The Proof that Pfizer Lied: Nathaniel Mead, M.Sc.

February 11, 2024

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Despite years of what has been obvious to many of us for some time, that the Covid vaccines are anything but safe and effective, we are still exposed daily to the Covid narrative. New variants are hyped in state-sponsored media, pharmacies advertise Covid shots, despite the fact that advertising pharmaceuticals in Canada is illegal, and Big Pharma leverages the WHO, which has become nothing but a marketing arm for them, to convince people that we need a One Health initiative of which more and more mRNA vaccines are a central theme.

And they can get away with it because the people have been duped. Truthful information is censored. Those who tell the truth are cancelled. Big Pharma spends billions to promote their products. Scientific journals, heavily funded by Big Pharma refuse to print papers that reveal the truth, and controlled governments, like ours, continue to repeat the clearly false ‘Safe and Effective’ mantra.

Some studies have gotten past the censors, often published in minor journals that have little or no funding from Big Pharma, but these studies are completely ignored by mainstream media and are definitely attacked by those who have either been deceived themselves, or are being paid to suppress the truth.

But now, we have a major study, co-authored by none other than Dr. Peter McCullough, which was very recently published by Cureus, the Journal of Medical Science, a well established online, open source, and heavily peer-reviewed publication. And despite fears that the paper would be retracted by Cureus within days, it has not been.

I am pleased to be joined today by Nathaniel Mead, an epidemiologist who is the main author of the paper. In this paper, Nathaniel and his colleagues examine the methodology used by Pfizer to falsely claim 95% effectiveness of their product, and the methods they used to hide the extreme harms. ‘Procedural chicanery’ is the term Nathaniel uses.

And it is an apt term, because what Nathaniel’s research shows is blunt and simple. Pfizer lied.

In this extensive interview, you will learn the methods Pfizer used to convince scientists, doctors and governments that their product would save the people from a virus that has been shown to have a lower mortality rate than many seasonal flus. A product that has made obscene profits for them, while killing and maiming tens of millions of people.


The study published at Cureus:

A synopsis published by The Defender:

Ribosomal Frame Shifting, the Ticking Time Bomb in the Shots, with Dr. Jessica Rose:

The Making of a Bioweapon, with Dr. Mark Trozzi:

Hope for the Vaxxed, with Dr. Peter McCullough:

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