The Science of Vaccine Injury and Treatment | Dr. Paul Marik

December 13, 2022

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Dr. Paul Marik is co-founder of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance based in Washington, D.C. As one of the world’s top physicians he has researched in depth the harms caused by the Covid vaccines and effective treatments for the vaccine injured. Dr. Marik shares his research, explains the causes behind many of the common vaccine injuries and provides details on home treatments for the vaccine injured. In addition, Dr. Marik discusses a wider range of topics, including the intentional crippling of the health care system.

  • Why are those with the most robust immune systems most susceptible to vaccine injury?
  • What damages do the spike proteins do in the body?
  • What are the effects of the lipid nanoparticles in the injections?
  • If you are vaccine injured, what can you do to recover, and what is the science behind it?


FLCCC Alliance

Dr. Marik’s Presentation

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Will Dove, Dr. Marik

Will Dove:
My guest today, Dr. Paul Merrick is the co founder, chairman and chief scientific officer of the Frontline COVID-19. Critical Care Alliance based in Washington, DC. Dr. Marik is an accomplished physician with special knowledge and a diverse set of medical fields with specific training in internal medicine, critical care, neurocritical, care, pharmacology, anesthesia, nutrition, and Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is a former tenured professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, and has written over 500 peer reviewed journal articles, 80 book chapters and authored four critical care books. His efforts have provided him the distinction of the second most published critical care physician in the world. Prior to co founding the FLCCC with Dr. Pierre Kory. Dr. Merrick was best known for his revolutionary work in developing a life saving protocol for sepsis, a condition that causes more than 250,000 deaths yearly in the US alone. In his position with the Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance. Dr. Marik is also an expert in all things COVID. He is here today to discuss the vaccine injuries and a practical treatment protocol for the vaccine injured. Dr. Marik, it is a pleasure to have you on the show.

Dr. Marik 01:58
Thanks. Will, thanks for having me here.

Will Dove 02:00
Now, I recently watched a very extensive presentation which you gave, and it was quite amazing, its breadth and its depth. And you went into a great deal of detail on the vaccine injuries on what’s causing the vaccine injuries at a cellular level and, of course, also about the treatment protocol. But I wanted to start with this because my viewers know that these vaccine injuries are far more common than mainstream media is talking about, that people are dying in large numbers that people are being severely injured in large numbers. And here in Canada, especially they have been stripping our health care system, just running it bare. And so we are on the verge of a collapse of the healthcare system. What do you think is going to happen to health care in the US, in Canada, when more and more of these vaccine injuries continue to surface?

Dr. Marik 03:00
Yes, that’s a good question. So just to put it in perspective, the healthcare system is broken. As it is now the entire healthcare system is broken. It just, it does not function. You know, you can start from the medical schools, you can start from the hospitals, you can start at the regulatory agencies, you can look at the medical boards, you can look at the FDA, CDC, NIH, they’re all broken and corrupt. And the system has completely failed. It’s failed the American people, the people that they’re meant to serve. It’s driven only by financial gain, and profiteering and power. So, we have a broken system. And the question is, you know, how do we fix this? And I’m, you know, there are some people who somewhat optimistic, I think this system is broken, it’s irreparable. The FDA has been corrupt for 40 years. It’s the most corrupt organization. And it’s really largely due to the FDA and their deceit, their dishonesty and their lies, that all of these medications and so-called vaccines have been approved. You know, what is astonishing as the FDA is meant to regulate the pharmaceutical industry, yet it appears that the pharmaceutical industry is regulating the FDA. The FDA does whatever, whatever Big Pharma wants them to do, and obviously they have enormous power and influence because if they approve a drug, then the rest of the world thinks that it’s been, you know, well scrutinized, well verified, well studied by, you know, the best scientists in the world and then it must be valid, and it must, it must do what they say it does. So, you then it becomes a, you know, a rolling stone because every other country then says, oh, we’ll approve it because the FDA does. The FDA is completely and utterly corrupt, we know that, they know that, Congress knows that. Big Pharma knows that. So, I don’t know how to fix the system. I think they so entrenched, you know, part of the funding from the FDA comes from big pharma, over 50% comes from big pharma. And then there’s this revolving door where people go from Big Pharma to the FDA, back to Big Pharma. So, they’re all in cahoots with each other, and big industry and other vested interests. So, we either need Congress needs to completely change the structure of the FDA, the NIH and the CDC, because the NIH, or equally corrupt the NIH, through their funding, basically controls the research agenda in this country, because they are the ones that give out the billions of dollars of grants. And if Tony Fauci doesn’t like what you’re doing, then you don’t get the grants. So, the medical schools are basically beholden to, to, to the NIH, and what’s astonishing, people may not know this is when, you know, when an investigator gets a $2 million grant to do a research study, these things called indirect costs, 55% goes to the medical school. So, it’s very profitable for the big medical schools to receive NIH funding. So, they will do whatever the NIH wants to do. So, they’re all in bed with each other, they’re all corrupt, they’re all dishonest, they’re all deceitful. And, uh, none of them actually are doing what their mission is to improve the health, the welfare, the happiness of humanity. So, I think we need an alternative system apart from Congress, and I can’t see this happening, because, you know, almost every single member of Congress receives financial compensation or whatever you want to call payments from Big Pharma. I know, maybe two or three members of Congress that don’t, for every, for every member of Congress, there are two or three, you know, special interest people who, you know, consulting for Big Pharma, the system’s corrupt. So the only way is, if Congress steps in, basically does hearings, admits that the whole system is broken, fraudulent and corrupt, and fixes it, which I can’t see happening. The other is to have an alternative healthcare system, where there are clinicians like myself, who are completely frustrated by this system, and that we get together and form some kind of alternative system, which becomes somewhat problematic, because, you know, for example, to open a new healthcare system requires money, the people who have the money, are the ones that profit from the system and don’t want an alternative system. So basically, excuse my French we kind of screwed.

Will Dove 08:19
Yes, indeed. Is is an alternative healthcare system in the US doable under US law?

Dr. Marik 08:28
So, you know, there are there are there are fragments of it now is that patients can actually go to physicians who are not in you know, are not corporate physicians, because basically what happened is most physicians and physician groups are bought out by hospitals and health care systems. And the health care systems are again, you know, even though they may be have the title ‘Not For Profit”. The goal is to make money. So most physicians in this country are captured by these health systems, but there are a handful, and it’s growing, who are independent, they are not tied to big healthcare systems, they may not be tied to insurance companies, they may be on a fee for service. So, you know, obviously, it’s a smallish group, but you know, I think they vocal and they do provide an alternative for patients who want, you know, real true health care.

Will Dove 09:27
In your presentation, Dr. Marik, you looked at some of the data from VAERS, from the US, from the European system, which is older and more extensive. Based upon looking at those numbers, what would you estimate is the percentage of the injected who have been vaccine injured?

Dr. Marik 09:46
Yeah, so that’s a difficult question to answer precisely because obviously, you know, if you look at the White House medical representative, he’s gone on record as saying that as far as he knows there aren’t any vaccine injured patients in this country. He’s gone on this as a safe shot or gone on record of saying that. So the CDC, the NIH, the White House representative, according to them, that vaccine injuries don’t exist. So although the CDC knows about it they, they actually administer the VAERS database, it seems from their press releases they actually don’t even monitor their own system. But you know, we can get an idea of what the ginormity of this problem is, and it is a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. And we have a few sources. The one is Pfizer themselves, because you know, the Pfizer and FDA obviously wanted to have the data buried, because they obviously don’t want anybody to know what’s in their data. So the FDA gave them protection for 75 years, 75 years. Now, they only did that because there was data they want hidden. So fortunately, through some Freedom of Information Act, and suing the FDA and Pfizer, they’ve been forced to release, I think, like 10,000 pages a month. One of the earliest releases was a document which outlined the vaccine injuries, which were reported to Pfizer, to Pfizer, so it was in the first 90 days, they have data, and this document is public. So what they have is in this document in the first 90 days, so this is from December 2020, to like February 21, there were over 1200 deaths, let me say that again, 1200 deaths directly related to the vaccine. And there were over 42,000 42,000, adverse events recorded. And out of these adverse events, Pfizer had classified about half of them as serious adverse events. So and the spectrum of diseases goes across the board from, you know, almost every known medical disease that we know of, is being caused by the vaccine, the list of that they provide a list of diagnoses. it’s eight pages long. This is the Pfizer document. So we know from Pfizer themselves, that this is neither safe nor effective. The FDA knew about this, the CDC knew about it, based on this document alone, they should have stopped this vaccine. Recently, there was a baby formula that apparently three kids died from it was removed from the market — three! Here we have a vaccine that we don’t know how many people have been injured, but the estimate in this country is over 10 million. And yet, what do they do they continue to promote the vaccine. And in fact, even, you know, this, this new bivalent vaccine. So while the earliest, you know, the first Pfizer vaccine was, was based on the Wuhan variant, which is gone, it doesn’t even exist, the one variant doesn’t exist, you being vaccinated against the vaccine, which I mean against a virus, which is prehistoric, and has gone. So they’ve now come out with this new bivalent vaccine, which has, for whatever reason, it still has the Wuhan variant, but it has one of the Omicron, which is now also gone. And so what we know is that this vaccine was approved by the FDA, let me say that again — fooled by the FDA, on experiments in eight mice, yes, eight mice, its not been tested in humans. And we know that the mice got infected. So you know, we are now injecting humans. And this vaccine is being widely used and promoted, promoted by the CDC and FDA, on the experience or the results from data of eight mice, which is truly astonishing. What so, you know, I don’t you know, I don’t know what more to tell you. So, so, you know, in answering the question, you know, we can look at the VAERS database, which has over 30,000 deaths recorded. We know that there’s an underreporting factor of at least 30. You know, one can look at the so it doesn’t really matter what database you use, you use the Department of Defense database, you use the yellow card system in the UK, you look at VG access, which is the WHO’s own databases – WHO’s own database, they record over 2.5 million adverse events from the vaccine. Probably what’s most important is you look at the data from the life insurance companies in this country. So obviously, they’re really interested in young people dying, because that’s not a normal thing. Young healthy people don’t die. And when they die, the life insurance companies have to pay out. So we know between the ages of 20 and 60, there’s been a chance and 21 a 111% increase in the risk of death in these individuals. So these are people who work for companies. So generally they’re healthy, they don’t have comorbidities. So for some unexplained reason, obviously, there is an explanation, their mortality has gone up. And then you have a look at all these, you know, professional athletes, who I think they’re now over 1200, who’ve had a cardiac arrest on the sports field. So you know, it doesn’t matter where you look, it all tells you the same story. These vaccines are injuring and maiming people. There was an independent pulse, the company that looked at the risk of adverse events in in people who were vaccinated, they came up with a 5.8% 5.8% of people vaccinated have a significant adverse event, which is very similar to the results of a study done in the VA, looking at complications from the vaccine. So whichever way you cut it, we’re talking about in the US, 10s of millions of vaccine injured people across the world we’re looking at, I don’t I don’t know, hundreds of millions of people who are vaccine injured. But according to the agencies, this is a disease that doesn’t exist. Right. Dr. Marik, I’d like to get into some of the vaccine injuries before I get you to talk about the treatment protocol. Because I think it’s important for people to understand if they’ve got symptoms, just what might be causing them. And I want to start with long COVID There’s been debate on this as to whether or not long COVID is in fact a function of the virus itself, or whether it is in fact, a vaccine injury that is simply mimicking those symptoms. What’s your opinion on that? Yes, so those are two distinct syndromes. So we really need to be absolutely clear. So we call these ‘spike related injury’. And when you mean spike, we talking about the spike protein that’s expressed by SARS COV 2, and is what you basically the vaccines, transcribe, which is probably one of the most toxic protein. So long COVID is really defined as someone who has had sauce COVID to is at COVID, and has persistent symptoms after 30 days. And what the data shows is that that largely these people don’t clear spike protein. So if you look in the cells of people with long COVID, that although they do not have active replicating virus, they have spike protein within the cells and the spike protein, there’s all of these horrendous things. So really long COVID is a syndrome, it’s there’s no question about it, it exists, it occurs in somebody who’s had COVID and then hasn’t dealt with it well. And so what we suggest is that people who actually get COVID be treated early, because your risk of getting long COVID is related to your viral load. The more SARS COVID 2 you have, the greater the risk of getting long COVID. So that’s why we really recommend early treatment protocols. And if you treat patients early, and you know, there are effective treatment protocols, although the agencies don’t want you to know this, there are treatment protocols that are highly effective for SARS COVID 2 and if you get SARS COVID 2 you want to be treated early, and then multiple reasons to be treated early one, it significantly reduces your risk of long COVID. Secondly, you don’t pass it on to family members. Thirdly, it prevents you getting progressive disease going to a hospital in time. So that’s long COVID. Then we have vaccine injured, which is different. There’s an overlap, which I’ll come to but it’s a different syndrome. So the vaccine injured are these people who’ve been vaccinated or they’re not really vaccinated – they’ve been given this experimental genetic therapy, which causes their cells to express spike protein. So basically what happens is their cells are turned into spike protein producing factories – the body makes spike protein. Theoretically what they told us, as we know, everything they told us was a lie. What they told us is that you get vaccinated, the vaccine stays in the arm, and in a few days it goes away. We know that’s not true. The mRNA goes probably to every single organ of the body. And we know it persists for months, if not, for how long. So what happens is in the vaccine injured those who continue to have symptoms, and we’ll get to that, basically, what they’re doing is they continue to be producing spike protein. And the spike protein is toxic, and it has all of these serious adverse events. The distinction between long COVID and the vaccine injured is complicated, because people with long COVID can be vaccinated, and people who are vaccinated, and all vaccine injury can get COVID, which makes it worse. So for example, I know recently, I was contacted by a vaccine injured patient, who was kind of on our protocol improving and then she got COVID and had a significant decline. So there’s an overlap between long COVID and the vaccine injured. But basically, it relates to spike protein. The spike is probably the most toxic protein we know. It does all kinds of horrendous things. And for reasons we know and don’t understand, we know and others we don’t know, some people fail to clear the spike protein. So they have spiked protein for months, if not years. So that’s a long answer to your question.

Will Dove 21:38
No, it’s quite alright. You made reference earlier to the athletes who are dropping dead and yes, there’s a website, that keeps track of regularly updates. I think the last time I checked it, we were just shy of 1,000 athletes had dropped dead and yes, more so than that, who have had heart attacks. And of course, young, healthy people don’t have heart attacks. It’s extremely rare. I was a paramedic when I was younger, I never heard of such a thing. So in your presentation, you made reference to a reaction to these so called vaccines, which causes an extreme release of the catecholamines and folks I’m gonna explain what that is. Catecholamines are a set of neurotransmitters and hormones that are very close in their molecular structure and these are serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and Dr. Marik, correct me if I’m wrong on any of that. And the reason why they’re called catecholamines where they’re group is because the body will take excess serotonin and turn it into excess dopamine, excess dopamine into norepinephrine and so on. Now, we know that injecting epinephrine into a healthy person is dangerous if you give them a heart attack. And so do you think that that huge release of these catecholamines in these athletes could be explaining some of these heart attacks?

Dr. Marik 22:50
Yeah, so I think that is a really good question. And one of our colleagues, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani was the one who really brought to our attention, this catecholamines surge problem. So, it was first kind of detected because when when they did autopsies on on these these athletes and usually it happens when when they’re exercising. What they found was something called coagulative necrosis rather than inflammation, which was related to – you see the same disease in patients who have disorders such as pheochromocytoma. Pheochromocytoma is a tumor which makes catecholamines so it was causing the same kind of myocardial cardiac injury from excess catecholamines. So what he postulates and it seems to make a lot of sense and there’s good data is it happens in athletes because obviously they they’re very active release catecholamines to begin with, and then it seems like the vaccine goes to the adrenal glands. So as I said, it goes to every organ in the body including the adrenal glands, so it actually increases expression of catecholamines. So you have this, you know, this triple storm phenomenon in there. Do you have an athlete who’s exercising with release of catecholamines, they’re recently vaccinated, the adrenal glands are excreting enormous amounts of catecholamines. And what catecholamines do is apart from causing, you know, necrosis, which is death of the cardiac cells, and causes a rhythm is. So this, to a large extent explains the sudden death in people. You know, usually it’s during exercise young athletes, people, you know, doing exercise within two or three days of being vaccinated, which is different from the myocarditis. So that’s the second major cause of death and we know that the vaccine causes myocarditis, particularly in young men at an alarming rate and the pathology is somewhat different because it’s due to an infiltration of inflammatory cells in the cardiac tissue, the myocardium. So if you are not autopsies, they look different. The one shows this coagulative necrosis, the other shows this micro vascular injury with an inflammatory response. So the you know, they’re both related to vaccination, it seems like the pathophysiology is slightly different. But the bottom line is the vaccines are killing young people through cardiac injury. So the first thing is, if anyone you know, is misguided enough to be vaccinated, for heaven’s sake, don’t exercise after the vaccine, because you’re going to have this catecholamine surge will increase your risk of death. But particularly, we now know that many countries are now strongly recommending not to vaccinate people below the age of 50, below the age of 50, because of this issue of myocarditis in young people, so young people are dropping dead, and at rates we’ve never seen before.

Will Dove 26:09
Right, and I wanted to ask another question related to young people dropping dead because another thing you’re talking about was the peg the polyethylene glycol lipid nanoparticles that are used to encapsulate the mRNA strands. We’ve known for a very long time, that peg is highly toxic to the human body. And you’ve talked about acute reactions to peg cause cardiovascular collapse, what is the mechanism by which that happens?

Dr. Marik 26:34
Yeah, so you know, you raise an important issue. You know, as a physician, when we prescribe a drug, we know exactly what we’re giving the patient, when you prescribe ampicillin. We know what the chemical structure is, we know its pharmacology, its side effects. With the incidence of these so called Jabs, we have no idea what patients are getting. So we know they’re getting a lipid nanoparticle. We know what the lipids are, and we know it’s some form of RNA. But we have no idea what else is in these vaccines is the first issue which is astonishing. We know there’s very little pharmacological data, there’s very little toxicological data. There’s very little data in pregnant woman, in kids. So the you know, we…people are being vaccinated on good faith rather than than on science. And part of the problem is, is that may not just be the mRNA, which is causing the adverse events, but part of it is the lipid nanoparticle. So part of which is made of polyethylene glycol. So this is a lipid constituent that many people may be exposed to through, you know, foods and other drugs. And what happens is they develop antibodies, particularly what’s called IGE IGE antibodies against polyethylene glycol, so it causes an anaphylactic reaction the same way as you have an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin, or peanuts. So what’s happening is people are having an anaphylactic type reaction to the polyethylene glycol in the lipid nanoparticle. And that’s resulting in anaphylaxis with sudden cardiac arrest and death. So it’s not just the mRNA that’s that’s the, you know, the bad player. It’s the lipid nanoparticle. And whatever else is in encapsulated in this mysterious medication that patients are getting,

Will Dove 28:35
Right. And so you’re talking about the anaphylactic reactions to the pegylated, lipid nanoparticles, the harms that are being caused by the spike proteins themselves. And then, of course, a lot of the injuries, as my viewers will know from some of the other interviews I’ve done, are autoimmune disorders, that it’s causing the human immune system to react to those foreign spike proteins and attack itself. And so you, however, made a statement that you feel this is linked to Guillain–Barré syndrome and some of the other neurological disorders. Could you please explain how that would work?

Dr. Marik 29:10
Yeah, so you know, Spike does the spike protein. So just to say that we know the spike protein is a protein, soy protein consists of Amino – a string of amino acids. It’s about 1400 amino acids in a string. It’s easy to express on the surface of COVID. So it’s what the SARS COVID 2 virus uses to bind to the cell. It’s called the spike protein. It just so happens that spike does all kinds of really bad things. And one of the things that it does is it confuses the immune system by something called molecular mimicry. So what happens is that the host makes an antibody against spike but that antibody cross reacts with with your own proteins, your own cell cell surface antigens. So there is what’s called there’s molecular mimicry means that the spike has certain antigenic sequences, which already common to the host, so that instead of making an antibody which deals with the spike, it actually makes an antibody, which then reacts against host tissue. And so people have looked and there are hundreds, if not 1000s of different auto antibodies, which people make after being vaccinated, and the auto antibodies seem to be much more common after vaccination then with natural SARS COV 2. Infection causes it happens with SARS COV 2 but we have to remember that the spike protein that’s expressed by the RNA of these jabs is being modified. So this is a modified spike protein, the Euro Dean, nucleotides are Sudha Yura Dean. So they are handled by the body differently. They’re not broken down by the body, some of the nucleotides are changed. So what happens is the body then makes any bodies which cross react with itself. And this results in terrible autoimmune diseases, where the body is now making antibodies against itself. And you know, one of the most common is Guillain Barre Syndrome, in which you’re making antibodies against the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. So what happens is people get a paralytic disease, because these antibodies are attacking the spinal cord and the nerve fibers. But these antibodies basically are attacking the brain, they’re attacking the heart, they’re attacking, you name it, they are all the antibodies against multiple different cell components. So it is one of the really pathogenetic mechanism of how spike is so harmful is through the induction of auto antibodies. And so one of the biggest problems in the vaccine injured is something called a small fiber neuropathy. So what happens is they get terrible paraesthesia burning pains, anesthesia in the extremities. And we know this is due to antibodies, different antibodies against the nerve fiber. So we know what it’s caused by. So these antibodies are relentless. And they will, you know, they attack or you know, almost every organ system.

Will Dove 32:42
I am going to attempt to explain what you just said, in layman’s terms, for our viewers. Please correct me if I get this wrong. So what you’re saying is, and folks, this part, I know for sure, when Dr. Marik is talking about the myelin sheath, that’s a sort of a fat cell sheath that wraps around your nerves, insulates the nerves in exactly the same way, that plastic or rubber insulates wires in your house. Because of course, you can’t have that bare wire touching things until it reaches the end of the nerve where it’s supposed to be transmitting that signal. So what’s happening here is that this autoimmune disease is causing the body to attack those fat cells, that myelin sheath and destroy them, which is basically causing a short circuit, which leads to things like the Guillain–Barré syndrome and the paraesthesia that you talked about. Because what’s happening is if that myelin sheath is destroyed on those tiny little nerves, fibers, they’re going to come in contact with each other, they’re going to short circuit just like a wire would, which is going to cause painful feedback to the brain, which are going to be perceived as pain in the extremities. Is that correct?

Dr. Marik 33:47
Yeah. So you know that we have the body is perfectly designed and the myelin sheets are basically there to promote nerve conduction, conduction of electrical impulses down the nerve, and the myelin sheaths facilitate that conduction process. If you destroy the myelin sheath, then the nerves can no longer transmit signals down the nerve. In effect, it’s like it’s denigrating or cutting the nerves, the nerves no longer work and become dysfunctional. So yes, you’re right.

Will Dove 34:20
So carrying on with the damage to the immune system, because once again, my viewers are well aware that the more people are vaccinated, the more susceptible they are to other infections. But you also talked about latent viruses and be infecting them and buy latent viruses, I assume what you mean is the fact that we are surrounded by viruses all the time, there’s viruses in our body all the time, but our immune system keeps them in check. But the immune system has been crippled to the point where those latent viruses that are already in the system, the person’s system are now being allowed to grow and infect that person with that disease. Is that correct?

Dr. Marik 34:56
Yes. So that’s yes. So what most people don’t know is almost every body has been exposed to the chickenpox virus, though is that once you get over chickenpox, you don’t eliminate the virus, the chickenpox virus stays in your nerve cells for the rest of your life. And what controls that is your cell mediated immunity, so you prevent the virus going out of control, what happens is that if you interfere with the immune system, it then those viruses which were dormant now become active, so these viruses were in, in the nerve in your spinal cord, these, these viruses now become reactivated. And it’s causes what’s known as shingles. So shingles or herpes zoster is really quite common in the vax injured. Because what happens is, the vaccine, you know, impairs both cell mediated as well as humoral immunity interferes with T cell function, so your T cells aren’t working well. So it doesn’t keep these latent viruses in check. And these viruses then get reactivated. And then you get herpes zoster or shingles. So that’s quite common. The other one is that CMV, which is cytomegalovirus, and the other involve virus, and we have, many of us are most of us have these latent viruses, which are being kept in check by our immune system. You know, we know that with COVID for multiple reasons, sorry, with vaccination, you get impairment of your immune system, particularly your T cells, T cells aren’t working that well, and it results in viral reactivation.

Will Dove 36:46
Now, these cases of shingles that you were talking about, I have heard some people say that this is this is what they’re calling monkey pox, that it’s actually shingles being activated by these injections. What’s your opinion on that?

Dr. Marik 36:59
Yeah, so it’s difficult to know. So, you know, shingles is a very distinct clinical syndrome. So basically, what you what happens is happens on what’s called a dermatome. So it’s, it’s unilateral. So it’s on one side of the body. And you have this rash which follows the specific nerve distribution of a particular nerve. So it’s on one side of the body, not on both sides. And it’s usually follows kind of like a stripe, rather than monkey pox, which may be more widespread and may be in the lower part of the body. So clinically, you can distinguish between monkey pox and shingles. But obviously, there’s a lot of shenanigans going around. And so it’s not clear how many people with who are so called have monkey pox actually have shingles due to Zoster. I think there are two different viruses that have their both call cause the circular rashes. But clinically, they look different.

Will Dove 38:06
Most of our viewers are aware that cortisol is a stress hormone. That high levels of cortisol are very bad for the body, that they opened us up to disease and a whole bunch of other bad things that happened to us. And you’ve talked about how these injections raise cortisol levels. So the question that I have is, to what degree do these higher cortisol levels contribute to that immunosuppression, that tendency of the vaccinated to get sick at a greater rate? Is it just the immunosuppression, or is this being ramped up by the increased cortisol levels?

Dr. Marik 38:51
Yeah, so that’s a really good question. So you know, we have what’s called the fight and flight response that when you have an acute stress, or your cortisol levels go up, and humans, actually, amongst all the species on this planet have the highest cortisol levels, and they serve a good purpose when it’s short term, but chronic stress with high levels of cortisol actually can be harmful in the long run, because as you say, it does, apart from all the other things, it can again interfere with the immune system, because high cortisol levels suppress T cell function. So we have this combination of various factors which lead to T cell dysfunction, which could be the vaccine per se, the stress response, multiple factors, leading to immune Teresa’s,

Will Dove 39:50
Dr. Marik I want to move on very shortly to your treatment protocols but just before we do that, I have one last question because you’ve given us a great deal of information. Thank you about the vaccine injuries themselves and the actual mechanisms that are happening inside the human body, they’re leading to these injuries. You made reference in your presentation, folks, there’s going to be a link to that presentation directly below this interview. I didn’t want to go over old ground with Dr. Marik, you can go watch that presentation. It looks like it’s about two hours and 20 minutes. In actual fact, Dr. Marik’s presentation is about one hour of that. I recommend that you watch it. So what I wanted to get out here is you said in that presentation, that there had been 1600 peer reviewed articles on the dangers of mRNA vaccines. And I just wanted to confirm these are articles that were available and published before the rollout of these COVID-19. vaccines?

Dr. Marik 40:39
No, so that these these are papers that were published subsequent to so that’s important, because obviously, you know, no one had seen these vaccines beforehand. You know, we had no experience with them. So that is a slight correction. But you know, when people say that vaccine injuries don’t exist, they are now – the number’s over 2,000. So there are over 2,000, peer reviewed papers that have been published since the rollout of the vaccine, that have documented the various disorders, syndromes, diseases caused by the vaccine. You know, obviously, you know, Pfizer, and Moderna, and AstraZeneca, didn’t want anyone to publish these studies before the vaccine was released. So these are observational studies that people have published since the release of the vaccine. So we’re now over 2,000. So, you know, in addition to all the other data I presented to you, you know, it’s it’s, it’s mind boggling that people can say that vaccine injuries don’t exist. Just on the fact, as you said that 2,000 over 2,000 peer reviewed medical publications which have outlined the adverse events from these vaccines.

Will Dove 42:01
But is it not true that mRNA research was abandoned years ago, because they found that it always made things worse, and the animal study that tended to kill the animals?

Dr. Marik 42:12
Yes, I mean, it’s truly astonishing that it’s really what’s called warp speed. So you know, normally, when you introduce a drug or a vaccine, you want to test it, you go through a phase one, study a phase two study, a phase three study, you do animal studies, you do toxicology studies. They cut corners, and got this vaccine approved in unprecedented time. So they will be, you know, obviously, their goal was to sell it as quickly as they can, and make as much money as they can. So these vaccines were not adequately tested. We know that, you know, for a drug, you know, from bench to bedside before it’s, you know, used clinically can be 10, 12, 15 years, whereas the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine we looking at, from the time they started developing it to the time of the rollout was maybe eight months. So you know, which is phenomenal. So, these were medical interventions whose safety efficacy was not tested, it wasn’t tested in people with heart disease, in people with autoimmune disease, in people with pulmonary disease was never tested in pregnancy, it was never tested in children. So these toxicology studies weren’t done. Because we now know that the vaccine causes cancer at an unprecedented rate. And so this was never studied. So you know, the, the spectrum of adverse events is enormous, but they were never studied. So they cut corners terribly. And the FDA should never have allowed these, these drugs to be approved, based on the existing data. It was just the safety data was completely inadequate. The efficacy data was inadequate. In fact, in Pfizer’s own original study published in New England Journal of Medicine, what was buried in the data, but they were actually more deaths in the group of patients who got the vaccine and who got placebo. They were more deaths in the active treatment arm, the group that got the vaccine than got placebo. So there were a whole bunch of people who died of cardiac events, and these weren’t counted. So we knew this going back a long time.

Will Dove 44:48
Dr. Marik I do now want to move on to your treatment protocol. And I know that there have already been many people watching this interview, who are themselves vaccine injured to varying degrees and are gonna be very interested in hearing this information, to set the stage the stage for it, and once again, this is your treatment protocol. So correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but I believe you say that there are two foundational pillars to the treatment. The first is to get rid of the spike by promoting Autophagy. And second to limit the spike induced pathology or the adverse reactions to the diseases and conditions that are resulting from it. Is that correct?

Dr. Marik 45:21
Yes, absolutely correct. So, basically, we came up with this protocol. And I must say, it’s, you know, it’s based on our understanding of what spike does. It’s a based on patient feedback. It’s based on anecdotes from physicians, it’s based on understanding of pharmacology. And it’s evolving with time as we understand more, the protocol changes and evolves, which is important. So what I would suggest your listeners is that they should go to our website at, and download the protocol. And they should be cognizant of the fact that we continually updating the protocol. As we learn new information as new therapies come about. For example, we recently added methylene blue to our protocol, which really has really very interesting biological properties. We’ve added the sunlight and photobiomodulation to the protocol, because we figured out it really works well. But as you say, the fundamental problem is getting get rid of Spike. And we know the spike protein is within the cell. So how do you get rid of that, so one has to be careful of so called detoxification protocols, which really don’t work. Because really, what you have to do is you have to the body has enormous capacity to heal itself and regenerate. And so you have to embrace that and enhance the ability of the host, the patient’s own cells to get rid of Spike protein. And there’s only one way we really know in which that can be done. Because you have the spike protein in the cell, we know that it lasts for at least 18 months. And for many reasons that the host can’t get rid of it. So you have to, you have to encourage the host to get rid of Spike protein, and there’s something called autophagy, autophagy, whatever you want to pronounce it, which is a way of the cell getting rid of bad protein misfolded protein, foreign proteins. And this is a evolutionary preserve biological process that all eukaryotes itself, do this. And so you have to activate this process called autophagy, which is like, it’s like the cells garbage truck, it collects all the garbage, it puts it in the truck, and then it takes the garbage to the, you know, the garbage disposal area and, you know, breaks up the garbage. And every cell has the ability to do autophagy. So what you need to do is activate autophagy. And that’s what we think is the best way of getting rid of Spike, but it may take some time. And while you’re going through this process of cleansing oneself, you know, we recommend a number of pharmacological and nutraceutical products, which limit the toxicity. So getting back to autophagy, or autophagy, the best way of activating autophagy is, is what’s called intermittent fasting or time related eating. We’ve known this for a long time. Most of us Western people eat is is not the way we evolved to eat, you know, there’s a supermarket next, you know, around the corner and people eat all the time. And that’s completely unphysiologic because we you know, we were raised developed as hunters and gatherers where we ate and then we fasted, and it’s during those periods of fasting, that the cell is deprived of energy and it switches on this process of autophagy. So, what we recommend is is people have a more normal physiological diet. So, they need to have a fasting period of at least 10 hours, which is actually not that difficult. And during that period, it activates the process autophagy in the cell, which helps the cell get rid of the bad protein. So basically, we’re enhancing the the body’s own defense mechanisms in healing itself. And there are then a number of other drugs which in conjunction with intermittent fasting or periodic timed eating, which activate autophagy. One is a phytochemical, called resveratrol which is found in grapes. There’s a compound called spermidine, which is found in grapefruit and we try. ivermectin actually activates autophagy. Coffee activates autophagy, methylene blue activates autophagy. So, you know, the the main mechanism is intermittent fasting, which is very important. It’s a profoundly potent mechanism that the host has of repairing itself. And then you can add to it these other pharmacological compounds, which kind of boost your autophagy process. And then while you’re doing that, you know, we recommend a number of other measures to dampen down the inflammatory process, the clotting that spike causes, one of the things we recommend is low dose naltrexone, which is a potent anti inflammatory, we recommend aspirin because of the clotting, we recommend vitamin C because of its anti inflammatory antioxidant properties. So there’s not just one magic bullet, it’s a multi, multi drug multiple approach. And then as I said here, we also recommend methylene blue. Methylene blue has really important properties on mitochondria. So these are the little organelles in the cell that make energy, it’s very important anti inflammatory properties, and then sunshine or using photobiomodulation. So these are red light or infrared lamps, which actually, again, activate autophagy. But again, they energize the cell by increasing ATP. So as you can see, we use a number of different strategies, there is not one single magic bullet to cure this awful disease. And so it’s a multi pronged approach. Unfortunately, you know, the federal agencies are not interested in studying this disease, which is a tragedy. So you know, we don’t have good studies on which these treatments are based. They’re based on, you know, understanding the disease, understanding how these interventions work. And then, you know, most importantly, feedback from patients, because patients will tell us what works and what doesn’t work.

Will Dove 52:34
Right. Now we’re getting into the autophagy. And how that can be triggered by intermittent fasting, I know that you yourself, practice intermittent fasting. My viewers who have been paying attention know that I’ve been doing it for years. And so I’m going to ask some very direct questions about the intermittent fasting itself, you had mentioned a minimum of 10 hours, but many people who get into intermittent fasting will go 16 to 20 hours and eat and have a four to eight hour window. I’m assuming that the longer that period of fasting, the more effective it’s going to be?

Dr. Marik 53:06
Yes, absolutely. So what I would recommend is, if people haven’t done this, that you want to start slowly. So you start off with, you know, a six to 10 hour eating window. And then as your body acclimatized to this, because like most things in life, the more you do it, the better you get. And surprisingly, the more you do it, because of insulin resistance, your appetite actually goes down, so it doesn’t stimulate your appetite. So you know, what we recommend is a six to eight hour eating window. So between maybe you know, 10 o’clock, or 12, o’clock and 6pm in the afternoon, and then you gradually narrow that window you don’t want to eat before you go to sleep, it’s really important, because eating switches off autophagy. And it’s very important for brain function, that autophagy is active when you sleeping, it’s very important for brain recovery. So you don’t want to eat a big meal for at least two to four hours before going to sleep. And then you gradually narrow the window. So I currently eat just one meal a day, and about 3pm to 4pm and that seems fine. One caution, though, is that it seems that women who you know, in their reproductive age that they should do it a little bit slower because if they do it too quickly, it may interfere with their menstruation and their menstrual cycle. So they want to take it a little bit slower and see how they do it and perhaps only do it for the first part of their cycle the first 14 days and then the last 14 days you know, eat a more normal diet, you know, that has not been clearly defined, you know, the best – in men it’s simple because obviously we don’t have to worry about a menstrual cycle. But you know, in a woman who is menstruating. And obviously, you know, when I have kids, one has to be careful. And that should just be cognizant of the fact that if they do it too aggressively, it may interfere with their menstrual cycle.

Will Dove 55:13
And what about children? Because of course, now they’re in both the US and Canada, they’re starting to vaccinate children as young as six months old. What would be your recommendations for intermittent fasting for kids?

Dr. Marik 55:26
Yeah, so firstly, kids should not be vaccinated, that’s a crime against humanity, there’s absolutely no logical reason to do it. As kids are growing, and they need protein, and they need growth hormone, we don’t recommend intermittent fasting, in, you know, kids that are growing, you know, people below the age of 18. So, you know, most people can do intermittent fasting, we don’t recommend it in kids. We don’t recommend it in pregnant woman, or breastfeeding woman, and in people who are malnourished, so intermittent fasting doesn’t cause malnutrition, you’re still eating, you’re still taking, you know, good food. But people who are malnourished, you know, have a low body mass index, you shouldn’t do intermittent fasting.

Will Dove 56:11
And of course, when you do eat, you should be eating whole natural foods, not processed foods that are high in sugar and processed grains.

Dr. Marik 56:21
Absolutely, so you need to couple intermittent fasting with eating whole foods, regular foods. So if it looks like food it’s likely food, if it comes in a box with a label, it’s likely not food. And then if you couple the intermittent fasting with real food with maybe resveratrol, and with you know, infrared therapy, you basically are completely, you know, attacking this, you know, to help the body help itself through these multiple mechanisms.

Will Dove 56:55
And for a lot of people who have trouble adapting to the intermittent fasting lifestyle, a question that’s commonly asked is, Can I drink coffee without throwing myself out of my fast? And the answer is yes, as long as you don’t put sugar and cream in it.

Dr. Marik 57:09
Absolutely, so because I have coffee and actually you want to have if you get thick cream fat, you know with lots of fat. So you what you want to avoid is the carbohydrate. So you can add some you obviously you want to avoid sweetener, but coffee with a little bit of you know, full cream or with thick cream is okay. You want – you want to avoid you know sweeteners and protein.

Will Dove 57:39
One last very tactical question, Dr. Marik, in addition to ivermectin hydroxychloroquine has been used very successfully to treat COVID 19 in the early stages, but you stated that hydroxychloroquine inhibits autophagy. So should people who are going through this process avoid hydroxychloroquine?

Dr. Marik 57:57
Yeah, so that’s a really good question. And, you know, like many of these good questions, we don’t have all the answers. So it does appear that hydroxychloroquine does interfere with autophagy. Some people would dispute that. So what we would recommend is that, you know, I think hydroxychloroquine is fine for, in fact, may be the drug of choice for acute COVID. But long term, obviously, it is potential that it will interfere with autophagy. And so it’s probably best avoided to use it long term. But certainly it has a really important role in acute COVID infection.

Will Dove 58:37
And I lied, folks, I said, that was my last question, I was just looking at my notes and realize I almost missed something that I consider to be very important. A lot of people don’t realize that a large portion of our body mass is not in fact, us. It’s our microbiome, it’s the microbiology, the small, little critters that are living in our gut. And these are essential to our health, if they are not in balance, if we don’t have the right microbiome environment, we can get very, very sick. And you’ve said that these injections, completely change the microbiome, what’s going on there?

Dr. Marik 59:10
Yeah, so it actually is a fascinating concept that people don’t realize that we are in fact more bacterial than we are human. We have more bacterial cells in our body than we have human cells. And these are basically in your colon. And they really serve a very important function, you know, in terms of endocrine function, they make short chain fatty acids which get absorbed, they’re very important in protecting the gut lining. And so what we know is that if you get COVID, it can affect the lining of the gut and it completely changes completely changes the composition of your bacterial flora. One of the most important bacteria is a species called bifidobacteria. And if you have COVID, or you get the vaccine and presumably the spike protein – itis not clear exactly how that happens, it actually dramatically changes the microbiome. And the, you know that there are really good studies that have shown this, and probably one of the most fascinating studies is what they did is they took, there’s a thing called fecal transplant, you transplant feces from one person or one species to another. So what they did is they took feces from someone who was long COVID. And they took feces from a normal human being, and they transplanted the feces into mice. And strikingly, the mice that received the feces from the long COVID patient had altered cognitive function, they were unable to perform usual tasks that mice usually do, whatever those are. Whereas, the mice that received the normal feces were able to function. And I think it’s gives you a profound indication of the enormous influence that the microbiome has, there’s this thing called the gut brain connection. And so that just by altering your microbiome, you can alter brain function in there. We’re able to prove this, you know, conclusively, in this animal model. So you know, part of the problem with long COVID And with the vaccine injured is your altered microbiome. So obviously, many of the the interventions we recommend you help deal with Spike, which is partly responsible for the altered microbiome, but then we also recommend the use of pre and probiotics. So you know, fiber, many, there are many compounds that actually, you know, fiber actually provides the fuel for the bacteria in the gut to, to grow on. So you want to provide soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as you know, things like bifidobacteria to help restore the microbiome.

Will Dove 1:02:00
Right. Dr. Marik, thank you very much for giving us your time for this interview today for all the research that you’ve done, and for providing such excellent information and doing so in I think, a very professional manner. You’re not a person who tends to say things that you can’t back up with solid science. And we need more of that. So please continue your excellent work.

Dr. Marik 1:02:22
Thank you, thanks for being here. And I should just emphasize that you know, myself, my group, we have no conflict of interest. So you know, we’re not we’re not selling anything. We have no connection with any company so we can tell the truth, you know, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is what I think people need to hear. You know, when people have potential conflicts of interest, they they’re biased in what they say. We tell the truth, and we seek the truth. So I thank you for allowing me to have this conversation with you today.

Will Dove 1:02:54
And folks, once again, you can find more information and the vaccine treatment protocols at And as always, there will be a link directly beneath this video on our website. Dr. Marik, thank you again.

Dr. Marik 1:03:07
Thanks a lot, Will,

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