The Justice for the Vaccinated BC Bus Tour Has Launched

September 27, 2022

Wall City
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The pilot launch for Justice for the Vaccinated campaign will kick off on Wednesday, Sept 28th in Kamloops BC. The tour will run in select BC cities until its final date on Oct 7th where we will take part in the rally at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The Justice Tour has 3 objectives.

  1. Educate communities about the COVID-19 “vaccine” harms and raise the concerns surrounding the lack of informed consent.
  2. Create videos and testimonials to share from peer to peer to warn of the potential harms caused by the COVID-19 “vaccine”
  3. Gather evidence through testimonials as well as record vaccine injuries to be compiled in the Vaxxtracker database in order to create a more accurate reporting system. This will also be used as an evidentiary package for future legal and prosecutorial projects.

The BC tour will include events at venues featuring talks by Dr. Stephen Malthouse and Dr. Charles Hoffe. There will also be a time for people who have been affected by COVID-19 “vaccine” harms to share their stories, get help making testimonials, and to have their injury reports added to the Vaxxtracker database. A tour schedule poster is included in this release. For more information, please go to the Justice for the Vaccinated website at


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