The Iron Will Weekly News Report | December 2, 2022

December 2, 2022

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In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • POEC: government made up threats
  • POEC: Trudeau lied about tow trucks
  • POEC: Did the government consider bringing in the military?
  • #TrudeauMustGo: A list of lies
  • Yet more guns banned
  • Canada leads world in Medical Assistance in Dying

And in the member’s report…

  • B.C. vs Alberta: Tyranny vs Freedom
  • Quebec demonstrators win $3 million settlement
  • Independent schools growing rapidly across Canada
  • Parent’s group fires woke board members
  • PCR test coming back – for the flu
  • Trudeau embarrases Canada yet again
  • Satanist drag queens in our schools
  • Gender fluid teddy bears
  • The NHL goes woke
  • Ryerson seeks prof who identifies as black
  • Disney loses $100 mil on Strange World
  • James Woods flames Alyssa Milano

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1 POEC: Made Up safety concerns
Government Propaganda Machinery at Work
The Public Order Emergency Commission wrapped up last week with testimony from Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino, Justice Minister David Lametti, and of course from Turd himself.
In the examination of Mendicino, who Trudeau has set up to take the fall for violating our rights, we see a perfect picture of our government’s propaganda machine at work. During the Freedom Convoy, the government and press claimed that the truckers were dangerous extremists. The commission found that these allegations were in the singular, not the plural, and came solely from Marco’s chief of staff.
Mendicino had claimed that families could not drop their kids off at daycare. Families. Plural.
Actual complaint? A text sent to an Ottawa councillor by Mendicino’s Chief of Staff Mike Jones, which said I don’t even feel safe dropping my son off at daycare downtown. A text. One. Singular. From his Chief of Staff.
Mendicino claimed that quote Ottawans were subjected to intimidation, harassment, and threats of rape. Threats. Plural.
Actual complaint? Another text from Chief of Staff Jones which wasn’t even a first person account. Jones texted “From one of my staff, ‘I won’t be coming into the office while the convoy is there,’” “‘My friend was directly threatened with rape yesterday because she was wearing her mask.’” Let’s follow the chain on that one. A text sent by Jones, which he claimed was from one of his staff, about an allegation made by a friend of the staff member. So how many steps removed is that from a first person account? I don’t know.
Jones also texted that There are people living in legitimate fear of leaving their homes.
When Mendicino was asked to substantiate these claims his response was The absence of a criminal charge doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
By that logic, Marco, when Turd’s crony Justice Paul Rouleau exonerates Trudeau and his posse, it won’t mean a crime didn’t happen.
A decision is not due until February 20th. I predict that Rouleau will find the EMA justifiable, just in time for Justy to enact it again for the planned second Freedom Convoy. There’s 3 just’s in that sentence. The one that’s missing is justice.
2 POEC: Trudeau’s Tow Trucks
Formerly Redacted Line Called ‘Irrelevant’ by Gov Censors
As part of his excuse for enacting the EMA, Trudeau claimed there weren’t enough tow trucks available to remove the trucks from border blockades. Sidestepping the fact that at no time did the Freedom Convoy actually block a border crossing, the commission also heard that not only were there more than enough tow trucks available to move all the trucks, but that they were already in place, waiting, when the EMA was enacted.
But that wasn’t enough for Turd. While the documents provided to the commission were heavily redacted, JCCF lawyer Rob Kittredge obtained a last-minute revised document with a previously redacted line visible. The line made reference to a request for additional tow trucks from the U.S.
When asked by Kittredge to read out the reason that the line had been previously redacted, Trudeau responded with ‘irrelevant’. That is to say that the government censors felt it was irrelevant that Turd had asked for even more tow trucks, when he already had enough.
And of course, all of that is ignoring the fact that when asked politely by Ottawa police to move their trucks, the Freedom Convoy truckers did so without complaint, even working with police to find places to park them that would not cause inconvenience for Ottawa residents.
3 POEC: Tanks a Joke?
Mendocino: Why Use Trucks When You Can Have Tanks
And if tow trucks didn’t do the trick, there were always tanks. During the Freedom Convoy the following text exchange took place between Public Safety Minister Marco Mendocino and Justice Minister David Lametti. Lametti texted Mendocino, suggesting that the military be called in, to which Mendocino responded, How many tanks are you looking for? I just want to ask Anita how many we’ve got on hand”.
The Anita in question is Minister of National Defence Anita Anand. When questioned by lawyer Rob Kittredge if this was the sort of joke that cabinet members found funny at the time, Ms. Anand had no reply. Perhaps, she, at least, had the decency to have some shame over the contempt of our rights demonstrated by Trudeau’s government.
Canadian tanks and U.S. tow trucks aren’t the worst of it though. In a report issued by, a website that specializes in exposing redacted documents, it was found that the Ontario Police Service and CSIS were being assisted in investigating the Freedom Convoy by the FBI. What does the FBI have to do with a Canadian freedom demonstration? Everything. Because the globalists are working toward a one world government. Trudeau and Biden are both owned by Schwab and the WEF. Sovereignty no longer applies.
4 Trudeau must go
Lies and Stupid Things Our Prime Minister Told Us
And finally, when our dictator took the stand at the Public Order Emergency Commission, Turd claimed when questioned by Convoy lawyer Eva Chipiuk that he never called the unvaccinated names.
Darn. The internet is just so inconvenient. Of course Bill C-11 will allow Justin to conveniently remove anything he doesn’t want you to see. Including things he said. Even really stupid things. Maybe especially really stupid things he said.
Like when he stated to the commission that he felt justified in invoking the act as in his view, the Freedom Convoy met the legal requirement. That legal requirement is quote a “threat or use of serious violence against persons or property for the purpose of achieving a political, religious or ideological objective within Canada.” In Turd’s woke Canada, it seems that freedom is now an ideological objective.
When asked by legal counsel to elaborate on what those threats were, Turd responded with We saw trucks used as potential weapons.
Meanwhile, Blacklock’s Reporter revealed this week yet more of our tax dollars have been given to SNC Lavalin in sole-sourced contracts. 150 million was handed over to SNC Lavalin in April of 2020 to provide 4 mobile health clinics. The clinics were never used. Possibly because contrary to what the media was telling people even the hospitals were largely empty. But it gets worse. You would think the Health Department would be behind this, or at least aware of it. But no. The Health Department was only notified about the mobile clinics after the order was placed. The order was placed by public works manager Shawn Gardner, who has never been questioned on who instructed him to place the order. But I think we can all guess. Especially since the story doesn’t end there. Blacklock’s also reported that as the clinics are not being used, SNC Lavalin is being paid to store them. At a cost of almost 140 million a year.
And in a final insult to Canadians, Trudeau has publicly stated his support for Chinese demonstrators. A recent fire in Urumqi killed at least 10 people and injured as many others. Chinese citizens have been demonstrating against this as the ongoing lockdowns there slowed emergency response, resulting in avoidable deaths. Trudeau told reporters that quote “Everyone in China should be allowed to protest. We will continue to ensure that China knows we will stand for human rights and with people who are expressing themselves”. Of course, when Canadians protest, he freezes bank accounts, calls in armed police and has people arrested and imprisoned.
5 Disarming our Nation
Proposed Amendment to C-21 Would Ban Hunting Weapons
Remember Justy’s comment about trucks as potential weapons? Of course, Turd doesn’t want Canadians owning weapons of any kind, and especially real ones. We might use them to defend ourselves against our tyrannical government.
Most of you are aware of Bill C-21, the gun bill that would allow our government to disarm peaceful, freedom loving Canadians while doing absolutely nothing whatsoever to take guns out of the hands of criminals. The bill has not even been passed yet and they’re trying to add an amendment to it that would ban even more guns.
Amendment G4 was proposed last week, quietly of course. In fact, we might not even know about it if not for a tweet by Conservative MP Glen Motz. G4 would add semi-automatic long guns and shotguns to the list of firearms that will become illegal for Canadians to own should bill C-21 pass.
Far from being the sort of automatic weapon that can be used to take out a Tim Horton’s, these are hunting weapons, most with cartridges that will hold only a few rounds. Our government claims to be oh so concerned about aboriginal rights but it’s primarily aboriginals who rely on these guns for hunting.
Where does it end? When we are completely disarmed and at the mercy of government enforcers, who will be the only ones left in our country allowed to carry a firearm. Do not surrender your guns.
We now live in what one Twitter user called a death cult of a country. Canada leads the world in doctor assisted suicide with over 10,000 ‘assisted’ deaths last year alone. Canada legalized MAiD, or Medical Assistance in Dying in 2015. We all have to make up our own minds about the moral implications of this, at least where consenting adults in full possession of their faculties are concerned. But our Liberal government has us headed down a very dark path that is attempting to blur the line between suicide and murder.

To find out just how shockingly far this agenda has progressed in our country, sign up for a 15 day free trial at Memberships are just 9.95 per month and all funds raised go toward our fight at to recover and defend our rights and freedoms. Members also get access to my exclusive interviews, of which we produce at least 4 every month, and usually more.
In this week’s member’s version of the Iron Will Report, why MAiD is being targeted at young people, the B.C. vs Alberta showdown that could be the downfall of centralization in Canada, Quebec government employees suing the government over vaccine mandates, the growing number of independent schools in Canada that are free from woke indoctrination, Moms for Liberty take over their school board and fire the woke management, why the PCR test not only isn’t going away, but will be back soon in full force, and a cornucopia of woke madness including Trudeau on Drag Race, cat people in the NHL, and James Woods says what we’re all thinking.

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