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December 20, 2022

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Three nurses facing disciplinary action from the College of Nurses of Ontario for standing up for what is right for themselves and their patients.

Kristen Nagle

Co-Founder, A dedicated nurse of 14 years, primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, she has taken on a new role of activism and Health Care advocacy, after being terminated from her position as a RN for speaking up against the narrative. Her background in Holistic Nutrition has helped her understand conventional medicine as well as whole body wellness that incorporates the mind, body and spirit to uncover the root cause of illness.

Kristal Pitter

Kristal practiced nursing for 24 years in the areas of medicine/surgery, community, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, paramedical services, public health, maternal/child health, sexual health, infectious disease, primary health care, management, and long-term care home inspection. She practiced as a Registered Nurse for 14 years and as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner for 10 years. When ineffective and harmful measures lacking medical and scientific evidence were implemented in response to COVID-19 in 2020, Kristal embraced the role of whistleblower, boldly and courageously speaking out against the accepted narrative to protect the health and safety of humanity, despite the risk of reprisal. This led to being terminated from her nursing position and being investigated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Her license to practice nursing is being threatened.

Sarah Choujounian

Co-founder, nurse since 2004, mostly works in nursing homes, had fibromyalgia but corrected diet and cleared it. Sarah was fired from both her nursing jobs, her license is under investigation and has been defamed by the media for speaking out against the lockdowns. She is presently working on creating the mental health initiative “Lighting Up Dark Corners”, created to empower people to explore the root cause of their mental health challenges & discover natural ways to heal & rise.


Canadian Frontline Nurses

Will Dove 00:07
Some of you may have seen my recent interview with doctors Luchkiw, Phillips and Trozzi and their lawyer, Michael Alexander. All three of them are facing disciplinary action from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. And two of them have had their licenses to practice medicine suspended for nothing more than practicing medical ethics. But it goes well beyond doctors. Nurses have been targeted as well. Today, I have with me, Kristal Pitter, Kristin Nagle and Sarah Choujounian-Abulu. All three of them are facing disciplinary action from the College of Nurses of Ontario. And two of these ladies are the founders of the frontline nurses, organization of Ontario. They’re all standing up for what’s right, for themselves and for their patients. Ladies, thank you so much for joining us.

Frontline Nurses 00:53
Thanks for having us. Thank you.

Will Dove 00:57
So I’d like to start by having each of you in turn tell your story of how you’ve ended up here, as I said, for doing nothing more than practicing medical ethics telling people the truth. Kristal, can we please start with you?

Kristal 01:11
Sure. I am a nurse who has practiced cumulatively as a nurse for 24 years, 14 of those years in the role of registered nurse and 10 additional years and the role of a nurse practitioner. I always resided here and practiced here in Ontario with the exception of when I first graduated, I was for a short term in Florida right out of school, I have always been a truth seeker and speaker, and very passionate about pursuing excellence in all areas of my life, both personally and professionally. And so I had always done that, to the best of my ability. I had always endeavored to give all of myself to my patients, and never had a negative standing with the College, I’ve always been a nurse in good standing, until the COVID narrative. So essentially, what had happened was, when COVID was declared, I was shortly thereafter posting on social media, namely Facebook, my own posts, as well as posts from others that could all be supported with evidence to bring awareness to the public, and mainly just to protect the health and safety of the public because we have a duty and an obligation to do so not just as human beings, but as nurses. And when there’s ever any suspicion that there could be harms being done, we have an obligation to scream that from the mountaintops and to do everything we can to protect the public. And so I had posted various things on social media and then in the summer of 2020. Essentially, that was screenshotted by some media outlets, and I ended up being investigated by my employer, as well as the College of Nurses of Ontario, lost my position as a nurse. And then and now also being threatened with the loss of my nursing license.

Will Dove 03:25
Right. And what was just briefly what was the nature of those posts that you’re putting up in Facebook?

Kristal Pitter 03:30
um, posts about masks being both ineffective and harmful, posts about Bill Gates and his involvement with the vaccines for injections, genetic altering injections, because as we know, they’re not really vaccines, things to that effect, for the most part.

Will Dove 03:50
Thank you. Kristen, please tell your story?

Kristen 03:54
Yeah, I was a nurse for 14 years, primarily I spent 12 of those years in neonatal intensive care. Two years before that it was in mostly pediatrics. So I always worked on kids and babies. And so that’s kind of where my journey started, when my firstborn, who is now seven, when he was born, I became really interested in food and what to feed him. And that kind of led me you know, opening up. I don’t know, one of the one of the rabbit hole doors that have all kind of, you know, lead us all into the same place eventually. So my kind of first awakening was through the corruption of food. I became really passionate about that and I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. So I ended up with becoming a registered holistic nutritionist, so having that holistic wellness background alongside conventional medicine, and so when I started speaking out probably about 2018, about childhood immunizations, just the dangers that are unnecessary. You know that they’re the biggest lie we’ve been sold and was already in trouble with my College of Nurses then for speaking against childhood immunizations as well as natural health for our children. So, I took kind of the slap on the wrist at that time and I said, you know, hey, I was wrong, I won’t do it again. But if they ever come after my children and try to mandate anything, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from speaking out. I just didn’t think it was going to happen so soon. So, a short year later, here we are, and I couldn’t stay quiet about what I was seeing about the lockdowns that were happening, the school closures, shutting down our playgrounds, isolating people, and just the fear that was being pushed on to society, especially our children. And so coming from this holistic background, I would just try to I thought I was trying to relieve the fear and teach people how to actually take care of their health be preventative, you know, empowered so the fear would go away. And, and talk about, you know, the harms of masks and these things, but it obviously didn’t go that way, because you’re not allowed to talk about actual health and preventative measures. So I ended up being suspended from my employment. My colleagues were not impressed that I was going about my life normally, not wearing a mask, not bubbling, whatever that term even meant isolating all this silly nonsense. I was just living life and coming into work and I was following proper PPE while in the workplace. But the only way they could get me was to find ways to complain about you know, if I was alone, I pulled the mask down or I put the goggles on my head while I was charting out my computer alone. And I ended up getting suspended for insubordinates, for not following proper PPE because they were uncomfortable being around me because I was living my life normally. So after that, I ended up hosting a freedom rally in my hometown of London, Ontario in November of 2020. And that’s when the media really grabbed ahold of me and completely slandered, defamed my name. It was ‘L-EHSC nurse in the NICU puts premature babies in danger’. And so you can, you know, imagine how that would pull on people’s heartstrings that I’m a reckless, dangerous person, endangering the most vulnerable and it destroyed my reputation, my community, but it allowed me to find these amazing women. You know, and you know, I hung on to found Sarah, right away. And you know, she was speaking out publicly, Kristal and I were having conversations in the background. And Sarah and I went to Washington DC, with a group of American Nurses and being very blind to the political situation that was happening down there. We can laugh about it now but we ended up speaking going to help them freedom stage. You know, Del Bigtree was there, Mickey Willis, Kevin Jenkins, Dr. David Martin, like it was amazing. So we spoke on stage with Nicole, Sarah, nurse Aaron, who did the expose in New York, the epicenter of – the undercover nurse and just so happened to fall on January 6. So we were deemed domestic terrorists that were there to riot and storm the capitol buildings. And we are both immediately terminated from our jobs and prior to that I was indefinitely suspended after putting on the rally and placed under investigation by the College of Nurses and I just before I forget the reason also why I needed to speak out because in BC and Ontario, our unions fought for us for years to not have to wear masks at work, because during flu season, because that’s a whole other story of what that really is, during you know, November to April, if you did not get the flu shot, you had to wear a mask during your entire shift. If there was an outbreak, you were not allowed to go to work. So our nurses union fought against this and proved – and won, that the masks were discriminatory and did not stop transmission from the flu or from viruses. And so this just got passed in 2018 in Ontario, and I was currently at that time on my second maternity leave and I was all excited to come back to work and not have to worry about finally not wearing a mask. And then there we are slopping it right back on our face again. I thought this was supposed to be the year that we weren’t supposed to wear these things and it was pretty. I don’t know the word I just “shocking” to see so many of my colleagues just willfully, like put it back on after we fought for years and won and proved it doesn’t work just to put it back on their faces again, I just couldn’t handle it.

Will Dove 09:51
Right. I want to clarify just one thing in your story and make sure that I heard this correctly. Your first run in with the College of Nurses of Ontario was in 2018 when you spoke out against child vaccination. And you were basically forced to retract your statements.

Kristen 10:07

Will Dove 10:07
That’s significant. We’ll get back to that later. That was 2018, folks so keep that in mind. Sarah, please tell us your story?

Sarah 10:16
So I’ve been a nurse since 2004. And I worked in a nursing home for the biggest part of my career, I also had a second job in the community where I worked with kids. And for me, I had actually healed myself from fibromyalgia, which the medical industry says is a long term disability. So I was already like medical industry, I don’t know, I was already starting to doubt it. And, you know, when you work in a nursing home, you know the government doesn’t care about those people, it’s all about profit, give them the cheapest food possible, give them as many medications as you can. And, you know, I like I found out that they literally get half the money that prisoners do for their food, daily food expenses. So when the government said that they were going to close the entire economy to protect the same people, a huge red flag went up into my head. And I thought, everybody that works with me is going to feel the same way. And I get to work and I find out that I’m the only one and people are like, ‘Oh, no, Sarah, you’re not going to make a thing with this’. And so I was like, what? I was actually chief steward of the Union, where I worked. And so I called the union and I was like, you know, they’re taking away all our rights. They’re taking away my residents, right? So what are we going to do about it, they were even telling us to re-gown. So, use the same gown, like isolation gowns, take them off and rehang them and then put them back on. And I was like fighting for us to have all the gowns and the masks because that was the Union. It was just ridiculous. But then when I asked the union, like, what are we going to do about this? They were like, Sarah, don’t you care about your residents? And I was like, oh, okay, I’m a single mom of three, lots of debt. Two jobs, I could already not go to my second job, because anyone that worked in a nursing home wasn’t allowed to work in two places at that point anymore. So I kind of stayed quiet for a little bit. And I saw my residents start deteriorating, I had a resident that died within a week of a heart attack. She had heart problems before she was a type of resident. When I went in in the morning, I had to call her daughter first thing to know exactly what time she was going to come in, because her mother was going to ask me every five minutes what time she was going to be there. And if she was two minutes late, she’s starting to have anxiety attacks. And so this woman died within one week of the lockdowns. And then you know, you have to remember nursing homes is the last stop for these people. And you know, the only thing that makes them come back to life is like when their families show up and their loved ones show up. So, you know, a lot of them were giving up on life, a lot of them quite smart, you know, won’t eat from us people don’t know this, but they know that if they don’t eat from us, we’ll call the family and the family will come in to feed them every day. So what happens to these residents, they just, you know, like they gave up, it’s called ‘failure to thrive’. And then they were dying alone. And their families can only come in for five minutes, each person all dressed up with the goggles, and the mask and the shield and the gloves and the gowns, and like the residents were already so unconscious. And like even if they were awake, they wouldn’t know the difference between staff and their families. So these people are dying alone. And to top that off, they started testing us and like in my nursing home, because we have stories from all across the country. But in my nursing home three housekeeping staff were positive with no symptoms, and they shut down the entire nursing home, meaning that everybody had to now stay in their rooms for two weeks, you know, until everyone tested negative. And that meant that if anybody was trying to come out and fight this, they were said to have a behavior and they were sedated. And I’ve even like sometimes some of them and there’s language barriers, they don’t understand what was going on. And you know, they’d be trying to walk with their walkers in the hallway and I’ve seen someone take someone’s walker away. These people, you know, lose the ability to ambulate, they’re sitting down, they’re at risk for falls, they break their hips and we know if they break their hips they go downhill from there. There’s like pressure sores. So you know, I started feeling really sick working there. And I actually am very big with mental health. And I was actually facilitating groups outside I healed myself by standing in my truth. And I saw my mental health deteriorate because I was no longer standing in my truth because I was scared to lose my job and I decided This is not worth it. At first, I started writing online in a group and I didn’t even know I was doing anything wrong. I was talking about what was going on in the nursing home and I was getting a lot of attention. So I was like, Oh, finally I found people like I felt less isolated. So I was put under investigation. And they wouldn’t even tell me what I was being investigated for. And at the same time, people in the group asked me to go speak at a rally and I was like, Yes. And, you know, I was like, You know what, they’re already investigating me. Are they crazy? They’re trying to shut me up. I’m gonna go speak at the rally. So October 2020, I spoke out at a rally and three days later, I was fired. And Kristen reached out to me right away. I had founded Nurses Against Lockdowns too, because I thought, I’m going to get all the nurses because there were nurses that thought like us. So I thought, well, if I’m the first one to speak, they’re all going to come out and you know, be with me, and it’ll be the end of all this. So I founded Nurses Against Lockdowns to find out that, uh, they were still scared, even if I spoke. But Kristen reached out to me. And then from there, we were together. And she told you the rest of the story. And we were put under investigations, you know, social media, the media, we were internationally defamed by the media. And you know, death threats came in and RCMP knocked on our doors and we just kept picking up from there.

Will Dove 16:31
All right, thank you for telling us your stories. I want to get on to your legal battles a little later in the interview. Right now, I’ve got some other questions for all of you. Because, of course, we’re hearing a very common thread here that you all spoke out, you almost immediately lost your jobs for doing so. You’re being investigated by the College of Nurses, because you’ve told people the truth. Now, Sarah, you gave us a picture of what was happening to the patients in that extended care home. But I’d like to hear the same thing from you other two ladies. Kristal, what kind of impact were you seeing on your patients as a result of all these mandates?

Kristal 17:09
I was not working in the capacity of a nurse practitioner when COVID was declared, I had backed away from the role of nurse practitioner in 2017. Because I started to become alarmed about the things that I was seeing as a frontline nurse practitioner. There were things that were violating my conscience, and I just, you know, I was being told I couldn’t tell my patients that life begins at conception. There were a lot of things, conflicts of interest that I was becoming aware of, I was doing deep dives into vaccines. And, you know, learning things like William Thompson, who was a whistleblower for CDC and how he was told to destroy documents that were linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism, things of that nature. And so slowly over time, I would say, during the course of the last probably seven years, five to seven years in practice, in the role of a nurse practitioner, I just knew that I was going to have to back away and navigate different paths within healthcare because it wasn’t healthcare anymore. It was sick care, I started to see that it was all about pharmaceuticals, it was all about the bottom dollar figure that pharmaceutical companies were earning that a lot of the studies were bought and paid for things that were getting published in the medical journals, were not always real true data. They were fraudulent in nature, to lie in certain pockets. And I just couldn’t stay in that environment. As a Christian, as a nurse, as a person that tries to be someone of integrity and stands for truth and ethical health care. I just couldn’t be in that environment anymore. So I stepped away from that role in 2017. And I was in a different role as a registered nurse when COVID was declared. So I really didn’t have patients at that point in time. But there were certainly red flags, you know, seeing that the elderly weren’t able to be visited by their loved ones within Long Term Care, all of those kinds of same things that Sarah was alluding to earlier. And the collateral damage, like so much collateral damage with, you know, assessments not being done because everything – the only thing that mattered was COVID. There was such a narrow focus on COVID that everything else fell to the wayside. So other conditions that people needed to be seen for and assessed for and treated for those things weren’t happening. We would see an increase in cancer because and how far progressed in their cancer they were because they were not getting their treatments and it wasn’t getting diagnosed in a timely fashion. Just the lock down, the inability of kids to be able to even speak because they weren’t seeing faces. They weren’t reading lips. So many things that were a huge, huge red flag to me. So I know these ladies can attest to the same things as well.

Will Dove 20:13
Right, Kristen, I said we were going to get back to your statement about you’re speaking out against vaccines in 2018. And Kristal has given us the perfect end because there she was in 2017 doing the same thing. And Kristal you used the term that I was going to put out if you didn’t, it’s not health care anymore, it’s sick care. Kristen, what were your experiences with your patients, when all these mandates came in? What were you seeing happening to them?

Kristen 20:40
Yeah, it was starting, it was starting to really when I started kind of becoming aware of all the corruption and really becoming passionate about food and health and our children, having you know, kids of my own and being in that world and seeing everything differently. I was like, you know, health is, health is so easy. Health really is so simple. But we have complicated it for the necessity of greed and money and to keep people in victim mode and keep people sick. So I just had been battling and struggling this in my soul as well. Much like, you know, Sarah, and Kristal, and then what I was seeing. I had just returned from my second maternity leave. And shortly after that, and all this stuff kind of started. And I remember them putting a lot of fear on our respiratory therapists, because this kind of started December 2019 in Wuhan, is when we started really hearing everything and know it’s going to come and we know we had a few months to kind of, you know, amp up the fear. So they told our respiratory therapist on our floor. And, and I’m kind of at the other spectrum. So I’m working with micro prem’s that are like 23 weeks gestation, where these ladies had experienced kind of more end of life. So we got kind of both ends here. So they told our respiratory therapist that they were going to have to go work in adult ICU, and they were all getting worried and wondering what’s going to happen. And then you know, March came and waiting for this big wave come in the hospital and, and then they never left, they never had to go down to adult ICU, they got to stay in our unit. We closed down an entire gynecology wing that was beside us, beside our unit for overflow COVID patients, not one single bed got used, it just stayed empty. So you can imagine all the canceled appointments and delayed appointments and things that would have procedures that would have taken place that would have you know, taken up one of those bed spaces that just remained empty. Then you had women in the antenatal unit. So that’s if they were having you know, complications with their pregnancy, they would have to go on bed rest in this, this unit. And they were told they could only have one visitor, the same visitor the entire time they are there and that could be weeks to a couple months. So they would have to pick you know, of not seeing family members, maybe their own children if they had some and just you know, wait on, you know, the anti antenatal unit which is already incredibly stressful until their baby was born, then being moved over to our unit, the neonatal intensive care unit where again, only one parent was allowed at the bedside. This is an incredibly stressful time and a time of grief. Especially if you have a micro prem, 23 weeks in gestation. There’s so many complications, you know, you’ve just given birth it, you know, there’s a lot to take in. And now you’re only allowed one parent at the bedside to care for this child to grieve to take in all this information. And it’s one per 24 hours. And so I would have many parents that you know, were just exhausted, overwhelmed, confused, isolated, you know, not coping well. And then you know, and then you had parents that weren’t seeing their children. Then you have C sections. So if a mother had to have a C section, the father was not allowed in the room anymore, even though there was, you know, almost up to 10, you know, seven to 10 medical staff in the room, they couldn’t have one more person, the father of that baby in the room. So the father missed the birth of the baby through the C section. And then if the mother was placed under general anesthetic, both parents missed the birth of their baby. And I remember just some of the procedures that we had to do if mother just so happened to be positive. If she tests positive, we would have to somehow, the baby was placed on this bed that was another thing before all this we would you know gown up as the NICU team go into the operating room and the baby will be handed to us and we take them in and cuddle them and love them and warm them up to hand them back to the mom. But now we’re not allowed to go into the operating room as the nurses. So we put a cot between where we stood at the doors and the operating room, and the baby was just placed on this cold cot and basically pushed to the door to us where we had then pick up this baby and care for it. But if the mom was positive, the baby had to be placed on this bed with a hood, put over it, this clear plastic kind of box, rushed to another room where it was now our COVID Positive isolation room. And then we could start resuscitating the baby, because we couldn’t resuscitate the baby in the big, you know, open area in risk the baby contaminating this like space where there’s like four other beds. And I was like, Really? Like we’re going to compromise, like this baby’s life, just take it to another room, because there’s a positive test? Like, I just could not comprehend what we were doing here. Like the lives that we were compromising over this possible test, when we’re supposed to put our lives at risk, we’re supposed to, you know, put everything aside to save a life like, you know, you have safety measures in place. Sure. But your job is to protect and save that life, not waste time, taking it to this other room and doing all this stuff and putting on different gowns and gloves, like it was it was just unreal. So that’s what I was seeing. Parents would have to mask in the room being with their babies breastfeeding, so that newborn baby would only see, you know, eyes of their parents, some of our babies are in the unit for 100 days. So they would only see masked faces for 100 days. And then they would go home and you know, maybe the masks would come off at home and they wouldn’t know what to do, they would cry uncontrollably. I heard stories until the masks went back on because they weren’t used to seeing faces. And there’s a study done in the 60s, called the Still Face Experiment. And it shows how babies are just, they need facial expressions, they need to react to our smiles our laughter and just our entire face. And when they can’t see anything, they get very distraught and very upset and anxious. And they don’t know what to do. And the there’s a whole study, it’s called the Still Face Experiment. I just kept thinking, what are we doing to these poor children, especially at the very start of life. So that’s what I was seeing from a whole other end of the spectrum there.

Will Dove 27:35
I’ve asked you all to relate your stories and the impacts you saw on your patients, because I wanted to paint a picture and I’m going to give my own little version, my summary of what I’ve been hearing from the three of you. And I want your comments on it before we move on to the legal cases. You’ve talked about speaking out against vaccines and other problems in our medical system, not at 2020 2021 but way back 2017 2018 These problems are already there. Then we have this ‘scamdemic’ come along and draconian measures are put in place which are doing nothing but harming the patients. Ethical nurses such as yourself who speak out and try to protect your patients get shut down, told to shut up. You have your you lose your jobs, you’re threatened with disciplinary action, you’re threatened with losing your license. And I want to sum all this up with Sarah, with what you said. This isn’t about patient care. This is about money. And it’s about control. Sarah, we skipped over your last time, because you’ve already told the story of your patients. Your thoughts on what’s happened to our let’s be honest, it’s called the sick care system.

Sarah 28:51
Well, I think it’s exactly that it’s all about profit. And it’s all about keeping people sick. And it’s crazy how now that like because like I said, I healed myself from fibromyalgia. And because I did my own research. And if I hadn’t done that I’d be had put on pills, and I just keep getting sicker and sicker and needing more pills and more pills, and it would have ended up being a disability. And so because I didn’t do that, and I went to the root cause of the problem, I was able to get rid of it. And so when you start looking at it, then everything is like that. Everything is about making a profit keeping you sick. You know, I and like I’ve even heard people most of the illnesses we have is about malnourishment and nutrition. And it said that when you come out of the hospital, you’re actually 25% more malnourished than when you went in. So when you start looking at it, it’s so much all about profit and it’s all about, like keeping people sick. And as soon as you start talking about like, Hey, you can heal this way, you’re censored and you’re doing something wrong. When we were in school, the first thing that we learned is the code of ethics. And the code of ethics says that our jobs is to agitate, that’s the word in the book. Agitate and advocate for our communities when the medical industry turns against them, against the people. And so that’s exactly what we did. And so you can really see how corrupt it is. Because honestly, even like in, in our investigations, they put all the facts that we put on social media. And at the end, they put the code of ethics, and it’s like, what is this? So I don’t remember what the question was.

Will Dove 30:39
The question that had to do with your comments on how corrupt the system has become that it become a sick care system that is about profit, and it’s about control. It’s not about the patient anymore. It’s not about health care. And I’m going to make a I’m going to make a pretty good guess, here, Sarah, that when you were fighting fibromyalgia, not a single doctor said to you, you can fix this by fixing your diet, they will try to put drugs into you.

Sarah 31:02
Yeah. And they told me be careful because I told them, ‘Hey, I’m taking ginger every morning and my stomach’s getting better’. And they were like, careful. Don’t take too much ginger. Wow. So yeah, and I just wanted to say, and then you find out that there’s cures for pretty much everything. I just took up preventative cancer prevention, a coaching program. And now I’m going to do the reversal one. And it’s crazy how we’ve been lied about everything. So, very corrupt.

Will Dove 31:33
Yes. we have. And before I move on to the other two ladies, I’m going to add a little weight to what Sarah’s just said. Recently, I interviewed Dr. Paul Marik, one of the cofounders of the Frontline COVID, Critical Care Alliance, he cured himself of type two diabetes by fixing his diet. So what Sarah is telling you is absolutely true. It’s a medical industry that’s set up to pump drugs into you so they can keep making a profit, it’s not there to make you better. Kristal, your thoughts?

Kristal 32:04
Well, just before I move on to the thoughts specific to that question, I just wanted to go back before I forgotten, and just address what Kristin has said earlier about the testing and how the test on that baby was positive and everything needed to stop. And that infant needed to be moved to a different environment for fear of this positive result. And I’m sure you’re fully aware by now, Will, with all the interviews that you’ve done, that the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said it wasn’t to be used for clinical diagnosis at all. And I can tell you, from my years of experience in the role of a nurse practitioner, that we never diagnose something just based simply on a test result, there are clinical, there’s a clinical assessment and a history that has to be done as well. And those things are put together as a whole picture with regards to what’s going on. So you would never ever rely just solely on a test result. And we know that those test results are faulty because they can dial them up as high or as low as they want to manipulate the result. And I know we’re not really here to speak about that. I’m sure you’ve had other guests on your show that can speak to that extensively but it just shows you that you know, everything has been manipulated because of this so called test. And there are a lot of other things that come into play when you’re making a diagnosis and, you know, coming to basically make an assessment. So but to move on to the question that you just talked about how corrupt the healthcare system is the other thing that really continued to bother me and bother me in the nurse practitioner role was the fact that there was – it was, there was so much focus on the physical health of a person and there wasn’t much looked at in terms of their mental health, their spiritual health, mind, you know, soul, body, spirit, all of those other things were kind of ignored. So Sarah was just speaking about getting to the root cause. I started to become very alarmed that the root cause was not being – they weren’t even really looking to see what the root cause was. It was all about symptom management, it was all about, ‘Okay, tell me what your symptoms are’, and you have a prescription pad ready to write out the, you know, treatment for it immediately, to bill for that treatment. And then that would, you know, cause side effects then you would have this perpetual revolving door of patients coming back to you because now they’re complaining of side effects, which you then get your prescription pad out again for and start writing out more medication prescriptions. And then they have this long extensive list that Sarah just spoke of, of medications that’s making them sicker and sicker and sicker. And at the same time, pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank, because they’ve got people on, you know, 15 million medications that they’re all profiting from. And that is, you know, one of the reasons as well that I just said to myself I have to get out of this environment. I can’t be part of this anymore. Right, Kristen?

Kristen 35:07
Yeah and one of the things too, Sarah mentioned is like, our community like it, we have a role in the duty to play for our patients and to advocate for them as well. But as nurses, it’s, it’s more than that it’s outside of those hospitals as well. Like, we’re always kind of aware of what is going on and what’s happening around us. And, you know, we do have the four principle ethics to follow, and we’re supposed to outweigh, you know, that the benefits and the, the consequences, you know, the pros and cons and see if it actually is helping. We never really did that to see what was going on outside of the community with everything as well. You know, by trying to protect this group, what, what’s the aftermath? What’s the fallout, and because I’ve always worked in my, my work has always been based around children. Back September 2020, I did speak out at City Hall about the masks that were being put on children, the harms that was causing and I had a lot of parents reach out to me after that. And some of them I still remember, like, I’m still just alarmed by it, that six year olds were talking about how they hate their life and wanting to die. And were attempting to – pretending with parents credit cards to cut their wrists. Just this one story will stay with me for forever. And so these are things I’ve had to be weighed out as well and that were never looked at of like, well, what is actually happening in, in our community. I heard one story as well as like, a, you know, when we had to pick these bubbles, a grandparent was playing with their grandkids on one side of the road outside. And the other family, I guess, walked by on the other side of the street. And they weren’t in the bubble. Oh, here is like their grandma playing with these grandkids. But then they you know, they’re not allowed. Like, why like this. There’s so much we hit the dip. That’s a whole other book and documentary about, you know, the psychological damage that has been done to children. How would they understand why their grandma is allowed to play with those kids and not themselves and just in there’s so much like that. The other things I was noticing with the corruption is when I finally started becoming aware of you know, first started in food, then it led to the immunizations. and then beyond, was when I looked back at the beat my beginning career in pediatrics. I was like, Oh my gosh, I worked on a vaccine injury floor. I didn’t realize that at the time. But looking back, I was like we had so many seizures, epilepsy, metabolic syndromes, and Guillain-Barré syndrome and the you know, the famous line was like, we don’t know why it happens. Just sometimes this happens to these teenagers, you know, and then I looked back and I was like, Oh my gosh, like, like I worked on an adverse reaction floor. And then fast forward, when I was kind of being noticing this more when I was aware, I would think about our 23 week preemie, so these micro Prems 60 days of life from being born at 23 weeks, they’re still not full term, yet, because they’ve been out of the womb for 60 days, they’re now eligible for their two month shots. And so, Michael Prem 23, you know, 60 days after 23 weeks, still not full term is getting their two month shot, that’s very different than a full term baby, getting their shots. I mean, it’s not good for anybody, but still, this 23 week old has enough problems to worry about. So I would watch these babies, you know, 60 days, you know, growing, getting, you know, stronger, doing better. And then they would receive their two months’ shots, and then go back into, you know, invasive breathing support and needing more help. And the nurses would just pass it on as, Oh, well. They had their immunizations today. So expect more spells, meaning their heart stopping, they would stop breathing, and they would need help to start breathing on their own again. And when I would start bringing this up, do you think there’s a correlation, like if they just received their shots today, and this is happening, should we be concerned? And then of course, I started becoming the crazy nurse, you’re not allowed to make those connections, and just seeing so much of these things happening and not being able to question it. It just it does really hurt your soul. And then the next piece of the puzzle for me, was realizing what was happening in our birthing industry. And because of working, you know, in the NICU, we’d be on the admissions team, and we would go to the high risk, labor and deliveries, we’d be in the room and watch these deliveries and I would just watch once I became aware and that veil was lifted, and I would just realize that we are creating every problem that we then have to fix. And we every you know intervention that is happening in a you know, from the hospital standpoint, the medicalized birth, and all of a sudden, you know, there’s something gone wrong. And oh, it’s now an emergency, oh, we have to fix it. Oh, thank goodness, you’re in the hospital, thank goodness, we are here to, you know, save the day, thank goodness, you know, we had all these, you know, technologies, but it’s like, no, but you created that problem in the first place. And this isn’t, we’re hearing this, and seeing it through all across the board, right, like, create the problem, bring on the cure. And we’ve seen this throughout the last two years. And that’s at every level of the medical system. And that’s what I’ve become very passionate about now is breaking down that corruption at the birthing level, empowering that mother to get out of the medicalized birth to, you know, realize that be informed about natural birth, and help at that process to be come sovereign in that moment, to become fully responsible and aware of our own bodies. And then that helps, you know, raise children to be the same. Create this foundation of, you know, natural babies, natural children, you know, saying no to the medical system, and hopefully, raising up moving forward to take a different path than what the medical elites have laid out to us. So that’s where I’m coming out. And I was breaking it down right at birth, realizing that they’ve created victims from us right at conception.

Will Dove 41:33
Yes. So where I’ve been going with this, folks, before I get all three leaders to talk about their legal battles, to save their career, save their licenses, is to paint this picture. Because all of us grew up with this idea that the health care system was there to look after us. But as Kristen pointed out, they enacted all these mandates, and no one thought to stop and look at the impact on the patients, because they didn’t care. They didn’t care because it has nothing to do with it anymore. It is and I believe all three of these ladies have used this word talking about their experiences, industry. It’s an industry, it’s there to make money. And be sure that they continue to make money. They’re enacting these totalitarian controls over the people within the system. And I want you all to be very clear on that. So that you will understand what’s happened to these ladies and why it’s happened. That none of them, none of them did anything wrong. If fact they did everything right. They did exactly what a nurse is supposed to do. But they went against that system, that industry, they threatened the money. So now I want to talk about each of you and your legal fight. Would you please give us a picture of this, starting with you Kristal?

Kristal 42:52
Sure. So I have said before that, essentially, posting truths on social media has led to media outlets coming along, and basically saying, Hey, you can’t have this nurse working for you, because she’s posting things that are contrary to the narrative. So that led to an investigation by both my employer as well as the College of Nurses of Ontario and a subsequent termination from my nursing position. And then at the conclusion of the College of Nurses of Ontario investigation, there is something called a screening committee that the CNO or College of Nurses of Ontario has, and that is, I see RC and it stands for increased complaints and reports committee. And so they were essentially concerned that I had made statements that were contrary to the public health measures or the guidelines and contained what could be perceived as harmful misinformation. And I was essentially ordered or directed that I then complete remedial education at my own expense, and stand before the committee to be cautioned with regards to the College of Nurses’ Standards of Practice to which I was not going to do because I feel that is admission of wrongdoing and I have not done anything wrong. So from a legal point of view, we submitted an application for judicial review. And that judicial review at the end of September was dismissed. And I was ordered to pay $17,000 in 500 Sorry, $70,500 in college nurses’ costs, court costs essentially. So that is where we’re at right now. Now there has been an application for leave of Appeals. And we are that’s in process right now. So we don’t know where that is. You don’t have a decision back on that yet.

Will Dove 44:53
Okay. Let me ask for a little bit of clarification. So you’re saying that the judicial review was or appeal was dropped, basically?

Kristal 45:04
We asked for a judicial review of the findings from the committee from the College of Nurses of Ontario. And they still felt that they were just going to essentially go on what the college had said. And so ordered me to pay the $17,500 in legal costs to the college and then complete this remedial education and stand before the committee.

Will Dove 45:31
So basically, they’re fining you, they’re fining almost $20,000. But what I’m not hearing here is what are they finding you’re guilty of?

Kristal 45:40
Basically, they think that it could be misinformation. And I’ll just quote the document which you can actually look at anyone that wants to look at the actual document, because it is public, you can take a look at it. It’s the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Divisional Court decision,

Will Dove 45:58
Could you provide us – sorry, Kristal could you provide us with the link, we will post it directly beneath the video on our website?

Kristen 46:04
— and we (Frontline Nurses) have it up on our website, so it’s easy to find.

Will Dove 46:08
So just give us and yeah, just give us the link to that. And we’ll set we’ll give people the link directly to that. Please continue, Kristal?

Kristal 46:15
Perfect. So I just wanted to give you what was specifically written in here, because I don’t want to misquote at all. But it basically said that a “…reasonableness review does not require an administrative decision maker to address every argument or piece of information put before it.” So all of the evidence that I have submitted, they didn’t have to address. The committee the ICRC committee does not hear witnesses or receive expert evidence.

Will Dove 46:47
Okay, wait, I’m sorry, I have to ask this because as many of these interviews I’m done. This is just about the most obscene thing I’ve heard yet. They’re putting you under investigation. There’s, you asked for a judicial review. And the answer is no, basically, no, we’re not even going to look at it and cough up $17,000.

Kristal 47:09
Yep. Essentially, essentially. And there’s also a statement in here that says, in my view, is the judge that’s writing this decision. “In my view, the committee provided a sufficient explanation to their concerns to meet a reasonableness standard, in the context of what appear on their face to be plainly false statements, it is appropriate for this court to defer to the panel’s expertise.”

Will Dove 47:35
So we’re not we’re not going to look at any facts. We’re not going to question whether or not what you said, what could be true. Wow, I’m sorry, Kristal. That’s that is the worst case of miscarriage of justice I’ve heard yet and I’ve heard a lot of them.

Kristal 47:51
Because I’m passionate about upholding the college standards of practice, which includes ethical health care, bodily autonomy, first, doing no harm, protecting, informed decision making and consent. You know, critical thinking skills. Critical Thinking skills are essential to be a good nurse. And now, in the system, when you exercise critical thinking skills, you’re censored and shut down. Silence.

Will Dove 48:28
Wow. All right, Kristen, it’s your turn. What have they done to you?

Kristen 48:35
So I’ve been placed under three different investigations with the College of Nurses of Ontario. Mine is very similar to Kristal and she did an excellent job of explaining the remedial education program, which is several months I think they say, I don’t know, like six months or so to complete it. And it’s basically an just an indoctrination program that is to be paid for out of pocket and I believe it’s about $3,000 for the program, and then to stand in front of the Committee. So the Committee can tell you what you did wrong. And you know, so you can say, you know, I’m sorry. So I also am not partaking in that route. Unfortunately, for me, due to whatever circumstances I did not get a judicial review. So I’m under a different route, unfortunately, then Kristal. So we’re still kind of waiting to see the direction that my case is gonna go but I don’t even get to have a judicial review at this time. So mine is still very much kind of in the works right now. Of what will happen. I just looked to see what it does say on ‘find a nurse for me’, and it does say that I do have to have that I was put So under Yeah, caution and the process that’s going to happen so you can kind of look up and see where, where we’re at and the due dates. But that’s where my college of nurses is, is that it’s not as interesting as Kristal’s at this time, but I don’t get to share any evidence of things that I have said. My other legal battles though, which are plentiful. I received 11 summons from speaking out in 2021. For speaking during the lockdowns in Ontario, one of those summons was received for going to church on Easter Sunday, April 25 2021. At the Church of God in Alymer, ON with Pastor Henry Hildebrand. Other people that attended that were Derek Sloane Randy Hillier, and Vincent Gircys, And on September 24, I believe…anyway September I was found guilty and fined $10,000 plus court costs which was $2,500 for attending church, Easter service mass during the lockdowns. So I still have, uh, we’re appealing that one of those cases.

Will Dove 51:18
I have to interrupt. You got fined $10,000, for going to a church service? And as you pointed out, Derek Sloane, Randy Hillier, Vincent Gircys, they were all there. Did other people get fines?

Kristen 51:29
They got summons but nothing has become of their summons yet – their charges? Yeah, only mine has in its yeah, $12,500 because I’m also having to pay for their court costs.

Will Dove 51:41
So I’m sorry, I just have to point out the obvious here. What I’m hearing is the only person who received these five digit fines was the one who was already facing disciplinary action by the College of Nurses?

Kristen 51:59
At this time, yes.

Will Dove 52:01
Yeah. Okay, folks, you can draw your own conclusions from that. Sarah?

Kristen 52:06
Oh, still have a couple more events, if that’s okay.

Will Dove 52:08
Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t realize, you’re not done. We got more here. All right, please.

Kristen 52:14
I do want to point out, one of the things that was used against me in that court case, was the Community Bible Church. They put out a Charter of Rights application, and it’s lost, unfortunately, which they are appealing. But in that case, the Crown stated that, yes, your Charter of Rights and Freedoms were infringed upon, but with reasonable cause the infringement was allowed. And I just want to paint this picture of how scary this is for Canada, because there’s no definition of what reasonable cause means. Who gets to decide what reasonable cause is? And what that allows for, when it’s okay for our Charter of Rights to be violated. So that was part of what they used against me to fine me the $12,500. So that’s just with the church case. I still have several more of these – five more of these trials ahead. for speaking out during the lockdowns and we also have with Canadian Frontline Nurses, a defamation lawsuit. So we are suing Together News Media and the Canadian Nursing Association for defamation and slander. And we also have a federal lawsuit in place where we are suing the federal government for their illegal invocation of the Emergency Measures Act. Right. So that’s what we have ongoing at the moment. And I sent you the link there’s do on our website has all the kind of information laid out of all our legal battles.

Will Dove 53:58
And as always, folks, the link to their website, the Canadian Frontline Nurses website will be there where you can see all this information for yourself. Sarah, your turn, what have they done to you?

Sarah 54:10
Well, I have kind of the same three investigations as Kristen. Pretty much. I think they’re pretty much exactly the same. Not exactly, but like different complaint complainers, but they take the bigger, you know, after Washington, DC, we got the first investigation after the National Hospital protest. There was the second one and the third one is this lawyer that’s retired and has nothing better to do I guess. But, um, so for me, they’ve decided to kind of skip the investigations and go straight to discipline. So they’re trying to take away my license, and there’s going to be seven days of court where they bring their experts and we bring our I bring mine. It was supposed to be in November, but now It’s been pushed back through the New Year. And I guess we’ll have to see what happens there. And hopefully, you know, we don’t expect to win at the, the first part where we go against their disciplinary committee, but we are definitely going to appeal it and try to see if we can get precedents in this and, you know, keep the get the College, you know, hold them responsible for what they’ve done to us. And hopefully, you know, we’ll be able to, you know, have the other nurses be able to speak out to who have been censored? Because if we lose, really, it’ll just like censor every – all the nurses.

Will Dove 55:43

Kristen 55:43
— if it’s okay, I just want to add quick, because in all of this, we forgot to mention that the College of Nurses of Ontario in December 16, of 2020, right, yes, 2020, they put out a statement saying that nurses are not allowed to publicly speak out against masks, social distancing, anti vaccination, or anything that goes against public health measures, or they will, I forget… possible termination or their license will be revoked. There’s a warning in there. And we have that all on our website. So the College of Nurses actually censored us months before the CPSO came out with their censorship. They saw, you know, some of us speaking out, and they made a public statement that basically, we’re not allowed to talk about anything, or we will face disciplinary action.

Will Dove 56:36
Right. Okay, so I want to end with this. Because I do like to end these interviews with some sort of message of hope. All three of you are experienced nurses, I’d like your thoughts on how we can fix this system, how we can get rid of the corruption, and get back to an actual health care system that is there for the patients, Kristal, your thoughts?

Kristal 57:02
We have to continue to fight, we have to continue to fight and I know I speak for all three of us. When I say that we are not going to back down from this, we are going to continue to fight we’re going to continue to speak truth. We will not allow ourselves to be bullied. We will not allow ourselves to be shamed, silenced, censored. We are going to continue to scream from the mountaintops because our first obligation is to humanity. We have our children, our grandchildren, future generations to protect. We have to change this so that it’s no longer a system of sick care, but health care. And there are two ways in which that could happen. Either the existing system is completely overturned, and people that are behind us are held accountable, or we go outside that system, and we start to create something new. And I think there probably will be both happening. My hope is that and prayer is that there will be accountability for the people that have willfully engaged and been behind and perpetuated all of this. Time will tell. And it’s certainly been a very long haul. It’s been, you know, very discouraging, and quite frankly, heartbreaking to see all of the corrupt, collateral damage that has happened over the course of the two and a half plus years now. With suicides, with, you know, families being broken down, divorce. All of the things we’ve talked about, failure to assess and diagnose in a timely fashion, you know, all of those things that we’ve already discussed, but we want to end with hope. And the hope is that as long as there are those of us individually, as well as collectively that can link arms together, you know, the Trucker Convoy, all — there are so many organizations not just across Ontario, but across Canada, across every nation and globally, that are in the know with regards to what’s going on in the corruption and all of these evil schemes. And as long as we just keep pushing forward, and each of us do our part, I believe this will be overturned, and so we just have to keep plowing ahead, we have to stay positive and refuse to allow them to break us. Well said. Kristen?

Kristen 59:17
I think I definitely agree with Kristal. My approach is maybe a little bit different in the fact that I think we win by leaving it behind. And that by that I mean, you know with freedom comes great responsibility, right? And I’ve come to realize that not everyone wants the responsibility of freedom and being sovereign. And we kind of have to accept that. I, as much as the hardship that I have experienced, the losses we have experienced and everything that has gone on. I am so grateful for the last two and a half years going on three years. Because I would say, you know, Canada has been an incredibly sleepy nation, I was very sleepy, and very much just, you know, a part of the conveniences that comfort in Canada and just going about, you know, mediocre life and just falling along the way society has, you know, planned out for us. I am incredibly thankful that this catastrophic event came and just stopped us in our tracks, and forced us to make a decision to either comply and keep going along with what society has laid out for us, or to completely turn away and to carve a new path. And so that’s the part that I’m excited about. And I think we’ll always keep fighting, but the fighting might not happen against the systems in place, at least I don’t have energy to fight against the systems in place, I want nothing to do with the current systems in place, I haven’t for a long time. I’m very excited in the phase of creating new and at the public level of, you know, public opinion and grassroots. And, and I mentioned before, when I was speaking, and for me, that’s going to be through mothers, through women, families and children, and helping create a path forward in that space where our children can thrive and, and will be, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience this in my own life. So I know that it’s possible. I have an amazing community in London, Ontario, where we started a forest school in September 2020, just one day, where we meet in a forest, we teach kids about foraging, and this has been going on every day since September 2020, every Thursday, and from these meetups, other groups have formed, other parents have formed schools, I would have this every day schools, different other events. And I am just so I am incredibly hopeful. And seeing all these alternative options being created in health, in education, and community building with more gardens, we in London do, we’ve done our I think, man here runs one he’s done, its his fourth one, it’s called Living 100 years ago. He puts on these huge events, one day seminars, where you get to go to different workshops throughout the day and learn about canning, seed saving, you know, I did a class once on natural remedies, and how to build your own natural first aid kit and things to have at home. So there’s all these amazing things happening, where people can become empowered, and become informed and start creating another path for them so they don’t have to rely on the government or the systems or these things in place. And they can start, you know, feeling more self sufficient and relying on the community around them. And I’m leaving this for Sarah to talk about because we are also moving forward with Canadian Frontline Nurses, and paving a way and creating something new as well. But I want to leave that for you to talk about.

Will Dove 1:03:03
And Sarah, I was wanting you to go last as well, for two reasons. One, because you’re the one who has personal experience with health care versus sick care, having cured yourself of fibromyalgia by correcting your diet. And I happen to know you’re also working on a mental health initiative. So your thoughts on how we fix this broken system?

Sarah 1:03:23
Yes, thank you so much. Well, like Kristen said, instead, we have no, you know, we have no, we really don’t want to go back into the system. So we are creating a new health parallel health care, which is really about preventative care, natural treatments and treating the person as a whole. And it’s all about getting people out of the hospitals and the nursing homes and get care back into the community. We don’t believe like the medical system calls people patients. And when you’re a patient, you’re a victim, it means that you’re flawed, and you need something from the outside to come and save you basically. And so we don’t believe in that at all. We believe that people are active participants in their care and when they’re ready to heal, then they heal themselves, we are just here to empower them and guide them to do that. So we have a new directory that and we are looking for nurses. So in another way, we’re also trying to get nurses out of the system too, so that we can empower them to find their purpose and passion and so that they can offer a new way of helping people giving care. So I’m an example of that my purpose and passion is mental health. I healed myself from fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia is about toxicity and it’s your fight or flight. It’s a problem what your central nervous system and it’s about toxicity and anything that causes toxicity in the body causes stress. For me and a lot of people that have somatic illnesses and cancers. The stresses childhood trauma and that we’ve been also completely lied about that because most people have childhood trauma. Trauma is anything that disconnects you from yourself. And when you’re a kid, it could just be simple as you think your parents don’t love you because they don’t have enough time for you. And you internalize that as if like, I’m not enough, or you know, I’m unlovable, and you go on through life with this false belief, and it stops you from, you know, looking for the success that you really want. Or you become an addict, or you reach out to people who don’t really care about you, because you think you’re not worth it. All that to say that I’ve started an initiative to help people get rid of those false beliefs and find their true self, and reconnect with their authentic self. That’s healing, right? Reconnecting with yourself. So helping people go to the root cause of their problems, and getting off these toxic medications. And it’s all about giving them the tools and knowledge to do so. And then they do it themselves. Once you have the tools, you know how to go ahead and do it. So that’s an example of what we are looking for. And what we want to do, and everyone can find their own ways. And, you know, on our directory, we have, obviously, when a nurse comes on the directory, she gets, she gets to be on the directory, she gets advertised. But she also gets discounts on things like the course that I just did. That’s a cancer prevention coaching, and also cancer reversal. And so it’s an opportunity to find a new way, a new path in the healthcare system. And like help, like, let’s say a nurse chooses to do that, she can then help people get empowered to heal their cancers from the root cause. So we want to find and we also have, we want nurses that still have their licenses and give the conventional care. But we’re also looking for nurses that are leaders, and that will start hubs which are like clinics and connect with other, you know, health care people in the community, and be able to give those kinds of service. But we also really, are focused on empowering the individual to become independent. So we have a lot of things that we offer to our public members, like webinars and ways that they can learn to heal themselves. And they also get discounts. My workshops are on there for free: healing from childhood trauma, and how to recover from fibromyalgia. And as we grow bigger, we want more and more of these workshops and things to come free to people so that they can help empower themselves. So we’re really looking into creating a new healthcare paradigm, real health care. So yeah, and just to end, and that was for me, like the mental health thing is really because I healed myself and honestly, the more we — our bodies are, so they’re made like so divinely, we, you know, we have no idea how powerful we are, you know, and you just have to believe it and know it, and then you become empowered. So we really want people to, you know, tap into that force and that energy and really find, you know, their true selves so that they can be healthy. You know, we’re all unhealthy because we’re so disconnected – disconnection is trauma. So we want to help people reconnect to themselves, basically. And, as this like the last words that I have to say, before we go, because I just want to tell people, I just want to tell people, like, be empowered, then in your in your power, like, you’re awakened, you’re here amongst us for a reason. We are the pioneers of the world we want to see and we want to create. And I think that, you know, people have to believe in themselves. We’re the nurses, we’re doing like a new ways of giving health care. But everyone has their own reason why they’re born in these times, and they’re awake, and they have something to give back. And I and I want to just tell people, like, you know, yes, you can do it, don’t just think Can I do it, like, if it’s in your head, you can do it. And that’s why you were born. So I just want to empower people to like, find their path at you know, their sacred path and find our way and create the world that we that they want to see.

Will Dove 1:09:11
Thank you. So folks, I want to finish with these thoughts. None of these ladies are saying that medications don’t have their place. But when that’s the only option on the table, that’s not patient care. That’s a subscription based business model. And it’s part of a corrupt system. And all these ladies are facing these legal battles, the loss of their jobs, because they chose to act with integrity, and look out for their patients in short to do what the code of conduct says they’re supposed to do. But when they actually practice it, they get discipline, they get told to shut up because they’re interrupting that business model. And it’s not just health care in our country that’s broken. It’s just about everything. But as Kristen has pointed out, there’s three choices. You can comply. You can fight back, which some of them are, and shouldn’t be, because there has to be justice for what’s being done. But then there’s a third path. We leave these people behind, because they have no power, but what we give them. There’s nothing written down anywhere that says that we can’t have a medical system that’s not under the authority of the CPSO, the College of Nurses, we can build a new one, a better one. And we can do that with everything in our country. It’s time to get to work. Ladies, thank you. Thank you.

Frontline Nurses 1:10:34
Thank you.

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