77-Year-Old Doctor Threatened with Prison | Dr. Mary O’Connor

January 10, 2023

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Dr. Mary O’Connor, who has been practicing medicine in Ontario for 45 years was taken to the Supreme Court by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for refusing to hand over her patient’s private medical records. Dr. O’Connor, like other ethical doctors in Canada, first attracted the ire of the CPSO by writing exemptions for masks and shots. They suspended her license and raided her office. Fortunately, Mary had the foresight to move the records prior to the raid. The Supreme Court ordered her to hand them over. She refused. She is now awaiting a hearing in February. Mary has been fined and is being threatened with prison.

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Dr. O’Connor, Will Dove

Will Dove 00:07
Some of you will have seen my recent interviews with doctors to Trozzi, Phillips and Luchkiw, as well as with a group of nurses from Ontario as well, all of whom are threatened being threatened with disciplinary action by their colleges. I have with me today, Dr. Mary O’Connor, yet another victim of this persecution. Dr. Connors case has been going on for some time. And she’s been threatened with prison. Dr. O’Connor, welcome to the show.

Dr. O’Connor 00:35
Thank you very much. Will.

Will Dove 00:37
Would you please give our viewers who may not be familiar with your case, a sequence of events that has led to where you are now?

Dr. O’Connor 00:45
Of all these mandates and lock downs, people started asking me for exemptions first for the mask and then PCR and, and later on the vaccines. So I wrote many, many exemptions for a number of patients in October, last year, apparently two employers contact with the College of Physicians surgeons at the college I worked under to see if my exemptions were legitimate the college then became aware that I was writing exemptions. So on October the eighth, they notified me and asked me to please give them the names and the charts of all the patients I’ve written exemptions for. And I said, No, I wasn’t going to do that. Assigned a team and four investigators, these investigators wish to remain unnamed, because they didn’t want to be harassed. And the four investigators had the power from the college to find me enter my office by force if necessary. No one was to oppose them. To find me and my charts, sort of the threat that I was under that happened in October after that, I had a friend stand guard at my office to lock the doors between patients so nobody else could come in.

Will Dove 02:05
So this was in October of 2020. They sent in these investigators, this basically gestapo. Did they actually get access to your office?

Dr. O’Connor 02:14
No, what happened was I was locking up between patients. But one day when I wasn’t there, my friend didn’t lock the door. So all of a sudden, he was upstairs and he heard steps rushing footprints or foot feet rushing up the stairs. And so he was in the boardroom, and all of a sudden, like four people literally entrapped him in the boardroom. So there was one, the chief investigator who’s the questioner, and then three other people, two other men were in the hallway, behind each door that he could have gotten out of. And then a female went around and opened all the file cabinets to look for my charts. So really, by the grace of God, I had moved everything out of there a couple of months beforehand, because I was moving. And so they didn’t find anything that particular day. And my friends on the I mean, he was pretty traumatized at the time. But finally he sort of got his courage and said, I’m leaving now, you can follow me out, or I’ll call the police. So they followed him out of the building. And that was it.

Will Dove 03:18
So they did so all they achieved was threatening your friend and unlawfully entering your office. And they didn’t get any of the records because they weren’t there, you’d moved them.

Dr. O’Connor

Okay, please continue.

Dr. O’Connor 03:29
So on November 4th, they forbade me without notice to me actually, not to write any more exemptions. But I didn’t have that. I didn’t know that, that they’d forbidden me. So on November 23, or so a woman turned out to be a private eye tricked me and I wrote her an exemption because she wanted to go to the gym. So they then on the 24th, I found out from my lawyer that he had received a message that I wasn’t supposed to write any more exemptions. So they in a way entrapped me to write an exemption for an order that I didn’t know that I’d been given.

Will Dove 04:09
Once again, I want to get the sequence of events here. So you’re saying that was November, I believe the fourth you said when they..

Dr. O’Connor
Forbade me without notice.

Right but they didn’t notify you?

Dr. O’Connor

And then when did they send this private investigator in? What day was that?

Dr. O’Connor 04:23
Well, all by telephone, so I think it started on the 22nd 23rd 24th different conversations with her.

Will Dove 04:30
Okay, so we’re talking about a couple of weeks later. Now, your lawyer informs you that you’ve been forbidden to write exemptions.

Dr. O’Connor 04:39
Yeah, the 24th or so. So he received a message from the other lawyer on the other side.

Will Dove 04:45
Okay, so they’re sending this private investigator in to entrap you? Exactly the same time they decided to notify, not you, but your lawyer.

Dr. O’Connor

Okay. Please continue.

Dr. O’Connor 04:56
So I did stop writing exemptions, and then I was able to find out from the letters they’d been sending me, they sent another private eye to contact me for an exemption. But I didn’t know it was a private eye. And so that particular person, I said, I can’t write exemptions anymore. So they had proof that when they not, I mean, my proof now is that when they told me to stop, I stopped. But I didn’t stop before because I didn’t know that I’d been told to stop. So that’s about the private eye. On December 8th before investigators came into my office. And they stormed up the stairs and entrapped my friend who was guarding my office. And as I say, they really traumatized him and asked him for my charts. And finally, he said, I’m calling I’m leaving and calling the police. So they left after. On December 23, at midnight, they took away my medical license. So I’ve been now for almost a year without a license. On January 7th, they took me to Ontario Superior Court, because I was non compliant. And they wanted the court to have me comply to hand over the names and charts of my patients. So I still refused to hand them over. So put me in a non compliance situation with the court order. And that’s going ahead, and there will be another court case for me. They tried to have it in November, but it’s now been postponed till February.

Will Dove 06:31
So, Mary, I have to ask. I’m sure our viewers know the reason but we’d like to hear from you. Why did you refuse to hand over their records?

Dr. O’Connor 06:38
Well, I just can’t hand over their, it was an illegal, everything they’ve done is illegal, I’m not going to hand over my patient’s records.

Will Dove 06:44
So in short, you’re doing what you as a doctor are supposed to do. You are protecting the medical privacy of your patients.

Dr. O’Connor 06:51
Exactly. And also their privacy, the right to choose your own medical treatment. The two rights I’m trying to protect for them.

Will Dove 07:00
Mary, how long have you been a doctor?

Dr. O’Connor 07:03
I graduated 50 years ago, I’ve practiced for 44 years. So the last 18 years or so I did mental health with substance use disorder and mental health.

Will Dove 07:21
And up until all of this started happening a couple of years ago, I had those 44 years of medical practice was it ever once suggested to you by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, that you should ever violate your patient’s medical privacy and hand their records over to someone else?

Dr. O’Connor 07:32
No, no, never. At times they will come and inspect your office. So they did that when I changed focus of my practice. And I think 2003 or so. And then they came when I was 70 and 75 and sort of an old doctor. And both those times they come they came and looked at about five or six charts just to see if I was making, doing my charts correctly.

Will Dove 08:00
But that’s a normal inspection. Is it not?

Dr. O’Connor 08:02
That’s a normal inspection. Right.

Will Dove 08:03
And then they didn’t take the records. They just looked at them and they left them there.

Dr. O’Connor
So this is the first time that you’ve ever experienced the CPSO wanting to, for you to hand over your patients private medical records.

Dr. O’Connor 08:17

Will Dove 08:18
All right. What do you think they wanted those records for? They’re not treating the patient.

Dr. O’Connor 08:26
So I asked my lawyer at the beginning why he thought was maybe to track those patients. Now, the more I’ve read on it, maybe they want to see whether I was writing proper exemptions, because at the very beginning, when I was writing exemptions, the first few weeks, exemptions were accepted. But soon after the college changed the criteria. And you could most it was very hard to get an exemption for anything. Mostly you had to have had serious reaction to shot number one, it just didn’t make any sense. So I was just writing my exemptions or for private medical reasons. I just wrote that for my patients.

Will Dove 09:07
You got into trouble with them initially, because you’re writing exemptions for masks. Did you ever get to the point where you were even able to write an exemption for the shots or?

Dr. O’Connor 09:16
Oh, yeah, I wrote exemptions for shots. Yes, yeah.

Will Dove 09:21
So you wrote those as well.

Dr. O’Connor 09:22
That’s what they That’s what really they came after me for was for the exemptions for the shots.

Will Dove 09:28
Right. And you were writing those exemptions. On what basis?

Dr. O’Connor 09:32
First of all, all the patients that contacted me, they all knew that the shots were dangerous and experimental. Many had already had people had friends and I myself in my office have seen people with serious adverse effects. Many people knew someone who had died right after their shot where it was a few days after. So nobody wanted, these people that contacted me, nobody wanted to have one of these vaccines. Well, I won’t call it vaccine. Injections.

Will Dove 09:58
Yes. And I have to assume that in addition to writing exemptions, you were also advising your patients who weren’t as well informed not to take them.

Dr. O’Connor 10:08
My contact was people asking me for exemptions. I certainly had patients as well who, who did have the vaccine. So they still remained my patients, they also were upset that the College has come after me, even though they went ahead and had the injections.

Will Dove 10:25
Now, when you went to the Supreme Court in January of this year. What happened in that courtroom? You said they decided against you?

Dr. O’Connor 10:34
Okay, so there was first of all their vote? Well, people, I think, on the College side, all blacked out. So I couldn’t see their faces, except the lawyer for the College. And my lawyer and the judge. So the people were blacked out. And —

Will Dove 10:53
So this was all done remotely, all online, on Zoom so they wouldn’t even let you see your accusers.

Dr. O’Connor 11:00
There are also newspaper reporters there because the next day articles came out. I didn’t know, during the court case, the lawyer for the other side said that this had nothing to do with the safety of these injections, whereas my lawyers said that, of course, it has everything to do with the safety. So their whole thing is they just wanted the names and the charts, was nothing to do with anything else. That’s all they want.

Will Dove 11:23
You refused, said, No, I’m not going to give them to you. And so their decision at that point was?

Dr. O’Connor 11:25
Well, I was guilty of not complying.

Will Dove 11:34
Not complying with what? this was a request…

Dr. O’Connor
Not complying to give me the names and the charts.

Right. But here’s the thing. You’re in a court of law, the courts adjudicate laws. But this wasn’t a law. This is a mandate, a demand from the CPSO, which goes against everything you’ve been taught for 44 years as a doctor. So on what foundation are they finding you guilty? When there’s no law against what you did? In fact, the law says the exact opposite, that you’re to protect your patient’s confidentiality.

Dr. O’Connor
This is what’s happening.

So I want to finish up with this, Mary. Because as you and I were discussing prior to the interview, given the number of doctors now who I have spoken to, who are being persecuted for refusing to comply with these illegal orders from the CPSO, who said, No, I’m not going to give you my patients records. We have to ask just how many doctors out there have handed over their patient’s records. The federal government is currently pushing the provinces to centralize all patient records to send over the records of all the patients in their province, and threatening to withhold funding for health care if they don’t do it. So as a doctor, the purpose of that patient record is so that you as a doctor, know what treatments what conditions your patient has, so you can provide them with proper treatment. You need those records as their doctor. Can you imagine any possible reason, good reason, why the Federal government would need to have every Canadian’s medical records?

Dr. O’Connor 13:09
I mean, I can’t even imagine. There’s no reason they need those records. I mean, what are they tracking, I’m not sure.

Will Dove 13:18
So in short, they want information. They want to trap people. It’s not for their benefit. So the government knows everything about us, it’s least in terms of our medical history, no doubt, including whether or not we’ve had the shots. Dr. O’Connor, I want to thank you for your courage. It is remarkable to me the spectrum of people who I have seen young and old alike, men and women who stand up for other people’s rights. Your courage is an example to everyone. And I wish you the very best. I do believe there will be justice someday, it might have to wait a while, but it will come. So thank you very much for what you’re doing.

Dr. O’Connor 14:01
I hope and pray for these people at the college that they’ll really come out of this darkness right and see the truth. So they just won’t be complicit any longer in the injuries and deaths of so many people. As we say in Ottawa, we hold the line.

Will Dove 14:15
Yes. And, you know, to add to what you’ve just said, tyranny ends through a sequence of events, the first thing that has to happen is that the people have to stop complying. And when enough people stop complying, often the enforcers join them, because the enforcers are people too. They’ve also been threatened into doing what they’re doing. And so I believe that what you have asked for Mary is going to happen. There will come a day when enough Canadians are standing up and saying we refuse to comply. And the enforcers will say, Oh, finally I have the support of the public. I’m not going to do this anymore. And that’s when the tyrants lose.

Dr. O’Connor
Okay thank you.

Thank you, Mary.

Dr. O’Connor 15:05
Thank you very much

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