Why Are Police Attacking Peaceful Ottawa Protesters? – February 19, 2022

February 19, 2022

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I spent the day yesterday at the frontlines of the violent police seizure the Freedom Convoy 2022 core on Wellington St.

My heart is saddened by what Canada has become.

Peaceful protesters, pleading with police to see through the misinformation, were shoved back, beaten, pepper sprayed and reportedly shot at with rubber bullets by heavily-armed police in riot gear with armoured vehicles stationed close by.

Deepening the sadness is the gaslighting and disinformation put out by Ottawa Police and their Chief Steve Bell saying that protesters are actually attacking the police and none have been injured.

We have several reliable accounts of protesters being “arrested” and then dropped 20 min. away from the core and coerced into signing a document saying they will not return.

As politicians around the world condemn Canada’s new police-state behaviour, the message is clear: any dissent against the Trudeau govt will not be tolerated.

Freedom of speech, assembly, movement and the press have all fallen to what is now essentially a militarized zone with pedestrians in the “secured zone” being questioned and ordered back to their hotel rooms or to leave outright.

Will Canadians start to see through the misinformation and join what the truckers started?

– Bright Light News

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