The Iron Will Weekly News Report | November 18, 2022

November 18, 2022

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In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Mandates coming back, and a new virus
  • More Trudeau lies revealed at the Public Order Emergency Commission
  • Trudeau given a dressing down by Xi Jinping
  • Freeland next NATO leader?
  • Doc gets 1 million dollar fine for resisting the narrative
  • Censorship: Liberal plans to go beyond C-11
  • Your pension fund is in danger

And in the member’s only version at

  • Canada’s covid bill now exceeds 600 million
  • Big pharma tripling price of mRNA clot shots
  • Pilots collapsing in the cockpit
  • DIY suicide gas chambers
  • Globalist plan to pacify the people with drugs and video games
  • Some countries already adopting CBDCs and digital IDs
  • Study shows many climate scientists doubt human impact
  • Cross dressing shop teacher backed up by board
  • Racism in our universities: against whites

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There are a lot of people who want to believe the covid madness is over. Mandates across the country were suspended this past spring and have yet to be reinstated, but it’s coming and in some cases, it’s already here. And they even have a new scary virus for us.
Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer is now ‘recommending’ that people return to masking not only in public but at home too. While not yet a mandate you can bet it soon will be, and other provinces will follow suit. Masks are there for a reason. Fearmongering and public shaming. We all know they do nothing to stop the transmission of viruses and that they are in fact harmful when worn for long periods, but having everyone mask up to go to the grocery store sends a visible signal there is something to be afraid of. And if you don’t, you’re a grandma killer. This sets the stage for yet more draconian measures.
Moore said the Ontario health system is facing extraordinary pressure from a “triple-threat” of COVID-19, influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV. There it is. RSV. Covid-19. Monkeypox. We’re suddenly awash in new viruses. Moore also referenced the recent rise in children’s fevers and lung infections. Why? Because they’ve had their immune systems destroyed by the clot shots. And then there’s the manufactured shortage of children’s pain and flu medicines, ensuring children will continue to sicken at home until they need hospital care.
And if you haven’t heard of RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus yet, it’s just another virus that causes cold symptoms.
Starting November 9th, the University of Waterloo reintroduced mandatory masking for all staff and students, some other universities will soon follow suit, and both Trudeau and Doug Ford have strongly suggested that covid restrictions are coming back if more people don’t voluntarily line up for their toxic injections.
And it’s already started. The Canadian Navy has now mandated that all sailors stationed at sea are required to have had a booster shot in the last six months or they will be dismissed from active service.

Trudeau’s Emergency Measures Act lies continue to unravel at the Public Order Emergency Commission. David Vigneault, director of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, when questioned by the commission stated that quote at no point did the Service assess that the protest in Ottawa or anywhere else constituted a threat to the security of Canada and furthermore that there was no indication of foreign state interference occurring in the course of the protests.
And the government knew this when Turd enacted the EMA.
When questioned by Brendan Miller, a lawyer for the Freedom Convoy, former department of public safety deputy minister Rob Stewart confirmed that cabinet was aware of the CSIS analysis at the time.
The commission is also finding that there was more police brutality at the freedom convoy than previously thought. Chris Deering, an injured military veteran who was blown out of his tank while serving in Afghanistan, informed arresting officers at the convoy of his injuries and respectfully asked that they be gentle in their treatment of him. Instead, a video was viewed by the commission showing Deering being dragged on the ground, kicked and hit by police. Deering testified that it was the worst pain he had felt since being blown up. That’s a quote folks.
The commission is also hearing from some of the many demonstrators who were taken outside the city by police and dropped off in the freezing cold with no shelter or transportation, and in some cases with their cell phones having been taken from them so they had no way to call for help. Maggie Brawn, one of the victims of this treatment also testified that she’d had a gun pointed at her head and that she was thrown to the ground by police.
The hearings are expected to wrap up next Friday with testimony yet to come from the major actors in this farce including Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Marco Mendicino and Justice Minister David Lametti.
Remember last year on Truth and Reconciliation Day, when Trudeau spent the day at a multi million dollar rented home in Tofino after lecturing the rest of us on the importance of observing the day, and when his official itinerary stated that he was in private meetings in Ottawa? Turd’s Remembrance Day itinerary which should have been published last Thursday, the day before Remembrance Day, was still not available online as of late Friday. Trudeau is in Asia for a series of summits. Perhaps what he didn’t want us to see was this video, found by one of our diligent researchers.
Run, Forrest, Run.
Or perhaps the fact that last Saturday, he gave a quarter billion dollars of our money to Cambodia, a country well known for its totalitarian rule and human rights abuses. Setting aside the woke agenda driven fact that 133 million of it is supposedly for ‘feminist focused development aid’, he also gave them 84 million to crack down on illegal fishing. This would be fine, if he were the prime minister of Cambodia. At a time when Canadians have the highest personal debt in history, thanks to his illegal covid mandates, and our government has the highest national debt in history, thanks to his illegal covid mandates, Turd is handing over millions of our tax dollars to crack down on illegal fishing on the other side of the world.
Where he should have been was right here in Canada, honoring our fallen soldiers who died for our freedom. But of course why would he, since he’s now treasonously working with foreign powers to take those rights and freedoms away.
As a final insult to Canadians, Trudeau will shortly appear on Ru Paul’s Canada’s Drag Race, becoming simultaneously the world’s first leader to appear on the show and an even bigger national embarrassment.
And lest Trudeau hog the spotlight as contender for our country’s worst Canadian, remember Deputy Prime Minster Chrystia Freeland offending struggling Canadians by saying she was economizing by cancelling her Disney subscription, while being paid half a million a year to screw us all over?
The woman who has her own KGB code name (that’s not a joke. It’s Frida), is referred to in Ottawa as the Minister of Everything, who is officially now responsible for dealing with Canada’s economic recovery from the Covid mandates she was so strongly in favor of – you may recall that she wanted the Emergency Measures Act to be permanent – and who sits as a trustee on the board of the World Economic Forum, is now the front runner and Washington’s top pick to be the next leader of NATO.
Kind of like giving Crazy Harry from the Muppets the nuclear launch codes.

Last week I reported on the arrest and imprisonment of Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident, who is currently in a Saskatoon prison on trumped up charges. The real reason of course, is that he was saying things our government doesn’t want people to hear. But he’s hardly the only victim of Canada’s new totalitarian government.
An Ontario pediatrician, Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, who publicly criticized Ontario’s covid mandates has been ordered to pay 1 million in legal costs. Dr. Gill took legal action against a group of 23 doctors, academics, reporters and a former president of the Ontario Medical Association, for damaging her reputation as a medical professional after she posted tweets criticizing the covid measures. Dr. Gill didn’t pull any punches, clearly stating that the lockdowns were catastrophic and unscientific and only resulted in suicides, poverty, human suffering and harms to children.
I have invited Dr. Gill to an interview and hope to hear back shortly.
In addition, an Ontario nurse, Kristal Pitter, who was like many others, fired from her job for speaking out against the covid narrative has been ordered to pay 17,500 dollars to the College of Nurses of Ontario for having the temerity to challenge her dismissal in court. I have also requested an interview with Kristal.
Of course both of these cases are in Doug Ford’s supposedly conservative Ontario. There is some good news for a nurse in Saskatchewan. Shelley Wilson also spoke out against the Covid mandates and was threatened by the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan. Ms. Wilson was represented in court by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. Just last week the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled against the CRNS and stated that exercising her right to criticize the covid mandates quote can enhance confidence by demonstrating that those with the greatest knowledge of this massive and opaque system, and who have the ability to effect change, are both prepared and permitted to speak and pursue positive change.
Ontario judges, take note. It’s called freedom of speech and it’s guaranteed by our constitution.
Of course Bill C 11 won’t be enough for our government. In a transparent move to further advance online censorship a government funded advocacy group is petitioning Canadian senators to implement a national disinformation reporting system.
The Vancouver based group, which calls itself by the typically meaningless woke name of Foundation For A Path Forward and which received over 80,000 dollars in federal funding, proposes that quote an online hate, harm and disinformation reporting system for national use and resource database is urgently needed in Canada.
Blacklock’s Reporter revealed in the same article that our liberal government also tried last year to introduce Bill C-36 which would allow them to fine internet users up to 70,000 dollars for posting anything the government doesn’t like. The bill failed but there’s more.
In July of last year a cabinet proposal was put forward to appoint a Chief Censor, called the Digital Safety Commissioner, with the power to conduct closed door hearings against misinformation offenders and block websites.
While no such bill has been introduced Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino promised that the government is leaning in on this and will bring forward the legislation as quickly as possible.
I mentioned last week that I will be shortly releasing a video on how you can get around government internet censorship. That free report will be out next week.
We know the globalists want to make us all dependent upon universal basic income and I’ve talked in the past about how the middle class is the primary target. We’re educated, and many of us have sufficient wealth to hold out for a year or three even without a job. This makes us hard to control.
Those who are retired are especially problematic, as they have nothing to lose by speaking out.
Unless of course they live on a pension.
The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan has likely lost hundreds of millions due to a risky investment in crypto currency. The details can be found in a story posted at the Counter Signal, but there’s something the Counter Signal didn’t report.
I’ve been married to an Alberta teacher for 25 years so I have inside knowledge.

To find out more about the diabolical link between the what happened to the Alberta Teachers Pension Fund last year, and the massive recent losses to the Ontario Teacher’s Fund, sign up for a 15 day free trial at Memberships are just 9.95 per month and give access to my weekly news reports as well as exclusive interviews on a wide range of conservative issues from government corruption to the woke agenda. All funds from memberships go toward our fight at to recover and defend our rights and freedoms.
Also in this week’s member’s version of the Iron Will Report, Canada’s Covid enforcement bill now exceeds 600 million, Big Pharma will soon be jacking up the prices of their toxic injections and how many millions of doses Trudeau has ordered at the new higher price, stories coming to light of vaxxed pilots collapsing in the cockpit, Do it yourself home suicide kits, the globalists drugs and video games pacification plan, cbdc’s coming online in other countries, the surprising percentage of climate scientists who don’t believe humans are having an impact, an update on the cross dressing Ontario shop teacher, and the return of racism in our universities – against whites.

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