Ottawa Freedom Rallies Continue – Back on Parliament Hill – Saturday, Mar. 12, 2022

March 12, 2022

SOS Conference
SOS Press Conference – Freedom Convoy 2022 – Feb. 7, 2022 PM
Press Conference Feb 7, 2022
Addressing Attacks on Freedom Convoy 2022 – Press Conference – Feb 7, 2022
The Last to Leave Ottawa Romanian Trucker Speaks Out - Feb6.2022_Moment
The Last to Leave Ottawa – Romanian Trucker Speaks Out – Feb 6, 2022
Toronto Trucker Rally - Feb 5, 2022
Toronto Trucker Rally – Feb. 5, 2022
Freedom Convoy 2022 – Dr Rochagné Kilian – Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022
Rick Nicholls
Convoy Ottawa – This is for All of Us | Ontario Party MPP Rick Nicholls

Footage from our volunteer on the ground Freedom Reporter. Some extra footage from another source added as context.

This video captures the last part of an incident where a person came to Parliament Hill with an offensive swastika flag and was chased away. The actual incident was recorded by a woman walking her dog through the group, this footage has been added for reference. She is not a freedom protestor, appears to be in favor of wearing masks, agrees that Canadians do not like either of our major political parties and is in favor of the police arresting people who display swastika flags (which the police do NOT do in the video.)

Warning: There is explicit language in the added video.

Some comments on reddit regarding the incident:

“Heard some freedom chants and made my way to the hill. A small group of people protesting. Then this guy walks up unrolls his flag. He didn’t stick around long, and some of the protestors followed him west on Wellington, I think they took his flag.”

“The crowd looks super pissed at him, the over-the-top dress up, the haircut, do we know this wasn’t supposed to be some kind of stunt trying to equate the protestors with Nazis? He quite obviously didn’t belong with the protestors.”

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