The Iron Will Weekly News Report | December 23, 2022

December 23, 2022

502 Robert Malone Psychological Biowarfare
Psychological Biowarfare and Disease X
Dr. Robert Malone
500 Ben Turner Health Care Tyranny
Canada Under the WHO’s Health Care Dictatorship
Dr. Ben Turner
504 IWR Week of May 31
IWR News for May 31st
Is the WHO Pandemic Treaty Dead?
498 Geert Vanden Bossche Part 2
Will Billions Die?
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
497 Geert Vanden Bossche Part 1
The Forever Pandemic
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
501 IWR Week of May 24
IWR News for May 24th
Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs
496 John O'Brien The War for our Children
The War for the Minds of Our Children
John Hilton-O’Brien
499 IWR Week of May 17th
IWR News for May 17th
Canada: Life in Prison for Thought Crimes

In this week’s report…

  • Climate Change Crazies Attack on Farmers
  • Why the Federal Govt. Loves Pot
  • Guilbeault Electric Car Hypocrisy
  • How to Spot a Terrorist – New Zealand
  • Microsoft’s Real World Minority Report
  • Brian Peckford – Equalization and Reform

And in Member’s version, the above PLUS:

  • Gates’ Cow Fetish
  • Giorgia Meloni’s Scare
  • Vaxxed Blood Kills Baby
  • Bad Movie Sequel – Tam the Grinch
  • Trudeau’s Attack on Life
  • Yet Another Censorship Bill
  • Court Rules Vaxxports OK
  • What is a Woman – Even the Dictionary Doesn’t Know
  • Cambridge Dictionary Redefines Man and Woman
  • People Tired of Politically Correct Christmas

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01 Canadian Farmers Under Attack

Global Warming Excuse to Further Interrupt Food Supply

Earlier this year the Dutch government, currently controlled by yet another WEF puppet, Mark Rutte, announced they will force 3,000 farms to close to reduce carbon emissions. Which led to the Dutch farmer’s protests. But of course, it’s not just Holland. Earlier this month, Trudeau announced his Sustainable Agriculture Strategy to improve the agriculture industry’s “environmental performance and sustainability.”

The stated goals of the SAS make it clear that what it’s really about is surveillance and centralized control.

When discussing the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy with media, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau made several alarming statements.

“We definitely want to have objectives at the end of this exercise and be able to measure the progress, but I don’t want to pre-judge what these objectives might be,” said Bibeau. Translation. We’re not going to tell you what the objectives are so we can move the goalposts any time we want.

She went on to say the government intends to use incentives for farmers to become more environmentally friendly and not force legislation or regulations on them. Translation. We’ll force legislation and regulations on them, and when they can’t meet them, we’ll shut them down.

This is not about the environment. Manmade global warming via CO2 or methane emissions is a scientific impossibility and just another fearmongering and control propaganda message.

This is Canada preparing to follow in Holland’s footsteps, as will other WEF controlled nations around the world. Not to protect the environment, but to destroy the food supply.

02 Pot, Drugs and Suicide

Why Is B.C. Not Prosecuting Drug Users?

The Canadian government made pot legal in 2018. Some think that’s a good thing. In fact, I was originally one of them, but since then I’ve learned more about the detrimental effects of weed. Just as alcohol lowers inhibitions, pot kills a person’s motivation to do anything. Since pot was legalized, almost all of us know someone who dropped out of life to smoke weed every day, supporting their habit with a dead end job while living a meaningless existence that is going nowhere.

And of course it’s also a gateway drug, leading some to try harder drugs.

In what has to be one of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy on the part of our government, Public Health Officers Theresa Tam and Yves Leger recently raised the alarm about the huge increase in opioid overdoses, especially during the lockdowns. The lockdowns that they ordered.

But that’s not why I’m calling them out on this. Most of you know about the B.C. government’s new lax policy on hard drugs such as cocaine. While they haven’t technically legalized these drugs, they have made it known that people who are found in possession of small amounts for personal use will not be charged.

But here’s the thing no one is talking about. The drug laws in Canada are federal. So who gave B.C. permission to run this little experiment? The federal government. The same government whose Chief Health Officer, Theresa Tam, claims to be oh-so-concerned about the opioid deaths. The same government currently run by our very own WEF puppet, Justin Turdeau.

And what does the WEF think should be done with all the so-called useless people. Here’s Schwab’s right hand ideologue, Yuval Harari.

I’ve shown that clip before. It’s important. Because while most of us who are older aren’t susceptible to that particular temptation, there is a dedicated program in place to addict our kids. Kids who will be living in poverty, because that’s what almost always happens to drug addicts. And a meaningless existence lived in poverty will lead to depression, which will lead to overdoses and more and more of our kids signing up for doctor assisted suicide.

And here we are, living in the country that leads the world in doctor assisted suicide, and where our government wants to reduce the minimum age for MAiD to 14.

03 No Electric Cars for Guilbeault

 Eco Terrorist Environment Minister Buys 100s of Gas Powered Cars

But of course government hypocrisy is never ending. In yet another case of do as we say, not as we do, our ever-vigilant friends at Blacklock’s reported just a few days ago that of the almost 3,000 new vehicles purchased by our government in the past two years, less than 5 percent were electric.

This would be the same government that wants to end all sales of gas powered cars by 2035, to save the environment from automotive CO2 emissions.

Of 2,899 vehicles purchased by federal departments and agencies in the past two years a total of 137 were electric and 782 were hybrids. The rest had gas and diesel engines.

But what about our very own eco terrorist, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault? Surely he bought electric vehicles? Records showed that last year Guilbeault’s Department of the Environment bought 122 vehicles at a cost of 5.6 million, typically Ford and Chevrolet pickups. None of the 122 vehicles purchased were electric.

Parks Canada, an agency which is under Minister Guilbeault’s supervision, bought 199 vehicles at a cost of $7.6 million. Only 25 were electric.

Why, it’s almost like our government doesn’t believe its own fearmongering.

04 How to Spot a Terrorist

New Zealand Brochure Encourages Informing on Neighbors

One of the most effective totalitarian strategies is to set people against each other. People divided against themselves can’t be united against the government. Remember how Canadians were encouraged to report neighbors who weren’t following the Covid rules? And many of them did. New Zealand, Will 01 which has pretty much led the way in Covid madness, is now setting the stage for citizens to denounce their neighbors as terrorists.

They have produced a guide for people to recognize the signs of violent extremism. Complete with an anonymous online reporting system.

Rebecca Kitteridge, the director general of security, said her agency’s caseload was now an equal split between violent extremism motivated by identity, faith, and anti-authority views. She went on to say that the anti-authority views was a new category. So who are these potentially violent people, and what exactly are anti-authority views. Here’s Ms. Kitteridge herself.

Covid policies or others that infringe on their rights, and fueled by conspiracy theories.

Our government has arrested and imprisoned people for refusing to give up their rights. Now New Zealand is creating a situation where they can arrest and imprison people on suspicion that they might resist. Watch for this to come to other countries, including Canada because sooner or later it will. Totalitarian governments throughout history have relied upon brainwashed citizens to act as informants, not just so they can silence dissenters, but to frighten everyone else into keeping quiet.

05 Real World Minority Report

Microsoft Now Involved with Law Enforcement

Remember the movie Minority Report, with Tom Cruise. In the movie, police used a combination of precognitive people and technology to stop crimes before they happened. New Zealand now has their guide to identifying domestic terrorists so that people can report on their neighbors and co-workers anonymously. But that’s not far enough for Bill Gates. Microsoft is now getting into law enforcement. And you can bet algorithms will be a big part of it.

Our researchers recently came across this webpage at, with the heading Creating a more equitable justice system. Sounds good, doesn’t it. But then so does the term ‘sustainable development’, but what that term really means is ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’. So what does a ‘more equitable justice system’ mean. The answer can be found farther down the page.

According to the 3 main bullet points it means Improving Policing, public safety and data-driven prosecution reforms. Starting to sound a little concerning?

It gets worse.

Under Policing, it says we demonstrate the benefits of access to data and analytics to inform community conversations, improve transparency, and measure progress.

Data and analytics.

And are there teams of people who are combing through this data and doing analysis. Of course not. Like the censoring of information by Google and Google owned platforms like Youtube, the analysis is done by algorithms.

Microsoft already has huge amounts of data on all of us. And unless we take steps to protect our privacy, they know where we’re going, what we’re buying, which websites we visit and even what comments we post online.

So Bill wants to bypass your neighbor informing on you. He’ll just have surveillance and an algorithm do it automatically, and it won’t be long before people will be arrested on suspicion of intent to commit a crime because they accessed the wrong websites, used VPNs, purchased crypto currency, or posted a counter narrative comment. And that doesn’t even get into the issue of surveillance via your phone.

And when did Microsoft launch this ‘more equitable justice system’ initiative? 2019.

06 Notes from Brian Peckford

Why We Can’t Reform Our Government – Or Maybe We Can

In a recent email exchange I had with Brian Peckford, who, as many of you know is the sole surviving author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Mr. Peckford raised the very good point that we have substantial barriers to overcome if we want to reform Canada politically. And these barriers were put in place by the government that has become the problem.

First, there’s the Health Care Act. Anyone who has lived through the past two and half years in this country doesn’t need the issues with that reviewed. But another fallout of the Act is a sick care system which as I’ve reported on recently delivers some of the worst care in the world, at the highest cost to taxpayers. Also a system which can be leveraged by the government as a means of control, destroying businesses, jobs, educations and people’s very lives. And why can the federal government use the Health Care Act to essentially blackmail the provinces? Because the Act was set up to transfer money to the provinces for health care. If the provinces don’t comply, the federal government cuts off their funding, as they are currently threatening to do if the provinces don’t hand over your private health care records.

But it’s not just the Health Act that needs a complete overhaul. There are two other major barriers to political reform, and both of them made the news this week.

First, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced record equalization payments. 23.9 billion. These are payments from the Federal government to the have not provinces. While some of the money comes from have provinces such as Alberta, much of it comes directly from the federal government. Money that the government has collected in taxes, tariffs and money they have borrowed. Trudeau has done this in spades, more than doubling our national debt in just six years. In addition to equalization payments, there’s also the Canada Social Transfer or CST. These are very much like equalization payments, but the money is for education, childcare and social programs.

To find out how why constitutional reform is such a challenge and how we just might be able to do it anyway, sign up for a free 15 day trial at Memberships are just 9.95 per month and provide access to my weekly counter narrative news reports as well as exclusive interviews. All funds raised at go toward supporting our fight at to recover and defend our rights and freedoms.

Also in this week’s members report, Gates wants to vaccinate cows – against methane, questions about the death of Giorgia Meloni’s close friend, a baby dies after receiving vaxxed blood – and it wasn’t Baby Will, Theresa Tam, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, the sequel, Turd revoking the charitable status of pro life organizations, yet another censorship bill is passed by parliament, an Ontario court rules against your rights, what is a woman, at least according to and the Cambridge dictionary, and it really is OK to wish people a Merry Christmas.

And finally please watch for the return of satirical content, starting this Christmas Eve with our muppet short, Justin Turdeau’s Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then on New Year’s Eve we’ll be releasing our one hour Year in Review special, featuring highlights from the past year and including many of our most popular satirical moments.

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