The Most Disturbing Data Yet on “Vaccine” Infertility | Christof Plothe, D.O.

August 11, 2022

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Christof Plothe has done an in-depth study on the effects of the Covid ‘vaccines’ on pregnant women. His findings are truly disturbing. In just one example, the University of Chicago asked for women who had experienced post-injection menstrual irregularities to volunteer for a study. They hoped to find 500 women. To date, they have received over 140,000 applications!

Mr. Plothe’s data is shocking. He shares slides of his charts on a wide range of ‘vaccine’ affects, including drops in fertility around the world, accumulation of lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins in the various organs of the body, and the fact that the risk of miscarriage with the Covid ‘vaccines’ is over 1500 times higher than with the flu vaccine.

  • How many safety studies were done on pregnant women? (Spoiler: the answer is ‘none’)
  • How many of the ‘scientists’ involved in Pfizer’s safety trial own shares in Pfizer? (Spoiler: the answer is ‘all of them’)
  • To what degree have birth rates dropped around the world since the start of the ‘vaccine’ rollouts?
  • Could the children of injected mothers be born sterile?
  • Why were no human studies done on the effects of the lipid nanoparticles, which are known to be toxic?
  • The lipid nanoparticles collect in the highest concentration in the reproductive organs. Is this intentional to produce infertility?
  • What other side effects do the lipid nanoparticles produce?
  • For how long do the spike proteins remain active (and damaging) in the human body?


Christof at World Council for Health


Will 00:15
I have with me today, osteopath Christof Plothe, who is speaking to us from his home in Germany. Mr. Plothe is an osteopath and author and a regular speaker on television radio. And of course, online with journalists, such as myself. His focuses are pre and perinatal medicine, nutrition and psychology. Christof has done in-depth research into the drop in fertility in countries around the world. Following the release of these COVID vaccines and he is here today to share his shocking findings with us. Christof it is a pleasure to have you on the show.

Christof 00:47
Thank you very much for inviting me. I feel very honored. Thank you. I’m going to talk today about potential next safety signal. I’m in the member of the steering committee of the World Council for Health, and we just released the first one describing the amount of side effects and death that have been reported so far.
And the next safety signals that potential safety signal that I’ll be talking about today is the potential emerging fertility decline. So, the first interesting thing is if you look up and you take your browser and look for a COVID injection and a fertility loss, you come up with pages and pages of declining messages that tell you that there is no such thing as a potential fertility problem associated with the vaccine.
But keeping in mind that we need nine months in order to be pregnant and deliver a baby, most of these comments are, were made within weeks and months of release of the vaccine. For obvious reasons, we can’t say much more because the approval time of the vaccine has been about 108 days.
I’m talking about biota here and it usually would require at least 10 years at least for all the other vaccines, this has been the standard in order to see multi-generational chain potential consequences, and also fertility problems, because you need to monitor more than one generation. The next interesting thing is that usually if you start over the rollout of a medication, you have certain requirements and these include fertility signs and pregnant women were excluded from clinical trials, and yet they were declared safe and effective for pregnant women.
You can look up all the boards of gynecology and obstetrics worldwide, and they’re declared as safe whilst we actually don’t have any data to say this because as you can see here the primary completion date for the first study about pregnancy will be July 26th. We’ll see, within the next few days we will have some results.
And for the pregnancies that fell into the original trial because 270 women got pregnant during that trial the interesting thing was that there is no data provided for 238 pregnancies and there was one normal outcome in the rest of them. And as you can see here, the rest was spontaneous abortion outcome pending premature birth, etcetera, et cetera.
What we have at the moment is not really reassuring that it is safe, but if we look at the studies again, women and women of childbearing potential were excluded because of fetal risk of lipid nanoparticles, mRNA and PEG (Polyethylene glycol) so that was done right from the start. And no studies on reproductive health were done either for Moderna and Pfizer, which usually, as I just mentioned, is a standard for authorization of a drug.
The only data we have is from experiments with rats. That was done by Moderna and BioNTech. And you can see the title of this study. The lack of effects on female fertility and prenatal postnatal offspring was the data clearly actually shows that there is a doubling of pre-implantation loss. So, a loss of the fetus with the BioNTech.
And there was also one of, as we can see here in Moderna doubling the rate of lost pregnancies. So it’s interesting to see that the title of the paper was actually that there is a lack of effect, which certainly cannot be concluded from reading the trials. And that was done with 44 rats and was done over a period of 42 days that doesn’t fulfill requirements, that it won’t harm the next generations.
Very interesting enough, all participating scientists that had been there were employed or had owned shares of Pfizer and BioNTech. And they tried to hide this by using their initials. So the other thing from these trials that we know that the results of the number of fetus to have birth defects, which is an extra rib in the vaccinated group was a 295% higher than in the unvaccinated group.
We do have clear signs that there is some potential of harm to the fetus as well through that, but we don’t have any other data so far at the moment. As we know, fertility is something that by the definition requires a long-term monitoring and no studies had been done in order to do that. So, an early sign that was a little bit worrying, I don’t know if you remember that in Canada as well, there were many reports of people, of women with menstrual problems. There were by September 2021. There were over 30,000 reports of women in the UK and a recent study, one was just released in the last few days, talked about 40%, but there’s another study here that I mentioned with 42% of women reporting abnormal, heavy bleeding after the COVID vaccinations. And if you look at VAERS the data of the side effects, you can see that the elevation the number one symptom on the list is actually menstrual bleeding, an elevation of 8,800 times. Another sign of that was that in the university of Chicago, they hoped to find 500 women that had experienced post vaccination, menstrual irregularities.
And within a few weeks there were 140,000 women reporting. And so, another study showed that it, the rate of that is a thousand-fold greater than the flu. Another signal that we could have obtained that this was actually obtained by a Japanese government study. That’s the biodistribution of the lipid nanoparticles.
And in these ones, as again, they were only done in animals. So, we don’t know how they are in humans. We can see the position that I will show on the next slide, but the cationic lipids that together with number of particles and there are known to have toxicity and have shown in studies that they can decrease fertility.
And the distribution study there clearly showed that if you look at the distribution in the individual organs, ovaries came up on top. Yeah. If you look at where all the lipid nanoparticles deposited in the body, one of the main parts, there are other organs that they favored, but the number one that they were favouring were the ovaries.
So surely, we should investigate that. So, what are the potential mechanisms of harm yet that we know so far? So one, as we just stated the cationic lipids and the nanoparticles, they have shown in other studies to cause problems with the reproductive system. There is another one that we know that the spike protein generated by these genetic experiments is basically the same that we get from the COVID virus itself.
And this is actually the pathogenic part of the virus. So, if we look at what does this spike protein do? We can assume that the one produced by our own body by this genetic experiment will have similar effects. And there, we could see that the spike proteins have an infection of the ovarian cells has a potential negative impact on female fertility.
And it also can trigger an immune system over reaction leading to very harmful inflammation. And we know this from many studies by now because once it’s incorporated and produced vessels will get a potential side effect of an increasing inflammation in these cells that are producing the spike proteins.
And the next one is that we might have an autoimmune reaction because if the LNPs with the mRNA go inside the cells of the ovary the immune system might want to eliminate them and then attacks these cells. So that is a cross reactivity to reproductive amino-acid sequences, resembling spike protein sequences as another mechanism.
So, we have three very unknown mechanisms of potential side effects affecting the reproductive system. Another early warning sign was that there is a very similar protein that is essential in male and female reproductive system, Syncytin-1, which also could be affected because it’s cross reacted.
It means it has a very similar structure to the spike protein who does be recognized by the immune system by foreign and could be attacked. So, the important thing here to know is if we talk about the Pfizer vaccine, we’re talking about the two mRNA vaccines here that the Moderna vaccines, they have about three times as much of the messenger RNA in it than the Pfizer. So Pfizer actually stopped experimenting with this high dose keeping in mind that we still don’t know how much actually each individual that the information of the production of the spike protein is being injected into produces. But we know from the amount that was in the vials that Pfizer stopped experimenting with that high dosage due to its reactogenicity, which means they were very aware of potential negative consequences.
So as I just mentioned, the spike protein of the virus and the spike protein produced by our own body post mRNA instruction is very similar. So if we then follow all these guidelines of these medical boards, that there is no effect on fertility, we just have to look at studies and that was done very early.
That was in March 20th, 2020 to see that spike proteins we know now that they last, the mRNA lasts for two months and reprograms the system in order to produce spike proteins every day. And that so far, we know that spike proteins persist for at least 50 months that the spike protein, that itself damages testes causes leukocyte infiltration impaired spermatogenesis on not a decreased sperm count widespread germ cell destruction.
Few, or no spermatozoa in the seminiferous tubules. So again, a decline in the amount of precursors of sperm and thickened basement membrane and macrophage. So if we say that we don’t know about the effects, we’ve known very early the effect of the spike protein of SARS COVID two has on the system. So then came so far we’ve been mostly talking about the female fertility, but now we come to male fertility and that was just released in June 22.
And it clearly showed that it harms male fertility and that sperm count and motility were decreasing and that was only observed for three months. But. It ended after the second shot. We don’t know what happens if actually people get a booster. We don’t know Moderna, which as we just mentioned has three times as much mRNA.
There was no control group. And as we said, we’re now in the fourth and fifth injection, we don’t have any data what’s happening to the system there. And if we look at VAERS and we say there’s no fertility problem. There is already a huge, substantial amount of reports, 15,000 reports of fertility issues that is 95% of all fertility issues in the histories of VAERS together.
Because so far that only been 1,500. There is a study upcoming at the moment with 1.76 million in order to investigate that but we don’t have any results yet. And keeping in mind. The CDC itself admits that only one to 10% are reported some talk of even lesser numbers. This is a very worrying sign.
And if we look at Europe, that’s from the 2nd of July, we can see that there’s actually a massive amount of calls for a side effect 3304 pregnancy per perinatal conditions, including 85 death and a hundred thousand reproductive system and breast disorders. So these and nine death, and then for Moderna it’s a little bit less, but if you put those together where, and keeping in mind that only one to 10% is actually reported.
We’re talking about amazing numbers of fertility problems at the moment. So can we say that because fertility is going down now it has anything to do with the vaccine because there could be other reasons for it. And vaccine did the vaccines really impede fertility and was there maybe just a reduced level of conception by the majority of the vaccinated?
So far, I can’t say, but I’ll come to the data now and we can all make up our own minds, whether we should be worried or not. These are the charts from the different country, starting with Northern Ireland. We can see that from 2016 to now there’s a steady decline you could say we’ve seen this process already.
Starting at an earlier year. So there’s nothing abnormal about that. But if we go to Germany, now we can see that the birth rates have been quite constant from 2016 to our time. And all of a sudden we see this drop and that was when I did the first presentation on this subject was a 13% decline.
That was until March. But now until. April, we can see it’s already an 18%. So if there would be a variation in one month, we could say there is something there that we have to have to look at. But if we can see that there’s actually a decreasing rate that is increasing and keeping in mind, it started in all the data that I’m going to show now, at least nine months after the rollout of the vaccine, it didn’t start during the time of the infections in 2020, it didn’t start in early 21. It started in late 21. And now in 22 this was a recent interview on an Austrian TV channel by Dr. Rebecca Leist and she sounded alarmed.
She’s a gynecologist with her observation when it came to the fertility of her patients. And if we now go to the United Kingdom, we can see that they’re so far at the moment comparing to January and February. We, I don’t have the date at the moment. It’s a 7.7 decline. We can see here in Switzerland that there’s a significant drop here in 22 as well. We can see in Sweden and this is being updated now weekly, and this is going to be very interesting because you can see this all started nine months after the rollout of the vaccine and the numbers keep on increasing. And there was even a statement by a Stockholm university professor that they have never seen anything like it.
And the phenomenon largely coincides with a broad vaccination campaign against COVID 19 demographers. In other parts of Europe are seen the same thing. Professor Anderson mentioned in an interview recently, and yeah this is a fresh data from Canada, from British Columbia. And we can see the same here.
We can see a sudden drop of about 10% and keeping in mind that Taiwan is one of the most vaccinated countries. Now it’s over 90%. When this data started with 72%, we could see a 23% drop in birth rate. So we’ll see what the next data will show, because this was just comparing. From 22 to 21. Another interesting sign in this direction comes from Hungary where an MP in Hungary talked about the 20% drop of nine months after the rollout of the vaccines.
And even more interesting, you can see here graphics that the counties in Hungary, which had the highest vaccine rate actually have the lowest birth rates at the moment. So this should make us think. So are there any other potential fertility? We already mentioned some questions beforehand. And of course, there has been a lot of stress on people that is obviously not very good for our hormonal system.

There are more and more environmental pollutions, which have been a part of the declining fertility in the last two decades. And there is an increased use of electromagnetic frequencies. If we look how many people in home office and children in homeschooling. Most of them in wifi. We know that harms also reproductive organs.
So we could compare all of this, but keeping in mind that most of it happened nine months after the rollout, our prime subject should be associated with the rollout of the vaccine, especially as one country after the next one is reporting similar results. I won’t go into all the other things we should be looking at when looking at a decreased fertility, miscarriages of course, would be a part of that because then you have a drop in birth rate.
And this now is quite an amazing number here as well. That is from the CDC that in comparison with the flu vaccine, you can see it’s a 1500% higher than previously recorded with the flu vaccine. So summary has been a substantial monthly decrease in birth rates from January 2nd, 2020 to April May, 2020 to compared to previous use in most countries, it started nine months after the vaccine rollout.
Pre-marketing studies show clear distribution signals of toxic substances being deposited in ovaries in now testes. And we need not only to monitor fertility in this generation, but in the next one, we, there was an interesting study that I found about PEG one of the substances in the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine that actually caused the infertility in the next generation, the F2 generation.
So we don’t need to only monitor this generation, but the next one as well, in order to be able to say anything about that. And there is an urgent need to collect fertility and birth rate data from all vaccinating countries and compare them. Of course, with the non vaccinating countries, because there are quite a few: Haiti Africa, most countries have a very low vaccination rate.
So we do have control which was destroyed by both mRNA vaccine producers because the control groups had been vaccinated after the original trial had been finished. So we also should look at potential synergistic effects of all potential causes, but this will take times there are clear signs at the moment of reduction of female male fertility.
And our main question should be, how long can we wait? Often an argument is that we don’t have enough data. We don’t have enough clear science, but to conduct a good randomized double blinded placebo trial. It takes a lot of money. It takes a lot of time. And do we have that time and together with all the emerging safety signals that we have, we should call a moratorium on the vaccines, the vaccine should be stopped.
Until we know more. Yeah. We just need to follow the science and re-evaluate where we are at the moment. And we know since May, 2020, that there are efficient, early intervention treatments. And so we shouldn’t be left hopeless. In our contact with the virus and here in Germany, I don’t know how it is up in Canada.
Almost everybody seems to be infected at the moment, but so not all of them are dying and people are referring more and more to vitamin D to zinc, Quercetin and others. In fact, we just did a study on that and could show that the control loop using this was far, much, much better off. Hopefully we can publish it soon because it was just withdrawn when we had it published on research gate. So thank you very much for your time. And I’m open to any questions now, Will, yes.

Will 21:56
Thank you. Christof And I do have several questions first. I’d like to highlight a couple of things from early in your presentation and just confirm this information.
The vaccines were given approval in 108 days. This is less than four months. They were declared safe and effective. They declared safe for women who were pregnant. Of course, human gestation period is nine months. This is obviously ridiculous. And I wanna combine this with the second fact that you highlighted that of the doctors, scientists, whatever, who were in this study that declared this safe and effective.
You found that all of them, without exception, all of them were being paid in one way or another, by big Pharma?

Christof 22:35
They skipped animal trials in the approval because of the emergency that we were facing. The point is that if we want to roll out of a medication, if we’re an entire human population, we should have some safety studies done on it.

Interesting enough, most monkeys are not affected by COVID because they have different types of receptors. So you can’t really use them for that. Also, interesting enough with rats that have been used are usually not a good indicator for safety signals with the COVID 19 vaccine, because they’re hardly affected by the disease. And of course, in our last World Council for Health session last Monday, the interconnection of money, power and industry of the individuals that were responsible for releasing this vaccine on humanity.

Will 23:26
So in light of everything we’ve just discussed, is there any possible way? And you’ve been through all of this data in depth, any- this let’s call it medical malpractice could be anything but intentional.

Christof 23:37
I still hesitate to say that, but if we look at our latest appeal to, for a moratorium and we were very conservative with the World Council for Health calling at the number 28,000 death that have occurred so far, there are statistics that talk of much, much more than that.
And why are all these numbers hidden and why isn’t the public informed? I just had a patient today with a yeah, she barely survived the first BioNTech and still has multiple system failure. In our entire system, she went through, I don’t know how many doctor offices, university hospitals, and everywhere she was told, no, there are no known side effects.
Whilst, if we look at all various data, look at the data that we have here. There are 3.5 million severe side effects being reported in Europe. This is unheard of and whether it’s 28,000 weird deaths, 40,000, there are yeah, numbers much, much higher than that. As a medication in the past was withdrawn when maybe 50 cases of death occur.
So how can this be? And we know about the efficiency of people being booster, being 13 times more susceptible to COVID and into die of it, 13 times more. We, if we have the best intentions, we could say we were an imagine in medical emergency and we had to do something. But this doesn’t add up.
If we know that all scientific voices from the base that were dealing with it every day reported a completely different story, were able to identify very early effective treatment protocols. And everybody who had talked about this was banned of all social media and yeah and studies were retracted and this is going on whilst we speak, you can hardly publish anything anymore if it isn’t in line with the current thinking. Here in Germany, in some groups that I am, most doctors don’t have a license anymore, and they were visited by special squads at home and everything in their homes and in their practices was taken. Will, what is happening?

Will 25:49
Let me add something to that information Christof by the time this interview airs a previous interview that I did recently with Dr. Jane Ruby. In the U.S. where she revealed that and she has found very clear data that the CDC is working to hide the deaths. They removed 50,000 deaths from the database and re categorized them and some 30,000, but were never even re-entered. So, they’re working now to hide this stuff, actively working to hide it.
Wanna move on, though, with your presentation, you were talking about the study that was done at the University of Chicago, where they had hoped to find 500 women who would report irregularities following the injections. They got 140,000 were those 140,000 all from the Chicago area? Or was this across the U.S.?

Christof 26:36
I don’t know, actually, I think there were reports from all over the U.S. that came in and I think they then stopped as well because they couldn’t deal the amount of numbers that were coming in. But as I just mentioned later the one was the one study that was released, talked about 42%, another one with 40% of all women.
After the injections that had started with some sort of menstrual irregularities, that is a staggering number.

Will 27:04
Yeah. Yes, and at the point I was going to make is even if it’s from across all of the U.S. We have to factor in how few women would’ve known about the study and of those, how few would actually respond to it.
So 140,000 would be a tiny fraction of the number of women in the U.S. who are suffering these side effects.

Christof 27:21
Absolutely. And one thing that we were advising, we actually wrote official letters to healthcare agencies was right from the beginning. If we do a trial because every participant at the moment receiving a vaccine is still part of the trial.
Not to forget that we are, we’re still not where they want us to believe that we are in, but it’s still a trial. It would’ve been no problem to make a little app on a mobile phone in which you had the possibility to report side effects straight away, maybe after a few weeks, maybe after a few months, because as we mentioned after restriction of the placebo groups, there is no long-term monitoring possible.
They just don’t have a placebo group. And yeah. Very interesting that if they release worldwide, we actually don’t have any major groups as a sort as a control group in terms of countries on our planet. But as I mentioned, Africa, Tahiti many countries actually didn’t follow the saga and we can use the data from there.
Maybe have to do some adjustments to the data we can there because there are other socioeconomic groups, there are other age groups. Yeah. There are other vitamin D levels, et cetera, et cetera. But I think nevertheless, we should use this in order to create some sort of control and then compare it.
And this is what we’re talking about here now is fertility, but we have so many safety signals at the moment. If you look at the amount of side effects, I can only say that here in my little practice I see them every day, neurological problems, cardiovascular problems. And these are just the obvious ones as we pointed out people go on producing a spike proteins for at least 50 months.
And we know from the Swedish study that when we actually at the to us most horrific scenario that it could actually be incorporated into our DNA. We now know that in liver cells, that this happened very quickly. We don’t know will they produce for the rest of their life, spike proteins?
Will they hand it over to their children to produce spike proteins? We’ve never done a genetic experiment like it on animals. And we used it for the first time without any safety data on humans. This is still something I just can’t comprehend.

Will 29:35
Now, I have a medical question for you. Your data shows very clearly that the lipid nanoparticles collect in the ovaries much more so than other organ of the body.
Why would that be?

Christof 29:54
I actually don’t know. It accumulates in the liver and the spleen and the heart. We don’t know enough why that is the case. Yeah. That’s what would be my answer. Yeah. We just clearly know there is more to that, but as you could also see in that theoretically, they can enter any cell.
This explains maybe why over 1,500 different diseases are at the moment being associated as a side effect. It would be much easier if we could say all they all deposit in the skin and people have rashes and then we know, yeah, this is the amount of rashes. And that’s the correlation to the vaccine.
We simply don’t know because for one, it goes in the eye. I just had one who went blind. After the first injection on both eyes, clearly he had more of an affinity in his eyes. I just had another one, two days ago and her heart she has a blood pressure of 80 to 16. Now it can hardly walk. We have more and more cases like it so we can see it theoretically could deposit anywhere.
Why, especially in the ovaries, I don’t know.

Will 30:58
You also made reference to the autoimmune reactions to these injections and obviously one of the side effects with that would be miscarriages where the mother’s body rejects the fetal cells. But what else could result from those autoimmune reactions?

Christof 31:11
We know, for example, that people that do have autoimmune diseases, SLE and other autoimmune diseases, many of them get a huge flare up.
So we know that something is triggering in an increase of autoimmune disease. But as we could see in the presentation, the cells incorporate through the lipid nanoparticles the information into those cells to produce spike proteins. And when they produce a foreign substance, they can be attacked by the immune system.
So this could be happening anywhere. So we could see skin lesions. We could see heart damage. We could see liver damage. We know about all the liver problems for children at the moment. And there are several theses why this can happen. Autoimmunity certainly. On the table in order to discuss it, whether the liver could be attacked by this, Will, it could be any organ in the body that then is perceived as foreign and then could be attacked. Worse though, is if the immune system could be trained in order to, because this is also potential a theory at the moment could be trained, especially if we do it very early in children that this is normal, that spike proteins are normal in cells. So this would be nice that they don’t have many side effects when it’s there, but they would have no capacity later on to attack it because any spike protein, and there are quite a few coronaviruses out there and quite a few strains that we’re going to anticipate. They will have no attack on them triggered because they think it’s normal. So we have many scenarios from a complete hypo reaction in almost any system to no reaction to it anymore at all if we vaccinate children

Will 32:57
Christof, my final question: you made reference and you’re a very fair-minded scientist.
You, you don’t tend to jump to your conclusions, you follow the data and you made the very fair-minded observation that there could be other factors involved in the reduction infertility. One of which, in fact, I think it was at the top of your list was stress. I have to ask this question, most places around the world, certainly Canada and I believe most places in Europe, they have been backing off on the mandates over the summer months, giving people a break.
So that says to me that if stress were a kinda, a major factor, nine months later, we would see that those infertility rates didn’t drop as much or perhaps even came back up a little bit. But that’s not what your data shows. What it shows is a constant decline.

Christof 33:40
As we said, we only will know in nine months what the effect of stress could have been in this summer. But certainly you’re right. Yeah. And I actually added it only to be open to a scientific discussion because I think science should be open and it should allow any perspective into the discussion. It shouldn’t be closed right from the beginning. And this is something that we have seen, and this has nothing to do with science.
So if we want to discuss science, here, let’s take every perspective on board, then we compare and then there’s no ultimate truth because the body is such a miracle. There are so many factors influencing an immune system. Why is one reacting this way? And another one is reacting the other way. I tell you the amount, I’m not an immunologist, I’m not a virologist, but the amount of knowledge I gained in the last two years in these two fields, no university course could have given me that I’m studying every day, four to six hours.
Yeah. All the data that’s coming in. The more I understand the less I know anybody out there who took the decision has any idea without I’m not taken away the credentials of many people there that I do believe because I’m talking to some of the most clever minds in these fields, they have become very humble because there are so many aspects influencing an immune system, and that could get us right into debate whether looking at antibodies is, an appropriate way to judge immunity anyway, which it isn’t. Yeah, but let’s keep it broad. Let’s discuss all potentials. Maybe there are factors that we don’t know yet. I’m quite sure there are quite a few, but let’s go back to science. Yeah. Because then we can actually be clearer about it. And we have to look at efficiency and we have to look at safety and it’s, as it’s dealing with the entire world population, we need to do this today and not tomorrow.

Will 35:36
Christoff, I said that was gonna be my final question. I lied. It’s occurred to me I have one more and it’s the question that I asked you when you originally presented this data to the World Council for Health and of course I was there for that presentation and it refers to the slide where you had the footnote about the rat puppies of injected rat mothers that were themselves born sterile.
And the question I asked you then, I’m gonna repeat it now. Do you believe that means that there’s a likelihood that the children of injected human mothers are being born, at least some of them, sterile.

Christof 36:05
Unfortunately, there is a potential, I can’t say this and as again, only time will be able to tell us, but I hope that even looking at today’s slides can show pregnant women that when there is no data on it, how can anybody declare it safe?
But only if we know what is actually in it, then we can do the safety trials. And we could already for all the known substances that we have. Link it to fertility problems from the nano particle, from the PEG from the cationic. In fact, I got a list from potential ingredients that an interesting professor in Germany now used in order to show that the side, a causal effect of side effects in his patients after the COVID shots, which tests basophil degranulation test, lists all the different ingredients. And then can actually say if there is an increased reaction to it, I had a patient today who was over the wound with her PEG that this is most likely caused by the injection, but only if we know what’s in it, we can do that science. Yeah. I would love to tell you and the viewers that there is no potential.
But I would be lying because I don’t know. And science does not know at the moment.

Will 37:24
Christof. Thank you very much for all the hard work you’ve done in revealing this data. I can’t imagine how many hours of work it took to put all this together, but you have demonstrated very clearly that this drop in fertility is a global phenomenon it’s happening everywhere and it’s happening since the rollout of these vaccines.
So thank you again for everything that you’ve done and this information that you’ve brought.
Thank you for your work.

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