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Notice to the Trudeau government of intent to carry out financial sanctions

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As Trudeau's government has betrayed the Canadian people, we are calling on all concerned citizens to join us in economic sanctions against the federal government and equally culpable banking sector until the demands below are met.

Statement of Declaration

Whereas the People have lost confidence in the current Canadian Federal Government and We the People believe the Government no longer acts in the best interests of Canada or its citizens.

Whereas Canadians believe the federal Government's commitment to the Ukraine conflict is doing irreparable
damage to Canada. In light of the fact that Russia is now alluding to nuclear action, We the People believe that
Canada must reverse its position immediately.

The Liberal Federal Government has broken the law by borrowing more than the legislated allowable limit from
the Bank of Canada.

Whereas the Liberal Federal Government refuses to disclose the details of how taxpayer money is spent to the point where billions of dollars are unaccounted for and billions are borrowed without scrutiny.

Whereas the economy has been damaged by the Liberal/NDP coalition government for generations to come.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government has committed to engaging in dangerous and harmful Geo-engineering practises that defy basic science.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government has allowed critical plant and animal agriculture infrastructure to be controlled by foreign entities.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government ignored the warnings of intelligence agencies and allowed critical mining operations to be purchased by foreign entities endangering our national security.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government has signed agreements to diminish Canadian sovereignty in favour of un-elected and un-accountable global entities such as the WEF, the WHO, the UN, the IMF, the BiS.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government has engaged in psychological warfare tactics against We the People in the form of media propaganda.

Whereas our Canadian Federal Government has knowingly engaged in democide by lying to Canadians about COVID-19 vaccine harms leading to the death of many Canadian citizens.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government continues to hide the details of the extent of the harms of the COVID-19 experimental vaccines.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government continues to sponsor and pass legislative bills that erode Canadians' unalienable rights and freedoms.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government refuses to close the border to illegal immigrants which is resulting in a significant increase in crime, housing shortages and economic damage.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government is taking additional steps to further erode the integrity of the election process.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government no longer serves to protect Canada, its national identity, its national interests and its citizens.

Whereas the Canadian Federal Government has been engaged in illegal surveillance against the Canadian citizens.

We the People refuse to allow Canada to be destroyed by its own government; therefore, We The People, will be placing economic sanctions on the Canadian Federal Government and the equally responsible banking industry.

The federal government has abandoned Canadian citizens in favour of globalist institutions by engaging in a futile effort of making Canada a post-national state. As such, We the People can no longer fund the war against themselves and the destruction of this great country via corrupt banking practises and taxation. Financial sanctions will be implemented unless the following terms and conditions have been agreed to and implemented.

Section 1 Global politics

1.1 End support of the Ukraine war immediately

• Cease financial support
• Withdraw supply of Canadian Military training personnel and the training of foreign troops
• The Canadian government supports cease fire and the offer of peace negotiations
• Cease supply of military equipment and ammunition

1.2 Canada withdraws support of the Ukraine admission to NATO

• By supporting Ukraine's membership into NATO Canada will be forced into a war that We The
People do not want
• Russia has made threats to escalate to nuclear action which will cause unnecessary massive loss
of life and environmental harm.

1.3 Full disclosure of all foreign held assets of national importance including, but not limited to;

• Mines
• Slaughterhouses, grain storage, food processing plants
• Farmland over 50 acres
• Ports
• Hospitals
• Communications infrastructure
• Security forces
• Commercial structures
• Utility infrastructures; power, gas, roadways, railways, etc.

1.4 Full disclosure of all monies paid to the World Economic Forum either directly or through its
stakeholder members.

1.5 Canada immediately pulls out of all digital ID programs current and legacy including but not
limited to;

• The Known Traveller Digital ID (KTDI).
• Vaccine Passports and all programs derived there from.
• Sharing of private citizen's information with the G7 digital information sharing initiative.
• Payment via bio recognition

1.6 Canada enforces the law in regard to immigration and border control. This includes detaining
and immediately deporting all immigrants who did not enter though the legal and long
established proper channels.

1.7 All immigrants, temporary or landed, who have been charged and convicted of a criminal
offence, no matter the origin of the offence or the origin country's punitive measures for the
offence, must be deported.

1.8 Any policy by a global organization that Canada is a member of (such as the UN, WEF,
WHO, IMF, BiS, G7, G8, G20,etc. ) that effects Canada's sovereignty or challenges/ negates/
removes We the People's rights and freedoms must be put to a referendum and decided upon by
the people.

Section 2 Financial matters

2.1 Full disclosure of ALL taxpayer dollar expenditures; accountability and full transparency for
the forecasted and actual budget.
• All informational gaps in expenditures are fully disclosed and accounted for.
2.2 Canada repeals the bail in law for banks and all financial institutions.
2.3 Halt the BiS initiated Basel Framework.
2.4 Canada immediately cancels its Central Bank Digital Currency projects including project

Section 3 Legal Matters

3.1 Pornographic materials removed from primary and elementary schools, more specifically;
• All depictions, digital or otherwise, that reproduce sexual activities of a non-reproductive
• All materials that provide a definition and instructions (written, audio, illustrated, or video)
regarding sexual acts of a non-reproductive nature.
3.2 Copies of all course materials (up to and including grade 9) of a sexual nature, reproductive or
otherwise, must be sent to parents/guardians for review. In leiu of physical copies an email or web
link can be substituted.
3.3 Any adult in a position of authority over children – in any organization that caters to children
- including guest speakers/organizations and contractors who show children phonographic
materials are arrested in accordance with the law.
3.4 PM Justin Trudeau's assets opened to the public for audit and scrutiny
• All previously undisclosed conflict of interests revealed
• Justin Trudeau's income and assets opened to the public from the time he took office to present
• All sources of income, gifts, benefits, compensation revealed -the massive increase in wealth is
accounted for.
3.5 All censorship bills, including hate speech bills, currently in the house for voting or at
committee for consideration must be repealed or withdrawn. These bills include but are not
limited to;
Bill C-11
Bill C-18
Bill C-36
Bill C-63
Bill C-367
3.6 Attorney General Arif Virani, having shown he is not fit for the job, is to be fired for creating
and advocating a bill that directly abrogates outside of the Canadian Bill of Rights, Canadian
Constitution, and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
3.7 Canada drops its appeal of the Emergency Measures act ruling and accpets to the court's
3.8 The Federal Liberal government stops blocking all investigations including but not limited to;
• arriveCan
• Manitoba level 4 scientists
• SNC Lavalin
3.9 An independent inquiry commission is created by We the People, who are apart from The
Crown directed agencies, to evaluate, audit, and publish findings of the RCMP.
3.10 All federal and provincial judges must disclose financial statements to a citizen led
independent audit commission.
3.11 All supervisors in RCMP, military, and local police disclose financial statements to a citizen
led independent audit commission.
3.12 Government facilitates full disclosure of all government monies directed to bloggers,
alternative media, and legacy media journalists.
• The names of the contractors shall be disclosed.
• The names of all social media accounts receiving money from any level of government must be
fully disclosed.
• The amounts of money, times and dialog shall be facilitated via FIOA.
• All social media accounts financed by any level of government must disclose financial
affiliation in their profile.
3.13 All arriveCan, assembly, mask, tresspass, mischief, (in relation to COVID-19 mandates) and
lock down fines are cancelled, This includes businesses who defied orders.
3.14 All fines listed above must be returned with interest and charges stricken from the wrongly
convicted's criminal record.
3.15 Canada repeals all GST legislation as the temporary measures nature of funding has far
exceeded its intended use and purpose of eliminating debt.
3.16 Parental Rights are re-instated and held to the highest power with regards to all minors,
including, but not limited to education, medical, financial, spiritual and legal activities. Parents
are to be included in the decision making process.
3.17 All government officials with criminal convictions, charges/trials and civil litigation must be
disclosed and open for public scrutiny, including non-disclosure settlements and agreements
made. We The People should know more about our Government representing us, than the
Government knows about We The People. No Government official should be legally allowed to
hide behind non-disclosure agreements or confidential contracts.
3.18 All government official must give a direct answer to the questions posed to them during
H.O.C. question period, inquisitions, committee inquiries etc. or be faced with contempt charges
and penalties. Failure to do so shall result in remand at a correctional institution until they are
willing to answer the questions.
3.19 All levels of government shall re-instate maxim law.
3.20 Bill C-21 is repealed.

Section 4 Canadian Politics

PM Justin Trudeau, MP resigns
• lack of transparency
• in breach of the law
• lack of confidence
• lied to the people about mRNA injection safety and efficacy
Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, MP resigns
• lack of transparency
• conflict of interest with WEF
• conflict of interest Ukraine
Jagmeet Singh, MP resigns
• collusion
Theresa Tam, CPHO is fired and arrested for criminal negligence causing death
• did not fully disclose COVID-19 mRNA injection harms
• ignored early treatment studies
• ignored sound science and imposed mask mandates that deprived children of oxygen
• led parents to believe the COVID-19 mRNA injection was safe and outweighed the risk
Anita Anand, MP is fired and arrested for criminal negligence causing death
• signed the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca mRNA injection contracts which clearly identified
there was no data to prove safety or efficacy.
• The contracts clearly identified the mRNA injections were still in the experiment phase
• The contracts eliminated liability from the manufacturer and placed the liability on We the
4.7 Current mail in ballots and advanced voting procedures are cancelled. Elections days return
to one day - one vote. Mobile /overseas balloting teams shall be set up.
4.8 Canadian government apologizes to We the People for actions taken against the convoy
• admits this was not a terrorist action
• admits wrongdoing in freezing accounts
• admits wrongdoing with invoking the EMA
• admits wrongdoing in failing to meet with convoy leaders which could have led to a peaceful
4.9 All Canadian politicians with multiple citizenship resign.
• conflict of loyalty
• conflict of interest in foreign aid
4.10 All illegal surveillance practices stopped.
◦ All forms of illegal surveillance tactics revealed to the public.
◦ Personally notify all targeted individuals of illegal surveillance activities

Section 5 Environmental Policies

5.1 As in Mexico, legislation is passed to ban all geoengineering practises in Canada.
◦ Discontinue any programs currently running
◦ Withdraw all upcoming and current contracts being negotiated
5.2 Repeal carbon tax.
5.3 Remove all carbon limits placed on farmers are removed.
• Regardless of any emergency farmers shall be considered essential and untouchable.
• Any proposed changes that effects food security must pass by referendum to be voted on by all
members of the farming industry.
5.4 Ban all advanced technology projects regarding bio-digital convergence, including but not
limited to, micro-chipping and bio-nanotechnology until an ethical framework has been created
and passed into law.

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