Retired Edmonton Doctor Addresses Crowd with a Message for Medical Professionals

Dr. Lorna Levesque, a retired doctor and resident of Edmonton, speaks to a crowd at Alberta’s legislature, with a message directed to medical doctors and professionals, regarding testing methods and masking that are being used throughout what has been described as a worldwide crisis situation. A video was captured on October 24th at a peaceful rally in Edmonton, AB. The following test was transcribed from the speech and is preserved here in the event that YouTube censors it.

I do have some information I’d like to share with you. It’s stuff that I think is pretty important and I’d like to get into it. We are watching the biggest reality show ever designed and conducted on planet Earth. Note, I did not say the best reality show, I just said the biggest, and we are all players. At the very centre of this show is one number–every day we sit on the edge of our seats, we wait with bated breath for that number. Our eyes scan the screen in front of us. There it is. That Number. The number of new cases of Covid-19.

I can’t be bothered and I bet you can’t be bothered either. But there are many that do bother. That is a number that will dictate everything from the air we breathe to how we perform our most intimate acts. Thank you Doctor Tam for that generous and most needed guidance.

The very center of our existence now is a result of every PCR test done around the world. That is what I would like to explore with you today. I am sure you know that covid-19 stands for Coronavirus 2019. Yes there was a 2018 and a 2017, etc., etc., Corona virus before, and if we extrapolate in the other direction there will be a 2020 and a 2021 Coronavirus. Since the coronavirus was first identified in the 1960s there has been a yearly version. Covid is simply the latest variation on a Corona theme.Where it came from and how we got here, that doesn’t really matter at this point. It will at some point but not today. Today we must put a stop to this insanity. Let’s looks at what is fuelling this Covid-19 fire that is ravaging the Earth. It is a PCR test that holds the world captive. PCR stands for “Polymerase Chain Reaction”. A polymerase is simply an enzyme that aids in the replication of genetic material. This enzyme in the right setting, helps strands of DNA double over and over and over and over again, so that a little bit of genetic material can become lots and lots of the same genetic material. That is called exponential amplification. Let me explain it this way. If I were to make you this hypothetical offer, which would you chose–a million dollars up front today, or begin with one penny today, and double that every day for 30 days. Let’s say you decide to be generous and give your friend the million dollar option. You take the risk of taking one penny on day one. And the next day you get two pennies, the next day four pennies, then eight pennies, then sixteen pennies, and every day it doubles. By day 10, you would get a whopping $5.12. And you are watching your friend with the million. Let’s keep doubling every day. On day 20, you would receive $5,242.88. That’s a bit better, but your friend has enjoyed his million for 20 days. Let’s keep doubling. On day 30, you would receive $5,368,709.12. At 30 days of doubling, one penny has become, 536,870,912 [sic] pennies. That is an example of exponential amplification of money.

What does this all have to do with Covid-19 and PCR tests? For one thing, PCR testing is amplifying probably exponentially someone’s bank account. It is not the business owner that has lost his business due to government overreach and forced lockdowns. It is not the unemployed worker who cannot pay for housing or food, and he or she has a family to house or feed. Someone is making money on these tests, and it’s not the people who are being tested. The polymerase chain reaction technique is based on the exponential amplification of genetic material. The “reverse transcriptase” polymer chain reaction technique takes one strand of RNA and makes it into DNA, then doubles it over, and over, and over again. The standard numbers is between 30 and 45 times and that number varies from country to country. Follow through on the money math–that makes a lot of copies of genetic material. In 1985, Kary Mullis, a biochemist, created a way, and these are his words, ‘to take a very minuscule amount of anything and make it measurable’. He used this enzyme, the polymerase, to create a chain reaction, that allowed a tiny bit of genetic material to be amplified exponentially, until there were millions and even billions of copies that can be researched. It works great in forensics, for a little bit of genetic evidence can be amplified many times to come up with millions of copies that can then be examined. Today the same is being done with the nasopharyngeal bits brushed away from your post nasal cavity and then out through your nose. The tiny bits of genetic material are then exponentially amplified by the PCR technique. Each one of these doublings is called a cycle. If, after the allotted number of cycles, they find a piece of genetic code that is the same as a designated part of a 2019 coronavirus, then you are Corona positive. Covid-19 positive. And you become the newest case of Covid-19. You do not have to have any symptoms. You simply have to have some RNA strands that are the same as the ones they are looking for. The problem is, the more amplification cycles you do, the more you double the genetic material, the more likely it is that you will find an a similar RNA strand.  As Kary Mullis himself said, ‘With PCR, if you do it well, you can find anything in anyone.’ This 1993 Nobel-prize winner for the same technique also said, ‘The process does not tell you that you are sick, or that the thing you ended up with will hurt you. All the test tells you is that after a certain number of amplification cycles, they have or have not found the RNA strand that looks like it could have been part of the 2019 coronavirus. It is essentially meaningless as a diagnostic test, and it can be manipulated. Less cycles, less positives. More cycles, more positives.

Once upon a time, in the distant past, less than a year ago, you were considered a case only if you had the symptoms related to the disease. Back in the good old days, less that a year ago, if you had symptoms, you stayed home, took care of yourself, got better and then went on living. If your child was sick, you simply kept him or her at home until they were healthy again. Then they went back to school, and life went on. No PCR technique was needed to tell you it was a virus. You knew, your doctor knew, everyone knew, because you were grumpy and you were sick. PCR testing was not needed then, it is not needed today.

If I were to speak with Jason Kenney, I would have three things to say. Before I start those, let me just say thank you for being a Kenny and not a Ford. I love you. I hope you will not be bought out, or threatened into acquiescing to their agenda. Today I am thankful to be an Albertan, I hope I can say that tomorrow. Three things Mr. Kenney. You minister of health must give doctors the freedom to practice medicine, not government-imposed rhetoric [applause]. He must give nurses and caregivers the freedom to care, they do not need PCR results to practice the professions they love.

Thing two. Mr. Kenny, insist that your minister of Education give teachers the freedom to teach. We are not paying them to be bylaw officers policing ridiculous, abusive, unfounded masking and isolation rules. [applause] And making our children be afraid. We are paying them to do what they do best, teach our children. They cannot teach and children cannot learn what they wait with bated breath for that fateful useless PCR result positive case that will shut the school down.

Thing three, this is the hardest Mr. Kenney. Mark Twain said it well, ‘it is much easier to fool people than to convince people that they have been fooled.’ Too many have been fooled by the federal government with the help of the federally funded mainstream media. They actually believe the lies of fear, the lies wrapped in fear. Part of that package is a fallacy of these PCR tests and the resulting positive cases. Relegate the PCR technique back to the forensics lab. Begin to instill confidence in your people. We have the innate physiological ability to fight this disease. Stop the needless testing and give us back our individual rights and freedoms. On a note of interest, we do 35 cycles in our tests. In Ontario, we do 40 cycles in our tests. In forensic labs, they do between 18 and 24. Very seldom do they go up to 30. I wonder why we have so many positive cases?

To my colleagues in the medical fields, to all who have taken the Hippocratic Oath, as allopathic physicians, or has alternative medicine physicians, I am stunned by your silence. You have all agreed to the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath. Your first and most basic principle is: do no harm. Yet, you have been silent on every issue, you let the government speak for you, you follow everything the government stipulates, and you add your own extrapolated and exaggerated expectations. Why? You know that it takes two to tango. In this case, there is a virus and there is a host. Have you forgotten that the host is a human being, a precious human being? All we hear about is a virus which we cannot control. Why are you not talking about the host, the person?

We act as though we think we can control the virus, that is ludicrous. We can’t tell the virus to stay in our mask or to come out for curfew. [applause] We have control over our health. You could help us be healthy and strong. Instilling fear with masks and tests is not helping, it’s harming. Where is the guidance on eating right, sleeping well, and exercising, we’ve heard about that today? We live in Canada, it’s cold here, have you clued in? And the sun’s rays are farther away. We can’t absorb any of them when we’re dressed like this. It is obvious we need extra vitamin D, and some vitamin C and zinc, we’ve heard that today. Why are you not telling us that? We live in Canada. We have central heating, thank god. But it’s dry heat, that makes breathing more difficult and viruses more mobile. Why not encourage people to add humidity to homes and offices, or classrooms. Those are simple things we can control. Why are you not stepping up to the plate to instruct, rather to fete fear? All you do is mask up and force everyone else to mask up. Where do you find evidence that that helps? You cannot control a virus with a mask. It dances its way through every pore in that ugly face covering. It happily moves around every crack around your face, from the face mask into the dry air, and you condone it? You actually enforce it? Every mask is a breeding ground for every microbe and bacteria your body is trying to reject.

How many cases of strep throat or other bacterial infections do you have to see, or are you even going to bother seeing them, before you realize masks are not working? Every mask decreases the intake of oxygen. Every mask increases the uptake of carbon dioxide. Every mask is a cesspool, a moist cesspool, a gathering place of rejected carbon dioxide, bacteria, microbes and everything else your body no longer wants. And the microfibers from these masks, those light baby blue ones, how much of these do your patients have to breathe in before their lungs are compromised by the collecting microfibers being inhaled minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day? Have you been silenced by tightening pharmaceutical chains? Are you kept in a straight-jacket of government guidelines and restrictions?

I read documents from doctors in other countries, producing medication protocols that help patients overcome the virus. Why are my Canadian counterparts silent? There are very promising protocols out there–are you using them? Find them, use them, and save lives. Maybe start by taking off your mask. Look that terrified parent and child in the eyes. Smile the comforting smile that they can see and tell them your child has the flu, it’s the common cold, you don’t need to be tested, go home, stay at home, and enjoy some hot chocolate, and extra down-time. And I’m going to say this–parents cuddle your kids when they’re sick. Don’t isolate them in their bedrooms–that’s when they need you. [applause] And doctor, you can add, ‘you will be just fine’. Start building confidence, not fear in your patients, and start encouraging healthy, happy, active lives, not isolation. Take off that ugly mask, smile that beautiful smile, and let people breathe. Please return to your oath–first do no harm. [applause]