The Hidden Health Care Crisis: Ben Turner

August 16, 2023

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Nowhere in Canada right now is the health care system in a greater state of crisis than in British Columbia. Hospitals are desperately short staffed. Cancer patients are being shipped to the U.S. for treatment. Emergency rooms are being shut down.

And almost all of this has happened within the last three years, in a country that used to be respected world wide for having an exceptional health care system.

But it doesn’t stop there. Last year the B.C. government passed Bill 36, an Act which expanded the previous health care act from some 50 clauses to over 600. And most of those did not undergo parliamentary review before the bill was rammed through.

A bill which give the government tyrannical control over health care workers, and has written right into it the right for the government to violate your medical privacy. To require your doctor to hand over your records.

Ben Turner has been a practicing surgeon in B.C. since 2016. He also has a degree in medical ethics, and he is now the president of the Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine. He joins me today to discuss the health care crisis in B.C., the tyrannical clauses in Bill 36, and his greatest concern, your medical privacy and right to conscientious medical care.

And then there is my own concern. That Bill 36 is a test case, a template that will soon be adopted by other provinces in their own pursuit of setting up a medical dictatorship.


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