move on to a final question as an author who has gone so – delved so deeply into all of this, I want to ask, where do you see things going for America and for the world, in say, the next five to 10 years? What’s your predictions?

John Leake 40:59
My concern derives from studying history and seeing that we have these this rising tensions and factions in society, our politicians will oftentimes perceive these rising tensions and rising factions, and try to divert attention from these domestic problems by picking a fight with foreigners by diverting again, Madison pointed this out, you know, it’s an old trick in the political playbook, when you begin to perceive that things are becoming very unstable and very tense at home. those in positions of power are oftentimes tempted to pick a fight abroad, in order to distract attention in war. What I’m concerned about right now is that humanity might be quickly approaching another one of these flashpoints, like we saw in 1914, or 1939, where you just have this unloading of tension and resentment, and mass violence, whether it be civil war, or international conflagrations, and I mean, these guys, you know, are just kind of doing everything they can. And I think the globalists are behind this as well, not to try and come to some kind of negotiated solution between the Ukraine and Russia, but to just throw as much gasoline on the fire as they can possibly get, without having any kind of end game scenario, like how does this end? I mean, is it just going to be the utter destruction of Ukraine? Or is it going to I mean, there doesn’t seem to be a plan, and a concept for how this winds down? Well, you know, it reminds me of 1914. And it reminds me of 1939. That’s my concern is that, you know, humans can get really, really highly emotive and highly resentful and bloody minded, and then they get kicked in the teeth really, really hard. And that kind of sort of makes people think, well, you know, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe we should be grateful for what we do have and Quit being such bloody minded assholes. I fear that the bloody minded asshole mentality is quickly reaching a fevered pitch. I hope it doesn’t come to bore civil or international, but I’m very worried about it.

Will Dove 43:35
I agree. I think that you’re quite accurate with your statements that we are sitting on a powder keg that’s been built by this globalist agenda. That’s a great way of putting it you know, right now around the world, because they do tend to back off on mandates in the summer months, people are a little more relaxed, but here we are coming into winter again. And my personal thing feeling is all they need to do is release another virus. Right? Right. And that Powder Keg is going to ignite there is going to be war, there is going to be violence. It’s going to get very, very ugly, very fast.

John Leake 44:06
What impresses me is, and I’ve had to analyze, I’ve had to evaluate myself in my own feeling. So Dr. McCullough and I gave a talk the other day as a private talk, a small gathering at a country club, a private country club, and we had ticket sales for the luncheon. So those who wish to attend the lunch and they bought a ticket and it included the price of lunch and a book. Eventbrite, which is an online invitation organizer, they accepted the initial invitation, which included author bio’s photos, Dr. Peter McCall, his name, I mean, the administrators knew immediately who he was they accepted the invitation. They accepted ticket sales. And then they canceled the event and kept the money. And they said, well, we’ll give you your money back on the condition that the event be canceled and that no one go to listen to those guys speak. I look at my, I evaluate myself. And I think granted, I’m no longer I’m not the equivalent of a young Canadian hockey player, you know, ready to, you know, grab the jersey and throw a punch. I mean, I’m a kind of an old dude now. But I think I’m remarkably calm about this. I mean, I actually think that people who would be characterized as libertarian, or conservative or even classical liberal, but you might now say, because the goalposts are always moving everything to the left, what you might say, are just kind of old fashioned guys like me, I think were remarkably docile. I mean, there’s all this talk of the right is so dangerous, I don’t see anybody throwing punches. You wonder how long this is going to last, like, you know, when people begin to just finally say, you know, something, I’ve had it with these jerks.

Will Dove 46:01
I wasn’t planning to go here. But I appreciate your comments on that I myself identify as a libertarian. And folks, for those of you who don’t know, a libertarian could be defined as someone who believes in absolute minimal government and maximum personal rights and responsibilities. You’re reflecting many of my own thoughts that those of us who have been labeled as the far right, the right extremists, we’re not by nature, violent people. We want to have the truth heard. We’d like to see open debate on it. But we don’t typically get into, you know, character assassination of those who disagree with us. Whereas that’s the favorite tool of the left. Yeah, they love to get into character assassination. If you say something they don’t like, they’re not going to attack what you said they’re going to attack you. Yeah. So I think we’ve got this real danger that it’s almost counterintuitive, because they tend to identify us right wingers as gun toting, freedom, loving people who are ready to open fired in a minute. But I think if this powder keg goes off, I don’t think it’s going to be the right that’s going to start it. I think it’s gonna be the left, that’s going to start it,

John Leake 47:03
it seems that what it does very hard to predict. The one thing that I would emphasize with respect to COVID, when we talked about early treatment, for example, I think it’s important to understand that what early treatment could have done was defuse the crisis.

Will Dove 47:21
It could have erased the crisis,

John Leake 47:23
it could have kept people from getting sick and going to hospital. I mean, that’s the main concrete achievement. But if the word gets out, Oh, you don’t have to be so terrified of this. Just be sure it your first symptoms, particularly if you’re in a higher risk group, go get treatment and doctors, Hey, guys, you know, aggressively treat your patients with this, this regimen in order to keep them out of hospital. If that had been the normalized response, then the crisis would have had been diffused if there would have been no need as Dr. George Fareed and Bryan Tyson in the Imperial Valley of California. I mean, Dr. Tyson said this on the steps of the Supreme Court, there’s no need for us to give up our freedoms so that our children can go to school, people can go to work, because we actually do have an early therapy that keeps people out of hospital, I think it’s important to understand the logic that was pursued and all of this was an emergency is a good thing. An emergency will create all of this pandemic response, this massive flow of government funding pursuant to the Health and Human Services emergent. It’s called the CURES Act of 2005. When the Secretary of Health and Human Services invokes an emergency, then suddenly billions and billions and billions of dollars can then flow to the medical industrial complex. So this mentality that I think has been growing since the financial crisis of 2008, that an emergency is actually a good thing.

Will Dove 49:07
Yes. And of course, it’s a it was manufactured to be such because this is why they’ve had to censor people like Dr. McCullough. You know, the McCullough protocol that could have prevented 80 to 85% of hospitalizations and deaths is based upon $50 bucks worth of cheap, proven safe drugs that have been around for decades, rather than remdesivir at $3,000 a dose which shuts down the kidneys and kills the patient. Correct. So, and this is why I’m why I made the statement, it could have erased the crisis because the hospitalization and death rate would have been so low, people barely would have noticed. And so it was very much a manufactured fear mongering. Correct. The other thing I would point out is you see that our public health authorities, for decades have not really been interested in public health. I mean, the biggest public health problem in the United States is more metabolic disease, it’s high blood sugar, it’s diabetes, it’s obesity. And there’s just been absolutely nothing from the public health regulatory standpoint to do anything against this. You know, why not if our public health authorities are in the business of promoting public health. So when we see with the arrival of SARS COV2 is, in many respects, an underlying chronic health epidemic was then inflamed. Quite literally, you get this inflammation in people that have these metabolic diseases. cytokine storm is much more pronounced, for example, in obese people. But for two and a half years, I never heard public health people say anything about maybe it’s a wake up call for people to slim down their sugar intake. And I’m not going to respond to your comments on that because it is a subject that is near and dear to my own heart. I’ve been a health and fitness nut my entire life. And if you get me started on chronic metabolic syndrome, we’re going to be here for hours. So I’m going to end the interview there by thanking you very much for your time for your very perceptive comments. And for your absolutely excellent book, I have to say once again, that if you have friends, family, co workers, people who are sitting on the fence, who you think might finally be open to being convinced that all of this was intentional, you cannot do better than to give them a copy of John Leake and Peter McCullough’s book “The Courage to Face COVID 19”. John, thank you once again for your time.

John Leake 51:31
Thanks for having me.

Will Dove 51:33
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