The Iron Will Weekly News Report | January 6, 2023

January 6, 2023

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In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report:

  • JCCF President Spends 23 Hours in Solitary Confinement
  • Food Bank Users Requesting Assisted Suicide
  • All Airports to Close by 2050
  • Bill to Expose Foreign Influence Being Delayed by Liberals
  • Facial Recognition Software Targets Innocent Mother of 9 Year Old Girl
  • Analysis: The Multi-Pronged Attack On the Truth

And in the member’s version, all of the above, PLUS:

  • New Twitter Stats Reveal CBC Has Almost No Followers
  • CBC’s ‘Unbiased’ Coverage of Damar Hamlin
  • Canadian Gov. Pays Out Almost 3 Million in Vaccine Damages
  • Non-Vaxxed the New Universal Blood Donors
  • The Kraken Variant: Where Did it Come From?
  • Government Hires ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Propaganda Firm
  • Ontario Lawyer Now Providing Legal Exemption Letters
  • Exercise is a ‘White Supremacist Plot’
  • Short People Could Save the Planet

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This is the Iron Will Report for the week ending January 6th. I’m Iron Will and I’ve been bringing you counter narrative news and interviews for almost a year and a half now. Even I find it hard to believe that after that relatively short period of time, this is Truthcast number 300.

01 John Carpay Arrested

JCCF President Spends 23 Hours in Solitary Confinement

In our top story this week, Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms founder and president John Carpay was arrested and imprisoned on December 30th.

A year and a half ago Mr. Carpay hired a private investigator to look into possible corruption of Judge Glen Joyal. Justice Joyal was overseeing several JCCF cases defending Manitoba churches who exercised their right to religious freedom and defied the lockdown orders. The private investigator’s actions were discovered when he foolishly hired a teenager to knock on the door of the judge’s private residence.

While Mr. Carpay’s actions were not illegal, he did issue a public apology to Judge Joyal.

A year and half later, while the rest of us were looking forward to New Year’s Eve, a Canada wide warrant was issued for Mr. Carpay’s arrest, on charges of obstruction of justice. He turned himself in to Calgary police and subsequently spent almost 24 hours in a bare concrete cell.

Here is John himself with a statement he made shortly after being released on New Year’s Eve.

There is no limit these tyrants will go to, to justify their illegal actions and attempt to silence those pursuing the truth. The JCCF has done more to defend the constitutional rights of Canadians under the covid tyrannies than any other organization in this country. As of my last conversation with John, the JCCF is now employing 16 lawyers who have taken on cases across the country to seek justice for those harmed by the mandates.

I’ll point out again that while the bar took a dim view of Mr. Carpay hiring a private investigator to follow a judge, his action was not illegal. Nor did the private investigators actions in any way interfere with the judges’ courtroom duties. So as John said, the charges are utterly ridiculous and a clear attempt to intimidate him.

I know John personally. It won’t work.

I am pursuing John for a full interview on all of this. If and when that interview happens, those of you signed up for our newsletter at will be notified.

02 #TrudeauMustGo

Turd Responds to Food Bank MAiD Requests

I’ve reported now several times on our death cult of a country, as one Twitter user called it. We lead the world in medically assisted suicide, and that’s in absolute numbers, not per capita.

Now Canadians are going to the food bank to request MAiD. I only wish I was making that up.

Almost 25% of Canadians have used a food bank in the past year, and many more are concerned about their long term ability to feed their families. And what was Turd’s response?

It deepened his resolve so much that shortly after that recording he flew with his family in a private Air Force jet to Jamaica, where he spent his Christmas holidays.

The fact is that this man gets paid almost 400,000 dollars per year to hardly work. And of course that doesn’t count taxpayer funded perks like family holidays. His family’s trip to Costa Rica in 2019 cost taxpayers 57,000 dollars and that’s just one example.

Keean Bexte of the Counter Signal revealed that Trudeau’s itinerary for last year shows that he worked just 0 to 2 hours per day for over 40% of the year. Mr. Bexte counted in Turd’s itinerary 50 days in which the itinerary item would have required less than 2 hours to complete. This does not include 20 days of quote private meetings, which Mr. Bexte surmises is code for ‘did nothing’, or the almost four weeks of vacation. 14 days in Costa Rica, 5 in Whistler and a week in Jamaica.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised when our own Christmas Eve satirical short about Santa’s gift to Justin went viral, racking up over 100,000 views on Youtube in just one week. In the same time period, Trudeau’s Christmas address to Canadians got 25,000 views.

U.K. Report Recommends Closure of All Airports

You don’t have to watch the counter narrative news, such as mine, to know about the current disaster that is our airports. Flight cancellations, lost luggage, and overcrowded terminals. Recently I traded emails with Greg Hill, one of the former airline pilot founders of FreetoFly. I asked Greg if he thought the Christmas season airport gong show was part of the globalist agenda. He responded that no, our airports have always been quote a snowstorm and 24 hours away from disaster due to chronic understaffing. But he also said that he has no doubt the globalists are working to destroy the airline industry. Greg, I hope you’re watching because I think you just a set a record for shortest time to suspicion confirmed.

Our researchers recently discovered a 2019 study by authors at the University of Oxford and the Imperial College of London that proposes all airports should be shut down by 2050, with all except the largest international airports closed by 2029, just six years from now. The supposed reason is to save us all from manmade global warming. The global warming that doesn’t actually exist and is in fact a scientific impossibility.

There are several significant things to note about this report. First, it was released in November of 2019, just before the Covid plandemic. Second, it was paid for by the U.K. government as part of their legal commitment under the Kyoto Protocol in 1995 and the Paris agreement of 2015 to reduce their carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The same agreements that Canada has signed. Finally, one of the two main parties to the study is the Imperial College of London. The same college where Neil Ferguson hails from. The Neil Ferguson who predicted 40 million deaths from Covid. And the same college that is heavily funded by big pharma.

But the report doesn’t stop there. Airports are only one recommendation.

You already know about Canada and other countries wanting to stop the sale of all gas powered cars by 2035. But the report also recommends that all meat production should stop, and that after 2050 no more new buildings will be allowed either.

Some of you already know about the new travel bans here in Canada that went into effect yesterday, January 5th. The new restrictions require all travellers above the age of one flying to Canada from China, Hong Kong or Macao to submit a negative covid test prior to departure. The government says this is a temporary measure for 30 days. Right. Remember two weeks to flatten the curve?

And this is how they always start new tyrannies. Begin with something that seems so minor it will only affect a handful of people, then expand it. Then tell people it’s not working so we have to do more of it. Then tell them the current violations of their rights aren’t doing the job, so they’ll have to take away more of them.

And closing the airports? That’s right out of the totalitarian playbook. If you’re going to take away people’s rights and turn them into prisoners in their own country, one of the first steps is to prevent them from leaving.

04 Our Occupied Country

Bill to Expose Foreign Influence Being Delayed by Liberals

While our government rams through censorship bills to silence the truth, and has only put C-21, the gun grab bill that would disarm us under a tyrannical government on hold, they continue to delay bills that defend our country and our freedoms.

Bill S-237, An Act To Establish The Foreign Influence Registry would mandate disclosure of all lobbyists acting for “a foreign government, an individual or entity related to a foreign government” under threat of $200,000 fines and two years in jail.

The bill was introduced February 24. It is still at second reading. The measure is similar to Australia’s 2018 Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act and the United States’ 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act, a law originally introduced to track Nazi agents.

“Foreign influence and interference is real,” said Senator Leo Housakos, the sponsor of the bill. “It is very much happening right here in Canada. In many cases it can be financial.”

I don’t think we have to question why this bill is being delayed. The only real question is what level of foreign influence would be revealed if the bill is passed.

05 Big Brother is Watching You

Two Lawyers Ejected from Hall Over Lawsuits by Their Firms

I do not engage in fearmongering, and I definitely won’t report anything I can’t prove. It’s my intent to make you aware of the threats to your rights and freedoms, not to frighten you, but if you’re unsure of just to what extent the surveillance state can follow and identify you, this next story will keep you awake at night.

A New York city lawyer was recently kicked out of Radio City Music Hall when facial recognition technology identified her employer as among several banned from the venue owner’s holdings. Not her. Her employer. Why? Because her employer, law firm Davis, Saperstein and Salomon, are suing the owners of Radio City Music Hall, and they’ve been flagged so they won’t be allowed in the building.

So let’s follow this chain of events. Lawyer Kelly Conlon takes her nine year old daughter, along with her Girl Scout troop, to the Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. Ms. Conlon’s employer is suing the owners of Radio City Music Hall, but Ms. Conlon herself is not involved in the case. Facial recognition software at the hall, monitoring camera feeds, identifies Ms. Conlon, who has done nothing illegal, as an employee of the firm. She is then ejected from the hall by security, where she spends the next hour standing outside in the rain while she waits for her daughter.

And it’s not the first time this has happened.

Less than two months before, another lawyer, Alexis Majano, was ejected from the hall when he went there to attend a Knicks game. Same story. Majano’s firm is suing the Hall’s parent company, but Majano himself is not involved in the case. The case, by the way, is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a fan who fell from a balcony during a Billy Joel concert.

Facial recognition technology is not there to identify criminals. It’s there so corporations and the government can have software alert them if you go somewhere they don’t want you to go, and the database that contains images of your face from multiple angles also contains all the other information that has been collected on you.

It’s not just CBDCs and Digital IDs that will be used to control your movements. Big brother is indeed watching you.

06 The Pursuit of Un-Meaning

The Multi-Pronged Attack Upon the Truth

Of course that’s hardly the only way in which our government is hiding what should be transparent activities. Canada’s Access to Information system, which should allow anyone to request documents on what our government is up to, is fundamentally broken.

The Centre for Law and Democracy publishes an annual ranking of countries’ right to information laws. Canada currently sits at number 51 behind India, Brazil, Afghanistan and, at least prior to its Ukraine invasion, Russia. You know, the country where everyone understands that if it comes from the government, it’s a lie.

Under the Access to Information Act, federal agencies are supposed to respond to requests within 30 days. If they need more time, they must give a valid reason. In actual fact, government wait times for responses can exceed 1,000 days and a Toronto Star study found that over half the information the government does release is censored. Remember the EMA documents? Thousands of pages of mostly black. Contrast that to the American system, where requests are usually filled within a couple of weeks. And largely uncensored. In addition, nearly 20 per cent of the time, our federal government says it can’t find requested records at all.

In a surprise to no one, Trudeau has defended the current system. In February of last year Turd told reporters that “We’ve done more on transparency and openness than previous governments,” He went on to say that he welcomed efforts “to shine light on what the government is doing.”

Really Justin? Maybe you should start with your own employees.

The Public Service Alliance is the federal government’s largest public service union.

In a recent petition to the Commons Ethics Committee, the Alliance wrote “The Access To Information process has become a key method for the union to receive information central to its labour relations, representations and negotiations responsibilities. We are concerned over the government’s reliance on the Act as a means to avoid its legal obligations to produce documents relevant to bargaining and grievance processes in particular.”

You heard that right. Even government employees have to file an Access to Information request to obtain records that should be publicly available.

And it’s not just employees. It’s our elected representatives. Conservative MP Damien Kurek from Alberta said concealment of federal records is so commonplace even MPs file hundreds of Access To Information requests a year.

But apparently even that’s not enough of a barrier for our Liberal government. It seems that people are still penetrating the bureaucracy.

To find out our government’s latest strategy to hide information from us, as well as what the real objective of censorship is, sign up for a 15 day free trial at

In this week’s members only report at, the real reason why the globalists are working so hard to destroy freedom of speech, what the new Twitter stats reveal about CBC’s audience, Damar Hamlin, the athlete heart attack that even mainstream media can’t hide and the number of athletes who have now collapsed from ‘unknown causes’, the Canadian government pays out almost 3 million for vaccine injuries, how the unvaxxed are becoming the new universal blood donors, the Kraken covid variant, Canadian government contracts to collect and analyze data on your movements, several new legal victories, exercise is a white supremacist plot, and how short people will save us all from environmental disaster.

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