The Iron Will Weekly News Report | November 25, 2022

November 25, 2022

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Special Report

In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Dirty Pool at POEC: Rouleau Ejects Convoy Lawyer Brendan Miller from Courtroom
  • Travel Ban Case Appeal: Our New Petition Live at
  • Canada’s Surveillance State: Federal Government Blackmailing Provinces to Hand Over Private Medical Records
  • Mainstream Media Demise: CRTC Report Predicts Local Broadcasters Will Go Under by 2025
  • Fire Them All: Alberta Premier Fires CMO and Entire Health Services Board
  • Putin Screwed Up: Analysis – Russian Strategy Playing into Globalist’s Plans

And in the member’s only version at, all of the above PLUS:

  • Putin’s Screw Up continued…
  • Europe Prepares for Disaster: Analysis – Blackouts, Fuel Shortages and a Run on the Banks
  • Masks Coming Back: Justification Will Be ‘Triple-Demic’, the New Fear Word
  • “Died Suddenly”: New Documentary and Governments Deleting Vaccine-Injured Records
  • Canadian Health Care Sucks: Fraser Institute Finds Our Health Care Most Expensive; Least Effective
  • Record Mental Illness in Kids: Study Shows Devastating Affects of Covid Mandates on Youth
  • TD Funding Transgenderism: $500,000 Grant for Gender Reassignment for Minors
  • Global Vaccine Passport: G20 Agree to Implement International Restrictions for Unvaxxed
  • Council Cancels Christmas: Edmonton Christmas Tree Denied Due to ‘Environmental Impact’
  • Sinking the Woke Ship: Woke Agenda Proves to be Death Knell for Entertainment Industry
  • Girl Guides Go Woke: ‘Brownies’ Now Politically Incorrect, Name to be Changed


How to Get Around Government Censorship

Petition to Re Open the Travel Ban Case on

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1 Dirty Pool at POEC

Rouleau Ejects Convoy Lawyer Brendan Miller from Courtroom

In yet more news from the Public Order Emergency Commission, it’s been revealed that the man who waved a Nazi flag at the Freedom Convoy this past February was in fact a provocateur and in no way connected to the convoy or its organizers. Most of us already suspected that, but now that man has a name. Brendan Miller, lawyer for the convoy exposed his identity as Brian Fox, a former Toronto Star marketing manager. We don’t know if Fox was acting on his own initiative or if he was in some way incentivized by the government but we do know that when Miller questioned CSIS Director David Vigneault in regards to Fox, Mr. Vigneault’s answers were suspiciously evasive. We also know that Mr. Miller applied to have Brian Fox appear as a witness. The request was denied. He applied to have David Chan appear as a witness. And who is David Chan? Aside from being a photographer for Trudeau, he took the photos of the confederate flag which appeared briefly at the convoy. This application was also denied.

Denied by Commissioner Paul Rouleau. The same Paul Rouleau who was appointed to the Supreme Court by a Liberal, and appointed as commissioner of the public order emergency commission by Trudeau whose EMA order the commission is investigating. The same Paul Rouleau who worked for the Liberal party and is a known financial supporter of the Liberal Party.

You’ve likely heard by now about Justice Rouleau ejecting Brendan Miller from the courtroom for pursuing a line of questioning that Rouleau didn’t like.

Do any of us have any doubt about how this is going to end? Trudeau and his liberal government will be exonerated and their actions found to be justifiable. The deck is stacked. The actors for the government hand picked for their loyalty. And the commissions ruling will pave the way for further violations of our rights.

The commission hearings are due to finish this week but a judgement will not be rendered until the new year.

2 Travel Ban Case Appeal

Our New Petition Live at

The JCCF has filed an appeal on the travel ban case. You’ll recall that the government is once again attempting to dodge responsibility for violating our charter rights in the courts. The case was brought against the government largely on behalf of Brian Peckford, the former premier of Newfoundland and the sole surviving author of the Charter. Justice Jocelyne Gagne, in response to a request by government lawyers, ruled the case moot as the travel ban was no longer in place. This is somewhat akin to ruling an assault case moot because the assault is no longer in progress.

When I heard from Mr. Peckford what the court was up to, we launched a petition at change dot org to have the case kept alive. The petition received almost 5,000 signatures in just a few days. When the case was shut down by Justice Gagne I promised we would launch another petition, once again addressed to Justice Minister David Lametti, to reverse the mootness decision.

That new petition is now live at

3 Canada’s Surveillance State

Federal Government Blackmailing Provinces to Hand Over Private Medical Records

Furthering the cause of Canada’s surveillance state, the federal government has made it clear to the provinces that in order to receive more health care funding, they must hand over their medical records. That is, your medical records. I wonder what they could possibly be planning to do with that information?

Provincial health ministers are pushing back against a centralized federal health database, but I suspect only because it might make their cushy high-paid jobs obsolete. Perhaps they’re beginning to realize that their cooperation with the covid narrative was only one step toward centralization of all health care in Canada and that they and everyone else who isn’t Klaus Schwab is expendable.

Federal health minister Jean Yves Duclos has strongly suggested that provinces which cooperate in handing over your private health care information to the government will get more funding than those that don’t. Which means that while the provinces may push back for a time, eventually the federal government will get access to your medical records. Unless we can get Poilievre elected in time to stop it.

Pierre Poilievre has, among other things, stated that he is categorically opposed to Central Bank Digital Currencies. I think we can assume that would mean he is opposed to any centralization of power over the people. While not everyone believes that Poilievre would be the right choice for our next prime minister, you have to admit he’d be a damn sight better than what we’ve got.

4 Mainstream Media Demise

CRTC Report Predicts Local Broadcasters Will Go Under by 2025

Many of you watch my show and those of other independent broadcasters because you’re fed up with the constant stream of lies coming from mainstream media. You know that the CBC is only being kept afloat by Turd’s bribe money but big media isn’t the only mainstream source that is dying a slow death.

Blacklock’s reported just last week that the CRTC published a report in July projecting that mainstream local media outlets in cities across Canada will collapse by 2025 due to declining viewership leading to lost ad revenues. In fact, these local broadcasters have lost money consistently for the last nine years and their end is nigh. And that’s with Turd throwing money at them too.

Local broadcasters have received over 100 million in federal grants during the scamdemic alone, while the CRTC has suspended 36.5 million in licensing fees.

Meanwhile independent journalists such as myself are seeing an increase in newsletter signups and site registrations because, well, we’re telling you the truth.

Of course, the government is trying to stop us with censorship bills such as C-11. I promised last week that my video on how to get around government censorship would be out this week. I keep my promises. You will find the link to that video on the front page of The video is free. I strongly recommend you take a few minutes to watch it and follow the simple steps that will ensure that the coming China style censorship in Canada won’t affect you.

5 Fire Them All

Alberta Premier Fires CMO and Entire Health Services Board

Let us hope that Alberta Premier’ Danielle Smith’s sweeping reforms will demonstrate significant improvement for Alberta’s health care system, providing fuel for Canadians in all other provinces to demand the same reforms. Which, just coincidentally, would involve the firing of the people responsible for promoting the pandemic scam and destroying people’s lives.

Those of you in Alberta undoubtedly have already celebrated, but for the rest of the country who may as yet be unaware, new Alberta premier Danielle Smith has fired not only former Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw but the entire Alberta Health Services board of directors.

Hinshaw’s interim replacement, Dr. Mark Joffe, was serving as a vice president for AHS, and Smith has hinted that he will be replaced, not with an individual, but rather a board of advisors.

Smith has said that the overhaul of Alberta Health Services is for the purpose of improving emergency response times, decreasing ER wait times and wait times for surgeries and to develop long-term reforms through consultations with front line workers.

Premier Smith stopped short of saying the firings were justice for the human rights abuses heaped upon Albertans during the scamdemic, but given her stance against the mandates before assuming her new position, we can be pretty sure she was thinkin it.

Further hope that when the next round of mandates are issued by Turd’s government, Alberta will hold out as Canada’s Florida and refuse to participate.

6 Putin Screwed Up

Analysis: Russian Strategy Playing into Globalist’s Plans

In news that is a surprise to absolutely no one, investigators from 3 European countries have confirmed that several hundred pounds of explosives were used to sever the Nordstream natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September, but while they have recovered debris from the seafloor, they are not saying anything else.

While I’m no political analyst, I spent some time recently going over the facts we do know.

One, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. The full scale invasion of Ukraine only started in February of this year.

Two, other countries around the world responded to the invasion with trade sanctions against Russia (6b-2). Putin responded by largely shutting off the Nordstream pipelines, which are almost entirely owned by the state-run energy company Gazprom. This shut down occurred well in advance of the sabotage.

Three, prior to this Europe was receiving 40% of its natural gas from the pipelines. That gas was being used largely to heat homes in winter and to power the almost 900 natural gas power plants scattered across Europe, with Germany having the most at 180 plants.

And four, the globalists want to starve and freeze Europe in order to kill as many people as possible, and to create destabilization of national governments so they can more easily create a one world government.

For my analysis on what all this really means, sign up for a 15 day free trial at memberships are just 9.95 per month and include access to my weekly counter narrative news reports as well as exclusive interviews on a wide range of subjects from the woke agenda to government and corporate corruption. All proceeds from memberships at go toward funding our fight at to recover and defend our rights and freedoms.

In this week’s member’s only report at, my analysis of the Russia Ukraine war and how Putin miscalculated, Europe preparing for blackouts and riots, masks coming back in Canada, a new documentary on vaccine deaths and injuries, a study which shows Canadian health care is the worst out of 30 developed nations, record mental illness in kids, TD bank funding gender reassignment surgeries, the coming G20 international travel restrictions for the unvaxxed, Edmonton city council cancels a Christmas tradition, the sinking of the woke ship in the entertainment industry, and even the Girl Guides of Canada are going woke.

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