This is a chilling adaptation of an article presented by ThreeSixNine Media on Jan 2, 2021


On December 30, 2020, the COVID Strategic Choices initiative released Building the Canadian Shield: A New Strategy to Protect Canadians From COVID and From the Fight Against COVID.


This 17 page document complied by The COVID Strategic Choices Group relies heavily on lockdown methods as a means of ‘zeroing out cases’ until mass vaccination can be achieved, citing The Melbourne Model as an aggressive + effective approach Canada should consider adopting. Not only is lockdown the preferred method to ‘zero’ out cases despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the word “lockdown” is mentioned 26 times alone in this paper.

Need a refresher on lockdown measures in Melbourne?


So, who exactly are the people behind the document calling for severely unconstitutional measures to be unleashed on Canadians + what are their qualifications?

Does this list appear to be comprised of individuals representing unbiased + non partisan institutions/entities?

Who do these institutions/entities get their funding + directives from?


Who is funding this strategic group?

According to the Canadian Shield document, Global Canada provides secretariat support and “is a non-governmental, non-partisan organization committed to enhancing Canada’s global impact and to identifying global best practices that can assist Canada in addressing its own challenges”.

On their website, Global Canada identify themselves as “A key measure of Global Canada’s success will be its ability to enhance the global performance and reputation of existing Canadian institutions. It will act as a public-policy “smart-grid” linking together the considerable intellectual and implementation power that already exists in the country.”

Aside from overlap with the list of advisors on Canadian Shield documents, who are the other stakeholders in this initiative? What do they have to gain from the effects of lockdown measures on Canadians?

When you can see the playbook, how do you adjust/pivot?

What can you do with this information to take an in-powered stand?

What lessons can be identified in Melbourne and shared with fellow Canadians?

What steps have/should you be taking to prepare?


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