Canadian quarantine hotel owned by Chinese Communist Party company

An original article that appeared in Rebel News By February 03, 2021




The Radisson hotel next to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport was recently revealed as one of many government-run COVID quarantine facilities in Canada, with this location in particular alleged to have sealed windows, cheap meals and demands that occupants not leave their room at all, as per a Rebel News source who was recently placed at the facility.

In addition, a recently de-flagged Radisson Hotel in east Toronto was also revealed as a COVID hotel.

It appears that the Radisson chain hotels are owned by a Chinese-led consortium which is run by state-owned enterprises, under the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

Radisson Hotel Group is owned by Aplite Holdings AB. Aplite Holdings is owned by a consortium led by Jin Jiang International.

Jin Jiang International, based in Shanghai, is a Chinese state-owned enterprise that operates hotels all around the world, including Radisson Hotel Group.

In 2018, Radisson Hotel Group published a press release announcing the acquisition by their current ownership.

In May 2020, the company published another release detailing their plans to seek government subsidies or loans to supplement their declining income, due to the impact of the coronavirus on their business:

“Management has taken several measures to mitigate the financial impact, on both profit and cash flow, of the significant drop in revenue. These measures include, but are not limited to, furloughs of personnel, rent renegotiations and deferrals, application for governmental subsidies and loans,” the statement reads.

Recently, the federal government informed Canadians returning from travel that they will be made to stay in government-run quarantine facilities at their own expense until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result.