The Iron Will Report | January 14, 2022

January 14, 2022

441 Dr Jessica Rose The Ticking Time Bomb in the Shots
The Ticking Time Bomb in the Shots: Dr. Jessica Rose
440 April Hutchinson Men in Women's Sports
What’s Wrong with Men in Women’s Sports?: April Hutchinson
IWR Special Report for January 5th: The Plan to Implement CBDC’s in Canada
437 Mark Trozzi The Making of a Bioweapon
The Making of a Bioweapon: Dr. Mark Trozzi
IWR News for December 29th: Over 4 Billion Dead – A Projection, Or a Target?
438 Adam Skelly Canada's Original Freedom Fighter
Canada’s Original Freedom Fighter: Adam Skelly
IWR News for December 22nd: The End of Civilization?
436 Preston Manning Holding Government Accountable
Holding Our Government Accountable: Preston Manning

In this week’s report…

  • The Covid Zone
  • The Filthy Truth Rant with Lynne Nelson
  • Setting the Record Straight with Cris Vleck
  • Our New Sponsor, Murderna
  • And Will’s Usual Irreverent Take on the News

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